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First Scene from Chapter 19:

Chapter 19: Perfect Timing

As his feet land in snow, he feels some of it get into his boots. He knows he’ll have snow sticking to his socks now, but it’ll be worth it because they still landed smoothly. Draco prides himself in this fact for the Astronomy Tower is nearly unrecognizable from the small hills of snow that covers it and Harry Potter, who’s leaning against him heavily is -actually- asleep.

Okay, well - nearly asleep - but still so completely out of it that Draco has to tuck his shoulder under Harry’s arm and hold onto him. He half drags him as they walks towards the door, his broom held awkwardly in his other arm. “Come on,” he tries to swing the door open with his foot. “Help me out, Potter.”

Harry grunts and Draco rolls his eyes as he swings the door open while still holding onto Harry. The journey down the stairs is long and laborious and by the time Draco reaches the landing, he’s all sweaty. “You’re such a great help,” he whispers lightly to Harry whose eyes are now closed and his legs are dragging behind him.

“Mm,” Harry grunts again. Draco glares at him. He would have fallen down the stairs if it weren't for Draco holding onto him for his dear life. Draco repositions himself to keep Harry upright, but every step seems to cost them both.  “Jussotired,” Harry mumbles, blinking slowly now. “Juscarry me?” he demands incoherently. He lets his head fall down onto Draco’s chest.

“Oh… there you go again.” Draco continues dragging him, but it’s becoming difficult to walk straight. After a minute of this nonsense, he says in a loud whisper, “Harry!” Harry jerks his head up, blinking rapidly. “We’re almost there. Honestly - Why are you so damn tired?”

“Haven’t been sleeping well.” He mumbles, but at least he’s carrying some of his own weight now.

“Really? Why’s that?”

 “Just - you know -” Draco can tell that Harry is losing focus again, his feet getting heavy with every step. “The nightmares.”

“Nightmares… still?” he whispers.

“Since we got back.”

“Oh…  What is it you see?” he asks, taking advantage of the fact that Harry’s guard is down.

“You dying.”

Draco didn’t expect that at all. “That’s-that’s what you see when you close your eyes?” he confirms quietly.

“Yeah-so much blood.” Harry seems to unconsciously cling to him. “But you’re here now - S’okay now,” Harry says in a breath as he places his face firmly into Draco’s neck and slumps against him in defeat. Draco instinctively pulls Harry in closer; his arm tight around him and his chin angling over his cheek. He holds onto the sleeping boy in both alarm and amusement: he didn’t realize how drunk Harry is.

“I’m here now, Scarhead.” In spite of himself, Draco smiles. There’s that swelling sensation in his chest again. It wraps around his heart and squeezes just enough for the ache to be lovely. “Why didn’t you take dreamless potions?” he whispers to Harry.

 But Harry’s no longer responding.

 When he reaches the landing of the seventh floor, he narrows his eyes against the dark, trying to decide which is the fastest route back to his room. He pokes Harry hard on the side, needing him up. Harry snaps his head up with feigned alertness. “I’m awake!”

Sure you are,” Draco drawls.

Deciding on left, he doesn’t take many steps before he stops fully in his tracks. He hears faint footsteps from the end of the hallway. Sweet fucking yay. They’re both going to get caught unless they hide - The only problem is, sodding Potter is not being helpful! He decides to silently rotate them to a spot behind the nearest statue. He leans far back onto the cool wall and pulls Harry in as close as possible, glaring at Harry when he snuggles into Draco contentedly. Stupid prat.

It’s no use. The light footsteps approach them as quietly as she can muster, but before he can think of an appropriate excuse as to why Harry Potter is asleep on top of him, the light from a wand is shining on the spot behind the statue, revealing them both.

“I can’t believe this,” the girl says in a shrill whisper. Draco squints against the light, not recognizing who she is because her face is in shadows.

“Alright - you caught us-” he hisses. “Can you please dim your bloody wand?”

“What’s wrong with him?” she steps closer to them and she lowers her wand just enough for Draco to make out the stern and worried face of Granger. Of course, who else would it be?

“He’s asleep,” he says flatly.

“Asleep?” she asks in belief. “What did you do to him?”

“I drugged him so I could take him to my room and seduce him.”

Granger pauses for a moment, staring at Draco in all seriousness and he stares right back at her. “I can’t even tell if you’re joking!” she hisses.

Draco snickers and impatiently kicks Potter’s foot, leaning further into the wall for support. “Wake up, Potter - you’re getting heavy.”

Harry shoots his head up from his shoulder and mumbles, “god, Draco, I already told you I’m awake! Oh…” Harry notices they’re leaning against a wall and smirks. He inches closer to him. “Why are we hiding here?” he coyly whispers. He plants an awkward kiss on Draco’s chin, missing his mouth altogether.

 “Harry!” Hermione squeaks.

Draco snorts when Harry jolts in his arms, immediately losing his venery. “Hermione…! What - what are you doing here?” He regretfully pushes away from Draco and turns to her. Harry runs both of his hands over his face, trying to rub the sleepiness out of his eyes.

“I could ask you the same! We’ve been looking for you. You are SO lucky Ron didn’t take this route! Do you know the time? We have class tomorrow! You’re being utterly irresponsible-” she whispers frantically.

“Irresponsible?” Draco cuts off with an arched eyebrow, really not comprehending how Potter deals with someone so shrill. “I think Potter can leave when he wants to - he is a big boy now.”

“That isn’t the point. It’s three in the morning and I was asleep! Ron sent me a note, all worried he was missing. But I knew exactly who he was with,” she whispered accusingly at Draco. She then turns to glare at Harry. “And I couldn’t say anything to Ron because you - you’re ridiculous!”

Harry has the grace to look ashamed, shuffling his feet as he searches for the right words, “I didn’t think I’d be gone so long… I don’t even remember getting back into the castle.” He turns to Draco sharply. “You carried me down the whole way?”

“Yes, you prat. You can’t even hold your liquor.”

 “That is not why-” Harry begins.

“Harry James Potter, please tell me you’re not drunk right now,” she cuts off.

“Only a little!” he replies a little too loudly. Both Draco and Granger shush him and he turns to Draco, flustered. “That is not why I fell asleep! I’m just really, really tried.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind hauling your useless arse down endless stairs,” he smirks.

Hermione makes an exasperated noise and grabs Harry’s arm, who’s grinning foolishly at Draco. “Come on, before Ron comes this way. Honestly.” She begins storming away, pulling at Harry’s sleeve, but not before she turns her face to shoot one last glare over her shoulder at Draco. “You too - off to bed.”

Draco’s left staring after them. He can make out Harry’s quiet whining as his friend drags him away, and he has to swallow an unexpected smile. It’s not like he finds Granger’s antics amusing or anything. Still, he watches after them longer than he should and sees Harry unwrap his scarf from around his neck. As he passes a large window the light from the moon catches the nape of his neck and Draco frowns. There shining gold and swinging secretly from Harry’s neck is his Mother’s pendant.

To be continued....


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