Chapter 12: Opportunist

A/N: sorry for the delay…between running a major fundraiser for my job, and catching pneumonia, it’s been a crazy month. Also, researching on what investors do is REALLY boring!


George could simply reach his hand and take the wrapped butter knife in the napkin to cut the tension in the booth. Never had a drink taken so long to arrive when he came here during school, and Merlin knew, how much he needed that alcohol to arrive to the table. The tension was not so much between him and the young blond that sat across the table. But rather with Hermione, who was absentmindedly scratching her forearm, and the greasy ferret. Both seemed to be biting their tongue at the moment.

Draco Malfoy had stopped them during their shopping trip to talk about the potential of investing in his shop. Apparently he had been trying to get in contact with him since the day he dropped off the gift. George’s curiosity was slightly peeked. Watching the blond scan the pub, trying to keep his line of vision on anything but the two in front of him. He would occasionally readjust his tie, shift his briefcase, and straighten the already perfect stacks of paper in front of him.

When their drinks finally came, it took everything in their power not to drink the whole of it and order another round. It was George that broke the silence, wanting to get this over and done with so Hermione could finish her shopping.

“Well, you must have something important to propose if you’re willing to be seen with us in public.” George egged.

Malfoy simply stared at him a moment, seeming to run through a list of replies before settling.

“I have recently come in to a large sum. While, I would like nothing but to disappear into the English countryside and live out the rest of my natural life without being in the spotlight, this money comes with a few stipulations.

“I am required to invest the initial sum into respectable businesses. However, my return on investment is mine to keep. I could easily retire by 30, if I choose wisely.” He paused to take another drink.

Before he continued, he passed the first stack of paperwork to George, who merely glanced at the cover page, before passing it over to Hermione. She took it with morbid curiosity, and began to look over the spreadsheets, charts, and analysis forms.

“Your shop has only ever had a decrease in business when you closed it for the war. Yet, from the second you and your brother opened it to the time you took sole control it has always been in the black. Throughout the recent months, you’ve been met with a fierce competitor, yet your sales have never faltered. This caught my attention. Not to mention the contract you have with the Ministry.” Draco glanced over at Hermione who was still going over the paperwork with a fine tooth comb.

Draco seemed to take both of their silence as the moment to continue. He took a breath before sliding over the larger stack of paperwork.

“This is an agreement. I am willing to invest 100,000 galleons over the next five years, but I receive 15% of your profits.”

George flipped through the pages in front of him. That much money would easily allow him to produce more products in a shorter amount of time, especially since he could hire more staff for the back room. But something was itching at the back of his mind.

“What did you offer to Defiantly Devious?” he asked as he slightly pushed the stack towards Hermione.

Draco blinked, looking taken aback.

“You obliviously met with the owner, how else did you come by the package you dropped off? Or did one of employees give it to you? I can’t see Mary talking percentages.” George probed.

“I did meet with someone….that claims to be the owner.” Draco hesitated. “When I went there, the person I met with was a woman, sounded like a woman, but in fact, she told me that she was under the guise of polyjuice, a hair from a random muggle. So I don’t know who I actually met with. They are a much newer company, I’m taking a bit of a risk with them. I usually prefer to study a company’s sales for the last six month to a year before deciding to spread my wealth. Yet, the mere fact that they have been able to match your sales profits from the moment they opened, I felt the need to take a leap of faith.

“Their deal is not as extensive as yours. Half as much actually. Like I said, I have plans to live a quiet, needless life in a few years.”

George leaned back in his chair and took a drink. He glanced over at Hermione who was reading some of the smaller print of the contract. She looked over at him with an impressed look, but knowing he would need to look over the file himself.

George slowly nodded as he processed everything. He took a deep breath, and turned back to Hermione, thumbing over to Malfoy.

“He called my shop respectable.”



“So I’ve been doing some research…” Hermione said as she sat on the couch next to George.

“Shocking!” Harry replied as he helped Ginny hand ornaments on the tree.

His comment earned him a glare, which he laughed off, until one particular bulb on the tree grew brighter and brighter before bursting, causing Harry to jump.

“Shocking…” she countered. “Anyways, after reading through the contract, I was going through some articles on other businesses where Malfoy’s money has come into play. Surprisingly, none of them have had any scandal of taking death eater funds, and they all seemed to greatly profit from the investment. In fact, from what I’ve read, the money is coming from his mother’s side, not Lucius. I wonder if she’s making him do this. Learn from the sins of his father? This might be something to look into.”

“Not gonna lie, that kind of money would take a lot of stress off me. Just not sure if I should trust him.” George said as he tossed the paperwork onto the coffee table.

“You could always have Hermione put one of her signature contract jinxes on it. I hear Mariette Edgecombe still has a slight pink scarring across her face.” Ginny suggested as she levitated the star to the top of the tree.

“Still the best jinx I’ve seen.” Harry laughed.


The mastermind behind DD didn’t seem to wait for George to respond in kind since sending him the book. Instead they seem to go on with the holiday sales just like every shop in the alley. But instead of the traditional red and green found in every product this time of year, these were a dark purple and silver. A break from the shops signature color. It was in this case that these products drew more attention to their front window.

A smart set of weekend bags and small luggage were set up on the floor of the window. These items were displayed with a sign that promised an extension charm for all their traveling needs. Above the bags was a table with small rounded purple bottles with a silver cork.

Christmas Sleep Draught

Sugarplum Dreams from the Daily Stresses of the Holidays

‘I could use that right now.’ George thought as he sat on his bench outside the small shop. Merlin, he was tired. The holidays were always busy. Extended hours open hours at the shop, meant more hours accounting for every sale, and product replacement. A good night sleep would be appreciated. He was turning into a real Scrooge lately…


George stood up and hurried back to his office before he lost this train of thought.

Bah Humbug!

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