Chapter 28

2 weeks later


Draco’s p.o.v


At last Scorpius was released from the hospital. The blood transfusion had worked and the spell poisoning him had vanished. He was back to his old self now. We were home for ten minutes before he was already sat on the floor with a slightly bigger Reuben. Reuben was being incredibly gentle with him as though he knew what had happened. It was good to be home and to have settled everything.


“Do you know what we can do now?” Hermione asked me as we watched Scorpius play while Lyra slept tucking in my arms.


“What’s that beautiful?” I asked smiling at her. She was fully healed and I was finally of the crutches meaning today really was the starting point for the rest of our lives.


“We can plan the wedding!” She smirked. I rolled my eyes and groaned.


“As long as I’m with you and our family I’m willing to do absolutely anything dear.” I replied softly kissing her on the lips. “You’re so sweet to me” She mumbled against my lips.


**************THE FOLLOWING SUMMER********


“Do you Draco Lucius Malfoy take Hermione Jean Granger Zabini to be your lawfully wedded wife?” I smiled at my blushing bride in her gorgeous strapless gown.


“I do” I smirked as she looked out across our many guests in the grounds of Hogwarts.


“And do you Hermione Jean Granger Zabini take Draco Lucius Malfoy to be you lawfully wedded husband?”


“I do” she smiled brightly.


“Then I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.” Everyone clapped loudly as I pulled Hermione in for a deep kiss.


We went off to get ready for the reception while everyone else made their way straight there.


“God you’re beautiful” I whispered in Hermione’s ear as we entered our room specially designed for us to change in today.


“There’s something I need to tell you Draco.” Hermione said and I noticed how nervous she looked.


“What is it, you know you can tell me anything.” I replied taking her hand in mine.


“I’m pregnant” She said quickly. I smirked and pulled her in for another kiss.


“That’s amazing! I can be there for the birth for the first time!” Hermione chuckled as she cried happy tears. “I should have guessed you’d be pregnant soon when Ginny said she was pregnant last month.” Hermione gave me a quizzical look.


“Remember our lives our “entwined” now so I think we can expect Pansy and Lavender to have kids soon too.” I smirked as Hermione laughed rubbing her stomach.


“Come one let’s go and enjoy the reception hubby” She smiled leading me towards the great hall.


“Anything for you wifey”


***********7 months later********


“I can’t believe we’ve got twins!” Hermione said her voice tired.


“I know you did so well baby and they are so beautiful. Just like you” She blushed as our little baby girl was placed in her arms and our baby boy was placed in my arms.


“What shall we name them?” I asked her softly.


“I was thinking Cassie Ambrosia Malfoy for this one.” Hermione said softly as she cooed at the little blue eyed baby with jet black hair in her arms.


“That’s perfect, I like the name Xavier Corvus Malfoy for this little guy.” Hermione nodded as we looked at the steel eyed, blonde haired baby in my arms.


We both looked at the door as Scorpius came in leading Lyra with him and mother, Violet and Blaise followed. Blaise helped Scorp and Lyra on to the bed and we all sat together. Our perfect little family.


**********11 years later*********


“Scorpius look after your siblings! And Lyra make sure to stand up for Cassie, you know how shy she is.” Hermione called as our four children went to board the train aged, 11, 13 and 15.


Scorpius, in slytherin house turned around. His violet eyes shown with smiles and his blonde hair flicked softly across his forehead. “Yes mum, see ya dad.” He smirked at me.


“Have a good year son” I waved and watched as he hoped on the train quickly followed by lyra whose hair, now with natural black tips, was in a tight ponytail.


“Bye!!” She yelled running onto the train. She was in Gryffindor, just like her mother.


The twins were the last ones left now. “Dad what if we’re in different houses?” Cassie asked looking nervous.


“Your mother was in a different house from her twin and they talked all the time, there isn’t much rivalry these days so it doesn’t matter if you’re in different houses okay. Just be safe and have fun.”


Hermione nodded next to me holding my hand tightly, “We love you” she called as the twins jumped aboard. “We love you too” they replied in unison. They stood by the window and waved until the train was out of sight.


“We did it babe” I whispered kissing her as we met up with the weasley’s, potters and Zabini’s. She nodded and kissed me back.


“Oh god you two get a room.” Ron laughed as we left the station.


“Come on guys let’s all go to ours for dinner.” I said to the group as we apparated away.


My children were groing up quickly and discovering the world, my wife was as beautiful as ever, I had a great group of friends, our mother’s had gone travelling in Egypt and my business was booming. One night changed my life forever back when I was 16 and now I had everything I could ever wish for.






OMG so it’s all finished ! I can’t believe this story has come to an end so quickly! This chapter was more of an epilogue so I hope you liked the story ! I had originally decided to continue writing a new story but i'm not sure whether to write on this website again, it's so restricting that i can't even tell the truth but i'm not sure yet because the readers on here are truly amazing and incredibly loyal.


Thanks for being the best readers and sticking with me I love you guys! Xoxo


p.s I own nothing but the plot

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