“Albus! Albus, don’t!”

I grab Albus’s wrist as he draws it back, aiming at Scorpius.

He rips his arm from my grip and I stumble a bit. “You snogged my cousin?!

“W-we were d-drunk, Al!” I’d never heard Scorpius stutter. Hm. News to me, Scorpius apparently stutters when he’s afraid.

Rose is still giggling and swaying drunkenly, “Albus, it’s okay! I liked it.”

“Rose, shut up!” I hiss.


“ROSE!” Albus shoots Rose a vicious look and, regardless how drunk she is, she instantly silences. Albus turns his focus back to Scorpius.

“How dare you?” He sneers, closing in the space between them. “You went behind my back and did the one thing I asked you never to do!”

“Albus, I’m s-sorry!”

A group is beginning to watch the scene with anticipation.

“I don’t care!” He shouts. He and Scorpius are nearly the same height, but right now Albus looks much taller. “You betrayed me! And what’s worse, is you didn’t even do it because you care about her, did you?! No, you did it just to do it! You didn’t even think twice about the consequences. Don’t speak to me. Ever. Again.”

Albus tears open the door and storms out. Without thinking, I run after him, leaving Rose and Scorpius inside.

“Albus!” Ooooh, it sure is hard to run while drunk.

I can see Albus ahead of me, walking quickly and angrily. I know he hears me, but he doesn’t bother turning around.

“Albus, please!”

Yes, please stop walking so fast so I can stop trying to catch you.

“Albus, stop right now!”

I hadn’t thought yelling at him would work, but he stops abruptly.

Finally, I’m beside him. He won’t look at me. His jaw is clenched and his eyes are focused on the ground. Furious as he is, he somehow still looks handsome.

I suddenly realise I don’t know what exactly I’d intended to say to him.

“Uhm,” It’s harder to run and think while drunk.

I don’t know what to say, so I just hug him. It’s an awkward hug from the side and he doesn’t retaliate, making it feel like I’m hugging a statue.

“Don’t be cross, please.”

Really? Those are my words of wisdom?

Well, I’m definitely not even close to being a Ravenclaw, that’s for sure.

“I specifically asked him to never go after any of my family,” He grumbles. I can still feel his anger, but it’s not as turbulent. “And he goes for Rose without even caring! While she was drunk!”

“Albus,” I pull away from the hug. “Maybe he does care. You didn’t really ask him… you just sort of put word in his mouth.”

He doesn’t answer, and I know he knows that I’m right.

“People do stupid things when they’re drunk. After all, we cuddled all night, running the risk that we could get caught.”

He glances at me, “That was stupid to you?”

“A little.” I grab his hand, but immediately retract it, in case Rose or someone sees. “If I were to get caught doing something like that… my father would probably lock me away forever. Or, worse, send me to Beauxbatons!”

Albus laughs at that. “Do you think Scorpius actually cares about Rose?”

I shrug, “Maybe ask him.”

“Later… I don’t want to look at him right now.”

“But you will ask him?”

He looks at me again and nods, “Yeah, I suppose.”

Suddenly, I remember I’d left Rose at the party. “Merlin! I need to get Rose.” I turn to go get her and I hear Albus start to walk away.

Spontaneity is my key to fun.

I stop, “Albus, meet me outside the Slytherin Common Room in thirty.”

He looks confused but agrees and we part ways.

Rose is dancing on one of the sofas when I find her again. Scorpius is at her side, half-laughing and half-pleading her to stop before she hurts herself. Before he notices my presence I take a minute to see how he’s looking at her.

He’s mostly amused at the way she’s acting, but there’s something more to it as he tries to catch her and pull her off the sofa. The way he looks at her is gentle, with underlying desire, but not singularly just a sexual desire. His face is lit up and he doesn’t look nearly as stern or stand-offish as he does at times.

He cares about Rose.

I smile fondly at the idea.

She’s giggling and squirming when he tries to grab her down off the sofa, and it’s possibly the most relaxed I had ever seen her. He finally goes for her waist and doesn’t let her go until her feet are on the floor. She staggers, however, and they fall, in each other’s arms, onto the cushions.

He laughs, looking quite happy considering he’d just been told off by his best friend.

She laughs, regardless of the argument being her fault.

They don’t even realise how happy they make each other.

Scorpius smiles down at her and she looks at him with more seriousness than drunk people should have. She looks at his lips and he looks as if he’s about to kiss her. I feel awkward watching now, but I hate the idea of interrupting too.

Finally, I make my move. “Hey, uhm… I should probably take her to bed now.”

Rose shoves Scorpius off her, but not so much in a repulsed fashion as she’s just excited to see me. Scorpius stands and adjusts his rumpled shirt. He nods at me, then walks away.

“Let’s go!” She beams as we exit the party and make our way to the dorm.

She hums some happy-sounding song as I tuck her in. “Sleep, Rosie.” She looks way too giddy to sleep, but snuggles into her blankets anyway.

“See you in morning!” She yells.

I can’t help but laugh at her silliness, “Shhh, you’ll wake someone up.”

Rose shoots up in her bed, “Freya, will I see you in the morning?! Or are you going to be with Albus?”

“Why would I be with Albus in the morning?”

Her lips curl up in a devious-looking smile, much like the ones I’ve seen James Potter sport. “No reason!” She falls back into her pillows again.

I draw her curtains and take my leave for the Slytherin Common Room in the dungeons.

Albus is leaning against the stone wall beside the entrance to his common room. He looks as if he’s studying something particularly deep.

“Hi.” I smile at him when he looks up.

“Why exactly did you want to meet?” He’s smiling too but it looks forced.

“I dunno. Figured we could hang out. Go for a walk or something.”

He nods but not really at me, more at an inside thought, as if confirming them.

“I’m going to bed.” He says curtly.

A frown takes over my smile, “What? Why?”

“Goodnight.” He mutters his password to the wall and the door appears. He enters, leaving me dumbfounded.

Anger boils inside of me as the door closes. I’m not sure what I had said or done but whatever it was, Albus didn’t like it and just acted like a total arse.

Whatever. I don’t want to turn in just yet, especially not after that.

I decide to go back to the party.

People are still partying hard when I walk back through the entrance. I pay another visit to the bar for a Butterbeer. I had sobered a bit too much for my liking. As I wait for my drink, an arm slings over my shoulders.

The arms look familiar, with the veins that ripple slightly to signify years of Quidditch.

“Oliver,” I greet him.

“Thought you’d left!” There’s a slur to his voice. “I was sad.”

I drink from the Butterbeer and look skeptically at Oliver, “Sad? Why?”

He smiles… or smiles more… I don’t really know, since he’s literally almost always smiling. He erupts into laughter.


“You’ve got a little,” He points at his mouth.

“Oh!” I hadn’t thought about the cream on the Butterbeer
sticking to my lips. I wipe away what I can feel. “Better?”

Oliver smirks playfully, “Still got a little.” He leans in, squinting to look at my lips.

I’m suddenly self-conscious having him this close to me. My breath catches in my chest.

His thumb touches my upper lip and wipes away what speck I apparently missed, but his hand doesn’t leave my face. He’s still extremely close.

My heart starts pounding and there’s butterflies in my stomach. I imagine they’re drunk from all the alcohol in there.

Oliver lifts my chin and leans in more, gently touching his lips to mine. The warmth that goes coursing through my body doesn’t even begin to compare to Firewhiskey. I close my eyes, but there’s still a bright light behind my eyelids.

My mug is somehow no longer in my hands as they cautiously touch Oliver’s chest. I can feel the firm muscles under his t-shirt. My knees go weaker. As if reading my mind, Oliver’s arm circle around my chest. He pulls me right up against him. This isn’t how it’d felt dancing with Albus. True, we were close like this, but this isn’t innocent. It sure is fun, though.

His lips move against mine. I part them some and we move them in synchronization. Funny how natural kissing comes, even when I’ve never kissed anyone before.

I’m the first to break for air, “Whoa.”

Oliver isn’t smiling as much as usual, but he looks completely thrilled. “Yeah.”

I find myself wanting to be alone with him more than anything. There’s a strange craving in the pit of my stomach I’m not so sure I’ve ever felt before.

“Can we--?”

“Yes.” I grab his hand and we nearly run out of the party.

Just as I make a left to go toward the Gryffindor Common Room, he pulls me in the opposite direction.

“Follow me.”

We exit the castle and the sudden cold air chills me, but I
don’t mind. At first I’m confused as to where we’re headed, until I see the Quidditch pitch come into view. A certain excitement takes over as I think about the risk involved at being outside of the castle past curfew… and with a boy, no less.

He stops at the Gryffindor changing rooms.

My nose curls involuntarily at the thought of snogging in a smelly locker room. “Doesn’t it smell?”

“We use spells to keep it fresh. Trust me, we don’t like how we smell after games either.”

He whispers the password and we go in. He’s right… somehow, the room smells of flowers and linen and it no longer feels like I’m surrounded by Quidditch uniforms and dirty towels.
Oliver pulls two miniature bottles of Firewhiskey from his pocket, “Here.”

He passes me one and I shoot it back, instantly feeling less cold and more tingly.

Oliver tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear, then follows my jaw line to tilt my head up as he cranes down to kiss me. I lift on my tiptoes and meet him halfway. His lips are full and soft, I notice.

I very much like kissing him.

One of my hands runs through his messy auburn-brown hair.
How I’ve been longing to do that since he helped me on the train. He starts walking, pushing me backwards against a locker door. His lips part from mine, but don’t stray far. They find my neck and kiss along my neck to my shoulders, down to my chest which is bare down to the top of my tank top.

How have I never kissed anyone before? This feels more magical than most magic I’ve ever come in contact with.

There’s a hand suddenly on my backside. I jump from the bold movement, unsure how exactly to act.

Oliver pulls back a little, “Wait… Don’t tell me….”

“What?” I nudge forward a little, missing his lips against mine.

“You’ve never, erm….” He waves his finger between the two of us. “This? Before?”

He’s so brilliant with words….

“Uh… no.” I admit, feeling extremely small now.

He chuckles, but it’s not a mean chuckle. Instead of leaving, as I anticipated after my confession, he pulls me into a hug.

“That’s cute.” His lips touch my forehead in a kiss. There had been a demeaning tone in his voice that I didn’t like.

I frown. “Cute? I don’t want to be cute… I’m not a fucking child.”

Oliver backs away, “I wasn’t…”

“Belittling me? Undermining me?”

“Yeah, those, I wasn’t!”

“Piss off.” With that, I make my way back to the castle, where my bed awaits with comfort and warmth. And without judgement.

I hunker down into my blankets, still irritated about what had happened. Oliver was the last one I expected to make me feel ridiculous about my… innocence. I’m finally stepping out of my comfort zone where I’ve been babied or scrutinised by everyone. I don’t need someone around me who will continue to make me feel the same way.

Eventually, sleep finds me much quicker than I had anticipated.


Ouch. That's a bit of a messy chapter right there. Albus denies Scorpius and Freya and then Freya denies Oliver... Oh Merlin. Whatever shall happen next?

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