Chapter 27


Draco’s P.O.V


“Come on little man stay strong for mummy and daddy.” I whispered holding Scorpius’ tiny hand in mine. He looked so frail in the tiny bed. My beautiful baby boy with his blonde locks sprawled around his head. I had missed so much of his life, I made a promise to myself that I would be there for him for the rest of my life.




The doctors were still baffled as to why I was out for so long, when I had woken up I was fine. I still needed the crutches but only for a little bit now. The only sign that I had been involved in a fight at all was the healing gashes on my chest and stomach. I spent the majority of my days shifting between Hermione’s bed and Scorpius’ bed, neither one was improving greatly. If anything little Scorpius was getting worse.  I sighed looking down at his pale face one more time before turning to leave. I had to see Hermione again, Blaise was still at her side, the poor guy had barely moved since I woke up. I felt bad for him because he was missing a part of himself and he couldn’t check she was ok in anyway.




As I walked through the door to her room the first thing I noticed was that Blaise was smiling. My eyes shot to the bed and Hermione’s violet eyes were looking back at me. She smiled, I rushed over and sat on her other side, taking her bandaged hand gently in mine.


“I thought I’d lost you back there Dray” She whispered weakly “It reminded me of a nightmare I had a year or so ago.” I kissed her hand, breathing a sigh of relief. I had barely slept since waking up, how could I sleep when my son and my fiancé were both in so much danger?




“You’ve had me worried too beautiful.” I whispered back taking in her features. She too had healing scars across her body, they said there was swelling on her brain which could have resulted in memory loss. “Do you remember everything?” I asked softly.




“I didn’t originally remember past your death but Blaise and I have been talking and it all came back really fast. How are the children?” She asked clearly worried. I sighed.


“Lyra’s fine she came to visit yesterday with Pansy but Scorpius isn’t doing as well. They don’t know what’s wrong with him and they can’t get him to wake up.” I replied watching her face fall.


“I need to see him.” I nodded slowly and the mediwitch, who had just finished checking Hermione’s vitals went to get a wheelchair. We were both silent as I pushed her towards Scorpius’ room and I could tell she was panicking about his life. When she saw him tears instantly formed in her eyes.


“Oh my baby boy” She whispered softly. I gulped as a lump formed in my throat.


“He’ll be okay, we just have to hope.” I whispered to her. After a few moments of looking at his tiny body Hermione reached forward and took his hand in hers. The effect was almost instantaneous. Everything moved in slow motion. The machines began bleeping loudly. Mediwitches came rushing in and surrounded our baby. We were ushered from the room and I had to pull a screaming Hermione away from the child she been with every day for the past two years. Once we were outside I pulled her chair around and pulled her in tight.


“He’s dying Draco, I can feel it in my heart, He’s dying!” Hermione wailed into my chest. I held her tightly and begged that she was wrong. Before long Blaise was running round the corner. He had felt the shift in Hermione’s emotions. He wheeled her back to her room where there were mediwitches waiting to run some tests on her. I promised her I wouldn’t move until I knew more. I stood and watched as Blaise wheeled her away trying to calm her down slightly, he turned back and gave me a sympathetic look. Once they rounded the corner I leant back against the wall and taking a deep breath I felt myself sliding down the wall. As I hit the floor I put my head in my hands and broke down.


This couldn’t be happening, everything was falling apart and all I could do was sit here and watch. My baby boy had barely lived any of his life and now he was fighting to survive. I didn’t care that tears were rolling freely down my cheeks I didn’t care that I looked weak, I just wanted to know that my son was going to be okay. I just wanted to hold him, to hear his laugh and to see his smile.


About 30 minutes later a Mediwitch came out looking Grim.


“Mr Malfoy?” She said gently, I stood up giving a quick wipe of my eyes.


“Yes” I replied my voice hoarse, I felt like I was choking on the lump lodged in my throat.


“We’ve managed to stabilise little Scorpius and discover what’s wrong with him.” She said at first I was relieved but then I questioned why she was looking so grim.


“What is it?” I asked desperate for some good news.


“A spell he was hit with means that his blood is slowly being poisoned. He needs a full blood transfusion today if he is to have even the slimmest chance of surviving.” I pulled back sighing.


“Take my blood then” I replied instantly, if I could help I would do anything to be some form of help.


“I’m afraid it’s not that easy your son’s blood type is AB, it’s very rare and you and your wife are both B type so we can take your blood and unfortunately we don’t have any AB blood type left to use. We need someone to donate now.” I nodded leaning back against the wall.


“I just don’t know what to say. There has to be something you can do!” I yelled out hitting the wall. The mediwitch gave me a sympathetic look.


“I’m sorry Mr Malfoy, we can keep him comfortable but without a transfusion he’ll be lucky to make it through the night.” I gulped and nodded softly.


“Can I see him?” She nodded and led me in the room. There were a lot more tubes and wires now and my baby boy looked paler than before, if that was even possible.


“I love you my beautiful boy, mummy and Daddy are going to work really hard to get you the help you need.” I whispered to his lifeless body as though he could hear me. “I’ll be back soon my little man.” I said as I turned to leave. I had to fill Hermione in.




She cried as I held her tight and told her about our little boy. Blaise had gone to fill the others in and soon enough we were all sat in silence, just together.


“I’m sorry we don’t know anyone with that blood type Mi, but we’ll find someone even if we have to ask members of the public.” Ginny said reassuringly, she had been a lot better recently and they put her good health down to why Harry’s scars were now remaining closed.


“We have less than a day” Hermione replied sounding numb as she stared into space. I rubbed her shoulder.


“I know someone who has AB blood.” Blaise interjected as he walked back in the room. He had just been on the phone calling Mother, Violet, Pansy and the kids to the hospital. Hermione’s head snapped up.


“Who?” She snapped quickly, there was a glimmer of hope in her voice.


“Our father” Blaise replied looking grim. Hermione head sank down again.


“Well that’s useless unless we can get someone to approve him, he’s not allowed to give blood.” She replied sounding numb again. “I’m going to see my son, thanks for trying guys. Gin will you take me there?” Ginny nodded and stood to wheel her there.


“I’ll come with you” I said softly. Hermione’s eyes snapped to me as if remembering for the first time that I was there.


“No. I want to have some time alone with my son.” I nodded as my heart sank to the ground. This was all my fault. If I hadn’t come back then we wouldn’t have this issue. I watched the leave as Blaise patted me on the shoulder.


“She’s just in shock mate.” He said but it didn’t convince me.


“Hey so can you guys go and wait in the waiting room?” I said to the others and watched them all file out besides Blaise who stood firmly by my side.


“I’m so sorry this is happening mate. You two really can’t catch a break can you?” Blaise said when we were alone.


“Take me to your father Blaise.” I replied storming from the room Blaise quick on my heels.


************ *****


Mr Zabini was sat in a room on his own staring out of the window when we arrived. The grey room and cold metal bed made the room feel creepy. Anyone who had to live here would go mad.


His shocking blue eyes shot towards me when we entered.


“What the hell do you want traitors.” He growled when he saw us.


“What happened to you dad? You use to be the most caring and honest person I knew! Your eyes were soft and you would have done anything for me. No when I come for help for the first time in years you are plagued with evil.” Blaise snarled as we sat down.


“My own son betrayed his family name and then comes for help. The irony, you haven’t earned my help.” Mr Zabini snapped back. I’d had enough of this bickering and leant forward.


“You were controlled for years. Your mind is confused and you don’t know who to trust but tell me, how did it feel seeing your daughter for the first time Andrew? How did it feel to know she was alive and safe?”  I whispered menacingly at him. I hoped that by touching his emotions I could get him sane enough to help us.


“I…It…She” he stuttered as if lost for words. I could see that he was fighting between his head and heart.


“Tell me Andrew” I put in quietly. His blue eyes softened slightly.


“I was filled with pride at the strong woman my daughter had become. I was overcome with joy that she was alive and I felt relief that I could see her after all these years of grieving her.” I breathed deeply. We were getting somewhere at last.


“Do you remember the pain you felt when you were told she had died all those years ago?” I said softly this time. This time Andrew was staring into space and just nodded gently closing his eyes tightly.


“Well Andrew, your daughter will go through that same pain if you don’t help us. Our son is dying and the only thing that could save him is your blood. Please give your blood and help us.” His eyes flicked to me and again I could see he was struggling.


“Mudbl… bad… can’t” He muttered quickly.


“Do you really think we would be here if we had any other choice? Please dad look at me, look me in the eye and tell me you remember how close we use to be? Please dad help us! I know the real you is in there somewhere, I am your son and we need your help. Please” Blaise yelled. Andrew stared into his eyes for a moment and I could see that he was still battling himself internally.


“Okay. For you my son.” He replied at last and although strained you could tell that it was the real Andrew fighting through. The Andrew that I knew as a kid.




“Oh god I hope this works.” Hermione whispered to the group, breaking our silence at last. We were all in the waiting room. After hours and many tests Andrew Zabini had been given the okay to give blood and at a few minutes to 10pm a very weak Scorpius was rushed into hospital.




Andrew was now back at the mental hospital, a choice of his own. He said he needed to stop battle himself before he could be released. As for us Harry, Ginny, Ron, Lavender and the kids had gone home while Mother, Violet, Pansy, Blaise, Myself and Hermione waited for news. It was midnight and we hadn’t heard a thing.


“He’s a strong little boy Hermione.” Mother whispered across to her trying to sound reassuring but I could hear the strain in her voice.


It was around 1 am when the mediwitch came through. “Malfoy and zabini?” She questioned looking around the waiting room.


We all stood up and I wheeled Hermione forward. “The blood transfusion went well but unfortunately with cases like this there’s a big chance that the spell has held and will start contaminating the new blood but all we can do now is wait so if you would like to see the little man follow me.” I turned to the others.


“Thanks for being here guys but you can go home. We’ll call you the moment anything… changes.”  I said carefully before Hermione and I followed the Mediwitch to see Scorpius.


“He’s so pale.” Hermione commented looking at his tiny body once more.


“I’ll leave you two alone with him. You’re welcome to stay.” The mediwitch said calmly before leaving the room.


Hermione and I each took a seat next to each other on the side of his bed.


“Hey little man.” I whispered softly. “I wish I could say please don’t go baby boy, but I don’t think we have much choice in that but son, if you need to go you can go. You are the light of my life but it’s okay if you need to go, okay baby boy. If you can’t hold on it’s okay. Just remember we’ll always love you.” Hermione cried silently next to me.


“You can go now if you need to Scorp. You’ve been so strong and you’ve been so brave. I love you my angel.” She whispered through her tears.


We both cried as we held hands tightly and just watched our baby boy. Soon Hermione was asleep on my shoulder and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. “I love you son” I whispered as I drifted off to sleep.


I dreamt of my son as he grew, as he laughed and loved and lived his life to the fullest. I dreamt of all the things my son could miss out on, of the life he should live. I woke with a start as a noise echoed around the room.


“Mione honey wake up quick.” I said shaking Hermione. She jumped and looked at me with bleary eyes.


“What’s happened, has he gone?” She asked frantically trying to wake herself up properly.


“No dear not at all.” I whispered relief flooding through me. Looking at the bed I saw the big violet eyes staring back at me.


“Mumma, Daddy!” My baby boy repeated loudly.


“Oh my baby!” Hermione cried as she jumped forward and kissed his forehead. The mediwitches were in pretty soon checking him over and running tests. I just sat and silently watched my boy, happy to see his violet eyes once more.


Hopefully this was the start of the rest of our lives…




OKAY guys so I think there will be around one more chapter where we will find out if Scorpius is really okay I can’t believe we are nearly at the end let me know what you think! And thanks for reading xoxo




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