“Cass, a word, please”, Scorpius growled in his deep, throaty voice as he pushed a door open and entered his young sister’s bedroom without knocking.


Said sister wrinkled her nose and gave him a disapproving look. She was sitting next to an extravagant dressing table with three enormous mirrors, and her hand rested on a silver brush still, which she had used to comb her silky hair while looking at her reflection.


“Don’t call me Cass”, she complained as her brother made his way through her room, “we aren’t twelve anymore.” Scorpius shook his head rather annoyed, and placed himself behind the stool she was sitting on, laying his hands on her shoulders as he looked lovingly at his little sister.


Scorpius and Cassiopeia Malfoy looked very much alike. They shared their blonde hair, their grey eyes and their fair skin, and even their expressions were very much alike. But apart from their appearance, they didn’t have much in common.


“What is it, Scorpius? I believe you wanted to tell me something”, Cassiopeia said softly, raising one eyebrow. She was not a very patient person.


But her older brother didn’t quite know how to find the right words, for he knew that his sister would not like what he was about to say. Besides, he wasn’t great with words. He pushed his unruly hair back with one hand, a gesture which gave away his inner tension, before he finally answered.


“I need you to behave this week”, he told her, and “Al is going to stay with us. Be nice.” The piercing, almond shaped eyes of Cassiopeia narrowed, and she looked almost dangerous. It was the last week of the summer holidays and she didn’t want anyone to ruin it. Especially not Albus.


“I’m nice when he is”, she exclaimed, “but since he is never nice, it’s not going to happen!” With a pleading expression on her face she turned around to her brother. “Please, Scorpius, don’t have him over. He’s going to spoil everything, I know it!”

Scorpius closed his eyes and said calmly, but with a firmness in his voice: “It’s already decided, he’s coming. I don’t know why my sister and my best friend hate their guts, but you will deal with it. Both of you.”


“Fine”, she said, sulking. “But he’s a brat. And he’s going to spoil my summer.” Scorpius just shrugged his broad shoulders and walked out the door. With a frustrated groan Cassiopeia threw herself onto her rather large canopy bed.


Well, the problem was, Cassiopeia Phoebe Malfoy and Albus Severus Potter absolutely despised each other. Which wasn’t such a huge problem actually, since she was in Slytherin and he had been sorted into Gryffindor, and the castle was huge enough so they didn’t have to see each other very often.


The problem was that Scorpius was a Gryffindor as well. And his best friend just happened to be the same Albus Severus Potter his younger sister hated so passionately.


Cassiopeia had spent all day in her rather large bedroom pouting, writing letters to her friends and reading. In protest she had even missed out on dinner, knowing that Albus would be there. In her opinion, he was just such a spoiled brat.


Now she deeply regretted not going to dinner. As she was laying in her sizable tester bed, covered in her light summer sheets made out of silk, her stomach rumbled. Loudly.


Trying to get some sleep, she rolled herself from one side to the other, but the sleep just wouldn’t come. Even when she opened the French door leading out to a balcony, from where one had a spectacular view over the grounds of Malfoy Manor, and let in a chilly summer night’s breeze, she was wide awake.


While still evaluating if she should sneak down to the kitchen, her door opened and someone entered her bedroom quietly. She was surprised- who would sneak into her room in the middle of the night?


As she turned on the light on her nightstand, she saw that it was someone she didn’t want to see. Ever.


“Bloody hell, Potter, what are you doing in my bedroom? It’s one o’clock in the morning”, she hissed at him through her teeth. He had frozen right where he was, looking equally as stunned as Cassiopeia did.


“Well”, he said after a moment of collecting himself, “this isn’t the library.” The girl in the bed rolled her eyes sarcastically. “Oh, you think?” she asked sweetly. “It’s the door across the hall, you idiot. Now, if you would excuse me. I’m trying to sleep here.”


When she noticed that he didn’t move an inch, she got up and pushed him with all her strength. She wanted him gone!


It didn’t affect him in any way, though, because he was about a head taller than her and a lot stronger. “I said leave”, she groaned, as he still towered over her.


Suddenly he smirked, looking down on the petite girl. “I don’t think you want me to leave, Malfoy”, he purred rather suggestively. Cassiopeia snarled: “And why would that be, Potter?”, spitting out his last name as if it was poison.


They quarrelled like their fathers did a long time ago, but while she was getting visibly annoyed, he was obviously enjoying the fight. He had an arrogant smile plastered on his face, flashing his white teeth at his opponent.


“That would be because your body is sending me obvious signals. I’m wondering why you haven’t thrown yourself at me yet. You know you want it.” With these words Albus detached his emerald eyes from her pale face and let them wander further down her body.


Well, apparently not everything was like back in their father’s days.


 As she followed his gaze, she wrapped her arms around her chest angrily, noticing that her silky nightgown was rather transparent. And since the moonlight fell directly onto her, it seemed as though she was standing in a spotlight.


“It’s chilly, you arse”, she hissed with a nod to the open balcony door. “Don’t flatter yourself!”


But he just grinned even wider. “You don’t need to hide it, Malfoy. It’s only natural. Girls get certain urges when I’m around”, he teased her. That caused Cassiopeia to lose her temper completely.


“Well, the only urge I have around you is the urge to vomit”, she snapped furiously. “And that’s because you’re an arrogant, stupid, idiotic, vain and self-absorbed person.”


Albus, still towering over her, bend down so that his face was just centimetres away from Cassiopeia’s. “You forgot handsome”, he added cheerily. And with a small wink he turned around, walked out into the hallway and didn’t look back at her.


He left Cassiopeia standing in the middle of her sizable bedroom, stiffened as though lightning had struck her. The soft moonlight still enlightened the girl, causing her to look almost unreal. It made her already fair skin even paler, and her light blonde hair shimmered like polished silver.


“What the FUCK, man”, Albus was greeted when he stepped outside Cassiopeia’s room. Scorpius, who had just happened to walk past the door this exact moment, was almost choking on the pasty he snuck out of the kitchen.


“What the bloody hell were you doing in Cassiopeia’s bedroom? In the middle of the night, as well”, he yelled in his strong, penetrating voice, that seemed to fill out the entire manor.


Albus stood on the threshold in shock, not being able to move. His green eyes widened and little drops of sweat started to form on his tanned forehead as he was searching for a believable explanation. But he couldn’t find one.


“I was looking for the library”, he said finally, deciding to tell the truth. But his best friend didn’t believe him.


Scorpius planted himself right in front of Albus, poking him in the chest with his index finger accusingly. Even though Albus wasn’t short, Scorpius could look down on him, which made him appear even scarier than he was already.


“I don’t get it”, he barked in his deep voice, his eyes flaming with rage, “all my life you act like you two absolutely hate each other. And I believe you, only to find you sneaking around behind my back! I don’t even want to think about what you two have been doing! I’m such an idiot.”


Albus seemed to deflate a few centimetres under Scorpius’s furious expression, as he tried to explain the situation. But Scorpius, jaw clenched tightly, closed his eyes in disappointment and clearly didn’t believe him. With his hand he tousled his already messy hair, which he always did when he felt not at ease.


While Albus was still pursuing his best friend, desperately trying to assure him that he was “Not shagging your sister!”, as he put it, the door behind his back opened again.


“I don’t know what to Merlin’s beard you’re still doing out there, but you better be quiet before you wake up- oh!” She broke off suddenly as Albus stepped aside and her eyes fell on her older brother.


Her unexpected appearance worsened Albus’s situation, Scorpius groaned angrily at the sight of his sister. She was only wearing a very thin, very short nightgown, one strap had sled down of her shoulder, what evoke the impression that she had slipped it on rather hastily.


Which she hadn’t, but Scorpius didn’t know that, of course. With a growl he smashed his fist on the eye of his best friend.


“Ow! What was that for?”, Albus whined in pain, and Cassiopeia screamed “Have you lost your mind?” in a high-pitched voice. Angrily she grabbed her brother’s collar, dragging him into her room.


Albus, still holding his eye, followed them with hesitance, closing the door behind them quietly. He hoped that Draco and Astoria did not have a light sleep.


While he kept to the back of the room, Cassiopeia pushed her brother on the bed, towering furiously in front of him. “What were you thinking, idiot?” With a glare at him she crossed her arms, asking for an explanation

“What did you expect me to do? You’re doing… unspeakeable things with my best friend behind my back, and you’re asking me to be calm?”, he shouted at her, crossing his arms as well as he leaned against one of her bed posts.


“I didn’t do anything behind your back with your best friend! He’s disgusting!”, she shouted back, narrowing her eyes. Albus wanted to interrupt her, wanted to object, but with an angry hand gesture she made him fall silent.


“And don’t get me started on you, Potter! Why can’t you just leave me in peace? You’re an insensitive prick, you really are! If you would’ve just left the room after noticing that it was clearly not the library, but no! You had to stay and break off a fight”, she yelled, making her way across the room.


Albus didn’t dare to move, he had never seen her as angry as this. And even though she was a lot smaller than her older brother, she seemed no less scary, stomping towards him with an accusingly raised index finger, as her brother had done it before.


Poking the finger in his muscular chest, she hissed: “I’m offended that someone would even think about us doing…whatever!” She flung around, looking back at her brother. “You wound me, you hear that?”


Scorpius’s anger had vanished as quickly as it had come, and after giving the idea of Cassiopeia and Albus hooking up a second thought, it really seemed ridiculous to him. But giving things a second thought was not a thing he did very often, one of the reasons for him being sorted into Gryffindor.


“Yeah, well…I’m sorry, Cass.” And with a quick glance at the already blacking eye of Albus, he added: “And I’m sorry for that, too, mate. Didn’t mean to.”


Albus grinned forgivingly. “It’s alright, Scorp, I can barely even feel it.” He flinched as he said this, however, proving him a liar. “Would’ve done the same, y’know, if you’d come out of Lily’s room, that is.”


He nervously tugged at his shirt, not knowing what to say. Even though he was better with words than Scorpius, he was still not very comfortable with “apologies and feelings and stuff”, as he had told his friend once.


After they had grinned at each other for a while sheepishly as Cassiopeia was just rolling her eyes- boys! - Scorpius turned back to her. “Still, I think you shouldn’t be wearing this breath of nothing. It’s way too inappropriate to wear for your age.”


He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he was patronising her. Not that the negligee didn’t suit her, quite the contrary. The light lavender coloured dress framed her nicely, and even though she wasn’t prettied up or anything, she looked spectacular.


It was not how one’s fifteen year old sister should have looked, and Scorpius knew that. The thought about all the boys noticing his baby sister’s beauty alarmed him- to him, she was a child still. Nervously he glanced at Al, wondering if he had noticed, too.


Cassiopeia shot a dirty look at him, as if she tried to stab him with her icy grey eyes. “It’s clearly not inappropriate, idiot! It’s inappropriate to get inappropriate ideas because I’m still a minor!” Scorpius looked rather confused because of her ponderous wording and didn’t seem to be able to follow.


“Besides”, she continued, without noticing this, however, “I’m not a child anymore! I’m almost sixteen years old, which means I’m basically an adult. I can wear whatever I please.”


“Oh sweet summer child”, Albus grinned from his corner. Cassiopeia spun around, she had almost forgotten about him, and watched him scornfully. Her eyes seamed as cold as ice, still, and as he continued, they became even more perishing.


But the boy didn’t seem to notice, leaning on the wall patronizingly. “Still so young, still so naïve. Thinking you’re all grown up, are you? Goin’ to take a while ‘til you’re as mature as Scorp and I.” His arrogant smirk reappeared on his face.


“Bollocks! If you’re mature, I’m going to eat my hat. You’re the most immature person I know, Potter”, she sneered. “And our age difference isn’t that big, is it? Only a year, that’s not much. Technically, we’re almost the same age. Only I act more like it than you do!”


With a proud movement she flipped her silvery hair over her shoulder, mimicking Albus’s arrogant expression.


Before the situation could escalate into a fight again, Scorpius interfered by clearing his throat. When he got his sister’s attention, he spoke again. “Still, I wish you wouldn’t be wearing that. I don’t like it.”


His words caused Cassiopeia to be annoyed with him. Pouting, she crossed her arms. “Well, and I don’t like what you’re wearing, either”, she answered, fixing her gaze on the worn out Bathrobe he was wearing over an old, food-stained Quidditch shirt a pair of plaid boxers.


“And as much as I disagree with your choice of attire, I’m afraid we both won’t get the other person to change and have to live with it.”


As both of the boys stared at her in disbelief, she crawled in her bed under her silky covers. “And now, would you be so kind to excuse me. It is terrible of you to keep me awake at this ungodly time.”



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