Alex Pettyfer imagined as Scorpius Malfoy, Sophie Turner as Rose Weasley

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Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away
Where innocence is burned in flames
[…] I'm frozen to the bones, I am...

- Iron, Woodkid



Last June, part 1






You’re the shittiest liar in all Hogwarts, cousin dearest”, Albus Potter mockingly shook his head.


There’s no way you’re just going for a nightly stroll without there being any bloke involved. So please feel free to spill this week’s cockroach’s name.”


Just give me the Cloak, Al”, Rose answered, rolling her eyes.


Growing up a girl in a family filled with cousins always ready to jump at the first opportunity to gather some fresh dirt on each other, Rose didn’t even blush at Albus’s questioning.  It was in fact quite decent and prim for Wotter standards.


Just give me the name, Rose”, Al mimicked her, smirking.


The Cloak of Invisibility for the name of the tosser that asked you out”.


Fine, be that way,” she shrugged, getting up from the comfortable plush armchair she’d been lounging in in the Gryffindor’s common room.


I’ll manage without.”


Now what makes you think I will let my favourite cousin wander the grounds by herself? Nay, I am accompanying you on this quest, cousin dearest”, Albus grinned, getting up as well.


Petrificus totalus!”


Albus turned to stone instantly, the perplex expression on his face scrunching up his otherwise rather handsome features, and Rose put her wand away just as swiftly as she had whipped it out from her Ravenclaw robes.


I think you will find you’re doing no such thing, cousin dearest,” she said, whilst kneeling by Albus’s motionless figure and spreading one of the many deep-red fuzzy blankets laying around Gryffindor Tower across his torso.


There, there. In case you get cold,” she said lovingly, while tucking in his feet.


I’ll see you at breakfast,”  Rose skipped off towards the common room’s portrait hole, adding “and do try not to be too cross with me!”, before climbing out and heading down to the boat house by the Black Lake, where she would  meet none other than  Scorpius Malfoy at midnight.






Scorpius Malfoy didn’t think Faye Ainsley could get any more stereotypical.


A thick layer of gloss smeared across her pouty lips, a couple too many buttons on her uniform shirt undone, a whiny voice, a set of minions with a grand total of 6 brain cells tops, and an allowance higher than the average wizard’s monthly income. She might as well have a  'fucking cliché' neon-sign permanently floating above her head. Hmm, there’s an idea…


“… and I get that she’s your potions partner and all, but Scorpius babes, you can do so much better than Clarence Clearwater. Did you know she …


On normal days, Scorpius could somewhat handle Ainsley’s incessant nagging. He’d tune out, ‘hmm’ed’ and ‘aha’d’ once in a while, keep her, and thus her influential daddy, satisfied. Today however, he couldn’t muster the patience. She’d been on about Clarence, one of the few Slytherins he genuinely liked, for a solid 10 minutes now. She was making him late.


Faye,” he interrupted her loudly.


Her whining ended abruptly.


Go on a date with me.”


Her sticky mouth dropped open in surprise, forming a perfect O.


31st of June. 8 o’clock common room, yeah?” he called over his shoulder, as he had already stalked past her, grateful for her temporary muteness.


Before Faye could realize this month only had 30 days, he rounded the corner and sprinted up the stone stairs.


Away from Faye fucking Ainsley, away from the Slytherin Dungeons where his obnoxious cousins reigned as kings.


Towards the grounds, towards the boathouse, towards Rose.






That bitch,” was the first thing to come out of his younger brother’s mouth after James unfroze him.


Our darling sister did this to you, then?” James smirked appreciatively.


Rose,” Al spat venomously while throwing off the fuzzy blanket and scrambling to his feet.


James watched him pad his robes, looking for …


Aha!”, his brother exclaimed triumphantly while extracting a ruddy looking piece of parchment from his grey uniform trousers.


Let’s find the soulless bint, shall we. And more importantly, the wanker she’s seeing.


James wasn’t really too interested in Rose’s love life. Simply too many cousins to keep up with. However, it was either going with Albus, or studying for his upcoming finals. Not a particularly tough choice to make, especially since he was already set to play professional Quidditch after graduating anyway. So he shrugged unconcernedly, took out his wand and tapped the piece of yellowed parchment Al had unfolded.


I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


Blotches of red ink appeared, thinning out and spreading quickly, drawing out the one and only Marauder’s Map.


Albus impatiently flipped it towards the page displaying Hogwarts’s grounds, mumbling “going for an evening walk…” sceptically.


Despite the warm June night, there were only three little name banners floating above the image of the castle grounds. Not surprisingly so, as final exams where excruciatingly close, and the majority of the student body had either locked themselves inside their respective common rooms, or was preparing for a two-week camp out in the library.


The first banner bore the name of some Pansy-chick James had never heard of, and hovered close to the banks of the Black Lake. Not far off, Rose Weasley’s name floated directly above the old boat house. The last banner had only just exited Hogwarts's main entrance, and was apparently making its way down the stone stairs leading up to the castle. It read Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.


Bloody fucking hell”, was all Al could manage.


Ooooh, this is going to be better than I ever expected”, was James’s response.


Although he might not be particularly interested in the love lives of the various members of his oversized family, James Sirius Potter did not say no to witnessing a healthy dose of drama. His brother and he walking in on Rose and Scorpius bloody Malfoy was a promise of a dramatic showdown of epic proportions, to say the least.


Let’s go, then”, he grinned at Albus, who was still fuming, and not only from being hexed earlier.


Seven flights of moving stairs and a couple of secret passage-ways later, the Potter boys exited the castle, and Albus threw their father’s ancient Invisibility Cloak over them both. It did not completely reach down to their feet anymore, as it used to in their earlier years at Hogwarts. But for keeping teachers who accidentally looked out their office window from spotting two famous raven-haired boys with illuminated wands outside the castle after hours, it made do. Another shortcut through Hagrid’s overgrown vegetable patch and a descent down the boat house’s slippery wooden stairs brought the duo to the school’s quays soon enough.


Where they found a scene clashing entirely with what they’d expected.


“… not for you, Scorpius darling. She’s beneath you,” a middle-aged woman with a pug-like face was standing in the middle of the boathouse, gesturing towards the boys’ red-haired cousin.


Rose was fixed near the end of the quay, mere inches away from the lake’s water, pure shock plastered on her freckle-covered face, seemingly unable to move from her spot.


I understand. You’re young. Young in a world that has changed too much, has deflected too much from the old ways. Has almost forgotten about them altogether.


And Malfoy, confident and self-assured Malfoy, was against the wooden shack’s wall, the house’s ropes tied magically around his ankles, his wrists, his waist. Idly trying to struggle free, but to no avail, his expression nothing but fear.


It’s not your fault. Look out for my Pandora, and you will realize. My Pandora, she’s worthy. Soon enough. But until then, Scorpius dear,  let me teach you a lesson. Set an example, if you will.


And with that, the woman hit Rose with an Unforgiveable.




It sent Rose flying into the Black Lake’s dark waters, crying out in agony, leaving Malfoy screaming her name in despair, trying to fight off the ropes harder than ever. Albus was the first to react, running from under the Cloak, charging before James had even fully realized the gravity of the situation.




Albus’s sudden appearance certainly took the witch by surprise, yet she reacted readily by throwing up a quick but imperfect protective shield. The force of the spell backfired nonetheless, sending Al flying into the wooden wall Malfoy was tied to, where to James’s horror, his brother remained motionless.


Fucking hell, what was he supposed to do. His mind was completely blank, no offensive spell whatsoever he could think of. Here he was, Harry fucking Potter’s oldest son, invisible under the Cloak, and no idea how to save his family. Some Gryffindor he was.


Coughing sounds came from the water. Rose had resurfaced from the depths of the lake, grabbing the edge of the quays and trying to hoist herself back up. Albus’s spell must have broken the witch’s concentration. Unfortunately, James wasn’t the only one to have heard Rose coughing up her guts.


Oh no, Weasley,” the woman hissed, a tad out of breath “you’re not going anywhere”.




The spell, one unknown to James at that, sent Rose flying into the water again, but not before he saw and, possibly even more hauntingly, heard it rip and tear open her chest, colouring the water she’d disappeared in almost black with blood.



So James did the only thing he could think of, performed the only spell on his previously blank mind. From his invisible advantage, Malfoy’s screams ringing in his ears,  he, too, Sectumsempra’d the hell out of the raving lunatic bitch who had dared touch his family.



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