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Chapter 4


The Secret Affair:


Hermione Granger-Malfoy glanced around the grand ballroom of the Malfoy Manor house,her happiness exploding inside her like a time bomb. The elation that filled her was evident in her sparkling brown eyes. She was ecstatic. Had she ever felt this way before, she wondered idly? She shook her head, she didn't think so, Surely, she would have remembered.


How had she gotten so lucky? She questioned next. She wasn't sure about that either, but whatever it had been she hoped that her luck continued. Luck was the only way to describe it, for she had so many people who loved and cared for her her and they, every one of them, were in this room.


She sighed contentedly. Her eyes scanning the room again, eyeing all the people she considered her family and friends. She smiled when she spotted her friends Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley on the dance floor. They were dancing so close together you couldn't get a sheet of paper between them. They were so in love the next wedding could very well be theirs, Hermione thought happily. She was happy for them. If anyone deserved to be happy it was them.


Harry had been the very first friend that she had made in the magical world. They had been through so much together that their friendship had grown until they were more like brother and sister than they were friends. She would do anything for Harry and she knew that he would do the same for her. In fact, it had been Harry who had been the first to find out about her and Draco. He hadn't been angry as she had feared, but had given her his blessing which had only made her love him more.


Ginny Weasley, sister of Ronald Weasley for whom she had dated briefly had become her friend once she joined them in the Gryffindor house a year later. Ginny was a cool beautiful ginger head girl that had all the boys wanting to go out with her, but she only had eyes for Harry. It had always been that way for Ginny, although she had dated other men until Harry wised up. It was Ginny that Hermione turned to when she needed advice. Hermione was brilliant, but she had no knowledge of boys or love. Ginny had been the second one to learn of her relationship with Draco. She, after a brief period of concern, too had been happy for Hermione.


Her eyes continued to scan the room, stopping when they landed upon Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood dancing. Both Neville and Luna were great friends of hers as well. They too had stuck by Harry through all the bad times when the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort tried to take over. It was at this time that the magical world had turned against Harry for a brief time. Neville and Luna were honest good people and Hermione was happy to count them among her top five friends.


Next her eyes fell on Ronald Weasley, she shook her head as sheen that he was chatting up some young woman over a mug of butterbeer. Ron, she sighed heavily thinking of her friendship with Ron. Ron, she had a special fondness for. They had briefly been a couple, but they hadn't been able to bring much passion to that relationship, but Ron was someone that she knew she could count on.


Even her parents, who were enjoying a chat with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley seemed to be enjoying themselves. Her parents, Robert and Jean Granger weren't of the magical world, but they were as comfortable there as they were in the non-magical one.


Then there were Mr. and Mrs. Weasley themselves who were like adopted parents for her. She loved that they had taken her and Harry into their home and made them apart of their family. They hadn't cared that neither Hermione or Harry hadn't come from the magic world originally, they were big-hearted fun loving people.


Then there were Draco and his family. Draco's mother, Narcissa hadn't been happy about their relationship at first, but that had only been because of her husband, Lucius, might do to them. Although, Lucius was in Azkaban, he still had power and could still cause trouble for them all. However, upon seeing how happy her son was she came around.


As for Draco, who was still dancing with his mother. Draco, Hermione mused thoughtfully, was a wonderful young man. He had come a long way in the last couple of years. He had endured a lot of hardships but that had only made him stronger. She gave a small laugh as she thought of the time when he hadn't been so wonderful.


From the time he had first joined the school at the age of eleven, until the time he started his 7th year (after the war) he had been an arrogant bully, a cruel, merciless git. A real jerk. It had been his environment that had helped him achieve those qualities. His father hadn't been much of a role model being a death eater, Draco had inherited that role, but eventually he had stood up to his father and denounced himself. His father had disowned him, but that didn't bother Draco. He had money of his own and could support his family himself. Now, though with his father imprisoned for his sins, he didn't have to worry about his mother.


All the people in this room were people she could count on. People that she would willingly give her life for. They were that important to her, but it was only right, because she knew they would do the same for her. She leaned against the wall with a sigh. Even Draco friends Blaise and Pansy had become good friends of hers.


"Here, Hermione," a voice said through her musings and a glass of butterbeer appeared in front of her as if by magic. "I thought you could use this."


She turned to face her friend Harry. She took the glass from him. "Thank you, Harry," she replied with a smile. She couldn't seem to stop smiling. "Are you and Ginny enjoying yourselves?" she asked taking a sip from her glass.


Harry looked over at Ginny, who was talking to her mother and grinned at Hermione. "Of course," he told her. "She's already hinting for her own wedding." He grinned.


Hermione giggled. "I knew she would be."


"You are happy, aren't you?" he asked the concern in his voice evident. "I mean Draco is good to you?"


"Oh, Harry, Draco is wonderful to me. He would never hurt me."


Harry looked skeptical at her. "I remember a time when he had," he reminded her. Still not that sure of the man who had become his best friend's husband. But it Hermione was happy he would support her.


Hermione frowned at him. She had thought all this was settle, thought that Harry had come to terms with it. "That's all in the past, Harry. He's not the same man as he was," she assured him. "Draco has come a long way. He's a wonderful man," she added vehemently. She wanted Harry to understand that Draco had changed. "Beside, Harry, everyone of us has changed since the war ended. It is what war does to us. And everyone of us has been hurt. Ron has hurt me, you and Ginny has hurt each other over the course of your relationship. It's part of life. But Draco isn't going to hurt me anymore. He'd rather cut off his arm than to hurt me." She knew this because Draco had told her so himself.


"He does have a temper," Harry reminded her.


Hermione nodded. She remembered that as well, but Draco had that under control as well. "He does, but he doesn't use it with me. Normally, he only uses it when he is angry." She remembered some of the times that he had let his temper lose on her. He had been terrifying. "I'm fine with him. You needn't worry about me." She knew it was useless telling him that, he would worry anyway.


Harry nodded. "Okay, I will take your word for it, but if he ever does hurt you he has me to answer to," he told her looking at her fondly. He would also tell Draco that same thing. "I love you," he added with a grin.


"I love you too."


"I still can't believe you kept him a secret for so long."


Hermione laughed. She still found it hard to believe herself, that they had gotten away with it for so long almost a whole school year. She sipped her butterbeer and thought back to that time.


Flashback begins:


Intrigued by the thought of a secret affair with her, Draco grinned wickedly. "So when would this affair begin?" he asked curiously.


He looked so sexy with that grin on his face and desire kindling in his eyes that Hermione had to catch her breath. His eagerness was very apparent that it made her a little self-conscious. She wanted him so much that she began to feel nervous and thoughts began to fill her head. Negative thoughts. Thoughts that she didn't want to have. Thoughts like what if she couldn't satisfy him? What if she didn't have enough experience? She wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't anywhere as experienced as he was, nor was she as experienced as the women he usually bedded.


Usually, she had more confidence in herself, but this was Draco and he seemed to bring out her shy side. Well, what she lacked in experience she would make up for with willingness, eagerness and stamina, all of which she had in vast supply.


"No time like the present," she murmured shyly.


Draco's eyes widened in surprise. He hadn't expected that response. "Really?" he asked unable to hide his astonishment. Was the that eager to start their affair? Not that he was complaining, but he had at least expected her to say tonight would do, but she hadn't. He shook his head. It wasn't even dark yet, he glanced at his wristwatch, 7:30 he noticed. besides, she usually spent some time in the library in the evenings. Was she going to forego her study period just to be with him? He was flattered.


She nodded quickly. Then finding her voice said, "Yes." Was that voice her, she wondered in awe? It sounded almost sultry. Had he noticed? How had that happened? Did the nervousness make her voice take on that husky quality?


"You sure?"


Hermione blushed, she couldn't help it. Draco brought it out in her. What was with all the questions, she wondered anxiously? Was he changing his mind? God, she hoped not. That she didn't want, she didn't want either one of them to regret it. She knew automatically that she wouldn't, even if it only was the one time. Now she wondered if she should make it a condition? Would that be pushing it? She sighed. She already had his agreement, maybe she should let it be. She couldn't, she just couldn't live with herself if he had regrets afterwards.


Taking a deep breath she let it out again. "There is a condition."


Now Draco frowned. "Condition?" What kind of condition was she talking about? He was already getting alarmed. Was she going to ask for more than he could give her? Did she want a commitment? He'd do just about anything to have her, but giving her a commitment was out of the question. Did she want romance? Some women did, he knew, but romance wasn't exactly his forte, but if she wanted romance he could probably manage it. "What is the condition?" he asked wearily.


Hermione hesitated. He didn't look nor did he sound too receptive to it. In fact, he sounded almost fearful, she noticed. What did he think she was going to ask for? A wedding ring? She laughed, at the silly notion. "It really isn't anything important," she admitted wishing that she hadn't brought it up now.


"What?" he asked again. His voice was beginning to take on a harsher quality.


"I just want a promise from you," she finally told him. "Just that."


Draco frowned. He had known it. She wanted a promise of a commitment of some sort. She was going to have to be disappointed. He didn't make promises. He lived in the moment. He didn't mind bedding her and he would be faithful for as long as it lasted but other than that he couldn't give more. "Sorry, doll, I don't make promises," he drawled arrogantly.


She laughed. He was so obvious, it was amusing. "Don't worry," she giggled at him. "It isn't a promise of a commitment or anything like that," she assured him.


"Funny," he practically growled. Clearly, she found him funny, but he found nothing funny about it. His freedom meant a lot to him. Maybe bedding her wasn't such a good idea after all. He didn't want to be anyone's amusement, yet he couldn't bring himself to call it off just yet. "Just say what it is."


"Promise me that you will not have any regrets," she finally told him. "I couldn't bear that." Maybe she was admitting too much, but she wanted to be honest with him.


Upon hearing this request he grinned. "Now that is one thing I can promise you," he assured her. And it was true. There was no way he could ever regret bedding her.


"No matter what comes afterwards?" she asked just to be sure.


He laughed then. He wasn't sure what she was expecting to happen afterwards, but she obviously was concerned about something. "What exactly do you think is going to happen afterwards?" he asked curiously. "Do you imagine that I'm going to kick you out of bed after the dirty deed is done?" he teased her now. "Oh, My God," he exclaimed. "You do." He shock was evident.


Hermione blushed fiercely. She had to stop doing that. If she was ever going to be taken seriously in the world she had to get control of her blushes. "It's been known to happen," she mumbled softly.


He frowned at this. What did that mean, he wondered? Had some young man booted her out after having taken his pleasure, leaving her feeling used? "Honey," he spoke gently to her. His hand came up to cup her face, tilting it up so that she looked into his eyes. "No matter what happens," he assured her. His thumb was already caressing her cheek. "I won't kick you out of bed." He'd even go as far as to offer to use her bed, in fact, it might be better if they did. Her room was bound to be neater than his own. He wasn't much of a neat freak, he'd always had house elves to pick up after him.


As his thumb continued to caress her cheek her breath caught. The warmth of his hand on her skin almost was more than she could stand. What was it about him that had women swooning at his feet?


He slid his hand over her cheek, feeling the warmth of her skin, the firm line of her jaw, her delicate ear. His long fingers moved to the back of her neck. Slowly, he lowered his head, not wanting to rush her. His lips touched hers gently,settling over their softness. Her mouth eagerly opened allowing his tongue to invade the warmth of her mouth. Tongues met and danced just like the last time, but this time it was different, this time they both knew it was going to go farther than it had before.


He released her lips, moving his mouth down along her jaw, to her neck, his teeth leaving tiny love bites along her neck, heading on down to her collarbone. She shivered, loving the feel of his lips on her skin, but she wanted more, she need more. Much, much more.


She felt small against him, yet so feminine. She arched bringing her smaller feminine frame closer to his more masculine one. Her hands sliding up over his shoulders around his neck, she lifted herself up onto her tiptoes and tilted her head up readying herself for another kiss.


His fingers wove through the silken strands of her curling hair, enjoying the feel of it's softness. His body hardened. Their breath mingled as his lips touched hers again, clinging with an unspoken need, a need that demanded to be answered, fed. She kissed him back with passion that caused a fire to erupt inside her, a fire that caught Draco up in it as well, burning them both.


He scooped her up off her feet, cradling her against his chest, carrying her up the stairs to her room. Her had rested against his shoulder contentedly, only lifting it up as they neared her door and only then it was so she could open it, he entered and kicked the door shut with his foot. He had her on the bed and was reaching for the light before she knew what was happening.


"No" she cried out in alarm, cowering on the bed. She was being ridiculous, she knew she was, but she couldn't get naked with him with the lights on. It was bad enough that it was still light outside, but to have lights on in her room while he made love to her would make her uncomfortable. He would see more of her then she was comfortable with. He would see that she wasn't like his other women. She wasn't sexy, wasn't curvy, she didn't have big breast. Normally, she wouldn't care-vanity wasn't a trait that she worried about- but this was Draco and he was used to beautiful women. "No lights."


"Why not?" he demanded.


"Y-you'll see," she stammered, embarrassed. Why did he have to question it? He had paused with his arm still reaching for the light and she worried that he'd switched it on.


"I want to see you," he assured her.


She shook her head. She just couldn't do it. "The light of day will have to be enough," she muttered still cowering on the bed like some virgin afraid of what was to come. She felt stupid, but she couldn't help the way she felt. She wanted this, but she couldn't do this the way he wanted, not right now. Maybe some other time she would be comfortable with it, but not right now.


Draco frowned. He let his arm drop. He didn't understand her. He wanted to see her, wanted to see her naked in the glow of the lamplight. She would be so beautiful, he thought ruefully. Why wouldn't she let him see her like that? He wished he could talk her into it, but obviously she wasn't comfortable with the light on. He frowned again. Had she been this way with Ron, he silently wondered? No, he wasn't going to think about that. That wasn't important. What was important was them and the way they felt. So he would have to make do without light this time.


He crawled onto the bed, lying beside her. He realized that she didn't think she was beautiful, but how could she not see it? He would just have to show her how gorgeous she really was. His fingers went to her face, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers. Moving skillfully down along her jaw then down her long graceful neck, before settling on her breast.


Cupping a breast in his hand, he groaned. She fit perfectly in his palm. Rubbing a thumb over the nipple through the blouse almost had him panting. It felt nice but it wasn't what he wanted. He wanted more. He wanted her naked. He groaned again. Just thinking about it was turning him on faster than he'd ever been before. "We have to get you out of these clothes," he murmured softly.


They undressed each other slowly. For Hermione it was with hesitant fingers. She fumbled over buttons and zippers. For Draco it was with quick, decisive movements, yet he was just as hesitant as Hermione was, because he didn't know her likes and dislikes and he didn't want to do anything that would put her off him.


Their coming together was a new experience for both of them. Neither of them had ever experienced lovemaking of this caliber before. Later they would make love again and then again once more in the early hours of the morning.


The morning after hadn't been as bad as Hermione had imagined it. The alarm woke them and they went about their business of showering and getting dressed. At the door of the dormitory Draco leaned over and placed a kiss on her lips and told her that he'd see her tonight. Hermione nodded feeling a little more lighthearted at this. She hadn't been sure that he would have wanted to be with her again.


So they began their secret affair. Every day they went about the school ignoring each other only speaking when they needed to, but every night they laid in each others arms. No one ever guessed that they were anything more than just enemies that were forced to room together.


Flashback ends:


Hermione drew back from the memory, not sure what led her there.


"You still with me, Hermione," Harry questionedwith a smile.


"Yes, of course," she answered back actually she had forgotten about Harry in her musing about the past. "But I would liketo get out of her soon," she admitted to him.


Chapter 4 done.

Sorry if there are mistakes I tried to fix all I can find. Please read and review. Thany you.

I don't own anything from Harry Potter.



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