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“Are you sure that you’re ready for this?” Isabella asked, her hands on the tops of my arms as we stood in the front garden of James’ house.

I was nervous, and she knew it, but I appreciated her asking anyway. I was ready for this, I was excited for this. James and I were finally going to be alone for the rest of the day and the night.

“I am. I can’t wait. I haven’t seen him since before my birthday,” I told her. I only saw my family and Isabella yesterday, and that was only because Isabella came to dinner with my family yesterday for my birthday and then stayed at my house for a pampering night – her gift to me for my birthday – and I had told my family that I was staying at hers tonight.

They didn’t even bat an eyelid when we mentioned it, believing that I was actually going there, and I felt guilt tug at my stomach that I had lied to them. It was battling it out with the nerves I was feeling, and I tried to ignore the slightly nauseated feeling in my stomach. I just knew that someone was going to catch me, or work out that I had lied.

“Thank you for bringing me,” I said to her, “and for helping me out.”

“You’re welcome,” Isabella said, smiling at me and reaching up to push my hair behind my ears. I couldn’t help but love her for mothering me. It was a vast difference from what I was used to with Michelle. I hated to think what she would have been like in this situation, she probably would have told my family what I was really doing. “I’ll let you get to James now. Remember, if you want to come back at all, just send me a message and I’ll come and get you. If not, I’ll wait to hear from you tomorrow for me to bring you back to mine.”

“You’re the best friend,” I told her, pulling her into a hug. She hugged me back tightly before letting go and giving me a wink. She disappeared with a pop and I was left to go into James’ house alone.

He was already at the door waiting for me as I walked up, and I rushed forwards to wrap my arms around him. He guided me inside, closing the door behind me and let me go long enough so that I could take my backpack off and leave it at the foot of the stairs.

“How’s the birthday girl doing?” James asked me as I stared at him, hands entwining with his and realising that he still had the nail polish on.

“It’s not my birthday anymore,” I told him, “that was yesterday.”

“You still haven’t got your presents from me yet,” he stated. I couldn’t wait to see what he had got me, it was something that I couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday, I wondered if it would top the rose he made me?

“So, what’s my present?” I asked him happily. It felt weird to be in his house just the two of us. I was expecting Harry to jump out at any moment to scare and embarrass me. I still wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t out there somewhere, waiting.

“This,” James said, leaning forwards to press a kiss to my cheek.

“I love it,” I told him truthfully.

“That’s not all, though,” he nodded towards the door.

“You’re kicking me out?” I joked, eyes squinting at him suspiciously, as he pushed his feet into his shoes, before grabbing for a gift bag. “That’s not such a great present.”

“As if I would ever kick you out,” James replied, opening the door and leading me out of it. “I’m taking you for dessert.”

I remembered the place we went to before, the place where Hugo and Lily had been too, and felt my stomach give a grumble. I loved it there, and instantly thought of all the ice creams I wanted to try. “And I’ll give you your present when we get there.”

“I don’t know what I want to get,” I admitted as we walked slowly through his front garden, and out onto the street. It was still warm and sunny, even though it was late afternoon. The summer heat warmed my face as I tried to lean around James to get a peek at the gift bag. He moved it out of the way and kissed me in an attempt to distract me.

I didn’t get my gift until we had sat in the dessert place and ordered our food. James looked worried as he passed me the bag, and I almost didn’t open it because I was worried about what it contained. The excitement got too much though, and I opened it up and removed the tissue paper on top.

Inside was a large notebook, with writing on the front.

The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy,” I read loudly, fingers trailing over the words as elation filled me. Tears prickled at my eyes I was so excited and touched by what he had done. “Did you make a comic book about us?”

James nodded, looking embarrassed, and it was a new thing to see on him. I flicked open the front page, and couldn’t stop smiling at the drawing he had done of me. I had a cape and a mask, my dark hair blowing in the breeze, with a hunky man beside me, which I knew to be James.

“I know that I should have got you something that’s less shit. But, I know how much you love comics, and I got this idea from the one that you made me. I’m sorry it’s terrible, I’m shit at drawing and –“

I put the present down just so I could press my lips against his, throwing my arms around his neck to pull him closer. “It’s amazing. Thank you, I can’t wait to read it.”

He always got me such thoughtful gifts, and it made me feel all sorts of fuzzy inside that he went to so much trouble.

“No it’s terrible,” James said pulling away from me and leaning to put his hand into his pocket. “It’s really shit. I’ll give you this, it’s the real present.”

He pushed a small box over to me, and I took it from him to open slowly. It was a necklace with a tiny pendant of a comic book, it opened to reveal tiny pages with movement on it.

“I love them both. James these are really amazing,” I told him honestly, trying so hard not to squeal loudly in happiness. He grinned, the unease finally leaving his face as he picked it up and gestured for me to turn around so that he could put it on me.

“This is much better than the comic,” James said, and I hated that he thought the comic wasn’t a good gift.

“James, if you had only given me the comic I would have been happy. It’s amazing, and I know that I’m going to love it.” I told him, not paying attention as our ice creams were put in front of us, other than to give the waiter a thank you.


“Yes,” I gave him a kiss on the cheek, lips brushing against the slight stubble that was there. “We can read it in bed together later.”

“I didn’t manage to get the pictures to move, though,” James said, reaching for his spoon and digging it into his dessert. He held the spoon to me so that I could get a taste first, and I happily ate it, licking my lips to chase any left behind as James watched me.

“This ice cream is so good,” I said, before offering him some of my own. “I can teach you the spell, I’ve watched dad perform it so many times, and I knew it off by heart before we even got to Hogwarts.”

“I would like that,” James said as we dug into our desserts. He looked up at me after a while, eyebrow puckering slightly as I waited for him to speak.

“Do you really like your gifts?” James asked me, and I didn’t like hearing him so worried. I fingered the pendant around my neck with my free hand.

“I love them.”


“I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” I said, leaning against James, later that night. We were sat in his garden shed, watching the TV that he had promised to show me in Muggle studies. It was quite exciting, even if at times, it hurt my eyes, and I could see why Muggles liked it so much.

“Should I be worried?” James responded lightly.

“It’s something that William told me.”

“I should definitely be worried then,” James joked. “Go on, throw it at me. I’m prepared.”

“He said that you’ve fancied me for quite some time. I wanted to know why I didn’t know about it?” I asked him, hands caressing the skin of his arm. The television was on in front of us, but I had no idea what we were watching, I was too interested in hearing what James had to say in reply.

“I didn’t know that you fancied me for a long time, either.”

“Yeah, but I’m shy. You’re not.”

“I am when it comes to you,” he admitted, and I wanted to coo and pinch his cheeks because he was just so adorable. I held it in because it would require me turning around, and the chair was too comfy. “Every time I was around you I would get tongue tied, and start rambling. I didn’t have the nerve to talk to you, because I never thought that you would feel the same way about me.”

“Tell me about it,” I said, eager to learn more about it, mainly because I couldn’t believe that anyone would fancy me for so long. I still had to pinch myself at times to make sure what I had with James was actually happening, because it was a dream come true to me.

“I would, but you’ll end up getting a big head about it,” James poked me in the side, and I laughed as he tickled me. I struggled against him, as I fought to get him to stop. I knew that he was doing it to stop me asking about it, but I wasn’t going to let him get away with it that easily.

“I’ll tell you when I started liking you if you tell me yours,” I offered as a compromise.

“That’s easy. You fell in love with me when you saw my rippling muscles and how undeniably cool I am,” James said flexing a bicep and making me giggle again. “You can touch them, I don’t mind.”

I reached up and ran my hand over his arms, dramatically swooning. He laughed and wrapped his arm around me again, pressing a kiss into my hair before resting his face on me.

“I spotted you reading at a Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. I was meant to be looking for the snitch when I noticed you, you didn’t seem to realise that anything was going on around you, and I couldn’t stop staring. I was too distracted by your smile that I missed the snitch and lost the game.”

“No you weren’t,” I said, lightly tapping his arm.

“I really was. Just ask William. Ever since then I began noticing you around the castle, and telling William all about this amazing girl. I tried a few times to smile at you, but you were always looking at the floor whenever I passed. I managed to finally get you to talk to me when I asked if I could borrow a quill, and I was so happy for days. I didn’t even need it, I had one in my bag.”

“So you just wanted to talk to me?”

“Yeah. I fan girled so hard to William every time you looked in my direction. He got sick of it in the end. How about you? When did you start liking me?”

“A few years ago, I wasn’t sure what you done, but I found myself noticing you. You weren’t like other people, you seemed to be so nice, and so friendly, and you were nothing like the rest of the ‘popular crowd’ you seemed to have the time of day for everyone.”

“Nothing to do with my brilliant looks?” James asked.

“Well, that helped a little. It was really your Quidditch skills that got me.”

James turned my face so that he could kiss me, and I laughed and attempted to move when he decided it would be funny to lick my cheek, but he trapped me in his embrace.

“I always knew you were after my Quidditch skills!”


“Shall we get in our pyjamas?” James asked, “That way we can just lie in bed and read comic books until we fall asleep. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling tired after that fish and chips we had for dinner.”

I nodded, walking over to my bag and pulling out my pyjamas, suddenly feeling self-conscious over what I had brought with me. They seemed like a great idea when I put them into my bag, but I was now worried. I glanced over at James, who had pulled his top off. I couldn’t help but let my eyes trail over his bare back, and he seemed to sense this because he turned around.

“Sorry,” I said quickly, turning back around to face my bag. “If you want, I can leave so that you can get changed.”

“No, it’s alright,” James told me, “I don’t mind.”

I nodded, hearing the movement of fabric again, and couldn’t help but glance over my shoulder at him again as I pulled my own top off. James had faced me, but his eyes were focused on his trousers, that he was slowly removing, so that he was in his boxers. I should have turned around and given him some privacy, but I didn’t think that I physically could.

It took all my strength to pull my top on, and remove my own trousers to put my pyjama bottoms on quickly, excitement filling me at the idea that James was in the room as I had done so. When I looked up it was to see him staring at me, a hungry look on his face, and I felt myself whimper softly at the intensity of it. The noise made James look away, and I tried to steady my nerves that I was about to share a bed with James for the first time.

“It feels like one of our corridor dates,” I told James, voice shaky as I stood beside the bed, not sure what side he normally slept on, or what side I would be sleeping on.

“Only this time it’ll be more comfortable,” James said as he pulled back the quilt and climbed in. I followed suit and got into the other side, propping myself up against the pillows as James put his arm around me.

“And we won’t get caught by anyone,” I grinned, loving just how soft his bed was. I could sleep in this all day if he let me. James reached over to his bedside cabinet and picked up the comic that he made me, handing it over, and making himself comfortable. I opened it up and began reading.

It was the early hours of the morning when I realised that James had fallen asleep, I was too intrigued by the comic that he made about our relationship, both of us being superheroes and fighting villains around the school to notice beforehand, and I wondered when it happened. I put the comic book down, before reaching across him and turning out the lamp, pressing a light kiss to his forehead as I lay down next to him.

He looked so innocent when he was sleeping, his face slightly highlighted by the light from the moon. His chest rose slowly, my hand moving with it, and I smiled contently, shuffling closer to him so that my head now rested on it.

I would gladly stay in this moment forever. Something that I never imagined would happen little more than a year ago. My sixth year at Hogwarts was nothing like I imagined, and even though there were some terrible times, it was by far the best year of my life.

Who knew what my seventh year would bring?

A/N: Here it is, here is the last chapter of this story (although not the last in the series of this story. I wish that I could tell you just how many sequels there are going to be of this, but I keep adding more to the amount :P) 

I would just like to thank every single one of you, you've made this story what it is, and I still can't get over just how much people have enjoyed it. I never thought in a million years that it would be popular in the slightest, or that I would be nominated for a Dobby, let alone win one! Or that it would be my most reviewed story ever!

I just want to hug you all and squeeze you, and continuously tell you how much I love you. Thank you so much! I LOVE YOU ALL

And for the final time, I would love to know what you think of this chapter, or of the story in whole. :D

Also... the sequel will be up about five minutes after I post this. It's called ' Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy Strike Back! ' 

I'm going to just go and cry somewhere that I can mark this story complete. *hugs and love for you all!*

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