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Snape: October 1970. Age 10.

Playing on the swing. That’s where I first saw her. With her red hair flowing down her back and a huge smile on her face as she swung higher and higher. She laughed with joy and jumped off. That was when I first got curious. It wasn't like the other girl with her, her sister I believe. The other girl had attempted to jump too but had landed much faster and harder. The first girl, however, had almost floated down to the ground. It wasn't normal. It was as if something had stopped her from getting hurt.

The next day they didn't play on the swings. The older girl wouldn't let them. She kept saying their mum had said no. They were playing on the roundabout instead. The roundabout that went so fast that the older girl fell off, but Lily, the younger girl barely even moved in her seat as though something was holding her there. She had jumped off to check on her sister immediately but was greeted with a glare before the older girl backed away from her, pointing at the roundabout and gesturing wildly. I had no idea what they were saying, but the look on her face suggested confusion and annoyance.

Almost a week has gone by since then and now I'm hiding behind a bush, scared to say anything. Lily doesn't understand what is happening, but I do. She’s a witch. She is magical, just like me. But how do I tell her? She has to know soon. She has to understand. If she knows she’s a witch then she will have questions that I can answer. She will want to talk to me. For once, I will have someone to talk to.

That’s the one thing I have always wanted. My parents don’t care about me, especially my Muggle father. They never notice if I'm there or not. I could stay here behind this bush for days and they wouldn't look for me. Sometimes I wonder if they even remember I exist. That is until they shout at me over the smallest of things. That’s when I know they are aware of me. I do my best to stay out of their way, though. I spend the days on the street and the nights in my bedroom. The less they see of me, the better.

In just under a year I’ll be at Hogwarts and out of their way for the whole school year. There’s no way I am coming home for the winter holidays. I’ll stay there on my own if I have to. Anything to avoid coming home. Maybe Lily will stay with me. But only if I tell her. I have to tell her.

She’s jumping off the swing again, making Petunia mad at her. Muggles just don’t understand magic. They reject anything they can’t understand. They are all the same. I hate every single one of them.

They’re coming closer, standing just on the other side of this bush, arguing about the flower Lily is holding. It’s now or never. I have to tell her just to shut the Muggle girl up. She says the things Lily is doing aren't right, but they are. She’s a witch. It’s time to tell her.

Here goes nothing.

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