A/N: I have had the idea for this story in my brain since ~2005…just never really thought about how to put it all together…but lately, it has been hounding me to be released…it will most likely be a slow update, I have a life after all, and another story to finish. But I haven’t stumbled upon a story that’s anything like this, so hopefully you’ll enjoy a new take on an EWE story.



Chapter One: The Letters


Ministry Decree No. 547

All students in attendance of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the years 1990 to 1998 shall henceforth be subjected to an exchange program to ensure the tolerance of magical blood. Each student shall endure a one month stay in the hosting family’s homes to develop an understanding between worlds. Students shall be required to report on their stay to the Department of Magical Education at the end of the program. Failure to report will be met with the harshest punishment under Wizarding Law and a fine of 50,000 galleons.

Subject to Approval by the Imperial Wizardry Members of Section XII.JW-1998




Dear Mr. Malfoy,

This letter is to inform you of your placement within the muggle world. As stated in the Ministry Decree No. 547, you are to promptly report to the Ministry of Magic to register your wand before signing in at the Department of Magical Education on July 1st at 9:00 am. A DME official shall meet with you to go over the guidelines and restrictions during your stay with your host family. At 10:00 am, you will retrieve your wand, and the DME official shall escort you to your assignment. You are required to stay with the host family until July 31st. At which time you will return to your home in preparation for your guest that will arrive on August 1st. Failure to report to the Ministry, stay the appropriate length of your stay, or threats made toward your host family shall be punishable per the Decree. The report of your assignment shall be due no later than 11:59 pm on September 1st, 1998. We look forward to your cooperation in this matter.


Muggle Host Family: Drs. Henry and Erica Granger

Guest Arriving to Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire on August 1st: Miss Hermione Granger



Griselda Marchbanks

Head of the Department of Magical Education

Lead Wizarding Examinations Authority



On the outside, his remained unchanged. He handed the letter to his father without looking at him. His father, on the other hand, was in mid-sip of his morning coffee when he the last line. The normally stoic head of the family, faltered slightly and began to cough as the hot fluid went down wrong.

He recovered quickly, looking thoughtful as he passed the letter along to his wife. His father reached for his fork to continue with his meal. His mother held the paper further from her face, as she was without her readers. With her nose higher in the air as she read it, it gave her the appearance of looking down upon the situation. She sighed as she raised an eyebrow at the parchment. She folded the paper and set it to the side. Reaching for her cup with dainty fingers, Draco noticed the slight shaking of her hands. If he wasn’t looking for it, he would have missed it entirely.

“You’ll have to start packing.” She said before she took a sip.



Two hours east of Malfoy Manor in Heathgate, Erica and Henry Granger simultaneously looked up at the kitchen ceiling after hearing something being dropped on the floor above.

Hermione had dropped her book. She could not believe what she had just read. The Ministry had just paired the two most volatile pureblood and muggleborn together for this ‘project!’ They had to be out of their minds.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember to take deep breaths. When she felt her heartbeat return to normal, she glanced out her bedroom window, silently cursing the white fluffy clouds that mocked her. She had just got her parents back and settled in their home, when they heard about the new decree. While she took all things from the Ministry seriously, she was just too busy mending the relationship between herself and her parents. It had been a long, confusing year, and filling them in about all the dangers and accomplishments had been trying. She thought in the back of her mind, it would be obvious that she would be placed with the Weasley’s. It was her second home for the last few years after all. But this… the room around her was going black.

The tunnel vision was back. She closed her eyes again and held her palms to her eyelids.

‘No! I will not let that git get to me!’ she scolded herself as she took deep breaths and blinked her eyes.

When her vision returned to normal, she picked up the book she dropped, inspecting it for damage on the spine. When it was ruled that it was, in fact, undamaged, she placed it on her bed. She stalled, inspecting her room for anything that was out of place. Once she ruled that her room was perfectly in order, she carried the letter down to the kitchen.

Her parents fell back into their normal routine quite quickly. Her father was busy at the stove, keeping an eye on the bacon, while her mother stirred her coffee and flipped through the morning paper. They would be leaving shortly for their office. They had sat together, late into the night when they finally returned, to remain unanimous on the cover story Hermione had put in place. A sabbatical, a once in a lifetime chance to live in Australia for a year, to enjoy some time with their daughter before she went off for her last year at the prestigious boarding school she attended for the last six years.

She watched the calmingly normal scene, as the sunshine filtered through the kitchen window. She felt as though the weather was completely against her. News like this should come with a dramatic rain storm, complete with thunder in the distance. As she stared off, deep in her thoughts, she never heard her mother talking to her. It wasn’t until her mother grabbed her elbow that she realized she was being addressed.

She jumped slightly at the contact and crumpled the letter in her hand.

“Is everything all right, darling?” Erika asked gently, removing her hand.

“Yes…yes, of course.” She answered as she shook her head.

She handed her mother the letter as she looked over at her father, giving him a small smile. Her mother read the letter, taking in all the details of the assignment. She slowly looked up at her daughter to confirm.

“We’ll be expecting a guest next week.”     

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