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Back at the market, the girls were enjoying themselves, browsing the different stalls and displays, and being therapeutically frivolous.

Ginny had begun to look at some jeans, thinking that the old overalls she’d been wearing around were in rather desperate need of replacing, being both too big and worn thin.

“No, no, no!” Fleur pushed her beyond them to a stand covered with absurdly decorated hats. “Ve are not shopping for ze necessities! Ve are shopping for ball gowns, and glass zlippers!”

Ginny laughed and tried on an enormous white hat that obscured most of the top half of her body, and was covered with feathers and frills, and even an entire dove.

“Yes! Zat is more like eet!” Fleur said, trying on an gigantic hat of her own.

“Hermione! Come try on a hat!” Ginny giggled, looking around for her friend.

Hermione however, was standing at the back of the racks of dresses and robes. She didn’t seem to hear Ginny calling to her, so the girls went to see what was so captivating.

“It’s… it’s…” Hermione stuttered; she was staring at a beautiful white gown on a mannequin. It had a square collar, and deep sleeves that reached the floor. The waist nipped in with detailed embroidery, and then flowed out in a cascade of simple white silk.

“Oh Merlin.” Ginny gasped. “Hermione, you have to try it on! It’s perfect! You’d look like an elven princess!”

“I, I couldn’t try it on… could I?” Hermione asked.

“Oui, you must!” Fleur insisted, running to fetch the shopkeeper.

Before she knew what was happening, Hermione was thrust into a changing room, with the girl who worked there helping her into the dress, which she found laced in the back with long silk ribbons.

“What’s the occasion then?” The shop assistant asked as she tightened the bow at the back of the dress.

“I’m getting… married.” Hermione stumbled, realizing that was the first time she’d really allowed herself to believe it.

“Oh, well lets do this right then!” The assistant said. “I’m Fiona.”

“Hermione.” Hermione said, shaking Fiona’s hand.

“Lovely to meet you Hermione love, now I’m going to fetch you some shoes and a veil, so you can get the whole effect.” Fiona said, swishing out of the change room.

Hermione held her breath while Fiona disappeared, and then quickly returned with two boxes.

“Here love, this dress needs special shoes I think.”

She lifted the top off the box, but Hermione stopped her.

“I, I can’t wear any fancy shoes.” She explained, trying not to tear up. “I, um, I can’t walk properly.”

“I think you’ll do just fine in these, and with that brace back on under the dress, no one need be the wiser.” Fiona said, removing the tissue, and revealing a pair of knee high elven boots of soft white leather. They had a floral pattern, not unlike the pattern on Hermione's own wand, and laced up the front.

“Oh!” Hermione gasped. “They’re perfect!”

Fiona helped Hermione try on the boots, and then brought out the last box, and revealed an intricate silver circlet from the box. It rested in Hermione’s curls and dipped down over her forehead to a single, tiny ruby dangling at the tip. “I changed my mind about the veil.”

“Let’s show your friends!” Fiona said, helping Hermione step out of the change room.

Stopping in front of a tall mirror, Hermione saw herself for the first time. She really did look like an elf.

“Oh ‘Mione!” Ginny exclaimed. “You look perfect!”

“I agree,” Fleur said, wistfully. “I am quite jealous zat I did not find a wedding dress zis beautiful!”

Hermione gazed at her reflection. The dress really was perfect. She hadn't really given much thought to planning the wedding, she had been so focused on finding her parents. But now that she knew where they were, and would see them in a few days, she let herself get excited. Like all little girls, she had ideas about what she wanted her wedding to look like.

Just then she heard Harry’s voice over the din of the market. “I’ve found them, they’re over here!”

“Bollocks!” Ginny said, “I’ll go stall them. Ron can’t see you!!!” She took off running towards the boys and pulled Ron away before he saw Hermione.

“What’s all that about?” Harry asked, looking at Fleur who had thrown a cloak over Hermione in an attempt to hide the dress.

“I found a wedding dress.” Hermione explained, “I tried it on, and Ginny doesn’t want Ron to see it and bring bad luck.”

Unfortunately, the added weight of the cloak and the awkwardness of Fleur draping it around her caused Hermione to lose her balance and fall backwards onto the floor.

“Gah!” She said, pounding the ground with her fist. “I’ve left my crutch in the change room. It wouldn’t matter if Ron had seen this anyway. I don’t have any money to buy it.”

“I’ve got you.” Harry said, picking Hermione up and ducking back into the change room.

“Just put me down Harry.” Hermione struggled, flushing red. “I can do it myself!”

“I know you can, but you don’t have to.” Harry said, setting Hermione on her feet, he saw what she was wearing. “Merlin Hermione, you look amazing!”

Hermione blushed, and ducked her head. “I hope I can find another like it when I’ve saved up enough for a dress.”

“Well, you change before Ron comes over an spoils the whole thing with his tact.” Harry left the changing area, just as Fiona was returning to help Hermione out of the dress.

“Heavens, you’re not the groom are you?” Fiona asked.

“No, just a friend.” Harry said. “Do me a favour? Box up everything she picked out.” With that he passed her a stack of galleons. “Will that cover it?”

“Well, yes… more than twice over.” Fiona stumbled. “I’ll just get you some change.”

“No need.” Harry said, “Can you hold these items until I can pick them up at a later time?"

"Of course I can, but..." Fiona started to protest the amount of gold Harry had handed her.

“Perfect. Please don’t tell her I’ve paid for the dress.” Harry said, cutting her off and going to find Ron.

With the chores at the bank finished, everyone did a bit more browsing before preparing to return to Drover's Haven.

Harry was still reeling with the information he'd been given at the bank, and he still didn't fully understand what a lot of in meant. Eventually Bill had said that could spend a thousand galleons a day for the rest of his life and not even empty a corner of his vault. He had a large amount of parchment tucked into his Mokeskin pouch detailing everything, as the goblin manager had gone on about investments and doubling interest.

Harry had immediately tried to give some to the Weasley's, but Arthur, Bill, and even Ron had flatly refused his offer. He decided he would figure out a way around it eventually, but in the meantime, his purchase for Hermione had given him an idea. As they made their way around the market, browsing and laughing, he quietly bought an item every one of his friends paused to look at, slipping the shopkeeper the necessary galleons and arranging to pick the items up later.

Just as they were planning to leave, Harry claimed he needed to find the loo, and slipped away to scamper around and collect his purchases. He shrunk each one and tucked them into his Mokeskin pouch before hurrying back to the group.

When they spun to a stop on the lawn in front of the big house, the whole group was in good spirits. As they made their way into the house for lunch, Hermione dropped to the back of the group, moving slowly and leaning heavily on her crutch.

Ginny and Ron noticed her and fell into step on either side. "What's up 'Mione?" Ginny asked.

"I'm just so tired, I haven't really walked that much. I should have brought my other crutch." Hermione adjusted her weight again to tackle the step on the porch, and then sat down on the nearest chair.

"Better now?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, my leg is killing me though." Hermione said, sounding slightly out of breath.

"Wait, what?" Ginny said, pulling out her wand. "Where is it hurting?"

"Um, I dunno, the whole leg." Hermione said, and then started grinning, "Oh my god! The whole leg!!! That's good, right? I couldn't feel anything before?!"

"I think it is." Ginny said, muttering an incantation and running her wand over Hermione's leg. The wand glowed blue, and then white, and Ginny darted inside.

"Wait, where..." Ron started to call after Ginny, but she was already back with her kit.

"Here, drink this." Ginny said, handing Hermione a small vial. "It's a pretty strong pain potion, unless this is phantom pain, it should stop almost immediately."

Hermione tipped her head back and downed the potion in one swallow. They all waited in silence, Hermione almost didn't dare to breath, and waited several long moments before she gave a cheer of joy as the pain disappeared.

"It worked!" she shrieked, throwing her arms around first Ginny, and then Ron.

Ron and Ginny let out shouts of excitement, Ginny leapt up and started dancing some sort of jig. Ron stood to join her, looked down at Hermione, pulled her up so she was standing on his feet and started dancing around the porch with his arms around her waist holding her up. The three were hooting, hollering, and laughing so loudly that the rest of the family was drawn out outside.

"What in Merlin's name is going on out here?" Mrs. Weasley asked, as she watched the trio spin around in circles.

"Hermione's leg hurts!" Ron cried, ecstatically, lifting his fiancee and spinning her around.

"Do you mean..." Harry asked, joining in their dancing, " that you can feel it?"

"Yep!" Hermione yelled, clinging to Ron's neck to keep from falling down.

With that, the rest of the family joined in the dance, even the house elves had created some sort of conga line. George had conjured a phonograph that was playing some sort of ridiculous polka music. Bill and Charlie appeared to be trying to attempt a tango of some sort, Fleur was doing pirouettes in the middle of the group, and Hermione's feet were no longer even touching the ground as Ron spun her around and around.

Eventually they all started to tire, even the gramophone seeming to get a bit worn down, and collapsed onto the chairs and steps on the porch. Sometime during the celebration, Andromeda had returned and joined in the dancing.

Kreacher ushered them all into the house for tasty lunch of chicken pie.

"Well, let's go see Carl and Ellie about using their phone. Let's get the Grangers home!" Harry said.

He and Bill got up to walk the short distance to their neighbors house; Hermione started to go with them, but Ginny stopped her.

"Not you missy, you're staying right there. You need to give that leg a rest, not walk another kilometer." Ginny scolded.

Hermione huffed, and crossed her arms, but she was really still too tired to put up much of a fight.

"We'll be right back with news 'Mione." Harry promised.

The arrived at Carl's, explained their request, and Harry quickly made the telephone call, pausing to verify things occasionally with Bill. In the end it was decided that the Grangers (or rather the Wilkins, as they still were being called) would drive their car to Drover's Haven, as they were only about a days drive away.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he hung up the phone, "I was afraid they would have changed their minds or gotten a job and it would all get more complicated."

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