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DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING! Ginny took one last sip of the sickly sweet liquid from her Styrofoam cup, and flung it carelessly into the one of the many trash bins that lined the streets of New York. Her red hair blew out behind her as a gust of morning wind attacked it. She swung her bag higher on her shoulder, and walked up to the apparating spot that would take her out of the city. The wizarding office where she worked was just outside the city, where the air was semi fresh, and the grass actually had the opportunity to grow. She grinned, as she apparated right onto the floor where her office was, the first. Her bag, sagged dangerously close to falling off her narrow shoulder, but she grabbed it on time, as she walked by Emma’s cubicle, Emma looked up, jumping up abruptly, she grabbed Ginny’s hand. “Gab-” Ginny looked at her, slight panic beginning to build in her chest. They’d come to an agreement that Emma was to act that nothing was amiss, by calling her Gabby. “Really-bad? News.” Ginny’s stomach dropped. “What?” “Meg wants to see you in her office. I’m not sure why.” She fidgeted nervously. “Shit, Fred’s not here is he?” “I don’t know, but be careful. She seems adamant to having you two meet.” Ginny’s head began to swim. “Ems, I have to quit. I cannot have them find me,” she said, giving Emma a defeated look. “Gin, with all due respect, and all that, what’s so bad about seeing him?” she asked in a whisper. Ginny shook her head shocked. “Well for one, he’ll get all sentimental, and force me back to Britain.” “But you’re 22 years old, you’re an adult.” “Yes, but you don’t understand, he’ll take me back to Harry, and I’ve already uprooted him, I can’t disturb his life anymore than I already have.” “Ginny, I hate to break your bubble, but from what I’ve read, the only way he will rest is when he has you back.” She said all this really fast. Ginny dropped her head as Meg’s door opened to her office. “Gabby! There you are, please come in.” Ginny looked up with a panicked expression. She raised a shaking hand to her forehead, to swipe a strand of hair away from her eye. Her face turned a deadly pale, as she looked at her boss, beckoning her from the doorway. She dropped her shoulder bag by Emma’s desk. “Watch it for me?” Emma patted her back, and pushed her gently toward the door. “Course. I think its time to face your past, which’s what you’re doing isn’t it? Running from your past?” Ginny’s eyes widened as Emma’s words sank in. Was she running from her past? That motive seemed more reasonable than all the lies that she seemed to be spewing. Ginny sucked in a long breath, and forced a smile on her face, ready to face the inevitable. When she entered the room, she was relieved the find that there were no occupants there. She still had time. Meg closed the door, and came around her desk. “I have your first assignment!” Meg said happily, sinking down into her plush black leather chair. Ginny watched as she leaned forward, and flicked her brown hair over her shoulder. Ginny’s eyes widened with excitement. “Really, what is it?” “I want you to do a story on what it was like to live in England during the dark times with Voldemort, and how you coped, because truthfully, American witches and wizards had never experienced anything like him. It should be interesting.” Ginny felt a lump rise in her throat. She hadn’t thought much about those times. She’d actually tried everything in her power to forget them. How was she going to write something that she refused the think about? She felt her chest constrict painfully; she almost wanted to decline it, but she knew when she took the job that not everything was going to be enjoyable. She nodded, and stood up. “Oh, hey, Gabby, I was wondering, would you like to come to dinner with my boyfriend, his friends, and me tonight? I really want you to meet my boyfriend.” Ginny felt her stomach churn with bile. Her head began to swim warningly. She gripped the doorknob tightly. What could she do? Decline an invitation by her boss. “Actually, I have plans tonight. I’m so sorry,” she said, trying to sound sincere. Meg’s face seemed to fall a bit, but then she regained her sparkle after a moment. “Well that’s alright, there are other times.” Ginny gulped, and nodded, before pushing her door open, and walking shakily into the rest of the office. She shut her door quietly, and walked to Emma’s desk. The woman looked up, a look of sympathy crossing over her green eyes. “Well?” “She wanted me to come out with them tonight. You know THEM! I told her I had other plans. So, do you wanna go out with my friend and I tonight, and get wasted? I think I need it.” Emma smiled weakly and shook her head. “Sure I’ll come, I can see that you need to relax a bit.” Ginny nodded, and walked back to her office in a stupor. LATER THAT NIGHT: Later that night, Ginny stood in front of the full body mirror, examining herself with a critical eye. Her semi short black, sleeveless dress showed off her womanly curves, and fell just below her knees. Her long dark red curls fell wildly down her back, and bare shoulders, her skin was a creamy white, and flawless. She frowned, she’d never seen the beautiful woman that the world saw, she only saw the self-conscience little girl that was always ignored in her youth. She slipped her pale feet into her black strap sandals, and went into the bathroom to do her makeup. She stood in front of the mirror, over the sink, and opened her makeup case. Her complexion was flawless, as she gently applied all of the essential makeup material, the Muggle way, trying to release some of the tension she was feeling. Her dark eyes sparkled under long thick lashes, and her small nose was dotted with a small amount of freckles, giving her the cute childish look. She’d always hated her freckles, thinking that they made her look young, but she didn’t know that many men found her extremely attractive because of ‘said’ girlish freckles. She never cared to notice those men. The only man she ever cared about was Harry, but she wouldn’t dare dwell on that. The door to her apartment rang, and she ran out into the living room to open the door. “Hey girl!” Mandy shrieked. Her short blonde hair bounced lively around her ears, and her blue eyes sparkled happily at her friend. She pulled Ginny into a hug. “So, where we partying tonight?” she asked slyly. “Well, somewhere with alcohol.” Mandy laughed, stepping into the living room, and shutting the door behind her. “We’re waiting for one of my friends from work, then we’ll go dancing.” Ginny said shortly. “She a witch too?” Ginny nodded. She’d told Mandy that she was witch after she’d witnessed Ginny hex a man that pinched her butt in a club once. She’d thought that it was the coolest thing, and always asked Ginny to try her wand. But it never worked for her. Though one thing that Ginny never told Mandy, was anything from her past, or her real name for that matter. “Cool! What I wouldn’t give to be a witch, so I can summon good looking men,” she laughed. Ginny shook her head. Her friend, always the flirt. There was another knock, softer this time, and Ginny opened the door, revealing Emma standing shyly in the doorway. She had curled her light brown hair, and her green eyes sparkled happily. “Oh, Emma, there you are!” Ginny said happily. “Emma, this is my friend Mandy.” Emma smiled, and extended her hand to Mandy. “Hello. Nice to meet you.” “Like wise,” said Mandy smiling. “So are we gonna party or what?” Emma and Ginny shared a smile. “Yea.” “Where do you want to go?” Mandy asked, her crystal eyes dancing with happiness. “You choose.” “Sweet, follow me.” Ginny grinned. They exited the apartment, and Ginny locked the door. They followed Mandy to the elevator, their high heels clicking noisily on the tiled floor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ginny sat on a stool in the club several hours later. The music was throbbing around her. She flicked her long red curls over her shoulder, and brought her drink to her lips. She let the sweet, tart liquid burn a path down her throat. She cringed, but welcomed it; it made her forget about her what was happening around her. She glanced quickly around the crowded room. She cringed as someone knocked into her back. “Oh, I’m sorry. Hey, can I-” a masculine voice asked from behind her. “No,” said Ginny simply, as she downed more of her drink. The smoke filled room swayed slightly. She became more and more nauseous as she watched the sweaty bodies move to the rock music that was pounding in her ears. “You ok, Gin?” someone whispered near her ear. She looked up, and smiled at Emma. Her red halter top and black Capri pants clinging nicely to her full form. “Yea, I’m good.” She downed the rest of the glass with one gulp. Her head began to swim again, and her vision blur for a moment. She put her hand on the table in front of her to steady herself. Emma rolled her eyes. “Yea, you look fine.” “Where’s Mandy?” Ginny asked, ignoring her comment. “I believe she’s dancing over there.” Emma pointed to Mandy who was dancing with a tall blonde man. The lights in the club tormented her vision, but she could see them clearly through the foggy smoke. “Well isn’t that nice. She always manages to pick up a guy in these places,” said Ginny, not bothering to hide a hint of bitterness. “Why don’t you?” Emma asked sitting down next to her. “You’re obviously are jealous.” “Jealous?” she snorted, and ordered another drink from the bartender. He gave her a funny look before going to get her drink. “Yes, jealous,” Emma laughed. “Why don’t you go dance, and pick up some hot guy, with a hot body,” she said watching a tall, extremely good-looking man with dark brown hair, and to die for blue eyes smile a winning smile at her. Ginny looked at her blushing friend, and grinned. “Why don’t you go pick up that guy?” “I will if you get your ass out there, and stop moping around over here. Then, gladly, I’ll go, and get that guy.” “I’m not moping,” Ginny muttered, reaching for the glass that the bartender had placed in front of her. Emma reached over and grabbed the glass from her, and drank it herself. “Hey, what the hell!” “I think you’re done drinking for tonight.” She stood up, and grabbed Ginny’s hand. “Now come on.” Just as Ginny stood up slowly, brown eyes, met familiar brown eyes. Ginny suddenly sobered, she recognized those eyes, and that face. Her stomach clenched, as she saw the other trying to think of where she’d seen Ginny before. Ginny stood there in shock unable to move. She subconsciously moved backward, trotting on Emma’s toes in the process. “GIN, what the hell? What’s wrong?” Emma asked. “GABBY! HEY GABBY!” Mandy came running up to her, but stopped at her friend’s stunned expression. Ginny didn’t hear a thing. She tripped over Emma’s legs and fell, but Emma caught her under her arms and hauled her up. She couldn’t tear her eyes from the oh so familiar eyes of the woman standing a little ways off. Then suddenly, a look of recognition came to the woman, and she raised her hand to gaping mouth. “GINNY!” she shrieked, just as a tall red haired man walked up, and turned his head in Ginny’s direction, giving her a questioning look. Ginny’s blood ran cold. She turned, and bolted towards the door. Everyone in the club turned into colorful blurs. Tears blinded her vision. She heard a strong male voice shouting at her to stop, but she kept running, running faster and harder. So much harder that she wasn’t looking where she was going. She ran head long into someone, hard, and fell with a thud. Her back made contact with the cold ground. “I’m so sorry.” She saw a hand in her line of vision. She knew that voice. She’d remember that voice anywhere, all the times she’d heard it, shouting her name when she held the dagger to her chest, and muttering loving words in her ear as they made love. Her heart almost stopped beating. She made sure her hair covered her face. She stood up, without taking his hand, and bolted out the door, her long curly hair flying out behind her like a curtain. She ran down the steps to the street, she ran, and ran, her strap shoes clicking wildly against the pavement. She rasped for breath, in a state of complete panic, she just HAD to get away. She tripped, her shoe stuck in the gutter, and hit the ground with an embarrassing thud. She felt rather than heard her dress tear even more up the thigh. She frantically tugged, trying to dislodge her foot from the gutter, but was no use, her shoe was stuck. “GINNY! WAIT!” She looked up in a blind panic. The woman ran down the steps, as best she could, in her condition. Two tall men, one with red hair and one with raven messy hair ran full speed out of the club. “GINNY WEASLEY, GET BACK HERE NOW!” How she remembered her brother’s voice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mandy and Emma ran out after them. Emma had a stricken expression on her face. “Did you say Ginny?” Mandy asked confused. The pregnant woman with bushy brown hair turned exasperatedly to her. “That’s her name isn’t it.” Mandy was taken aback. Gabby had some explaining to do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ginny’s heart pounded rapidly against her rib cage. She ripped her stuck shoe off, and heard it clatter as it hit the bottom of the sewer. She stood up, and glanced one more time over her shoulder. Harry and Ron were gaining on her, running full speed. She shrieked, and took off, running as fast as she could with one shoe on. Her dress was ripped, exposing her upper thigh, and leg. Her face was smudged with dirt, as she hurled though the dirty streets of New York City with one shoe. She plunged on, running on the adrenaline coursing through her. Her heart pounded rapidly. ‘They would not catch her. She would run as fast as she could, and lose them.’ Her legs screamed in protest, but she ignored them, the cold wind whipping her long tresses behind head. She felt the bite of the wind on her exposed thigh, but she ignored all of it, she could still hear him yelling behind her, pleading with her to stop. She glanced behind her shoulder one more time. She’d lost Ron, but Harry was still running after her, a look of determination on his face. “GO AWAY! PLEASE.” Ginny shrieked, tears gliding across her cheeks, the wind, directing it to her hair. “GINNY, PLEASE STOP!” His voice pleaded with her, and toyed with her aching heart, but she plunged on. She tripped again, but caught herself before she fell, she staggered, her other shoe falling off, but she composed herself, and took off again, now bare foot, dress torn, and dirty. Harry was gaining on her, the tears were merciless. She turned down an alley, and ran as fast as she could, dodging trash, garbage cans, and parked cars. She thought she heard him fall, and a muffled curse, but she couldn’t be sure. Usually the darkness would frighten her, but she plunged into the darkness, blind to fear at this point. Harry catching her was her only fear now. ‘Shit what was she going to do, he knew she was in New York now, and he probably wouldn’t stop looking for her now that he knew for sure, in fact he would probably never give up. She thought about just giving up for a moment, just letting him win, the odds looked against her at this point, but she was too stubborn for that. She ignored the pain in her legs, her side, her feet, her head, and just about everywhere in her body, and dodged a clump of garbage cans. She couldn’t hear him anymore. She looked behind her, and saw that he was gone, from what she could see. She sank her shaky legs down on the dirty ground, and cried silently into her dirt covered hands. The garbage can blocking her from the view of any wandering eyes. She looked around were she had ended up, and stood up shakily. She was in a different alley now, having lost Harry in the other one She was dangerously close to falling, but she stood up, and put a hand on her throbbing sweaty head. She looked down at her dress, and groaned. It was ripped exposing a dirty sweaty thigh. ‘What the hell was she going to do? She’d let them see her, could things get any worse? She began to slowly make her way to her apartment, more depressed, limping slightly, and more scared than ever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HARRY, RON, AND HERMIONE AT THE CLUB EARLIER: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hermione sat in the smoke filled room, and sighed unhappily. ‘Why are we here?’ She glanced at her watch; it was 10:30. She understood that Harry wanted to come get a drink to get his mind of Ginny, but was getting drunk going to help anything? She wasn’t sure if any of this was good for the baby. She just had to wait patiently for Ron to come back from the loo, and she would demand to leave. Something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She glanced up, and saw a woman being pulled up by another woman. She couldn’t see their faces, but she did see that the one in the process of standing up had long bright red curls. She watched them for a moment. Something was oddly familiar about the girl. She wore a semi short black dress, that reached just below her knees, and it was a tube top, top, exposing her creamy white shoulders. The girl looked up, and locked gazes with her. Hermione felt her stomach clench. She knew that face somehow, but she couldn’t place were she’d seen it. The woman stared back at her wide-eyed. Anyone with eyes could see that she was scared shitless. Hermione stared at her longer. It was dark in the club, but she could make out the slight freckles that dotted the woman’s face, she almost looked a lot like her husband-- “GABBY! HEY GABBY!” Hermione turned her head to the blonde woman, wearing the slinky blue dress. ‘Did she just call her Gabby? Do I know a Gabby?’ She watched as the woman backed up into the woman behind her. She tripped, and fell, in a blind panic, but the woman behind her picked her up hastily under her arms. ‘Oh.My.God.’ Her head suddenly screamed. She was looking at Ginny Weasley. Recognition flowed through her. She had changed a lot. Her shoulder length curly hair, had grown, and now flowed down her back, and she never ever wore dresses like the one she was wearing now. . She had to find Ron and Harry. “GINNY?” Came out of her mouth. The girl stared at her in horror, as Hermione felt someone come up behind her, and suck in a breath. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ron was looking in the direction that Hermione was looking, and his eyes widened. His heart began to pound rapidly in his chest, as she turned and bolted for the door. Ron didn’t need to think twice. He ran after her, dodging people standing in his way. The rush of adrenaline he was feeling was something that he’d never experienced. She disappeared in the mass of dancing people; he cursed, as Hermione ran up behind him. “That was her, wasn’t it?” he asked. “Yea, it was,” Hermione said quietly as they walked toward the door, they saw a streak of red, and as quickly as it was there, it was gone again. They ran in the direction of where they had seen it. They pushed though people, and saw Harry standing in the doorway with his hand held out to help Ginny stand up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ WITH HARRY: Harry felt something pound into him, with the force of a small freight train. He looked down, and saw a woman lying sprawled out on the floor before him. Her dress was just below her knees, and seemed to have ripped on the side, exposing some of her milky white leg, a little above her knee. Her long red curls hid her face from view, and tumbled wildly around her shoulders, but she still seemed oddly familiar. “I am so sorry,” he said politely. She seemed to freeze, unable to move at his voice. He held out his hand to her. She ignored his gesture, and stood up, making sure that her face was hidden. She turned, and ran full speed out the front door, pushing past Harry. Harry stood there for a few minutes, wondering where he’d seen her before. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU LET HER GO FOR?” A huffing Ron stopped in front of him, clutching his sides. “What the hell are you on about?” Harry asked in confusion. “You tell me. You only dragged us here to look for her, and now you just let her slip through your fingers,” Ron said angrily, running to the door, and flinging it open. Harry’s eyes widened, and his hands began to shake. He stared at Hermione, feeling tears come to his eyes. “That-that-” “Was Ginny,” Hermione finished putting a hand on his back. Harry turned, and rocketed out the door without a backward glance. That was why she was so eager to get away, and wouldn’t let him see her face. He ran like he’d never run before. He ran on determination, and the thought of them finally being together, like it should have always been. When he reached the street he caught up with Ron. He saw Ginny a little ways away, trip, with her foot stuck in a gutter. “Good, maybe that will keep her.” “GINNY WAIT!” A woman screamed from behind them, Hermione seemed to have followed them. “GINNY WEASLEY, GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” Ron shouted, running desperately toward the panicked red head stuck in the gutter. The two women with Ginny ran out of the club toward them. One turned to Hermione. “Did you just call her Ginny?” Hermione turned toward her annoyed. “That is her name isn’t it?” The woman just frowned in bewilderment. They all turned back to the scene, to see Ginny yank her shoe off, and stand up. She took off full speed, glancing once over her shoulder, her hair swirling around her pale, frightened face. Her dress was horribly torn, showing off much more of her than before, and she was missing the shoe that was lost in the gutter. “What is she thinking?” Emma said exasperatedly. She watched as Ginny half ran, half limped, with all of her strength, as two strong men chased after her, pleading with her to stop. “That’s a stubborn one there.” “And has been her whole life. I see that hasn’t changed,” Hermione said sadly. “What the hell’s going on here?” Mandy asked. The two however ignored her, as the others disappeared behind a building. They waited in hushed silence for a few minutes; before Ron ran out from behind a building near by, panting like he’d ran a marathon. “I’ve-lost-them.” He clutched his sides. He glanced up at the dark sky, and cursed, for all that is was worth. “What-the hell-is-wrong with her?” “Who are you people?” Mandy half shouted at all of them. “I’m her brother!” Ron shouted back. Emma’s eyes widened, and she pulled the shocked Mandy toward the street. “Gabby doesn’t have a brother,” she said, though being led away. “Come on Mandy. Let’s go wait for Gabby at her flat.” And the two girls were gone. “Who were they?” Ron asked annoyed. “Her friends, Ron. They could have helped us!” Hermione shouted angrily. His face paled. “Yea.” Hermione folded her arms across her chest, and huffed angrily at her husband. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WITH HARRY: Harry was aware that he’d lost Ron, but he wouldn’t stop, until he had Ginny safe in his arms again. He followed her into a dark alley. His shadow chasing him. He saw her teetering close to falling, and he bounded toward her faster. A triumphant smile splitting across is his face. He could feel victory, as he shot out with a burst of speed, but Ginny in her haste seemed to regain her composure, and shot forward, dodging everything in her path. She soon slipped into the darkness. Harry plundered on, following her movements with his eyes, not watching where he was going. He urged his protesting legs further. He could see her vibrant hair, farther away, her ripped dress, running up her legs showing off her creamy white thigh, as she strained her leg muscles into moving. He suddenly tripped over a glass bottle; it shattered under his foot, as he fell to the dirty cement with a loud thump. “Shit,” he muttered. “GINNY PLEASE! STOP! I LOVE YOU!” he tried desperately, but he heard her footsteps getting lighter and lighter, until he couldn’t hear them anymore. He pushed his damp hair off of his face, and stood up, hands on his hips; he bent at the waist, and sucked the murky air into his lungs. The moon shone down on the alley. It was silent, not a whisper, or gasp of breath could be heard, besides the fluttering of trash. He than realized that he had lost her, again. He put his head in his hands, and gripped his raven hair with all the strength he could muster. “FUCK!” he shouted to the sky, “please Ginny! Come back to me.” Harry waited a few minutes, but when he was sure that she was not coming back. He turned miserably, and found his way back out of the alley. He was so close, though there was one thing for sure; there was no way in hell that he would give up now. Not when he was so close. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REVIEW!! PRETTY PLEASE! I really want to know if you like this chapter, or story, so please review and let me know what you think!!!!

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