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“You did WHAT?” Scorpius’s exclamation (and expelling of a mouthful of kidney pie) caused the poor house elves to startle. You could hear pots clanging and glass breaking echo around the kitchen. I winced as I saw Baubles fall into the giant cake he was decorating.


“Really, Scorpius, you KNOW the elves are a jumpy lot. Keep the heid please?” I said, throwing a napkin in his face. He took it and begrudgingly rubbed it over his face.


“You mean to tell me that Rose Weasley, The bloody Rose Weasely, not only helped you away from Rosier, but actually wanted to be seen associating with you?” he said incredulously. I bristled.


“You would think that you would have a higher opinion of me, since we spend so much bleeding time together.” I took a savage bite of my roll as he rolled his eyes.


“Greer, you know I adore you. But everyone else at this school either thinks you’re beneath them, or that you might murder them in their sleep and not leave a whiff of evidence.” He said pointedly, taking a sip of pumpkin juice. I grinned.


“Well Rose said she wasn’t scared of me or what other people think. I’m not saying I’ll make a habit of it, but studying with Rose was actually… nice. We have a lot in common.” I said, spearing a piece of roast. He raised an eyebrow.


“Are you telling me to expect to hang out with Rose Weasley from now on? I already have rounds with her, I don’t know how much more I can take.” He said, blushing and looking down at his plate. I put my hand on his in sympathy.


“Thats part of the reason I did this Scor. She’s a good person, and once she gets to know you, she’ll come around. I cant see a logical reason for her to hate you, and she is all about reason.” I said. He sighed.


“Maybe because our father’s hated each other in school and still do? And maybe because her goal since coming to Hogwarts has been to annihilate me academically in order to make Daddy Ronald proud?Not to mention the fact that she’s told me to talk a long walk off the Astronomy tower on numerous occasions.” He spat, moodily stabbing his pie again. 


“Well look here, Mr. Malfoy. Your Father, despite his past, is a capital bloke, and academically, I think its safe to say she's got you beat, given your howlin potions grade.” He glared at me.


“BUT, you and I are a package deal. Always have been, always will. If she’s not on board, then she’s not in my life, or yours, okay?” I said grinning. His gloomy face cracked finally, revealing a slow grin.


“You do realize of course that Rose might very well be a packaged deal with Albus? They’re always together, and she must know the whole story.” Scor reasoned. 


“It occurred to me. But if Potter wants to be in my life again, he’ll need a hell of a lot more than Rose’s good opinion.” I said, savagely biting into my treacle tart.


“Bloody hell Greer. This year is going to be a mess isn't it?” Scor asked.


“Shut your geggie and eat your bloody dinner Scor.”




“YOU DID WHAT?” Albus’s hysterical proclamation silenced the entire hall momentarily, as they all turned to stare at us. I cringed, sending him a glare, and he ducked down, staring intently at his roast.


“Could you try not to be so dramatic Albus? Honestly, you’re worse than Lily.” I said, rolling my eyes and taking a bite of my own roast. 


“You mean to tell me that you spent an entire two hours with Greer Faulkner?” He said, his green eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. I grinned.


“I like her. She defy’s every definition the idiots at this school seem intent on giving her, although she is mildly terrifying.” I said simply, thinking of the fiery Scott.


“Even before I got there, she was more than holding her own with Rosier. Plus, we got to talking, and found out we actually have a lot in common. Did you know she was interested in Wandlore?” I asked conversationally.


“Who do you think got her started in it?” He replied bitterly. I sighed, though I was not entirely without sympathy. 


The day Albus stopped being friends with Greer, something in him changed. He had gone from the fun loving, trouble making cousin she loved to a cautious, reserved person she hardly recognized. She had to admit to herself, guiltily, that she had partially saved Greer in the hopes that maybe she could make the two forgive and forget, and she’d get her bloody cousin to act like the Gryffindor he was.


“Albus Severus Potter, what the bloody hell happened between you and Greer Faulkner?” I said abruptly, clattering my fork down in agitation. His eyes widened at my confrontational tone.


“You know what happened. James-“


“Don’t tell me it was James, because we both know you don’t give a bleeding bowtruckle what James would say, and he would have never have pulled that stunt if you hadn’t told him to put Greer off for you like a little coward.” I crossed my arms, stubbornly waiting for a real answer. He sighed and ran a hand through his mop of hair in frustration. Albus looked up and down the table before leaning in close.


“All right it wasn't James. It was Everard Nott.” I gasped, my eyes flicking over to the Slytherin table. Everard was as dark as they came, his family still obsessed with blood status. Rumors swirled around him about the horrible things he’d done, but no one could ever prove them. He was only the year ahead of us, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t bloody intimidating, considering the dark magic and violence he used to get his way.



“He came up to me one day, cornered me in a classroom and told me to stay away from Greer if I knew what was good for me. He told me all the awful things he’d do to her-“ Albus stopped, his face screwed in pain at the memory. 


“He’s bloody obsessed with her. Or was. I wasn't going to risk her safety for my own selfish reasons.” Albus said, looking down at his plate. 



I put my hand on his, finally understanding.



“You didn’t want to give Greer up. You had to.” I said sympathetically. He nodded, meeting my eyes finally. He looked like he’d been kicked in the stomach.



“Making Greer hate me was the only way I could be sure she’d leave off. She kept trying to corner me, convince me to talk to her and i knew my resolve would break. So I asked James to do what he does best… I couldn’t bear to watch, and I couldn't bear to break her heart in person. But at least she’d be safe from Nott. He said he’d rather her dead than friends with our lot, and he said she’d be as good as if I ever told her it was him that caused all of it.” He said darkly, looking fierce and angry.



“You’d think he could just leave the poor girl alone. Its bad enough they ostracize her but keeping her from her friends?” I said shaking my head.


“I was thinking with rounds, maybe I could try to reach out to her again.” He said slowly, a look of hope on his face. I smiled.


“It has been years since Everard made that threat. And she’s done well for Slytherin, prefect and all. I think you should, creepy Slytherin blighter be damned. We’re more than a match for him nowadays and if he gives you trouble, we’ll head him off.” I pushed a piece of treacle tart his way as more incentive and he took it gratefully.


“I just… Merlin, I miss her Rose. But she’s become this total stranger. She’s completely ruthless with rule breakers, she and Malfoy pull endless stunts on our family… not to mention she acts like I don’t exist. She’s completely feared by the entire school.” He said, pushing the tart around with his fork.


“She does all of those things to ensure her own safety. And she’s never once crossed the line, or delivered judgement on those who don’t deserve it. Greer may be harder, and bloody scary now, but she’s got a good heart, and she needs… merlin Al, she needs friends. All she has is bloody Malfoy for company.” I said, waving my fork dramatically. He laughed.


“Thanks Rosie. I think you’re right. Hey, are you going to be all right patrolling with Malfoy?” He asked, furrowing his brow. I sighed, and shrugged, stabbing my own dessert in frustration.


Scorpius. Bleeding. Malfoy. My father pointed him out on the platform first year, and since that moment, he has never failed to completely baffle me. 


Firstly, there is the fact that I’ve never seen him use a book in his life, and yet somehow he almost beat me for top student in our year (thank Merlin he’s rubbish as potions). Then there’s also the fact that he somehow manages to evade trouble, even landing a spot as prefect,  even though he pulls pranks and causes mass trouble all the time (like that time he loosed an entire colony of cornish pixies during the hallowe’en feast).


The thing that confused me the most about Malfoy though is his absolute rejection of anything… well, anything Slytherin. The most I’d ever seen him use his last name was to get Greer out of tough spots. He certainly had enough influence to be ruling that house, but instead he chose to reject it all to befriend a lonely muggleborn.


This just didn’t all fit together. Cocky and Kind are almost always mutually exclusive.


Maybe rounding together would give me the opportunity to see if that was really true after all.



After Dinner, Scorpius and I decided to continue our isolation from our house by studying in the room of requirement instead of the common room. Most people believed the room was destroyed in the war, but Scor and I had found it completely undamaged in our second year, when Everard Nott was chasing us with a knife (that lad is absolutely insane).



“Hey, will you still be here when I get back from rounds?” I asked, Scorpius as I undid the massive braid he had made of my hair instead of attending to his potions essay. We had been doing the same essay for over two hours, and he had made very little progress.


“Depends on my understanding of Gotham’s third law of… something.” Scorpius said, looking over his notes. I grinned, stepping out of the little powder room to peer over his shoulder.


“Scorpius, you numpty, it’s Golpalotts’s third law. Gotham is a fictional muggle city.” I said, rolling my eyes as he crossed out his sentence swearing. He looked up at me and smirked.


“Pulling out all the stops for Mr. Potter, I see. Veeeeeeery nice.” He said. I frowned at him.


“Mince, Scorpius, I’m wearing leggings. And your old quidditch jumper. What about this is pulling out all the stops?” I asked, gesturing to my frame. He didn’t even look up from his essay.


“Your hair is down, and brushed, you’re wearing your nice leggings with the little criss cross things up the back, your contacts are still in even though its nearly ten, your make up is still on and… by Merlin, woman, are you wearing perfume?” He asked incredulously, sniffing the air. I blushed. So maybe I put in slightly  more effort than I would normally do for rounds. But ONLY because I didn’t really want to look casual in front of anyone but Scorpius.


“Oh… you… Knobdobber! Just finish your homework.” I said, tossing a pillow at him. He laughed.


“Honestly, Scottish insults are like the verbal equivalent of monopoly money. Colorful, but utterly ineffective.” He said, still chuckling. I rolled my eyes and slammed the door shut behind me.


Only to smack face first into Albus Bleeding Potter.


“Ow- what- Greer?” Albus said, grabbing my shoulders to steady me. I rubbed my forehead where it had hit his chest and grabbed at my sternum in order to calm my heart beat.


“Crivvens, Potter, announce yourself!” I said, backing away from his touch. 


“I was on my way to meet you, I didn’t exactly expect you to pop out of the room of requirement.” He said, chuckling a little. He ran a hand through his messy hair, hunching his shoulder, a sure sign he felt about as awkward as I did.


“What were you doing in there anyways?” He asked suspiciously, gesturing to the concealed door. I bristled.


“Mind your own, Potter.” I grumbled and started walking forward, hands shoved deep in my sweater pockets.


“How did you even know it still existed?” He asked incredulously.


“Because I’m not a gullible rocket.” I said simply, heading off to start our route.


“No, I guess you aren’t.” He said chuckling. I cut a glare in his direction, and we settled into a few minutes of blissful silence.


“So… erm, how-how are you?” He asked awkwardly. I grunted in reply as we turned a corner.


“Not keen on studying in the Slytherin Common room then?” He asked.

“Are you just going to ask me stupid questions all night long, or can we just patrol in silence?” I asked irritably. 




“We are not on a christian name basis Potter.” I said turning another corner without warning, so he was scrambling to follow.


“Fine, Faulkner- would you just stop and listen to me for a second?!” He yelled. I was so unused to seeing Albus Potter lose his temper that I stopped.


“What? What could you possibly have to say to me?” I said, crossing my arms and looking into his eyes. I had forgotten what they looked like, after spending so many years avoiding them that they took me aback. They were just… so green. And he had a little freckle under the left eye that you really only ever noticed after careful observation.


Potter cleared his throat and it shook me out of my weird little trance.


“Look. I know you hate me, and you have every right. What I did to you was cowardly and downright terrible, and there hasn’t been a single day that goes by where I don’t regret it.” He said, his voice almost breaking. There was so much pain in his expression, that it caused me to involuntarily soften.


“Why did you do it then?” I asked softly.


“You were my best friend. You knew me better than anyone, and I think you still do.” He said quietly. “What do you think would make me resort to something as cruel as what I did?” He asked.


I thought about it. Potter had always been fiercely loyal to his family, and he had been even more loyal to me before everything happened. 


“It never made any sense to me. I never thought your family would hate me so much that you’d resort to… to humiliating me like that. I had always thought that it got to be too much for you and you sent James to break it off because… you were ashamed of me” I said, looking at the ground.


Greer. I was never ashamed of you. That was never the problem.” He said incredulously.


“Then why in God’s name would you send James to do something so hurtful when you knew he’d find a way to make it even worse?” I said, shoving him backwards.


“Because I was ELEVEN. I was an IDIOT Greer, and I thought you were in danger!” He said, and then looked like he instantly regretted it.


“What do you mean in danger?” I asked pointedly. 


“Your house mates treated you like garbage. You’re roommates did things like set your bed curtains on fire and put doxy droppings in your food. I thought that if we kept being friends, it would only get worse.” He said looking at the ground.


“I thought that you’d be better off without me, and you were. I heard what Yaxley did that day, and you had a better time in your house because of it. You met Malfoy and… you were happy. Thats all I wanted.” He said, scuffing his sneaker. I was trying to keep the tears out of my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. He had done all of this… to give me a chance. It was misguided, and terrible but… he’d been trying to do the noble thing, in the best way an eleven year old could. It was so… so very Albus. He had always been chivalrous to a fault, and this version of events… everything finally made sense.



“Look me in the eye, and promise me that what you’re saying is true.” I said, barely doubting him. He looked up, and his eyes met mine.


“I swear to you Greer. This is all true.” He said. I nodded slowly, still trying to take it all in.


“So… does this… does this mean that we could start over?” He asked hesitantly.


I was silent for a moment, and I could feel his anxiety around us like a cloak. Good merlin. I had missed him.


“I still don’t trust you. I hardly even know you anymore.” I said. He grinned.


“I’m not the one that became the holy terror of Hogwarts. I’m harmless, hapless, and a complete open book.” He said shoving his hands in his pockets. I rolled my eyes, but extended my hand for a handshake.


“ Hi Albus the hapless saint. I’m Greer, the holy the terror of Hogwarts. Pleased to meet you.”





Authors Note: I love Scorpius. Like all versions of him.


Also, an important note. In this story, I have decided that Hermione, and therefore Rose, are indeed Black. Ever since that casting decision was made I've been kind of obsessed with it. As someone who is white and privledged in so many ways, I never realized that most heroines in literature are in fact white. Its always been my assumption and I never really though much of it, and it really does kind of suck. Every girla nd boy deserves to have a hero that looks like them, and faces the same kind of issues as they do. While I've always maintained that the wizarding world is largely color blind, and therefore race isn't an issue in their world as it is in our own, I think this depiction of the Granger women is important and really quite beautiful. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I really do see them this way and it is my story so its going to stay that way.


Thanks as always for reading.


Much Love,


Abby Rose

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