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Rose POV

Well, it has officially happened. It was predicted by many. Preparations were made. Windows boarded. Homes abandoned. Food and water has been rationed. Bets were taken. Wands are at the ready. I have completely and irrevocably lost my mind. My sanity has gone AWOL. Just wandered off somewhere, like my favourite rainbow pumps. I no longer have control of my actions. As presently, I’m doing something I swore I would never do, thrilling, but dangerous, something terrible, but great. I’m snogging Scorpius Malfoy.

I understand the obvious conclusion is, I like him. But I think I’d prefer to live in denial a little longer. So crazy. Yes, that’s me.

But I think we just need to take a moment to appreciate… The guy is one hell of a snog. I mean… A definite step up from two nervous thirteen year olds. Not that I can really compare it with anything, Scorpius Malfoy resides in a league of his own. I mean, Damn. But of course I still find him insufferable.

How am I going to get out of this?

I need a game plan.

First, I need to punch him in the face. Violent Rosie strikes again.

Well actually, scratch that. First I probably need to stop the snogging. Or at least force myself to stop the snogging. Like seriously any minute now.




Remember what day it is.

I pulled away. “Wait. I just… I just need a minute” I panted against his shoulder.

“A 60 second minute or a planning an escape minute?” he huffed out.

“Definitely the second one”

“Oh good.” Even though I wasn’t presently looking at him, I could just hear him roll his eyes.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page” I smiled and placed a little more distance between us.

“I’m ripping up the page, actually, the whole book” he informed me with narrowed eyes.

“I like the book the way it is”

“I’ve read this book. Several times. I want to read the next one”

“I don’t think there is a sequel”

“I’ll find it”

“You have absolutely no sense of direction”

“You’ll have to help me then” he adds and leans in.






“Alright” he settles. 

“What?” I question sceptically, Scorpius Malfoy never just gives in.

“We can write the book, together”

“There isn’t any book”

“I’m lost”

“I told you that would happen”

“Where exactly are we then?”

“The Owlery. Please tell me you haven’t completely lost it”

“That already happened a long time ago” he admitted.

We moved down the staircases and begun our trek back to the tower. It was nearly curfew.

“Isn’t that the truth” I agreed.

“The truths overrated”

I smiled at that, and then did something stupid. Well probably not more stupid than snogging him, but it was, what started this whole event.

I took his hand in mine.

I know. Crazy.


“So does this mean something?” Scorpius poses as we walk down the fourth floor corridor.

“Probably. But I didn’t particularly pay much attention to The Faces of Hogwarts Tour, in first year.” I admit without shame.

“You know I wasn’t referencing the Portrait of Barnabas the Third.” Scorpius confides.

Oh, How I love to torment him.

“Huh. Well we were walking straight past, it was an easy mistake, and I mean they spend day in day out waiting to be appreciated and here I thought we were doing our Artisic, Historic, Humanitarian and Wizardatarian Liberties by at least acknowledging their existence. Sorry I misunderstood.”

“You really are a handful” he rolls his eyes. Terrible habit that.

“A handful of what?” I tease.

“I can be just as frustrating” he warns.

“You mean you think you’re presently making my life fun”


“Scorpius. I don’t have any answers for you. The tower seems to be an unreachable goal for me. This is painfully awkward. We aren’t supposed to spontaneously kiss, then walk back to the tower holding hands.”

“Why not?”

“Because I hate you”

“Oh well, as long as you’ve got a valid reason” he scoffs.

“You’re mad?”

“Yes. I took a chance, made my feelings quite clear and now well I have no idea what you’re thinking and what the hell we are doing”

“Well if you don’t know, how am I supposed to know?”

“Because you know everything”

“Finally you’ve noticed”

“It’s not exactly helping you now”

“Because you are insufferable”

“Yes, and you’re a princess”

I pinch his hand. He grips mine tighter.

“Let go” I try. I’m definitely ready for the storming away part of the evening.

“No” he replies resolute.


“Because then everything was for nothing” And cue the line that makes my heart stop beating.

Sigh. Merlin. I stopped. The portrait hole was in sight. As excruciatingly tempting as it was, the deep blue eyes boring into mine, kept me grounded. The same eyes that made me smile, made me laugh, accomplished the dangerous and quite frequent fudge missions, whenever my stash needed restocking or mood needed lifting. He was there for me for whatever I needed. He was also the reason I had trust issues and my tear ducts have a workout.

I took him by surprise and stepped in closer, although there already was a sincere lack of distance between us, even with the arguing. I circled my arms around his waist and leaned my head into his chest.

“It’s just today, isn’t the day for big things to happen” I mumble.

He sighed and pulled me in closer.

“I’m right here you know, I’m not going to disappear” I added.

“Just remember, you think I might be ten pages ahead of you, but we are actually more similar than you might know” he confides.

“So what… toss the book and let’s be a pamphlet, read once and forgotten the next morning” I grin.

“Not quite”

“A parchment then, ridiculously long, utilised when needed. Your friend to doodle. Your enemy with an essay. Strong, often deflects even the strangest of off target spells” I suggest.

“That sounds like us” he agrees.

“We sound weird”

“Normal is completely overrated” he divulges.

When have we ever been normal anyway?


“Where have you two been?”

Scorpius and I just appeared in the common room and Al pounced on us like Professor Fleeting on Cake day. Yes, Hogwarts is now a proud celebrator of Cake. Of course it may have been us students who kept nagging what a great idea it would be. The idea came to me after we went cake tasting for Vic and Teddy’s wedding last year. It was a great success. I think the professors actually enjoyed it more than we did. Because it’s going to be an annual thing. Like it’s been scriptured in the rules and everything.

Anyway. Current problem: Albus Potter.

He’s trying to break us down with the adult stare. It’s more entertaining than threatening. However when Al snaps on the Captains hat, he definitely walks with the Fear of God.

“Merlin, we were just snogging Al. Calm down” Evidently I’m not the most obedient person. I blame my father. Complete menace.   

I move to sit on the couch opposite his confounded presence. Scorpius is still staring at me dumbfounded from the portrait hole door. A tad slow that one. Life’s short, why should I waste time keeping secrets. I’d much rather spend time buying shoes.

“Oh” Al speaks. “Wait…” he’ll get there “What?!” eventually.

“Please tell me you’re not that out of touch” I respond tiredly.

He threw a pillow at me.

I closed my eyes. I think he decided he wasn’t going to get much from me, so he rounded on Scorpius. I wish him the best of luck with that.

“Scorpius?” Al treads.

The idiot in question, finally powered on, I swear someone needs to look at his sleep mode settings. One day he’s just going to conk out and land in the black lake. And the boy does not like getting his hair wet.

“Er. Are you going to punch me?” he begins wearily.

Now I’d like to see that. Actually I’d prefer to throw it “Seriously he gets to and I don’t?” I surmised.

“Rose” Al warned. “Maybe later” he cautioned Scorpius, then Al’s face transformed into a scary teeth flashing grin.

“I knew it!” he laughed, and followed with this little celebratory jig. His dancing might actually be improving.

We both just stared at him for further explanation.

“Lucy and Chase were with me. Max and James were non-believers of course. Jordan laughed in my face at the absurdity. And Fred thought you already were together” Al informed us.

Oh dear Freddy.

“I don’t think our situation is for public consumption” I stated offended at their gossiping, but not entirely shocked. The nosey gits.

“Lucky we’re family then” Al grins.

“Well anyway you all lose, as we aren’t even together” Scorpius informs him and takes residence beside me. I can’t actually tell if he’s relieved or disappointed about that fact.

“You were snogging” Al justifies, as it that completely vindicates doubt.

“Have you met Rose? She’s more complicated than James’ hair regiment” Scorpius explains.

He received a whack over the head for that. Not as fulfilling as a punch would have been, but still rewarding all the same.


“I can’t believe you” I round on him.

“Have you met James?”

“I meant me”

“Oh. So was that a sign of affection for how well I know you? Or in defence for your cousin?”

“I feel like this is one of those moments where I have complete justification to punch you in the face” I warn him. He just grins. The git.

“Oooh. Sounds like I’m just in time to see the action” Lucy appears from the girl’s staircase.

“Yep. Luce I need backup” I grin at her.

“I think I would be better suited as an unbiased witness” She supplies.

“Unbiased, you’re my best friend” I reply affronted.

“I don’t think that will hold up in court, but I can offer you some fudge for sustenance” she counters.


“Hold up. I want some fudge” Scorpius asked.

“For competitors only” I informed him, chewing the delicious chocolatey goodness.

“What competitors? And what competition?” he continues.

“The brave, the beautiful and the brilliant, the game you lose everyday” I wink.

“I’m starting to feel emasculated” Scorpius turns to Al.

“Kitchens?” Al suggests.

“Kitchens” he agrees.


I cannot believe we go home tomorrow. No classes today, thankfully the teachers decided us irresponsible students need the whole day to pack. Which let’s be honest, is probably true. So I’m enjoying a leisurely breakfast, on my own, dreading the oncoming chaos that is packing, and going home. As you can probably deduce, last night’s impromptu up close and personal session, is not weighing me down, actually in all honesty I’ve hardly even thought about it. Which is why I didn’t notice the dishevelled and distressed Chase until he damn near nearly sat on top of me.

“Something terrible has happened. Like seriously the worst thing imaginable. It’s too late to run, there’s nowhere to hide. Maybe I should cast a disillusionment spell?” He lifts his wand.

I stop his hand mid-spell.

“Oh Merlin. I have food in my hair again, don’t I? Go on then. I don’t blame you for being embarrassed to sit with me” I reply solemnly.

“I have the horrible feeling I’m wearing Al’s shirt” he cuts across with wide terrified eyes.

“And I have food in my hair. Merlin, we’re having a bad morning” I frown.

So much for a leisurely calm breakfast.


“Maybe he won’t notice” I continue after we got the hyperventilating under control. Chase is still comfortingly patting my back. Also there is no food in my hair. One crisis avoided. Thank Merlin.

“It’s Al” Chase argues.

“Exactly” I defend. The guy has never been the most observant person in the world. Like seriously he only just noticed Fred’s Blue hair last night, and that was only because he thought there was a Ravenclaw spying on quidditch practice.

“Well I would notice if he was wearing one of my shirts” Chase admits.

“True” I agree.

“I wish he would wear one of my shirts” he sighs.                    

“Me too”

Sigh. Ace is unfortunately still in the developmental phase. We aren’t back online just yet.

“Rose, I need a game plan” Chase begins.

“Yep. Time to get serious.” After a few chin stroking moments. “We could Charm it?” I suggest.

Chase shakes his head. “Shielded. Sibling Rivalry” Damn those pranksters.

“Um… Summon another?”

“Not enough time” Chase frowns, whilst continuously checking the entrance for a spot of scruffy brown hair and emerald green eyes.

“Stun Al?”

“Maybe a tad too dramatic”

“Er… Swap with David?”

David was seated beside Chase and was wearing a lovely green and black number, with the added accessory of this morning’s strawberry waffles, detailing the front. Delicious, but doesn’t exactly detract unwanted attention.

“Um… I think I’ll take my chances”

“Er. Then unfortunately there’s only one option” I decide unanimously.

“Shit he’s walking over”

“I’ve really thought of everything else”

“I don’t like the sound of that”

“Fair warning”



Chase POV

Naked. Well shirtless. I’m shirtless in the great hall. Rose is grinning, girls are ogling, and Albus Damn Potter hasn’t even noticed me yet.

“This was the grand plan” I turn to Rose. She vanished my shirt, well Al’s shirt, to the hell knows where. I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow and it be flying beside the bloody Hogwarts flag on the flag pole.

“Brilliant right?” she grins.

I look down at myself. “Hell No!” I mean I’m not all together horrific looking. Everything’s in the right place, including some slight muscle definition. I have Albus’ torture training to thank for that. But I don’t exactly carry with me the body confidence that James, Al, Scorpius and even Fred do for that matter. I mean they turn heads with even just an elbow. Or in Fred’s case, a singed eyebrow. Apparently Scorpius elbows are the talk of the School. We are easily impressed here at Hogwarts.

“Oh” Rose frowns.

“What were you thinking?” I round on her.

Just as Rose was about to reply, a loud crash thunders from just down the bench. A very wet, and a very Orange, Albus Potter begins to form under the Pumpkin Juice drips running down his face. His eyes never leaving mine.

“That. I was thinking about that” she smiles knowingly.


Rose POV

So after that mess of a humiliating romantic moment. Chase handed Al a soggy napkin to help catch the drips. They both just smiled goofily at each other, which was obviously consuming all their brain feed as neither thought to use a drying charm. They both decided to head back to the dormitory together to collect fresh clean shirts for the day. They totally just wanted to spend more time together.

Rosie the matchmaker: 1

Ace is happening!

Internal happy dance. I’m totally fangirling over Ace.

“Why are you so chirpy?” Scorpius grunts as he takes a seat beside me. He isn’t a morning person. Although his scruffy blonde ‘bed’ hair, twinkling with mischief bright blue eyes, sharp cheek bones, broad shoulders, toned and muscular chest (Yes his ugly Christmas sweater, somehow seems to define his body even more) dark denim jeans and kneazle slippers (my Christmas present for him last year, it was supposed to be a gag gift, but the guy has absolutely no shame), he definitely seems to make my morning a little brighter.

I can’t believe I just thought that.

Ahem. Moving on.

“I’m a genius” I inform him, whilst rewarding myself with a berry, partly to distract my mouth from his gorgeous arrogant self. It doesn’t always act under my control, like last night for example. I mean. Ew… Right?

“Oh Merlin. It really is too early for this type of thing” his head falls to the table with a thump.

“What, the truth?”

“Strangely your version of it always seems to have a lot more colour”

“We all need a little colour in our lives Scorpius” I scoff at him.

“Like a technicoloured rainbow unicorn”

“Unicorns are white Scorpius, everyone knows that” I patronise him.

“My mistake” he rolls his eyes. Well I assume he does, his face is still making friends with the table. It just sounds like something he would do. Sarcastic prat.

“Don’t worry, I know you’re a tad slow in the mornings” I pat his head.

“You know me so well”

“Yep. Now aren’t you going to ask why I’m a genius?” I grin excitedly. He’s still face planted among the company of forks and plates. You know, his people. We once made a plan for Ace technically it was only last week, feels like years ago. Anyway, the plot has kind of been stationary, as we haven’t made a lot of progress. Well at least they are actually talking to each other again and sleeping in the same dormitory.

“Nah. I’m actually not really a very curious sort of person” he mumbles sleepily.

“You’re seriously bumming me out”

“Thank Merlin, I thought I’d need to summon my sunglasses”

I should dump the bowl of berries on his head, but he doesn’t deserve them. So I’m just going to sit and eat them all instead. That’ll show him.


Chase POV

“I’m surprised Scorpius didn’t ask more questions” Al poses.

We are nearly back to the common room, after the eventful breakfast, in search of new shirts. We ran into Scorpius on the staircases. He took one look at Al’s pumpkin shirt and my nakedness, and his shoulder slumped and he just said one word, a justification to explain our present, quite humiliating state, a name: Rose, he assumed. We nodded and he continued on his merry way. Well he actually wasn’t very merry, as Scorpius Malfoy has never really been much of a morning person.

“I think he understood if Rose was involved, he’d prefer plausible deniability” I deduce.

“Yeah” he agrees. Then after a moment, my most dreaded question. “But how was Rose involved in your shirt missing?”

I stumbled on the step, towards the dormitory “Oh you know how she is, irrational and all that” I tried.

“Like she spilled her breakfast and used your shirt to clean it up?” he suggests. Completely oblivious to my shaking hands.

Um...“Yes, let’s got with that” I grin.

He gives me a weird look. “Well I’m sorry about your shirt, hope it wasn’t a favourite” He kindly replies. Favourite – he has no idea.

Finally we reach the dorm… and we both bolt for our trunks. We were dangerously close to befriending an awkward silence. And I do not want to meet one of those, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of. The needy ninjas.

However it was also the moment, Al noticed my trunk was empty and my clothes still hung lonely in the cupboard. That was another conversation I was hoping to avoid.

Oh crap… Maybe he will just assume that I’m really unorganised this year.

“Chase why isn’t your stuff packed yet?” he questions with narrowed knowing, angry and hurt eyes.

What am I supposed to say when he looks at me like that? When I haven’t even spoken the words aloud to anyone. Doesn’t he see the distance between us? What was I supposed to do? He knows the truth anyway. To hell with it “I’m not going home for Christmas”


Rose POV

“I don’t want to pack” Jordan moans from underneath her bed. She went looking for something earlier, and hasn’t had the energy to crawl back out.

“I wish there was a spell for it” Lucy includes from literally inside her trunk. Not sure what happened there.

“Maybe we should invent one” Max grins from jumping on her bed. Too many sugar lollies.

“We could make millions” I add from the floor amongst my shoes. It’s where I belong.

We all think for a moment of the endless possibilities.

And then after a minute “It would involve moving though…” Jordan informs.

A chorused sigh. “Maybe tomorrow then” I speak for all of us.

With our trunks mostly empty, and our beds and floor mostly full, we unfortunately have our day packed (Ha, pun intended). I swear the teachers knew this would be more torture than sitting through another day of classes. The crafty critters.

And I still have Christmas shopping to do. Why do I leave everything to the last minute? Why does past Rose want to torture me like this. Why? I swear I’m going to arrive home with an empty trunk with the rate this packing is going. And then mum will yell and we’ll have to go out and buy me more clothes. That actually doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.

“What if we distract ourselves with idle gossip whilst we fill our trunks?” Lucy suggests. Ever the lifesaver, no wonder she’s prefect.

“Alright, I’ll start…. Rosie and Scorpius made out!” Jordan exclaims. I drop the shoe I was presently admiring, thankfully no one noticed. They didn’t even look up. Oh Merlin. Am I ready to talk about this? Deep breath. I stand by not keeping secrets, but I don’t always go out of my way to tell the truth. They didn’t ask, so why should I bring it up? I prepare myself for the oncoming interrogation.

“I meant, you know, things that have actually happened” Lucy replied, with an eye roll.

Oh. I should be glad my friends have their heads screwed on straight… right? I became extremely interested in my kneazle slippers (Yes I have a pair too – he maybe may have made them look quite adorable).

“It did happen” Jordan begins. How does she know it did happen? It really doesn’t sound like a situation I would get caught up in…

“In his dreams, maybe” Max added with a laugh.

I smirked at that.

“I heard he snogged Channing at the Quidditch party on Saturday night.” Lucy informed me. Yes, I admit my interest did slightly peak at that.

“Rumour” Jordan concludes. Well of course.

“Alice Davies told me” Lucy defends.

“And you think she can be trusted, she’s had a crush on him since forever” Jordan argues.

“So does half the school” Max adds amused. How they haven’t rounded on me yet, I don’t understand. I mean we have had discussions similar to this in the past, especially when the Hogwarts rumour mill runs like it does. Not that it’s ever went further than an extremely reluctant admittance that the guy may be in the realm of possibly good looking. But they’re my best friend’s right? They read between the lines.

“True. Did you hear Emily Springer keeps a lock of his hair underneath her pillow?” Jordan enlightens. Gross. Does she know how much product he puts in that?

“That’s nothing, Symons and her pals have a shrine in the Hufflepuff common room” Luce includes. I had heard about that. When one of the most wanted bachelors in Hogwarts starts paying you slightly more attention than others (doesn’t matter if that attention is unwanted, unreciprocated and just friendly of nature), his fan girls soon reveal themselves, with their fake smiles and snide remarks.

Who knew Scorpius Malfoy could drive the girls of Hogwarts (And some males I must admit) so bat crap crazy.

“So do you think we have given oblivious over here enough time to think she’s fooled us?” Luce smirks to Jordan, gesturing to me – I think. None of us have moved from our lazy, packing protesting positions. So she could be talking to anyone. Right…!

 “Let’s just smile at her until she catches up” Jordan laughs.

Say, what now?!

“That could take ages, who’s going for snacks?” Max adds.

“Oooh I want some marshmallows” Luce exclaims with her hand poised excitedly.

“Treacle tart” Jordan adds.

“Pumpkin Pasties” Max suggests.

“Liquorice Wands” Jordan proposes.

I will not give in. They probably don’t know anything! Just trying to rile me up. It will not work.

“Sugar Quills” Max sighs.

“Nah had them for breakfast, Jelly Slugs” Jordan informs us.

“Yuck. Chocolate Frogs” Lucy responds.

“Fizzing Whizzbee’s” Jordan continues.

They do realise, none of them have made any movement to act on any of these quite enticing suggestions.

“Ice Mice” Max replies.

“James is obsessed with them, Pixie Puffs” Jordan responds.

“Berti-” Lucy begins.

“ALRIGHT! ENOUGH!” I yell. With a stomp of my shoe. Not with my actual foot, or my current shoe. I’m still residing among the perfectly shaped and drool worthy footwear. I like to think I still made my point.

“I told you the lollies would drive her to talk” Max laughs.

“Yes, but now I’m hungry” Jordan complains.

“Yes, collateral damage that” Max winks.

“YES WE KISSED. YES IT WAS MAGNIFICENT. NO I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!” I yell again. For supposed strategizing interrogators, they won’t bloody well shut up. All three just stare at me with wide knowing eyes and then burst into hysterics.

“She totally likes him” Jordan giggles mockingly.
All hell broke loose after that. Well you know, as much as beautiful garments being thrown around the room resembles hell, and best friends laughing and yelling resembles something broken.


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