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Drugs startin’ to feel like it’s decaf
[…] Hills have eyes, the hills have eyes. Who are you to judge, who are you?
Hide your lies, girl, hide you lies. Only you to trust, only you


- The Hills, The Weeknd







“I do not believe I have properly introduced myself to you yet, Miss Thompson” professor Potter began.


After the magical circus of Patronus-light had finally fully subdued, he had dismissed class. I had tried to escape the DADA-classroom as quickly as possible, throwing my books and quills haphazardly into my shoulder bag, wanting to get away from all the staring eyes and open mouths.


Remarkable, really, how unbelievably fast my feelings could swing from shame at being called a freak-show, to pride for conjuring about 20 Patronuses, straight back to shame for being gawked at like a total outcast. Maybe I should have the school nurse check that out sometime soon.


Unfortunately, Potter had had different plans, and had asked me to stay while the other students, still dumb-struck, gradually seeped out of the room.


So here I was, wondering what it was that Potter could possibly want from me, all the while trying to keep my eyes from flickering up to the magical world’s most famous scar.


Of course you know my name and profession” he easily acknowledged but just as rapidly dismissed his life-long fame and astonishing career as youngest Head Auror to ever walk London’s Head Quarters.


What you perhaps have no knowledge of, is that, little over fifteen years ago, you and your mother’s case was assigned to me.”


I could instantly feel all colour draining from my face. My heart skipped a beat or three, a single thought flashing through my mind. She must’ve escaped.


Not to worry, Miss Thompson,” Potter said in a calming tone, clearly having picked up on the plain fear in my eyes, “as your mother is still safely locked away in Azkaban prison, awaiting trial.”


With your mother finally apprehended and the Ministry allowing you to attend Hogwarts, it would seem that all possible perils have been permanently averted.”


I furrowed, wondering which point he was trying to get across. I knew all of this already, didn’t I?


However, blindly assuming your mother was the only dangerous megalomaniac out there, would be gravely underestimating man’s eternal hunger for power.”


He leaned back in his chair then, before adding: “especially for forces as rare and valuable as yours.”


My mother’s obsession with power doesn’t have anything to do with me,” I started defensively.


It’s based on nothing but hot air. A meaningless prophecy some poor old woman made decades ago. Who says it’s about me? That it’s even about anyone, really? 90 per cent of all prophecies made don’t even come close to ever coming true.”


I had thought these words at least a million times. Whilst being scooped up in France, a prisoner in my own house. Whilst following private lessons in my Dad’s office, instead of attending classes with my peers at Hogwarts. Whilst sitting alone in my room at night, thinking of friends I couldn’t make. Voicing them out loud made me realize how truly angry I was at the woman that happened to have given birth to me. She and her ridiculous obsession with powers neither she nor I would ever possess had deprived me of everything I’d ever wanted.


She was both crazy and cruel long before she heard about the damned thing,” I spat out bitterly.


Potter had let me finish my little rant without interrupting me, and was now carefully eyeing me through his iconic round glasses perched on the bridge of his nose.


Elisa,” he said gently.


The prophecy does not under any circumstances justify your mother’s behaviour, I fully agree with you. However, I think you and I both know, especially after today’s Patronus spectacle, that you’re more powerful than you’re willing to admit.”


I didn’t object, because deep down I knew Potter was right.


As realization hit, I suddenly was tired to the bone. The adrenaline I had felt when surrounded by all that blueish light had faded, and now this exhausting week’s fatigue had once again caught up with me. Limbs heavy and eyes drooping, I closed them for a second, taking a deep breath to steady myself.


You’re not in any trouble, Miss Thompson. But I would advise you to not…” he waved his hands in a circular motion while trying to find his words.


Ah,… to not flaunt your particular gifts, if you will. Word travels fast in the magical world, and before my team and I can say ‘Head Quarters’, news of today’s performance will have reached the wizarding underworld. And let me tell you, crime lords would quite literally kill to be able to recruit you and your peculiar abilities.”


So you want me to lay low?” I successfully summarized the entire conversation.


He nodded.


“Just a piece of advice. You may do with it what you like of course, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would take it to heart. It would make my job a whole lot easier if you did, to be honest.


With or without prophecy, Miss Thompson, I think it is clear our world can expect great things from you. Great, great things.”


Some sort of melancholic smile was playing around his lips.


I simply do not think it is quite ready to know that just yet.”


And with that, I was dismissed.


I thanked Potter for the advice, then hoisted my heavy schoolbag over my shoulder and made for the door. It closed behind me with a thud, and I found myself in a deserted corridor.


Oh fuck.


I’d mindlessly followed Jill and Lucy to get to class earlier, and now I had not the faintest idea how I’d gotten here, let alone how to get back to either the Great Hall or Ravenclaw tower.


Was it left maybe? For the life of me, I could not recall.  The weight of my bag was painfully cutting into my shoulder as I stood deliberating, and a dull headache was thudding against my temples. Since when had that been there?


I started for the painting on the stone wall opposite me, in an attempt to maybe ask it where I was, but the world fogged up and started spinning at the movement.


I balled my fists in order to get some sort of grip on what was happening. What was happening?


Another wave of dizziness hit, so I closed my eyes.


Maybe if I…


… if I …


… just sat down…


…for a…


…for a while…








Nothing ever fucking happens around here”, Alex thought for at least the tenth time in the last thirty minutes, while impatiently tapping his foot.


Thank Salazar for Lexi Winters, however.


The girl might be a poor wench of a Muggle-born with a puzzling preference for meeting in fishy hidden hallways behind mouldy tapestries, her inexhaustible stash of high-quality magic-enhanced Muggle drugs more than made up for all of it. And there was no way Alex was getting through the weekend, namely tonight’s first inter-House party of the semester, on Firewhiskey alone.


Alex did not so much as blink as Winters finally made her ever-changing appearance when suddenly joining him in today’s agreed upon secret passage. She was late as usual, but didn’t acknowledge this and jumped straight to business.


Got what’s mine?


Naturally”, Alex answered, throwing a small pouch of gold towards her.


Instead of catching it, Winters froze it mid-air with a flick of her wand. The pouch opened, and one by one, Galleons flew out, hovering in formation. Alex rolled his eyes at the formalities, but was inwardly once again impressed by Winters’s professionalism.


Lexi only dealt with a handful of the school’s most trust-worthy rich kids, Alex obviously being one of them. Yet business seemed to be ever-blooming for Winters, as she seemingly effortlessly got her hands on much sought-after narcotics of impressively high quality, taking home heaps of wizarding gold in return. Were it not for her polluted blood, Alex would almost openly admit to appreciating her for her massive black market talents.


When Lexi was finally satisfied with the amount and authenticity of the gold, the coins flew back into their pouch, which she plucked from the air.


In return, Alexa tossed Greengrass some sort of spray can, which could almost pass for a deodorant if you didn’t know what you had laid your fortunate hands on.


Alex caught it effortlessly, so she proceeded to throw him a small bag of balloons.


Emerald and silver”, she smirked as she had charmed the colour of the balloons in reference of Greengrass’s House.


Pleasure doing business with you Winters, as always”, Alex said, smoothing his robes in which he had just hidden both freshly purchased highly illegal items.


He nodded in goodbye, but as he was about to push aside the tapestry to make for the Slytherin Dungeons and have his first laughing gas inflated balloon, another body came tumbling through.


Both Alexa and Alex, a similarity in names neither Winters nor Greengrass  liked to dwell on for too long, drew their wands in a matter of seconds.


Utterly unnecessary however, as the person that had just literally fallen at their feet, remained there, face-down and motionless.


The fuck?” Winters successfully voiced Alex’s thoughts.


The pair exchanged a confused glance before Alex shrugged and pointed his wand.




Now hanging upside down in mid-air, unconscious as far as Alex could tell, was the new girl.






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