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DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING! Ginny walked weakly into the doors of her apartment. She was miserable. There was nothing more that she wanted than to go running, full speed back to Harry’s waiting arms. But that was impossible. She wanted to forget her past, everything about her past. And sadly that included Harry. She had come to America to start over again, to settle down in a nice job, and live happily ever after, without the threat of Voldemort, or the love of her life being ripped so violently from her life. She knew she was a coward, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She knew that for sure now, having seen Ron, Hermione, and Harry at the club. She would never go to that club again, she couldn’t risk it. Come to think of it she couldn’t risk working were she did, but it was too late for that. She raised her small pale hand to her face, and wiped a patch of sweat from her brow, managing to smudge the remnants of dirt from the chase. “Hey Gabby? What happened to you?” Her landlord (or whatever) asked with raised eyebrows. His eyes traveled from her disheveled hair, falling widely around her shoulders, to her not so sparkling brown eyes, to the dirt smudges on her face. Then his eyes widened when his eyes came in contact with her ripped dress, and bare feet. The rip in her dress was running all the way up her white thigh, but she was too weak to care. She reached a shaking hand to fix the tube top bodice of her small black dress that was beginning to fall dangerously close to exposing herself. “Are you all right?” he asked in quiet concern. “Were you attacked?” He instinctively reached for the phone. She smiled weakly at the older man. “ No, I wasn’t attacked, I just had a rough night.” “I can see that,”he said, withdrawing his hand slightly. “You sure you’re all right?” She nodded. “I’m fine.” “Well alright then.” He nodded quietly. Ginny walked without another word toward the elevator and pressed the little round button. Reaching her floor leverl, she got off the elevator, and walked miserably to the door. She was not expecting the door to swing open the exact second her key went into the door. She jumped back and shrieked. She squeezed herself against the wall opposite her door, wide-eyed, and heart pounding roughly against her chest. She was almost expecting Harry, Ron, and Hermione to be there. This had to be some kind of hellish nightmare. Instead, two very stern faces emerged from her apartment. “Where the hell have you been? What happened? You have a lot of explaining to do,” Mandy said. “I’ve…I’ve…” she felt tears well behind her eyes, “I don’t know…” She sank to the floor slowly and crumpled into a small shaking heap in front of her apartment. Emma and Mandy’s eyes widened. Emma walked out into the hallway, and touched her arm until her face lifted for them to see her dirty cheeks, mingling with tears. \"He didn’t catch up with you?” Emma asked sympathetically. “N...No,” Ginny hiccuped, and buried her head into Emma’s shoulder, who had crouched down in front of her. Emma patted her back, and tried to get Ginny to stand. “Gin, you need to stand.” “Gin?” Mandy asked, the tone of her voice rising. “We’ll explain in there.” “Who are you anyway?” Mandy asked. “How do you know all this?” “I work with Ginny, and she’s my friend.” “I better hear some great explanations tonight man,” Mandy muttered. She held the door to Ginny’s apartment open for them to enter slowly, seeing as how Ginny was near hysterics. Mandy and Emma managed to get Ginny all washed up, and out of her ruined dress, and into pajamas. Emma scurried into the small kitchen to make some tea for everyone. Ginny sat on the couch, wrapped tightly in a large fleece blanket, whimpering slightly, as Mandy rubbed her back. “Gabby, explain all this to me,” Mandy requested silently. Ginny lifted her tear stained face, just as Emma entered the room, carrying a tray of tea. “Ok, but, this will probably come as a shock.” “Try me.” “Ok, for one, my name’s not Gabby Winston.” Ginny looked hesitantly at Mandy, whose face was lined with confusion. “Then what’s your name?” “Ginny Weasley.” “I don’t get it, why’d you have to change your name?” “This is going to be a long story, so please, get comfortable,” Ginny said miserably, wrapping the blanket tighter around her shaking shoulders. “Ok, shoot.” Mandy laid back into the couch. “I’m a witch, which you know, a witch from a pretty well known family. We aren’t the richest, but we do have the most members.” “But you don’t have any family,” Mandy said in confusion, but then the thought of that red haired man today. He had looked an awful lot like Gab…Ginny and he had said he was her brother. Her eyes narrowed at her friend. “I do have family,” Ginny said quietly. “You have a brother, that red haired man tonight,” Mandy said quietly. “ He said that you were his sister. Ginny nodded. “Yes, he’s one of them.” “One of them?” “Yes.” “How many do you have?” “Six.” “SIX!” Mandy shrieked. “ I am so confused.” She brought a hand to her forehead in frustration. “They all live in Britain with my mum and dad, and all went to Hogwarts like me. That was where I met the love of my life. I fell in love with this boy; I’d loved him since before I even know him. He was the famous Harry Potter, the boy who survived the dark lord when he was only a baby. He unfortunately hardly noticed me, he only noticed me as Ron’s little sister, my brother from tonight.” Ginny added seeing her puzzled expression. “So, anyway for five years I was ignored by the infamous Harry Potter, and I was miserable. Then when my brother Ron and his other best friend Hermione, woman from tonight, started dating, Harry started to come to me, to confine in me, to talk to me, I was ecstatic. We quickly found out that we had so much in common. We were both feeling left out, and we both found out that we had pretty much the same interests and hobbies. We began to get really close, to the point where we were madly in love.” Ginny wiped a tear from her cheek, before continuing. “ Now you see, as I explained earlier, how Harry had escaped the dark lord when he was a baby, the dark lord never got over that, and wanted Harry dead, like no other. The one person that he wanted dead was Harry.” “Oh my, did he die?” Mandy asked, her eyes wide. Ginny rolled her eyes. “No, just listen.” “Ok, proceed,” She said with a nod. “Now, since he wanted nothing more than to see Harry killed, he began to go into my mind, with the imperious curse. He ordered me to do things for him, since I was so close to Harry, and I was right where he wanted to be, but couldn’t get too due to all of the protection, the school” Ginny sighed once before continuing. “So, Voldemort one day decided that he wanted the boy in my grade named Colin Creevy for information that he had. I was placed under the imperious curse, and told to bring Colin to him, or more accurately to a portkey that was a quill on one of the tables in the library.” “I, being under the curse, took him to it.” Ginny stifled a sob. “He was killed,” she was crying now, “and it was all my fault.” “Oh honey, it was not your fault, you were under a curse,” Emma said patting her back. Mandy watched the two witches, she really didn’t understand all this, it sounded like a science fiction movie, but she sat patiently and waited for Ginny to continue. “I…I… was so sure that it was all my fault, I fell into a depression. I kept myself away from my brothers, Hermione, and Harry, thinking that if this happened once, it could, and would happen again. I couldn’t let that happen, so I tried…I tried….” “What did you try?” Mandy asked quietly. “I TRIED! YOU KNOW!” The two girls looked at each other, and shook their heads no. “I tried to kill myself,” Ginny said quietly. They looked at her with wide eyes. Emma shook her head, now it all was falling into place, her fear of her past; hell she would be afraid too. “I had the knife, right on my chest. I could actually feel the small trickle of blood fall from the it, and the thing is, all I felt was relief. I wouldn’t be a danger anymore, they could live their lives not worrying if I was going to kill them.” She burst into tears, as Emma and Mandy engulfed her in a hug. “But, just as I was ready to push the dagger farther into my chest, I heard a gasp, and Harry shout my name. I felt him run up to me. He pulled the dagger roughly out of my hands, and threw it out the open window. He pulled me into a hug, and kept repeating that it wasn’t my fault, but I knew that he was lying, it was my fault, and I was furious, so furious, I wanted to die, I deserved to die, couldn’t they see that I needed to die? I remember the look on his and Ron’s faces that day.” She cracked again as she backed away from them. “That was when I realized that Harry truly loved me, and I him. When I saw Harry cry, I cried, thinking that I hurt him again, I felt like I was always hurting him. I remember that when he hugged me, I felt so safe and reassured that someone cared, but at the same time so scared. I knew that this was dangerous, they never told anyone, besides Hermione.” “What happened after that?” Mandy asked. “Well, now we can jump to the end of seventh year. I still felt guilty about, you know, still do in fact.” She rubbed her temple, as Emma patted her back soothingly. “Anyway, Harry and I were in love, on the last night of my seventh year, we made love, what with me thinking that that was the last time I would ever see him again. I planned, on running here to America the next day, and live here as a muggle until the dark lord was destroyed. But I couldn’t leave until he knew the extent of my love.” She stopped, and a fresh wave of tears fell from the corner of her eye. “So anyway, the morning after, I left him a note, and left, I haven’t been back since. Follow so far?” she asked Mandy. She nodded. “Yea, I think so.” “Good. So, a couple months ago, as you may or not remember me telling you that the dark lord was defeated in Britain by Harry Potter.” Mandy sucked in a breath. “So that’s why you were so happy.” “Yes. Well, a week after that happened I heard that Harry Potter’s new mission was to find his long lost love.” She pointed at herself for effect. “Me.” Mandy sighed. “Do you love him?” “More than my life,” Ginny sighed, dropping her hand. “Than…?” “Please, let me finish.” Mandy nodded, and Ginny continued. “So, after the defeat of the dark lord I got a job back in the wizarding world. I’m beginning to think that that was my first mistake.” She shook her head but continued. “My boss, Meg, is dating this guy from Britain. I just found out recently that he is one of my other brothers, Fred, he’s a twin. I also realized that Harry had moved his search here, to New York City, and that he had brought my brother Ron, and girlfriend, or wife, now I’m not sure, with him. I was so scared that they would find me out, and take me back to Britain, that I considered quitting my job. The pressure got so bad, that I wanted to get out tonight, to that damn club. The same club that they decided to come to. Yes that woman you saw, was Hermione, the tall red haired man was my brother Ron, and…”Ginny ducked her head, and looked at her twisting hands resting on her covered lap. “And the tall handsome man that was chasing you, with the black messy hair, was…” “Harry Potter… they know that I’m here, what am I going to do?” Ginny broke down, crying, harder than she’d cried all night. “Go to him, you love him, and he obviously loves you, I mean he chased you to America, and around the dirty grimy streets of New York.” Ginny nodded. “I know, and I would like nothing more, but I’m not ready, yet, I need sometime.” “Says the girl who’s been hiding in America for five years,” Emma managed with a small smile. Ginny glared at Emma. “Look, I know you’re scared of your past, but if you don’t face it head on, your going to live a life time of regrets, trust me.” She smiled, and Ginny managed a weak smile. “I will when I’m ready.” That was good enough for Emma, she smiled. “So, you wanna watch a movie?” “Sure!” Ginny said happily, “which one?” “How about A Walk to Remember?” Ginny smiled, “Perfect.” And so the night began, or came to a close, however you would put it. ~~~~ Harry walked dejectedly up the stairs to Fred and Meg’s room. He sincerely hoped that Ron and Hermione had managed to get home. He walked up the flights of stairs with his head bent, staring miserably at his shoes. There were specks of dirt from the long run that he’d done. An image of Ginny’s long curly mane of hair, and long pale legs, running like a frightened rabbit flashed into his mind. He would find her; it was only a matter of time. The minute he opened the door, four faces looked up at him expectantly. “No luck,” he muttered, and shut the door behind him. Hermione took one look at Harry’s black shirt that was covered with gray grim from running through the filthy streets. She tutted, and stood up. “Can he borrow a shirt Fred?” Fred nodded sadly. “Wait, you didn’t catch up with her?” Ron asked his voice quiet and tired. “No, I lost her in an Alley.” “SHE’S IN AN ALLEY ALONE?” Ron bellowed. “No Ron, not anymore,” Harry snapped. “You think I would let her stay in an Alley alone? Not that she gave me any choice. When I left there was no one in the Alley.” “How can you be sure? Maybe she was trying to lose you?” Ron shot back. “Ron, that’s enough, Harry’s had a rough night,” Hermione reprimanded. “Yes, and I’m having a peachy night,” he barked back. “We’ve found our long lost sister, but we let her get away at the same time.” He pulled a shaking hand through his bright red hair.” “I’ll get her next time,” Harry muttered, as he made toward Fred’s room. “What’s that?” Ron asked loudly. “I said that I’ll get her, and bring her back next time,” Harry shouted back. ‘And marry her,’ he thought. Ron just snorted, “If you see her again, Ginny has a way of becoming invisible when she wants to.” Harry came back into the room, pulling a red shirt over his raven head. He stood right in front of Ron, in a challenging sort of way. He was almost nose to nose with Ron. Patches of dirt were now more visible to Ron as he stood in front of him. He really did try his best. “I will bring her back, mark my words, I won’t stop until she’s back,” Harry said with deadly calm. Ron gulped, and walked around Harry’s broad shoulders. “I have no doubt, but remember, you’re only here for a few months.” “And I’ll find her in that time, and if I don’t, I’ll stay. I have enough money for a hotel,” he said nonchalantly, as he turned to face Ron who was walking behind Hermione. “You really love her don’t you?” Hermione said quietly. “What’s it look like? I followed her to New York City for my health? I’m not truly alive unless she’s with me.” “You can say that again,” Ron said from behind Hermione. She turned and glared at her husband. “I want to smack you sometimes, I hope you know that,” She said testily. “Yes, I know, I don’t mind though, unless you actually do it,” he replied cheekily. Harry just stood there glaring at Ron for a moment, before, breaking himself out of his reverie. “I’m off to bed,” Harry said quietly as he walked to the couch where his bed was all made up. Fred stood up, and took Meg’s hand. “Right luv, let’s go to bed, and leave…them” Fred finished, not really sure what he was leaving. Meg just nodded, and followed her boyfriend to their bedroom. She had to get up early for work anyway. ~~~~ PLEASE REMEMBER TO REVIEW! IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD! THANKS MUCH!

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