Chapter 25



It’s been two weeks since I officially returned and finally things were beginning to settle down again. I had learned a lot as well, Potter and Weasle are aurors, Pansy writes for the daily prophet, weaslette and brown are both stay at home mums and Blaise is head of Zabini corp while mother heads up Malfoy industries, a role I will take now that I’m back. Honestly I think she’s going to be glad to finally get a peaceful life. As for my beautiful fiancé, not only is she head of the department of magical law enforcement at the ministry but she is also a popular author after having written about the journey of the golden trio from first year to the war. Our children are amazing they smile and I find myself full of pride. Scorp seems to remember me which is surprising considering he was so young, but he just keeps saying “I knew you’d come back daddy”.  I’m still on the crutches but I’m moving a lot faster now, I know it was a risk me coming back so soon especially now the press have found out and are spending the majority of their time following us whenever we leave the estate.




Today I come home with a surprise for Hermione and I think she’ll love it. I open the door to the house and smile as I hear my typical welcoming words. “Dray is that you?” coming from the playroom. I poke my head around the door when I get there and smile as Hermione plays with Scorp while Lyra playas with toys on her mat.


“Hey beautiful, I’ve got a surprise for you.” She gave me a quizzical look and I pushed the door open slightly letting go of the lead in my hand. The little Huskita puppy ran through and straight across to Hermione. She smiled as she touched it’s soft fur and starred at it’s blue eyes. His fur was different shades of blonde, except his face, which had a black mask.


Scorpius had a great time feeling it’s soft fur and giggled as it licked his hand.


“Dray, I didn’t think you would let me get a dog!” Hermione laughed getting up and coming across to kiss me. I pulled her close and kissed her forehead as we watched the puppy roll over next to Scorp. “I know I said that hun, but after all you’ve been through I think you deserve a few things that you want.”


“I got what I most wanted when I got you back.” She whispered against my chest, I smiled.


“So what do you want to name him?” I asked, I made sure that I had gotten a puppy without a name so that Hermione could name him.


“I like the name Reuben. What do you think?” She said leaning back and looking into my eyes.


“It’s perfect Mia.” I said waving my wand and watching as a little name tag appeared on Reuben’s collar.


“Oh I can’t wait for the girls to see him tonight, he’s so beautiful Dray.” I smirked.


“Yes we better get ready for tonight hadn’t we?” I smiled as she nodded. She picked up Lyra as I held Scorpius’ hand and using one crutch made our way to the kitchen. I set up a play pen for Scorp and lyra with soft sides to ensure that they didn’t get hurt. Then I set up a pen for Reuben with water, food and a bed.  Then Hermione and I began preparing dinner. We decided on a chicken pie so I got on with the mixture while Hermione made the pastry.


Before long it was time for the dinner party and with the kids in bed and the puppy in his pen we welcomed our guests. The girls all fell in love with Reuben and the boys all had a great time telling me that I was whipped. Either way it turned into a pretty great night. I was glad that I had the people around me that I loved so much, they always made me realise that no matter what we went through it was worth it to enjoy nights like this, just having fun together.


“Bye Harry, Ginny. Blaise I’ll call you about the deal at 9 am sharp tomorrow, don’t forget! See you all soon” I called as our friends left.


“That was one of the best nights we’ve had in a long time. I think it’s because we were whole again.” Hermione said as we went back into the kitchen and began to clear up. Hermione re-filled Reuben’s food and water while I began washing the dishes.


“I think Reuben really helped.” I laughed looking at our adorable pup, “But I must admit I can’t wait to crawl into bed.” Hermione laughed as we finished clearing up and made our way upstairs leaving a little night light for Reuben who was scared of the dark.


“Let’s check on the kids and get off to bed.” Hermione whispered behind me as we slowly made our way up the stairs. I nodded and headed for Scorpius’ room. He wasn’t there.




“Maybe he’s in Lyra’s room. He sleeps on her window sill sometimes, I have to carry him back to his own bed, he’s so protective of her the little cutie.” Hermione whispered, I nodded smiling at how adorable my children continued to be. We crossed the landing and I pushed open the door to Lyra’s room. Hermione gasped at the sight in front of us.


There was no sight of Scorpius and Lyra was in someone’s arms. Bellatrix smiled widely as she saw us. “Beautiful little lady you’ve got here mudblood.” I leaped forward and she cackled as she disappeared. Her cackles echoed through our silent room. I turned just in time to see Hermione fall to the floor in tears. I pulled myself over to her and wrapped her in a hug. “Our babies” She cried into my chest.


I couldn’t help having Flashback’s to the first time this happened and I had a feeling Hermione was feeling the same right now. “You know what we are going to have to do don’t you?” I whispered into Hermione’s chest slowly she nodded.


“The rings” She whispered choking on her coughs. “It’s a trap Dray. They’ll be waiting for us. I can’t lose you again.” I held her tightly for a few more seconds.


“Contact Blaise using your telepathy and tell him and the others to come to ours. Tell them to check on Reuben and the use the three rings to follow us. Make sure they each come an hour apart. Hopefully that they can sneak in. Hermione nodded against my chest.


“We’ll be okay hun. We’ve made it through once and we know what to expect this time. Just remember No Retreat, No surrender.”  I said getting up and conjuring three rings leaving them on the bed side and spelling them like the rest of our rings.


“Let’s go together. They’ll expect us either way.” Hermione nodded and we held hands before Hermione held her necklace tightly, and before long we felt the familiar tug of apparition.


We landed in a cold, dark room. “Well that didn’t take nearly as long as I expected.” The silky voice of my father sounded through the room…


*******THANK YOU********


Author’s Note: Sorry it’s been so long and sorry that this such a short chapter I’ve had real trouble writing recently and could really do with some comments! Thank you for reading and staying with me through this story, let me know what you think and I hope you all had a lovely holiday! i only own the plot!



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