Mrs. Malfoy and Draco Malfoy, of the Malfoy Manor, are proud to be the famous Purebloods of Witch Weekly. They were the last people you would expect to not insult muggle-borns and half-bloods, because they just didn't hold such non- sense.

Mrs. Malfoy was a previous Death Eater, forced by her family to join the Dark Lords cause. Narssica Malfoy is just a little over an average women's height. She almost always wears a black silk dress, and neutral makeup. She keeps most of her hair down and ties her long bangs back; Narssica only has two bleach blond strands on either side of her head and the rest jet black.

Draco was also a Death Eater, like his parents, but joined because of his father, Lucius Malfoy. He's just a bit taller than his mother, Narssica, and is going back to Hogwarts for his seventh year. His hair is always gelled back, and out of his face, a natural Bleached blond.

"Do you have all of your stuff dear?" Narssica said starting to tear up.

"Yeah, are you sure you'll be alright by yourself?" Draco asked with his famous Malfoy smirk while picking up his owl, Alou's cage and setting it atop his school trunk.

"I'll manage some how, but it's you I have to worry about!" She replied, with a great big smile looking at her son.


Draco had made it to King Cross and was boarding the Hogwarts Express. He had gotten lots of funny looks, but chose to ignore them instead of making a seen.

There were no empty train compartments to sit in until, "Mr. Malfoy, in here please." Professor McGonagall motioned towards the prefects train car door.

"But I'm not a prefect."

Draco looked at her in a confused way that made her smile and laugh, just a bit.

"Pansy Parkinson was not able to attend this year, so you have been chosen to take her place as the Slytherin Prefect!" McGonagall practically sang with joy.

Why is she so blood happy? He wondered, trying not to show it on his face and walked inside the train car.

As soon as he walked in he saw Susan Bones, the Hufflepuff Prefect, sitting on the far left of the room like cart reading a book of sorts. Across from her was Luna Lovegood, surprisingly the Ravenclaw Prefect, laying on the bench reading the exact same book. It wasn't till after he had sat down on the left of the doorway, that he noticed Hermione Granger sitting across from him flipping through yet again, the same book.

He looked down on the table, and there it was the Prefects Guide booklet that every one else was reading. He flipped it open and began to read.

After going through half of it he decided to let it be and when to get changed into his robes.

"Be careful of the second step, it's come loose." Hermione said not looking up from her book.

"I think I'll live, mudblood." He said, annoyed with the thought of her telling him what to do.

As he walked to the changing room, he stepped over the second step like hermione had warned him about and went on, cursing at him self for listening to her.


Draco had gotten back to the Prefects car, just in time to grab his stuff and get of the train.

He walked to the self drawn carriages and placed his trunk in the back of the carriage. Only this time they were being pulled by a dreadful looking beast.

It was all black and looked like a skeleton of a hippogryff draped with skin. Though it looked graceful and elegant. He couldn't help but touch the great beast lightly on the beak, and in return it pushed its face against his hand. This touching moment was stopped short by a voice.

"There called Thestrals. Not the most charming creatures." It was Luna already seated in the carriage.

"Are they new?" Draco regretted asking, but wanted to know.

"No, they've always been pulling the carriages." Luna said like it was no big deal.

Draco wondered why he's never seen them before and couldn't help but ask.

"How come I've never seen them before?" He had to strangle the words to come out.

"They can only be seen by those who have seen death. Like the war, I think every one will be able to see them now. The poor things will never get any privacy now." Luna said it in a calm voice like what she said didn't hold any emotion at all.

"Oh." Draco managed to say after many minutes of silence and got into the carriage. In no time at all Hermione and Susan joined them, then they were off.


They had all entered the great hall, and the sorting ceremonie was over. The head master, Professor Albus Dumbledore, stood up to announce any start of term announcements.

"It's been hard these past years for some of are students here today, and now the fog has cleared and the battle is over. To start off this new year at Hogwarts, the Prefects!" Professor Dumbledore motioned for us to come up and join him.

"Susan Bones. This years Hufflepuff Prefect!" He yelled out to the school and the Hufflepuff table went wild with applause. Dumbledore shook her hand and whispered some thing into her ear.

"Luna Lovegood. This years Ravenclaw Prefect!" He yelled a little louder to silent the crowd. And like Susan, he whispered something into her ear while shaking her hand. Luna just smiled and walked back to her table as the Ravenclaws burst into cheers.

"Hermione Granger! Gryffindor's Prefect!" He said with a hint of excitement. And just like Susan and Luna, he shook her hand a little bit harder than the others and whispered into her ear. Now Draco was getting curious.

"And finally, Draco Malfoy! Slytherin's house Prefect!" Dumbledore said now in a normal tone because the room had fallen in an uncomfortable silence. Draco looked at the Slytherin table as they started to applaud him. Dumbledore shook his hand and leaned over to his ear to whisper something to him.

"The Prefects password is, Madriko Minor." He said as Draco tried to hold in a breath of disappointment. He thought Dumbledore was going to tell him something important.

Draco walked back to the Slytherin table as the feast began and didn't say a word to anyone until the feast was over.



More chapters coming soon!!

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