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DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry walked down the street from the bakery on the corner the next morning, taking a large bite of his donut. He loved American pastries; he couldn’t put his finger on why, but be knew that he enjoyed them thoroughly. The street was crowded with what seemed like thousands of people. He could hardly hear himself think, and that was exactly what he needed. He sighed, and flung the wrapper that had held the donut in it into a trash bin, and ran a hand through his raven black hair. He subconsciously searched the thousands of faces for one familiar one with beautiful bright russet hair, and freckles. He wasn’t talking about Ron. His brilliant green eyes scoured the faces, a desperate attempt, it seemed futile, but it was worth a try, then something caught his eye that looked fairly familiar. There was a woman, who was walking toward him, going in the opposite direction. He searched her face for recognition. She had bright blue eyes, and short bouncy blonde hair. She looked like someone he’d seen, or met. Then he remembered. She was one of Ginny’s friends that had been at the club the other night. His heart began to pound rapidly, from excitement, and anticipation. As she walked passed him, he reached out and gripped her upper arm. She whirled angrily around, her eyes flashing, until she saw who had grabbed her. She apparently remembered who he was. She fidgeted nervously, her eyes dancing nervously around the crowd. He dropped her arm. “What do you want?” she asked quietly. “Tell me where Ginny is.” His green eyes were pleading with her. He looked desperate, but she couldn’t break her promise to Ginny. “I can’t.” She began to walk away, but he grabbed her again. “Please,” he pleaded again. “I’m sorry, but I can’t,” she said firmly. She walked away now, disappearing into the crowd. “TELL HER I LOVE HER!” he shouted over the crowd. He saw the blonde woman turn around, and smile at him. She nodded, before turning, and walking to where ever she was going. He smiled. Maybe that will lead her out of hiding. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ginny walked into office, tired. Her eyes had unattractive dark circles from lack of sleep, and she was depressed. Maybe she should just quit, and not have so much pressure on her. She sighed, and stopped by Emma’s desk. When the girl looked up, she frowned worriedly. “I have some-” she gulped slightly, and managed to choke out, “bad news again, I’m afraid.” Ginny stared at her friend before managing a half-hearted: “What?” “I’m afraid that Meg has invited Fred, Ron, Hermione, and Harry to the office today. They want to run an article on you, and how you’re in New York. Supposedly Harry’s adamant on finding you. Now that he knows that you’re here, he wants all of New York’s wizarding population to be on the look out. He’s running an article in our paper, and Meg’s told them to bring a picture-of you-to run-with the article.” Emma shuffled her papers nervously on her desk, as the silence lengthened. Ginny felt her palms begin to sweat, and her head began to fog. “Oh my God--what--what am I going to do?” she struggled out, “I’ve got to get out of here.” She looked frantically around for windows, or exit doors, something that she could escape out of. Panicked, she ran quickly back the way she came, hell bent on making her way back home, and calling in the next day to quit. But she was cut short in horror, as she saw a very pregnant Hermione standing annoyed in the lobby to the building. She pulled Emma, who had followed her, behind a large plant, and watched in horror as Ron, Fred, and Harry entered the lobby. “I kinda like it here, don’t you ‘Mione’?” Ron asked his wife, planting a kiss on her cheek. “Oh yea, the pollution’s great. Ideal place to raise kids, so they can die at an early age,” she said huffily. “Jeez, it was just a suggestion.” He raised his broad shoulders in a shrug. “Come on you two, I swear, I thought I was immature,” Fred chuckled. “Oh you are, don’t let them fool you,” Harry said, managing a smile. “I do believe I was the pun of the first joke ever made by Harry Potter this week. I am so privileged!” Fred said with a hand to his heart. “Oh shut up. Do you have the picture of Ginny?” Harry asked. “Yea, it’s in my pocket.” Ginny cursed under her breath; there was no way that she could get the picture if it was on him. “Emmaaaaa!” she moaned. Emma patted her back, as they watched the four adult’s walk the way they had originally came. “Do I have time to bolt?” Ginny asked. Emma gave her a stern look. “Ginny, I believe that you are caught. Just deal with it.” “I don’t want toooooo!” she said in a panic. The two sat there in stunned silence, waiting for the blow to fall. They stood up, and walked back to Ginny’s tiny little office next to Meg’s. Ginny stepped into her hot office; Emma shut the door quietly behind her, and looked apologetically at Ginny. She walked up to Ginny, and placed both hands on either side of Ginny’s shoulders, and gently shook her. “Gin, It’s gonna be ok, it’s not so bad you know. Your family loves you, and do you know how happy they’ll be when they have their sister and daughter back? Not to mention Harry.” She smirked, while Ginny smiled weakly, feeling her protection that she’d spent years building crumble around her. Ginny’s shoulders were stiff with tension as Emma let her hands drop, and looked at her friend sympathetically. Ginny slowly climbed on her small chair, and pressed her ear to the thin walls. Voices wafted through the walls to her ears. “Ginny, what are you doing?” Emma asked her brows coming together in confusion. Ginny waved a hand at her to made her quiet, as she heard Harry’s voice coming through the thin walls separating her office from Meg’s. “I know she’s in New York City, obviously, we saw her,” he said desperately, “so naturally, I want to run this in the paper, we have a better chance of finding her that way.” “No doubt,” Meg said softly, “do you have the picture?” Ginny’s heart hammered against her chest, she pressed her ears further to the wall. There was silence, which must have been them finding the picture of her. She felt a drop of sweat form on her brow. Emma raised her eyebrows at her. ‘The picture,’ she mouthed soundlessly to Emma, who nodded nervously. Ginny heard a gasp through the wall, and shrieking. They both heard Meg shriek, “THAT’S GINNY? OH MY GOD, FRED, THAT’S GABBY!” She cringed, as she heard chairs, being literally flung across the room. She knew what was coming, they were going to barge in her door, and trap her. Her face grew red, as she heard hurried footsteps. She leapt of the chair in a blind panic, and ran to the window. She flung it open, and crawled frantically onto the windowsill. “Ginny, WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” Emma hissed, “trying to kill yourself again?” “I have to go, they can’t find me. Besides, it’s only a five foot drop.” Just the door swung open, and Ginny shrieked, as she lost her balance on the windowsill, and fell out, landing with a soft thump on the soft green grass below her window. She could hear hurried voices just above her head. She crawled just under the window, and curled into a little ball, hugging her knees to her chest. She prayed that no one would see her when they glanced out the window. Her heart hammered violently against her rib cage. She shut her eyes tightly, and tried to think of something else. This was definitely a nightmare. A few traitor tears slipped down her pale cheeks, as she curled even further into a ball, trying to make herself disappear. “Where is she?” asked a frantic Harry. She’d recognize his voice anywhere. “I don’t know.” She heard Emma say quietly. “I know you know. You were the other one with Ginny last night weren’t you? You knew she was working here, and you didn’t say a thing to Meg, didn’t you?” Harry asked his temper rising. “She’s my friend.” “Yes, and I love her, I just want to find her, just--” Ginny heard a small desperate sob escape Harry, and she immediately felt guilty. She loved him, and she always would, but-- “Please, just help me find her. She can’t be that far. Did she come into work today?” “Yes,” Emma said quietly. Ginny panicked, and scurried away from the window, not caring if it was a stupid move. She crouched low on all fours away from the window. She cringed at the thought of grass stains, but she didn’t have time to care. She knew that Emma was doing what was for her own good, but honestly, she was so scared. She felt the familiar dots of perspiration dot her forehead, and she hastily swiped them away. She needed to remain calm, just get to the street, just get to the street. Just then four people ran out of the building, and looked frantically around. “Ron, Hermione, you look over there.” One man said pointing in the opposite direction. The two nodded, and disappeared behind the building. Ginny shimmied herself against a towering tree, not far from the window that she had fallen out of. She desperately swiped a vibrant red curl from her face. She glanced around the tree, and seeing that the coast was clear she ran out from behind the tree, and hurriedly crawled closer to the street, to where she could apparate away, and be forgotten as quickly as she was seen. She heard a twig snap, she stopped in mid crawl, her face reddening to the point of flames, and turned to look behind her. Her heart seemed to have stopped in fear. Harry had spotted her, and was slowly and silently making his way toward her. No one else was in sight. Apparating forgotten, all Ginny could do was stare in shock. Ginny looked for a moment, fear and hopelessness settled in her stomach again. She got off of her grass stained knees, and got shakily to her feet. She watched in stiff shock as Harry walked slowly toward her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HARRY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her hair blew around her pale frightened face in the soft breeze, like a curtain of fire. She’d never looked more beautiful to him. He was so close, only a few more steps, but Ginny seemed to be fighting an internal battle. She ran a shaky hand over her pale forehead. Her eyes dancing in every direction. She stood stiff as a board watching him he could tell that her thoughts were waging war on her. Finally she came to the final conclusion, to run. She took one last glance at Harry, as her eyes filled with tears. Harry stopped, and looked at her. She stood there, silent, as a tear fell from her right eye. ‘I’m sorry.’ She mouthed, shaking her head. Her curls dancing around her pretty face, before turning, and running as fast as her legs could carry her, down the rest of the sloping hill of the lawn. “OH NO YOU DON’T! GINNY!” he shouted, as he took off down the hill after her. He picked up his feet and ran like he never ran before. He ran on pure adrenaline, pushing farther and faster. He was going to get her. He was gaining on her. He was almost level with her, before he threw himself on her legs. She shrieked as he wrestled her to the ground, holding onto her legs, with a death grip, afraid that she would disappear if he so much as moved. She twisted, and turned, trying to break his grasp, but he was holding onto her as if his life depended on it. “Stop! Ginny just stop! Please,” Harry pleaded, holding her legs. He watched as she collapsed, and remained still. He heard her rasping breath, and watched her chest heaving up and down as she gasped for air. Surprisingly she didn’t complain, or even move to be let go. It was almost as if she was admitting defeat. Harry grinned in victory, he finally had her. He tiredly crawled above her. His knees keeping her legs anchored, and his hands locking her arms above her head. She stared up at him, with sad warm brown eyes. A tendril of vibrant red hair fell over her eye, making her all the more attractive in his eyes. “Ginny…?” he gasped as he looked down at her. She looked away, her hair pooled around her head, contrasting beautifully with the grass that he had her pinned to. “Why did you run from me?” his voice shook with emotion, as he stared down at her for the first time in five years. “I’m sorry,” she said, as a tear fell unchecked from her cheek, “I-I-’m so sorry, for everything.” She completely broke down, tears pouring down her face. “Ginny?” He reached down and turned her face toward him, so that her eye met his. He gently pushed the tendril of hair away from her face, and smiled truly happy for the first time in five years. “All I want to know, is--do you love me?” Ginny looked up into his addictive green eyes. An unruly strand of black hair fell over his left eye. He still wore glasses, but they were silver wire rimmed now. They suited him. She felt her heart constrict, with the want to kiss his full lips. She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed him all these years. His knees pinned her legs down, and his hands held her arms hostage. She could feel the heat from his upper body, as he leaned above her, staring into her eyes. Her mind was screaming ‘say no, you’re over him, you have a new life, you don’t need him anymore’ but her heart knew differently, and her heart overpowered her mind. She still loved him, and nothing would ever change that, even time. “I do,” she heard herself whisper. “I always have.” He smiled, and leaned down, he gently kissed her tears off her face. He released her hands, and brought his hands up to cup her cheeks, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and brought his lips down to hers. It was electric, as their lips met. Harry pulled her to his chest. Passion broke out between them, passion that had been dormant for five whole years. Harry pressed his lips farther into her mouth, begging to taste her. God he’d missed her so much. Harry felt as if the hole in his heart, the void in his life had finally been filled. Harry ran his thumb over her cheek, feeling that she was real. That this wasn’t just a wonderful dream. Ginny ran a hand through his unruly black hair, playing with it between her fingers. He ran his tongue over her lips, begging for entry, which she was happy to accept. She opened her mouth, and his tongue slipped in. She squeezed him tighter to her, and lifted herself to meet his kisses. She finally felt, at home, comfortable with where her life was heading. She let out a happy groan. But he seemed to come to his senses. He broke apart, and stared down at her. Her eyes twinkled happily, and this confused him. If she was happy to see him, why had she run away? He began to sit up, but Ginny tried to pull him back. “No.” Harry sat up, in the grass, and glanced at her. She wore a confused expression. “We need to talk.” Ginny nodded and sat up, she licked her lips in anticipation. “I know,” she said looking down at her lap. “For one, why did you leave?” Harry’s eyes bore into hers, begging for reasonable answers. “That’s easy enough to answer, to protect you and my family,” she said without hesitation. He looked at her. “Protect us from what?” Ginny looked down at her hands, which were resting in her lap. “From Voldemort. I knew what he was capable of, and I was weak, look what happened to Colin! I mean come on! Everyone knew that Voldemort was after you, and everyone knew of your love for me. It was only a matter of time before he tested me to see the extent of my love for you. I didn’t want to have to be faced with that. I obviously didn’t have the power to fight the curse, and I knew, I just knew that he would put the curse on me again, and this time he’d make me harm you--” a tear slid down her face, “or my family. I could never deal with that, ever.” Harry sat in silence for a moment, before; he let a tear fall. Ginny looked up, and her eyes widened. “Harry! Don’t cry! I’m sorry!” Harry turned to face her, and grabbed her into a fierce hug. She buried her head in the crook of his neck. “Ginny--” his voice cracked, “You should have told me,” he said quietly. “I’d much rather face danger with you, then lose you totally. Do you know how dead I was after you left? When I found out that you’d left, Gin, you took my heart with you. The only reason I was able to defeat the Dark Lord was because I knew that somehow, some day, I’d be given a chance to see you again.” Ginny sniffled, and grasped him tighter around the waist. “Then after I defeated the Dark Lord, I was expecting you to come back to me,” he buried his head further into her fiery locks, “but you didn’t. Why didn’t you?” Tears continued to pour down her face. “I was afraid!” she burst into his neck. Harry could feel the moisture of her tears on his neck, but he welcomed it, It meant that she was really there in his arms. “Afraid of what?” he asked quietly, as he rubbed her hair. “Emma told me that I was running from my past, and Harry, it made sense. I was afraid of what the family would say when they found out that they had a coward for a daughter. Or even if they wanted me to come back after I’d deserted them.” She cried silently before she burst out. “And the one thing that I ever was guilty about was leaving you! Of course I missed my family, but not a day went by that I didn’t think of you! But I couldn’t come back. I thought that all of you had moved onto bigger and better things. Things worth making memories with, not things that only brought you heart ache.” Ginny sniffled. Harry’s arms tightened more around her as he brought his puffy red eyes up to meet Ron, Hermione, Fred, Meg, and the girl in Ginny’s office that must have been Emma standing far off watching the two with an awed expression. Ron and Fred looked elated, and Hermione had a steady steam of tears cascading down her face. He smiled at them to reassure them, and Ron took a step forward, but he saw Hermione hold him back. He turned and scowled at her, but Harry was grateful, he needed just a few more minutes alone with Ginny. Harry kissed the top of her head, and rocked her gently back and forth. “First off Virginia Weasley, you are not a coward. You left everything you’ve ever known, your family, your friends, everything, and came to a strange country, by yourself.” “As a Muggle for a while,” she added into his shirt. Harry glanced down at her head, and found himself chuckling. “See Ginny, you are no coward. You went onto uncharted territory, something you didn’t understand, didn’t know anything about, all to protect the ones that you loved, and that is not an act of cowardice. I just wish we could have discussed this before you took matters into your own hands.” Ginny gave a water laugh, “yea, I suppose.” “And another thing, how could you think that I would move onto bigger and better things. Ginny, I love you, I can’t just forget about you, I would never, ever do that.” “I’m sorry Harry. I--I--I’m so so so sorry,” Ginny cried, and tightened her grasp around his waist. “Do you promise to never leave me again?” he asked, and stroked her hair. “Yes,” she whispered. “Forever and ever will you be with me?” “Yes.” “Promise?” Ginny giggled, and weakly punched his arm playfully. “Yes,” she said again. “Than I forgive you.” They sat in silence, only their breaths could be heard, and the wind rustling the trees before Harry broke the silence. “Ginny?” “Hmm?” she asked, her voice muffled from her head’s position on his chest. He had a feeling that she was still crying, but he decided that he was going to switch the mood now that he’d found her at last. “Did you mean what you promised before?” “Yes Harry.” She lifted her head, and leaned away from him to look into his large emerald eyes questioningly. He reached up, and wiped a tear that was slowly descending on her cheek. “Than I want to ask you something that I planned to ask you years ago, but you were never there to answer me.” “What’s that?” Ginny asked, as she tilted her head to the side to look at him quizzically. “Ginny Weasley, will you marry me?” Harry held his breath, as Ginny’s eyes widened in shock. “Marry--you--?” Her face split into the smile that Harry remembered from his childhood. She flung herself into his arms, and hugged Harry around his neck tightly. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she whispered in his ears, as he rocked her back and forth. Harry broke into the happiest smile of his life. He was finally complete, he finally had her, after years of waiting, and mourning, he finally had her. She backed up, and smiled a winning watery smile at her fiancée. She leaned forward, and kissed him, and this time, Harry had no objections. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and grinned happily against her sweet full lips. When they broke apart, Ginny glanced over her shoulder, and gasped. She stood up like she was sitting on hot coals, and stared fixedly at her now approaching family and friends. Harry stood up too, and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and pulling her against his chest, in a soothing manner, and a way to keep her there in case she decided to run again. But Ginny had no desire to run, she was caught fair and square, and to tell the truth she was relieved, no more running from her past, it had caught up with her, and for once she was glad that it had. When they were close enough to see Ginny was surprised to see tears in Hermione’s eyes. “Ginny,” she croaked, “God Ginny! We’ve missed you!” “Hello Hermione. I see that you’re pregnant.” Hermione smiled. “Is that all I get, a hello Hermione, you’re fat? After five long years?” Hermione laughed, and pulled Ginny away from Harry, and into a bone-crushing hug. Ginny could scarcely breath. Ginny wrapped her arms around Hermione’s protruding belly, and hugged her tightly back. “So, I’m assuming you and my brother got married?” “Yes! And where were you, huh?” she sniffled, “ I had no maid of honor!” Ginny giggled, and patted her friend’s back. Finally she felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned to see who had tapped her, but she really didn’t need to, she knew who it was, it was Ron. She slowly let go of Hermione Hermione swiped a hand over her swollen eyes, and then let it drop to rest on her swollen belly. She turned to Ron, and opened her mouth to say something intelligent. Knowing her brother, he was going to start a scene, on inquiring why she’d worried people so. But what she saw in her big brother’s eyes, was far from anger, he was happy, he actually had tears swimming in his eyes. He pulled her into a hug, crushing her against his chest. “God Ginny, five years, and nothing!” Ginny’s face was growing red, and her breathing was getting cut short, because he was squeezing her so tight. “Ron,” she croaked. He didn’t budge. She looked over Ron’s shoulder at her other brother, and mouthed for him to help her. “No I don’t think I will, you brought it on yourself you know,” Fred smirked, and pulled his girlfriend to his side. Ginny’s face began to turn bright red, and her eyes bulged out of her head. “Ron, I can’t breathe!” His grip immediately loosened. “Right, sorry.” He hastily wiped his eyes. Ginny then made her way to her other brother. She wrapped her arms around his neck, but something was nagging in the back of her mind. Something that had been bothering her since she’d seen Fred in Meg’s office. “Hey Fred?” “Hmm?” he asked as he stepped out of their embrace. “Where’s George?” He raised his hand to the back of his neck to rub a spot there. “London, he’s married.” Ginny’s jaw dropped. “And has a kid.” “George had a kid?” “Unbelievable, huh?” he asked with a smirk. “Who’d he marry?” “Alicia Spinnet.” Ginny nodded. “When you go back to London, you can see them for yourself.” Ginny paled. She did want to see the rest of her family, but she didn’t want to move back. She was happy where she was; she had a good job, and good friends. She didn’t think she could move back. “I don’t want to move back, not yet anyway,” Ginny said matter of factly. Emma who had watched from the sidelines watched as Ginny’s face paled, and her hands began to fidget. The five adults stared at her. “But what about Mum and Dad, and the rest of the family?” Ron asked. “I’ll visit, but I’m too comfortable here to move back.” “Ginny--” Harry started. Ginny felt tears well behind her eyes. “This is not about running from my past. I just don’t want to move, that’s all, at least not yet.” Harry nodded. “Well I’m staying with you of course.” Now the five adults stared at Harry thunderstruck, and one stared at him lovingly. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Harry! You can’t be serious! What about your job? What about us? You and Ginny are supposed to be our child’s godparents!” Ron said roughly. “We can be godparents over seas,” he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “and I have every intention of staying with my fiancée.” Five mouths gaped at them. Then Emma broke into a huge smile. “Congratulations!” Emma shrieked, and ran to hug Ginny. Ginny smiled, and hugged her friend back. When the two split up, there was an awkward silence. “You and you.” Ron pointed between Harry and Ginny. “Oh don’t act so surprised Ron, you knew I was going to do it sometime.” Harry rolled his eyes, and held Ginny closer to him. “Yea.” Ron rubbed his head. “I did, I just wasn’t expecting so much to happen today.” “I don’t think anyone was,” Ginny said quietly. Harry leaned down and kissed her hair. “Well I think this will be cool! I’ll have family near by that I can mooch off of now.” “Sorry to burst your bubble Fred, but you’ve had family near by for a long time, you just didn’t know about it.” Ginny giggled, as Harry pulled her even tighter to him. “You’re right,” he chuckled. “But now I know about so I can harass you and your fiancée.” He emphasized the word fiancée for effect. “I’m starting to regret being found,” Ginny said, causing the other six to laugh. Ginny grinned, and burrowed further into Harry’s warm side. He grinned down at her, and lifted her chin with his index finger. His emerald green eyes bore into her warm chocolate ones. He leaned his head down, until his warm breath tickled her face. She smiled, and leaned up until her lips were mere centimeters from his. “God, I’ve missed you,” he muttered against her mouth, as he gently pressed his lips into hers. Her lips curved into a smile, as she eagerly kissed back. “I’ve missed you too. I just didn’t realize how much,” Ginny whispered when they’d separated. Ginny laid her head down on Harry’s chest. She was surprised to feel a tear fall. She’d missed so much time with Harry, and she was angry with herself for letting it happen. She buried her face in his shirt. But they had they’re whole future ahead of them, and nothing, especially evil dark wizards were going to stand in their way. Ginny smiled at the thought and lifted her head. For the next few hours Ginny would be informed of everything that she missed out on in her absence, and she just sat back and thanked God that he had given her a second chance to be with the ones that she loved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REVIEW! I am so sorry that this chapter took so long, but this story wasn’t supposed to be long, so this is the last main chapter. I have an epilogue written and that should be on in a bit! Thanks a bunch! May I suggest some more reading to fanfic fans? I also wrote Gin’s Dreams, and Bedtime Stories, both are H/G stories, and I’m currently writing The Unexpected, which is a J/L story. ANYTHING THAT I HAVE WRITTEN THAT ISN’T ON THIS SITE IS AT FANFICTION.NET!!! READ AND REVIEW! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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