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Joey Kingston knew he wasn't crazy. 

His mother got him checked a few years ago, when he was 6.

But Joey couldn't help but wonder if he had some sort of disease that caused him to hallucinate. That was the only reasonable explanation for the flying cars, strange people in robes waving sticks around as if they were wizards, and huge double decker buses whizzing between cars at an insane speed.

Yes, that must be it.

Joey was probably imagining everything! The time when he was merely a child and kept his cereal bowl from falling by keeping it in midair; that must have been a dream!

The time he had a doctor's appointment and as the doctor was about to give him a shot, the needle disappeared into thin air; just a figment of his imagination.

When Joey was going on a school trip and he was waiting at Kings Cross with his classmates, he saw people disappearing into a brick wall as if it was a portal; it was so early morning that day anyway so Joey was probably just too tired.


That was always the word that bloomed in his mind like a flower whenever he told himself he wasn't a blithering crazy idiot kid who kept seeing things. Imagining things is for the little kids! Not 12-year-olds!

Except, Joey knew he hadn't imagined all of those things. He remembered them. They were so engraved in his head that he knew every detail about everything he had ever seen, like the time when he was 5, there was a blue Cadillac flying across ths sky. He remembered the dark haired boy and a redhead inside it. Both of them had such funny expressions of panic on their faces. And the time he saw a dark blue bus squeeze between two buses, and he recognised a passenger on the bus; the same dark haired boy. 

If he could remember faces clearly, he obviously wasn't inagining things, right? And now, as a mature 12-year-old, he was no longer as naive as he used to be. Joey knew better than to tell his friends or family about what he was seeing, although that didn't mean he didn't see them. 

But now, standing at the entrance of his house as he held the door open, Joey could only hope that the police weren't here to take him away.

In front of him was a humongous man, a giant with a long bushy beard, holding a bright pink unbrella.

"Sorry I arrived a year late." The 'giant' said with a low, rough, and gruffy voice. 'Giant' fitted the big man perfectly. "There was a battle at Hogwarts and the school needed some renovation, but everything is finally ready! Hogwarts is reopening! Now lad, where's your mum and dad?"

"Mum! Dad!" Joey yelled at the top of his lungs and slammed the door shut. Do not talk to strangers, especially strange giant men with a beard you could get lost in. "There's a giant man waiting at the door to speak to you!" And Joey ran up the stairs when he heard his parents coming, though he stopped midway to listen to the conversation between the adults.

"How may I help you?" Mr. Kingston asked the giant.

"My name is Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid, and I'm here on the behalf of Headmistress Minerva McGonagall to give you this." The big man said as he took out a crumpled envelope from his pocket.

"Dear Mr. Kingston," Joey's morher read aloud after tearing the envelope open and taking the a piece of old parchment out. "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Joey's mouth dropped and he made a small squeak in surprise.

"Is Hogwarts an asylum? Is this some sort of scam to take my boy away? He is not crazy; I swear it!" Mr. Kingston boomed with a strong voice.

"No, sir. You see, your son as a wonderful gift. Magic! Now look." The giant said and waved his pink umbrella around. Joey suddenly felt a tingle spread all over his body, and soon, he was being lifted down the staircase and towards the three talking adults near the door.

Mrs. Kingston dropped the letter she was holding and fainted. Mr. Kingston's face blanched in shock, before he ran to the bathroom and emptied his stomach. And Joey, Joey just grinned as he was being put down.

The giant man, Hagrid, knelt down so that he was at Joey's eye level. "Joey my boy, you're a wizard!"



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