author's note: When I started, Bianca was actually underdeveloped for me. I didn't know her, but she formed herself throughout the story. In the end, I was rooting for her. As I wrote the more I hated myself because this is for the "I Don't Love You" Challenge. Story inspired by: Unseen by Tayler Buono. Specifically for the line, "I won't go on, unseen".

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Bianca was quietly sat on the only arm chair in the apartment she and Theodore bought three months ago. She had a cup of chocolate milk perched on a coaster she purchased on the day they met. Both objects were on top of the side table they hunted down at a flea market. And everything was placed over the shaggy rag they messily sewed together.

She knew where every piece came from, even the smallest of objects.

Regardless, all of these things, though they had procured together in some way or form, were all hers now.

Bianca Dinapoli was never going to be Bianca Nott.

November 1998; Diagon Alley

Bianca cracked her fingers as she stretched. She was sporting her three year old blazer over a newly purchased tea-length dress for her interview. Her usual loose hairstyle was propped up into a tight braid. With her battle gear completely together, there was no way she couldn’t pass all her interviews today. She needed a job badly.

First off, she would go ahead and explore this infamous Diagon Alley that she’d been recommended to by the Leaky Cauldron, where she currently stays.

She was new to England, moved not two weeks ago. She didn’t know a lot of people. A part of her was glad for that. She didn’t need people looking at her for being a Death Eater’s daughter. No, obviously, a clean slate was better than being associated to anything Voldemort. Especially also, the Second Wizarding War had only so recently ended.

She spotted the famous Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and headed towards the big head, pretty excited to find out what the hullabaloo was about.

There was a bit of skip to her walk, a joy and excitement to start her new life.

She was then, suddenly, twirled by the quick movements of some scruffy man whose hands had grazed her ever so slightly.
“Hey you!” She shouted after him.

When he didn’t turn to entertain her, she quickly grabbed his hand. She tightened her grip, digging down on his skin because her hand was too small to wrap around his wrist.

“You perv! You should apologize!”

She heard him sigh.

“I didn’t touch you,” he mumbled.

“Oh yes you did!” She shouted still.

“I believe you’re the one assaulting me.” He looked down at her fingers pinching into his skin.

She quickly retracted and stepped back. She examined him, noticed not only his unshaved face, but the messy brunette hair, the multiple layers of shirt, cardigan, sweater, coat, and overcoat. She also saw his beat up converse.

He curled his lips up, shook his head, and walked away.
“Hey!” She called out again.

“What now?” He spun around.

She hadn’t moved an inch, “you still haven’t apologized.”

“Neither did you.”

She raised a brow and shifted her lips to the side, realizing the truth in his words. She shrugged, “Sorry.”

He scratched his head, “I guess me too.”

Again, he walked away, but Bianca remembers it as the last time he’d ever turned his back from her.

December 1998; Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour

It was a rather cold day, but Bianca expected more people than the two already in the shop. She pulled and tugged at her apron, preoccupying herself as best she could. She’d gotten the job at the parlour since not many applied. Being a person who loves winter and ice cream put together, she sort of expects that others should too. That was just the kind of person Bianca was.
The bell rang twice.

“Welcome!” She grinned.

“Ah,” a familiar scruffy face guy said nonchalantly.

“Ah, yes,” she continued with a higher, excited tone, “we meet again.”

“You know her?”

Bianca looked over to the blonde guy. She found it a bit strange, their drastic difference in appearance, but said nothing.

“No,” answered the guy.

“I’m Bianca. Bianca Dinapoli. You?”

The blonde guy smirked, “Draco Malfoy, and this is my friend, Theodore Nott.”

“Draco and Theo, cute. Now, what can I get the both of you on this cold weather day?”

Draco’s face twitched a little before he answered, “I’ll have the chocolate ice cream in a cup.”

Bianca noticed Theo did the same before ordering.
“Pistachio for me.”

“Also in a cup?”


The guys stepped out to occupy the seats outside after paying. She noticed that Draco had paid for the both of them.

“Maybe they’re gay?” Bianca said aloud. “That means a definite no for Theo, then.”

She shook her head and proceeded to prepare their ice cream.
“One chocolate and one pistachio,” she smiled.

Draco looked at her curiously when he saw his ice cream. He rubbed his forehead with a bit of a disbelieving grin, amused and confused.

Theodore rolled his eyes before looking down at his.

“I don’t remember ordering a red heart.”

“And certainly not with Theo’s name,” laughed Draco.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s on the house.”

Bianca didn’t understand what Draco was insinuating.

Draco pointed at Theodore, “We’re not together.”

“Oh!” She felt herself turn pink.

Theodore pushed his ice cream away and sighed.

“Just eat it,” pushed Draco back.

“I can change it! I am so sorry!” Bianca panicked.

Good job, she thought, you’re totally embarrassing yourself!

“What flavor is this?” Draco said tasting the red heart.

“It’s actually strawberry, if you can believe it. This batch turned a bit redder than we anticipated. We haven’t got the right recipe for the strawberry- well, you know…” Bianca looked around.

Diagon Alley was still in a bit of shambles, which was why not a lot of witches or wizards visited. There were still a lot of shops unlit.

“Yeah…” agreed Draco.

“I don’t want it,” interrupted Theodore.

“Sorry about that, strawberries are a sensitive topic.”

Bianca never really got the story behind that, but Theodore did once offer to explain to her the story of blue birds.

December 24, 1998; Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour


“When do you get off?”

Draco and Theo took their seats outside the parlour. They had waved Bianca out. They were apparently regulars.

The owner had informed Bianca, they’d been coming since they were young. It used to be that they came with a girl, but he hadn’t seen her since the re-opening.

Bianca wasn’t particularly interested at first, but when they started coming every day that winter, her curiosity was piqued.
“Hey, hey!” She slapped Draco on the back. “I get off in like three hours.”

“There’s a gathering at a friend’s house. I remembered you told us, you’d recently moved here. You can spend Christmas with my,” Draco drew his finds up for an air quote, “family.”

Bianca was a bit skeptical, but she’d heard a lot about Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy. She’d also heard about Theodore Nott, son of Alexander Nott. Both had been Death Eaters. And somehow, knowing that they too were children of Death Eaters, and they turned out good (and free), reassured her.



Bianca sat at the balcony at the back of the house facing the beach.

This place was expansive. She couldn’t see the edge of the property from the back. Though the street in the front was close to the front porch, the back was magnificent. The moonlight backdrop was to die for.

It seemed though, much to her surprise, the party consisted of a variety of people.

She recognized the heroes: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and lastly, certainly not least, Hermione Granger. She was most surprised by her.

“How are you doing?”

A blonde woman slipped beside her with egg nog in both hands.

“I’m good thank you,” Bianca took a cup gladly.

“War’s been tough on everyone, must be for your family too.”
Bianca froze.

“Everyone knows about your father, Bianca. No worries.”

“I-“ She didn’t how to respond.

“I don’t know if you remember from the earlier introduction, but I’m Julie. I work at the ministry, and you already saw Harry. We pretty much have the latest news about any and all Death Eaters.”
Bianca shot up to her feet, dropping the egg nog, but never heard the crash.

Julie had quickly caught it, stopping it mid-air.

“It’s okay,” Julie tried to calm her. “This house is full of surprises. We have others just like you.”

Bianca followed Julie’s eyes staring at Theodore.

And just like that, she was welcomed into their home.


The cold air was a bit much, so Bianca had retreated in one of the many rooms of the house. There was a small two-shelf bookshelf, a loveseat couch, an arm chair, and a fireplace. She didn’t know what to call the room, but it seemed someone had been drinking tea prior to her arrival.

Almost always, he would come when she least expects him to.

Theodore accidentally collided with the doorway, most likely drunk. He hadn’t known that the eggnog had alcohol. He’d been specifically told by someone that it didn’t, by all means, have alcohol, otherwise Fleur would not be drinking it, which she hadn’t been.

Bianca got up to help him to the couch.

That’s when he told her about the blue birds.

Theodore didn’t have a clue that he was babbling about them, only that he wasn’t alone in the room. He talked about them for hours because the party lasted until the next day.

It seemed the gathering had been done not only to celebrate Christmas Eve, or not even Christmas Day. They had gathered to just be together, on their first holiday since the war.

January-March 1999

Every day, Theo would stop over at the parlour, half expecting her to mention the awkward Christmas Eve. But she never had any intention of doing so.

He would stop by order his regular pistachio, make small talk and leave. For the whole month of January, Theo was the first customer of the day. Sometimes, she would have it ready, other times she relished the sight of him waiting.

In the afternoon, he would return with Draco.

She almost wished that Draco didn’t know that his friend had been coming twice a day, but by the end of January, Theo started coming only once.

He would come in the morning, right as the parlour opened, stayed to eat for 30 minutes, and then leave never to return again for that day.

“What happened to Draco?” Bianca dare ask one day around February.

Theodore stared at her for a moment, “He’s got work to do.”
Again, around March, Bianca asked and Theodore answered, “Still doing work.”

April 4, 1999

“He’s got work,” Theodore said as he entered.

“Excuse me?” An unfamiliar voice asked.

Theodore raised his head to look at the server. It wasn’t Bianca.
“The girl,” he paused.

“Bianca? Oh, she’s on leave at the moment. Got sick.”

April 6, 1999

Bianca rushed downstairs to get her mail from the front desk.

“Hey, glad to see you up and about.”

“Thanks, Hannah!” Bianca smiled.

“Someone’s been looking for you,” Hannah pointed at a crowd of people, “that one over there.”

Theodore felt their gazes on him, quite aware of his surroundings.

Bianca noticed, he was still scruffy and wore too many layers despite the warmer breezes of spring.

April 7, 1999

April 8, 1999

April 9, 1999

April 10, 1999

The days passed Bianca by as she and Theodore got to know each other more. He visited the parlour around the afternoons again, right around the time she got off. And he would walk her back to the Leaky Cauldron where they would spend the rest of the late afternoon, talking. She talked most of the time, but having him there was worth the while.

Sometimes, he looked like he would say something, but leave it to her to fill the quiet spaces between them.

She liked that he was always thinking about the right things to say. So, whenever he did say something, her ears were always alert. Her mind remembers everything that’s ever escaped his lips.

June 4, 1999

Draco entered the parlour, looking more haggard than Bianca first remembered. He looked at her and smiled, “the usual chocolate ice cream for me. What about-“

Bianca strangely looked at him.

He turned around, expecting someone to be beside him. He clapped his hand on his forehead and stepped back out. He surveyed the street and saw a familiar scruffy brunette at the corner, hidden almost perfectly.

“Theodore Nott, get your scrawny arse here.”

Bianca could hear Draco’s frustrations. She giggled to herself.
A few minutes later, Draco returned, pushing Theo in front.

“Go,” Draco urged him.

Theodore scratched his head. He cleared his throat. He shuffled his feet. He did quite a few things before finally saying, “Will you go out with me?”

November 1999

Bianca was promoted at the parlour. She wasn’t just working there as a server or cashier. She was actually managing the place. Somehow, her new found connections that started from Theo enabled her to achieve a more a stable job. And life in England seemed much easier.

She had a boyfriend, good friends, family, even, a job, and recently Theodore had asked her to move in. She couldn’t be any happier.

The bell rang and Theodore came in, his beard shaven, hair straightened out, and wearing just about the same layers as he did the first time they met.

“It’s been one year,” he mumbled as he placed a gift on the counter, “since we met.”

“You’re a few a days off, but hey, you got the month right!” Bianca laughed.

She clocked out and together, they started hunting for an apartment.

It took just about the rest of November, but they found one in the city, a corner building where there were a lot of kids. They both agreed, they didn’t mind the noise as they weren’t there in the afternoons anyway.

December 24, 1999

Again, Bianca was invited to what was now the annual Christmas gathering that lasts for a week.

Julie welcomed her with a big and long hug, “glad to see you here.”

“Glad to be here!” Bianca said genuinely.
She spent a lot of those days gathered with the other women. She learned quite a lot from them, how war had been and how it was now. They didn’t all remember her since she did spend most of Christmas Eve outside and the night with Theo.

“So you’re Theo’s girlfriend, huh,” Ron had said more than once that night.

Everyone seemed shocked that he had brought a girl to the party, as if he would be the least likely to do so.

“My sister and Theo were pretty close,” Julie had once explained. “They even went to the Yule Ball together. So, these guys are just a bit weirded out.”

“Your sister?” Bianca turned to another girl named Jeanne.

Jeanne owned the house. She threw the parties, but she was years
Theo’s senior. Bianca didn’t think Theo had a thing for someone almost five years older.

“Oh no, not Jeanne,” Julie got up to fetch a picture frame and sat back down, “this one. This is June. She died during the war.”

The room grew dead silent.

It seemed Julie hadn’t meant to cause any trouble as she quickly apologized for mentioning her sister’s name.

Bianca had heard that name before, exactly one year ago. She forced herself not to think about it too much.

“She was beautiful,” she offered the grieving.

December 31, 1999

Bianca was offered a room in Jeanne’s household for the New Year celebration that she accepted whole heartedly.

She was out by the beach, sitting quietly, when Theodore took the seat beside her.

He didn’t say anything as they stared out into the high tides of the night.

Bianca didn’t like the silence between them, so she began to tell him about her father. She explained how life had taken a bad turn when she found out her mom had known. Her family was pretty gunho about cleansing the world of muggleborns. She was always about purebloods, but after the war, after listening to Potterwatch, the many reported deaths, her heart had changed. And she left home. That was why she was in England in the first place. She believed wholeheartedly that wherever the Potter boy lived, that would be the place where even she would be accepted.

They let the water wash their feet over and over again despite the freeze.

She shivered.

Unexpectedly, like always, she felt his arm wrap around her waist and pull her into his warmth. She could feel his breath and the slight hitch in his throat as he tried to speak. Honestly, she should’ve been used to it by now.

He didn’t say anything in the end, rather, twisted her around.
Their lips touched ever so softly. His grip was secure, as if he was holding something fragile. She touched his face, almost in the same manner. She shut her eyes, hoping that the night would not end.

November 2000

Bianca observed herself on the floor length mirror in the room, tucking a few loose strands and smudged make up.

The bridesmaids had just given her a few short speeches that had her tearing up, especially one that Julie had prepared. Her bridal party consisted of Theo’s extended family. Her matron of honor was Julie.

Julie had told her that no one else in the past years could bring Theo out of his small bubble except for her. She was appreciated by everyone in his extended family and that no better girl, but her was the perfect match.

“Something borrowed and blue,” Julie clasped a blue stone pendant necklace with permission around her neck.

“It’s beautiful!” She expressed.

Her bridesmaids all gawked at it as they waited for the ceremony.

A knock at the door alerted them that everyone was present and ready. It took two tough months preparing the venue and thousands of flowers to fill it. She had spent weeks tasting all sorts of cakes only to end up with a simple vanilla yellow cake with Italian buttercream icing. The color scheme was a blend of Theodore’s Slytherin upbringing and Bianca’s Koldovstoretz. It was an elegant mix.

She released a nervous breath and held her stomach for a moment. She shut her eyes with a smile on her face as she stepped out after the other girls.

“I was nervous too,” whispered Julie.

Bianca’s smile grew wider. She couldn’t wait to stand at one end of the aisle and see Theo’s face on the other.

He was fidgeting when she finally looked up.

Draco was behind him with a bit of a bored look plastered on his face. He didn’t attend the wedding with anyone.

She remembered because she’d insisted that Draco bring someone. In the end, she supposes now, he too may not have completely let go of the past then.

The walk down was slow. And the anticipation was building inside her.

She remembered hearing his vow through his cracking voice.

“To Bianca, in the years that we’ve been together, I’ve learned to not think about the things that stopped me from living. You filled the gaps that were once empty in my heart and mind. You fill the spaces that I couldn’t alone. I wouldn’t be complete without you.”

And that was it.

She waited a bit, but when the priest asked her to read hers, she didn’t know how to. She tried to say, “To Theodore, thank you for the happy days and enveloping my darkness with so much light. You’ve given me so much.”

That hadn’t been true. Nothing he had said had been true.


Theodore sat alone in the study at his friend’s house, quiet as a mouse. He didn’t like being here. Really, he didn’t like being anywhere at all. But this was his temporary home. Mostly, he hated being at his own house, surrounded by the things his, stupid, father owned and his mother, who continuously grieved her own mistakes. He fucking hated his life.

Now, he didn’t even have an apartment because he hadn’t known then how twisted his life was.

He didn’t have furniture that belonged to him because it belonged to them. It was their belongings, things they’d procured together. And he didn’t have the gut to claim any of it, not even the picture he grew fond of.

Theodore could-, wouldn’t set foot in the home Bianca and he built.

November 1998; Diagon Alley

Theodore scratched his forehead as he slid back from the chair he’d slept on. The table was filled with empty bottles of beer. He’d knocked out at some random bar again. Fuck. This was third in a row that week.

He heard his stomach grumble. Fuck.

He got up, paid his bill, and sauntered out of the pub.

The pub was in a random back alley of what used to be a lively Diagon Alley. Shit. There were so many memorable places that he preferred staying in the shadows. He wished that it would never return to its full potential. He would hate to see Florecan Fortesque’s parlour up and running again.

He rushed out of the sunny light, feeling like he’d bumped into something. He didn’t turn though, not bothered.


He rolled his eyes and continued to walk; maybe the person would stop paying attention to him.

“Hey perv!”

He remembered being pulled and scratched. He pointed out to the rowdy girl that he was the one being assaulted and she soon let go.

He never really remembers her face, but her voice had been quite familiar.

December 1998; Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour


Draco had pointed out a couple weeks prior that the ice cream shop had re-opened, new owner and everything. Theodore wasn’t super gunho about it, but he didn’t like hearing his mom wail all the time, so he decided to tag along that afternoon.

“Ah,” Theodore said as the place looked just as it had then.
The server continued incorrectly his sentence, “Ah, yes, we meet again.”

He looked at the girl without a clear emotion.

“You know her?” Draco asked him.

“No,” Theo said, almost with disgust.

She proceeded to introduce herself, much to Theodore’s dismay.
Draco smirked, “Draco Malfoy, and this is my friend, Theodore Nott.”

“Draco and Theo, cute. Now, what can I get the both of you on this cold weather day?”

Draco answered, “I’ll have the chocolate ice cream in a cup.”
Theodore felt a knot form in his throat as he tried to answer, “Pistachio for me.”

“Also in a cup?”

“Yeah,” he breathed heavily.

The two of them took their usual seat outside. Theodore pulled an extra seat from another table outside before stopping midway. Fuck.

Draco watched him closely.

“I forget,” he mumbled.

The girl came out and placed two cups on their table. “One chocolate and one pistachio,” she smiled.

Draco looked at her curiously when he saw his ice cream. He rubbed his forehead with a bit of a disbelieving grin, amused and confused.

Theodore rolled his eyes before looking down at his.

“I don’t remember ordering a red heart.”

“And certainly not with Theo’s name,” Draco laughed, biting back the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s on the house.”

The stupid girl didn’t understand what Draco was insinuating.

Draco pointed at Theodore, “We’re not together.”


Theodore pushed his ice cream away and sighed.

“Just eat it,” pushed Draco back.

“I can change it! I am so sorry!” Bianca panicked.

Fuck, he thought, this was stupid-.

“What flavor is this?” Draco interrupted his thoughts as he tasted the red heart.

“It’s actually strawberry, if you can believe it. This batch turned a bit redder than we anticipated. We haven’t got the right recipe for the strawberry- well, you know…” Bianca looked around. Theodore knew what she was talking about, but he didn’t show it. He didn’t like talking about strawberries.

“Yeah…” agreed Draco.

“I don’t want it,” interrupted Theodore.

“Sorry about that, strawberries are a sensitive topic.”

He never quite told her the story behind that, nor the story of the blue birds.

December 24, 1998


Draco pulled him out of the house, insisting that going out would be good for the both of them. Honestly, Theo knew that the only reason Draco invited him was because they were the only two who couldn’t speak her name. That meant never having to talk about her either.


He took a deep breath and tagged along.

The roamed the muggle streets of London, searching for a good place to have a ‘normal’ late lunch. The streets were jam packed and he liked the feeling of being pushed around to a destination, it beat the emptiness in his head when he can’t make a decision.

They sat rather strangely in a small two-person booth, eating salad. They were both quiet except for the crunching sound and sometimes, Draco would say something along the lines of, it’s Christmas again. And he would repeat himself throughout the hour.

“Florean’s?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” replied Theo.

He’d gotten somewhat used to seeing the place. Sometimes he would see her there, laughing. Fuck. He tried to remember how she looked smiling because he couldn’t quite remember.

They took their designated seats outside without ordering, expecting that the server would know.

He remembered Draco inviting the girl who serves at Florean Fortescue and heard her say yes.

When the girl walked away, Theo found himself hitting the table, “The fuck Draco. She’s a stranger.”

“She’s alone in England on the eve of Christmas,” was all Draco said of the matter after.


Theodore abstained from drinking anything alcoholic in Jeanne’s household lest he knock out again. He didn’t want a repeat of weeks ago, but Ron kept serving him eggnog that made him feel groggy.

Every time Ron served him a glass, he would hear snickering and absurd slurring of words.

“You fucking drunks,” he rolled his eyes, not that he was one to judge.


From 5PM to 8:30PM he’d been chugging down eggnog, trying his best not to search for the booze that had holier-than-thou Harry tripping all over the place.

He felt his eyelids droop, a sure familiar sign that yep, indeed, he too was drunk as hell.


He crashed into a door frame, unsure really if it was one or a person instead. He saw a familiar figure on the couch. He followed the path to her.

She lifted his arms so that she could support him.

“I don’t know if you remember, June, but when we were kids, you had this dream of flying. And you would spread your arms like they were your wings. You were amazing, you know. You didn’t care about what anyone thought of you.” He laughed derisively as he continued, “One day, we were outside just talking, you know like we always did, when a small bird came crashing down from Merlin-knows-what. You got so distracted by it. That blue bird had a broken wing. You told me how you could relate to it, how you felt like you had a broken wing too. And you nursed that blue bird until it flew away. June, did we nurse you? Is that why you won’t return?”

He felt droplets of tears on his hand, but only shut his eyes and continued to talk about how the blue bird never came back, not even to tell him it was fine. But he always waited. Always.

January-March 1999

Theodore couldn’t remember who it was he’d seen in the room, but felt embarrassed that he’d gotten so drunk that he actually mistook them for her.

He decided to go to Florean’s despite Draco’s owl explaining that he would be gone for a while. He returned for three months, ordering his regular and sometimes striking up a conversation with Bianca, a name he’d finally remembered.

Slowly, she filled a hole that was in his heart. She made him feel like he was in a whole different world and he didn’t have to think about her.

Sometimes, she would ask about Draco and he would answer as best he could because he wasn’t sure himself. Draco only owled once a month and without detailed explanations as to why he was away. Not even Julie knew where he was and she knew everything.


Theodore started liking going to Florean by himself. He liked watching Bianca work and drown any other thoughts that would be in his head. It was a good distraction for when he needed to return home.

When he found out she was sick, he bought ice cream and waited every day at the Leaky Cauldron. Hannah didn’t say anything to him, but some time on the third day, Hannah finally did.
And hours later, Bianca came skipping out of her room, only to be pointed in his direction.

He spent most of April with her.

Then, May.

By the month of June, Draco was back, still without clear reason. And he told Draco in a few words how Bianca was to him.

He found himself asking her to go out with.

The month passed quickly. July. August. September. October. Months kept passing by and he hadn’t even known. With Bianca, time just seemed to slip away from him. It was good. He hadn’t had the time to think about her.

Around November, he asked her to move in with him. The progression of their relationship felt normal to him. And he liked the idea of spending more time.

December 24, 1999

Theodore felt that Bianca fit in quite well with the family he surrounded himself with. She was like that, he supposed, good filler.

He watched her from outside as he drank with the guys.

The rooms felt less empty.

December 31, 1999

Theodore asked around for Bianca’s whereabouts when Julie pointed out to the beach.

She was sitting quietly, when he took the seat beside her.

He didn’t say anything as they stared out into the high tides of the night. He knew that she’d soon fill the silence between them, like often did.

She began to tell him about her father, her Death Eater father. She was candid and it was the first he’d actually listened to her speak. Her voice sounded familiar, a lull that he’d gotten used to a long time ago. He smiled a little as he continued to listen.
They let the water wash their feet over and over again despite the freeze.

He saw her shiver from the corner of his eyes. Reflexively, he wrapper an arm around her waist and pulled her in. She smelled strangely like strawberries. As he breathed her scent longer, the less he had control over himself. He twisted her around and pulled her into a soft kiss. His hand wanted to grip tightly to her, lest she flies away, but memory tells him, she’s no blue bird.

November 2000

He found himself pacing his room, alone.

He must’ve counted to a thousand before a knock came to tell him to come out.

“Are you ready?” Draco fixed his tie, a bit peeved that it was crooked.

He saw her at the end of the aisle, with a big grin playing on her face. He thought maybe it was because his tie was still crooked, but didn’t look away.

In the years that they’d spent together, he’d forgotten about her, letting Bianca fill the last bits of emptiness in him. Or so he had thought. As she inched closer and closer, the blue pendant around her neck reminded him that Bianca was just filler.

She was a replacement to what he could never truly have.

He tried not to think any further. He heard the priest tell him to read his vow.

“To Bianca, in the years that we’ve been together, I’ve learned to not think about the things that stopped me from living. You filled the gaps that were once empty in my heart and mind. You fill the spaces that I couldn’t alone. I wouldn’t be complete without you.”

Bianca took a moment to say hers.

She took a deep breath, “To Theodore, thank you for the happy days and enveloping my darkness with so much light. You’ve given me so much.”

She stopped and followed his line of sight. She quickly covered her necklace, unable to look at him.

“Y-you,” she stammered, “told me once. I smelled like strawberries and you loved that smell. Y-you, not once, one even once, told me you loved me.”

She licked her lips.

“Tell me you love me.”

Theodore looked around and bit his lip, unable to say anything.
She covered her mouth. She pulled off her engagement ring and grabbed his hand lightly.

“I love you,” she whispered as she placed the ring in his hand.

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