Monday: The one day out of the week that a large number of the world’s population (Muggle and Wizarding) dreads the most. The day that means getting up, getting dressed, and participating in a schedule like a responsible individual.

Also known as, the first day Rose Weasley has to sit in close proximity with Scorpius Malfoy.

“I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this!” Rose wrings her hands nervously. I’m not sure she knows she’s repeating the same thing over and over… and over again.

We’re halfway to Potions and she’s been chanting that sentence as if it’s her life’s mantra. I’d kept my tongue held until we went from a tower to the dungeons and she hadn’t shut up.

“Rose!” I stop and grab her shoulders. “Please. Shut. Up. You are a Gryffindor. If anything, he’ll be too afraid to talk to you! He’s the Slytherin in all this.”

Her face scrunches into an angry pout, much like the Lily Potter Pout. I concur my suspicions from on the train that Lily inherited a lot of her dramatics from Rose, not Ginny.

“You’re Rose Weasley.”

“That’s the problem, don’t you see?!” She does a weird groan-yell thing that causes a few passersby to turn and look at us. She doesn’t notice. “I’m a Weasley, he’s a Malfoy. I have basically betrayed my father’s one main command of me. Mother made me promise to work hard in school and make perfect marks and not cause trouble or go to parties! Father only told me to not get too close to Malfoy!”

I sigh, “You only snogged the boy. You’re not marrying him! No one has to know, okay? Just be brave and, for Merlin’s sake, fix your hair!” I brush down a few wild curls that have sprung out of place.

She winces and we continue on to Potions. We get there a few minutes early and take our seat at our usual table. I can feel Rose’s nervousness ease when there’s no sight of Scorpius or Albus.

I grab her hand, “It’s okay, I promise. I’ll hex him if he so much as looks at you.”

“Freya, I don’t want to hex him!” She looks shocked I’d even mention such a thing.

“I know, Rose! I was only kidding.”

She looks at me worriedly, but I know she’s more worried about her own mental state than mine.

There’s laughter coming through the door, and it’s familiar. Rose tenses but keeps her focus on a page in her Potions book. She’s not really reading it as much as she’s just staring at a single word.

Albus and Scorpius come through the door. I smile at Albus and he waves. Scorpius sends a nervous glance at Rose, immediately looking away. Albus doesn’t notice anything suspicious between the two.

Albus doesn’t know….

Oh, bloody hell.

Oh, no.

“Incoming.” I mumble to Rose.

“No, no, noooo.” She looks like she’s bracing for impact as if Albus and Scorpius coming up to us will physically hurt.

“Hey, Rose!” She raises a hand at her cousin but doesn’t tear her focus from the book. Albus smirks at me, “Longbottom.”


“I hear there’ll be a party this Friday if you two would like to come.”

Scorpius shifts awkwardly behind his friend and Rose’s hand balls into a fist on the table.

“Sure,” I smile. “We’ll be there.”

For the first time, Rose looks at something other than her book. She jerks her head around to stare at me and I can practically feel daggers stabbing into my face. I ignore it, but I know I’ll pay for this later.

“Great.” Albus smiles easily.

The bell rings and they sit at the table behind us.

The class goes on with normal introductory stuff and Professor Birch is boring as usual. She’s in her mid-thirties and quite lovely, really, but I’m not sure she knows how not to be monotonous.

As soon as we leave, the Wrath of Rose is upon me.

“How dare you!” She hisses. “How dare you tell them I will be there! I am never going to another party again.”

I take her anger in stride. “Rose, did you have fun at the party?”


“No it isn’t. Did you or didn’t you have fun?”

She gives a long sigh. “Yes. I had fun, but—“

“Exactly. When’s the last time you had fun at Hogwarts? Real, exciting fun?”

“There was that… reading competition… that was….” She rolls her eyes, “Fine! Okay, that was pretty much the most fun I’ve had here.”

I smile, “And don’t you want to keep having fun?”

“Not if it means snogging Scorpius again.”

“Then don’t. But come with me. We’re a package deal.” I link my arm through hers. I figure it’s safe since she’s not quite blowing smoke anymore. “Please?”

Another long sigh, this one less agitated. “Okay. On one condition.”

“Go for it.”

“Don’t leave my side.”

I hesitate, as I had been looking forward to dancing with Albus again… and what if Oliver showed up to this one? I would love to dance with him too.

Rose is my best friend, though, and if it means sacrificing just a little to have fun with her and make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid…



Friday: One of the best days of the week, as it kicks off the weekend, where responsibilities are less and inhibitions lesser.

Also known as, the day of the party!

Classes today fly by with the anticipation for the party.

Then again, I decided to take only Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology (yes, with Dad…) on Fridays. These are my two favourite N.E.W.T.-level classes. I quite enjoy Charms as well, but my career focus is on Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology. I had received near-perfect O.W.L.s in all of my classes, but I didn’t want to continue in all of them.

Since I was young I’ve know I wanted to pursue Care of Magical Creatures and/or Herbology. Dad and I don’t get along, it’s true, but we do very much agree on our love of magical creatures and plants.

Rose is dabbling with the idea of becoming a Healer, so she decided on furthering in Potions… and she’s the only reason I went forward with Potions as well.

Anyway, after classes and supper in the Great Hall, Rose and I rush off to get ready for party number two!

It’s a confidence boost of sorts to get invited to another party, and this time not for keeping score of some stupid game invented by James Potter and Fred Weasley.

“Are you sure—“


“But what if—“


“If I kiss—“

“Rose, stop. I will be with you the entire time unless you leave me, which—mind you—is what happened last time.”

She huffs. “Right. Stick with you. Don’t stick my tongue in Scorpius’s mouth.”

“Did you stick your tongue in his mouth last time?!”

Rose glares at me. I take that as a sign to stop talking about it.

The Room of Requirement isn’t too difficult to get into. Again Carl Flint is minding the door. He looks at us, nods approvingly, and lets us through.

The party is practically the same as last time, with the disco chandelier and several couches in a corner of the room. The bar looks more enticing, though. Perhaps because I know exactly what I want from it now.

Rose looks nervous. Her eyes are darting everywhere in search of Scorpius. “You need a drink.”

She nods, not really paying much attention to me. I guide her to the bar and wave at the bartender, who is a girl this time. She smiles a pretty smile and takes my order for two Firewhiskey shots.

Rose grimaces at the shot. I assume she’d only had beer at the last party.

“It’s delicious. Trust me!” I nog encouragingly and clink my shot glass against hers. “Cheers!”


Together, we take our first shot of the evening. The familiar warmth surges through my body and I get the tingles I’m starting to love more and more.

“Having fun?!” I hadn’t noticed Albus coming up to us. Just as I hadn’t noticed Scorpius beside him.

Rose looks at me with wide eyes. I give her a “don’t panic” look, which merits an eye-roll.

“Of course!” I smile at him. “Yourself?”

“I think I’d be having more fun if I had someone to dance with.” The smirk he gives me is almost a dare. His green eyes are shimmering as usual, but this time with a hint of mischief.

My heart does a weird palpitating thing and my face gets really, really hot. I contemplate whether it’s from the Firewhiskey or if I’m blushing.

I remember my promise to Rose. “Uhm… I can’t. I promised Rose I’d stick with her tonight.”

Albus nods, the glimmering mischief fading into… disappointment? “Fair enough. Would you at least like a beer?”

There’s a sinking feeling in my chest. I really had been wanting to dance with him again. As friends, of course. “Please.”

After he gets both Rose and me a beer, we fade into the crowd of dancing people. The shot and the beer seems to be working at calming Rose. We laugh as we jump up and down to the music and dance ridiculous movements that people watching are probably making fun of.

When my beer gets low, I chug the last bit and tell Rose to stay put as I run off back to the bar. The effects of the alcohol are setting in and I’m feeling excessively happy and a little light-headed, but I don’t feel faint.

“Another ale, please!” I grin at the bartender. She laughs a little at my goofy grin before retrieving me another mug. I like her, she’s cool.


“That’s meeee!” I answer whoever it is that said my name before looking over at them.

I gasp and nearly choke on the swallow of beer in my throat. “Oliver!”

His smile is big and warm and I like how his eyes crinkle at the edges when he does it. Come to think of it, I rarely see Oliver Wood not smiling.

“Freya Longbottom,” He’s shaking his head in disbelief. “Drinking?!”

“Shhhh.” I giggle and place a finger over my lips. “When I’m here, no one knows my last name.”

Oliver laughs at that and I laugh too. He thinks I’m funny.

“Does your dad know you’re here?” His tone is mocking, and other days I probably wouldn’t like it. But right now it makes me laugh more. Do they put laughing potions in alcohol?

“What do you think, Wood?!”

“I think he doesn’t.”

“And he won’t.”

“Right.” He’s still smiling and his cheeks are a bit rosier than usual.



Where’s Rose?

“I dunno, I haven’t seen her. Wait is Rose here too?!”

Clearly I was saying my thoughts out loud… again.

I look into the crowd and can’t seem to spot the bright red curls of Rose Weasley. I see a few heads of red hair, but none of which belong to my friend.

“She was….”

“Wait, is that her?!”

Oliver points in the direction of the sofas.

Rose is sitting in a circle on the floor, a bottle spinning in the middle of everyone.

“Bloody hell.”

Just as I get there, the bottle stops spinning and lands on—of course—Rose. She looks absolutely giddy as she leans toward the center to meet the person she’s supposed to kiss half-way.

Paisley Parkinson starts leaning to close in the rest of the space.

Before they can kiss, I grab Rose by her shoulders. She goes tumbling backwards against my legs, which sends me toppling onto the sofa and into the laps of unsuspecting Hufflepuffs.

I scramble to stand and pull Rose up with me. “What in Merlin’s name are you doing?!”

She’s in a fit of giggles, “Playing spin the bottle! You should too!”

“Kissing Paisley Parkinson isn’t exactly my thing.” I’m struggling to keep a straight face as I take her away from the sofas and to the bar.

“Mine either. But it’s better than kissing… You-Know-Who.”

“You’re right, it is better than kissing Voldemort.”

Rose gasps, “Noooo, silly. Not Voldemort. He’s dead. Scorpius!”

“Well, close but no cigar then, yeah?” She stumbles over her own feet. “Rose how much more have you had to drink?”

“Paisley passed out shots she brought herself. Apparently they make a really strong version of Firewhiskey. Stronger than what we had at the bar.” She leans into me as if telling a precious secret. “My stomach felt like it had a fire in it.”

“Rose, what do you say we take you back to the dorms?”

“Why? Are we having a slumber party?!”

“Yes, Rose… something like that.”

“Okay, lead the way!”

Just as we get to the door, Albus and Scorpius meet us there.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m taking Rose to bed. She’s had a bit too much….”

Rose sees Scorpius and starts giggling. Albus looks at her, completely befuddled.

“You,” She musters the flirtiest smile she can manage in her state. “You are an exceptionally good kisser.”

Scorpius stares at Rose with a mixture of anger and shock, his mouth slightly agape.

Albus’s face loses all inklings of fun and joy and friendliness. Suddenly he looks stone-faced and cold and… frightening. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him like this. Usually he’s so calm and carefree… but those traits are long gone at this point. His hand grips his beer mug so tight, I fear it might shatter. The little muscle in his jaw pulses.

Rose laughs sheepishly, “Oops.”



Ohhh goodness, drunk Rose is a mess isn't she?!

Eh. I still love her!

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