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I don't own anything from Harry Potter.

Chapter  has been edited and mistakes that were found fixed.




Draco's and Hermione's love story


The First Meeting


     Draco Malfoy stood in front of the alter room in the small, white, community church, his bluish-grey eyes scanned the room quickly taking in the bustling activity of his family and friends. Draco was a tall (standing 6'2") muscular young man, he had white-blonde hair and pale skin. The Malfoy family were rich and powerful or at least they had once been, they were still rich but they weren't as powerful as they had been before the war. This didn't bother Draco that much, power was his father's thing.



  Draco was happy with his life. He thought it turned out pretty good, despite who his father was. He had frieds, a good job, and lovely young woman who would soon be his wife. What more could a man ask for?

     Draco again gave a quick scan around the church. She wasn't coming, he thought immediately and his heart missed a beat. He checked his wristwatch to make sure it was still working. Sure enough, the little wizard's hands were spinning around. He frowned feeling the panic seize him without a moment's notice. She wasn't going to show. He just knew it, he acknowledged to himself as that panic spread through his body into his stomach where it settled heavily giving him a nauseous feeling. Trying to push this feeling down he glanced at the door that led into the foyer, from his place in front of the alter he had a pretty decent view of the foyer- the actually front door of the church was hidden from his view but he could see everyone who entered as they emerged into the church. He saw about fifty people so far enter, some were familiar to him others were not, but the one he wanted to see remained absent.

     The church was decorated with red, pink and white carnations. A dozens of red, pink and white streamers hung from one side of the room to the other. Draco didn't notice it. He didn't notice when a man dressed in black came up to him and silently stood beside him. He didn't notice when that same young man clapped him on the back in silent encouragement. He didn't notice any of this because Draco Malfoy- the one known for keeping his cool- was to busy being nervous.

     Nervousness was not an emotion that Draco felt often. In fact, there had only been one other time before this that he had felt this nerve racking panic that was slowly building up in him and that time had been when he had purposed to the love-of-his-life. That had been bad enough, but this time, this time it was excruciating. He felt as if he were waiting his turn at the electric chair.

     He watched as people entered the church and were being led down the church aisle and seated in pews. One side of the church- the left side- had been reserved for his family and friends, the other side for his bride's family and friends. In just a few minutes his bride would be walking down that aisle to him and after a brief exchange of words, the vicar would pronounce them husband and wife, uniting them for all time.

    A small movement in the foyer caught his attention and he caught his breath, but it was only a friend. He sighed again and mentally urged his bride to hurry. He yanked on the bow-tie of his black tuxedo and grimaced. The damn thing was trying to choke him. "She's not going to show," he whispered out of the side of his mouth to his best friend Blaise Zabini.

     Blaise chuckled and not a lot of people could get away with laughing at Draco Malfoy. "She'll show," he assured his friend and not for the first time. "Hermione loves you, Dray, she'll be here."

     Draco spared him only a glance before he went right back to checking the front foyer again. He wished he could believe that. A sigh of relief ease out of him as he spotted his future in-laws arrive. He felt better knowing the Hermione's family was there. That had to be a good sign, if she wasn't going to show surely she would have said something to her parents? She wouldn't have let them come knowing she wasn't going to be here. Blaise was right, of course. Hermione loved him. She did and he loved her, but that didn't automatically mean that they would get their happy-ever-after.

     This was the real world and things happened. Good things and bad things. Fate always intervened in the most inconvenient way. Plans got changed, feelings changed, things went wrong. God, alone knew that they had gone through a lot of bullshit to get to this point. Surely, fate wouldn't be so cruel as to step in and destroy what they had. Not now.

     She did love him and that thought had kept him going. It was a miracle, he knew that. Even now he had no idea why she loved him. It was something that he could not comprehend, but he was ever so thankful that she did. After all, he hadn't exactly been nice to her in the first couple years of their acquaintance. He shuddered when he thought about of some of the things that he had done to her. Thankfully, Hermione was a gentle, kind-hearted woman and she had forgiven him.

     Now he smiled fondly as he thought about their first meeting. They had both been on the Hogwarts Express- the train that transported them to and from Hogwarts every year.  Hogwarts was a school of magic, it was where young witches and wizards went to learn the trade. Draco had been an arrogant ass back then and thought he owned the world. He even thought the world owed him something, he certainly expected everyone to curtsey and bow down to him. Hermione had been sitting in a compartment car with two other first years when Draco and his two buddies came stumbling in. Well the correct word is bursting in, they'd burst in without any thought of giving a warning. No politeness of any kind.

Flashback begin:

     She had been talking to her two companions and stopped talking almost the minute the door opened, almost as if her words were too important for him to hear them. She looked up at him and he had taken an immediate dislike to her. He wasn't sure why, maybe it was her big bushy brown hair, maybe it was that air that she carried around with her. It could have been her eyes they were brown, soft and gentle, but they held a lot of knowledge, her nose was small and pert with a dusting of freckles. It was a snooty nose and maybe it had put him off her.

     "Yes," she questioned impatiently. She still looked at him as if he had interrupted the daily gossip session. "Do you need something?" she asked her voice squeaky.

     He threw her a look of disgust and glanced around the tiny compartment car. "Not in here," he said sneeringly. "I see nothing I want," he added contemptuously.

     Hermione gaped at him. She wasn't use to people being so rude. In her world people were polite, they helped each other. What was his problem, she wondered silently? Normally, she was shy and reserved, but there was something about this boy that put her teeth on edge. "As you can see this compartment is occupied, so I suggest you find another," she replied and turned back to two other people in the car and continued on with their conversation. He was completely forgotten.

     Draco couldn't hide his surprise at this disrespect. Never had any girl talked to him like this, nor had anyone dismissed him as if he was a common servant. And no one looked at him as this insolent girl had. who did she think she was? Did she imagine herself better than he? What a laugh. There wasn't anything regal about her yet, she had looked right through him as if he wasn't there. Well, she would have to learn her place in the world. One of these days he would get even with her. "God, they let anyone into Hogwarts now a days," he sneered as he backed out of the compartment while his two companions laughed.

     The next time he saw her they were waiting in the hall for a professor to come get them and he 'accidently' pushed her into another girl who in turn turned to her and started hurtling abuse at her. Draco and his buddies just laughed and enjoyed the show. The sorting into the houses began soon after that and she was placed into Gryffindor house while he went into the Slytherin house. He was grateful for that. He hadn't wanted a up-tight, freckled face bit of nothing in his house.

     After that every time he saw her or any of her friends- and he saw them a lot as his house had classes with her house- he would always be ready with a sneering remark or a smirk. He then made it his job to see that she was miserable. He would trip her whenever the opportunity arose so she fell on the floor with her books surrounding her. He would do spells that would momentarily change her appearance. He grinned, he remembered giving her a big zit on her nose. Then there was the time in their fourth year that he had tripped her and she had stumbled down a flight of stairs where her plaid skirt ended up over her head and he caught sight of the nice white lacy panties the she wore underneath. He hadn't been able to get those panties out of his mind for months.

Flashback ends:

     Now he stood here once again thanking the Gods above for Hermione's forgiving nature. He couldn't imagine what his life would be like without her in it. He couldn't imagine what he would be like without her. She had changed him, she made him human, she made him whole.

     The organist began to play the wedding march and he turned toward the doorway. A nervous smile curving his lips. The nervousness had all but subsided, there was just a little bit lingering but he paid it no mind. This was it, he thought as he heart leaped almost out of his chest as he was about to see his beautiful bride for the first time that day. A big sigh of relief flowed from him and he suspected that the whole of the church could hear it but he didn't care. He was getting married.



Chapter one complete! This is my very first fanfiction. Reviews are welcome!

  This chapter has been edited and as many mistakes fixed. Thank you!

I don't own anything from Harry Potter.







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