Chapter Image by Clara Oswald @ TDA

Rose POV

Quidditch. The roaring screams, the frightening passes and the competitive bitterness. And that’s all before breakfast.

“Rose. Seriously. Where did you hide my gloves? You KNOW I can’t play without them” Jordan’s voice demands from beside my bed.

We’ve been having this same conversation for the past 20 minutes. I’m currently trying to catch a little more sleep, before the day officially begins. Jordan is currently doing my head in about her bloody gloves. Lucy is watching amused from her perch on the chair, fully clothed in her quidditch gear. Max is occupying the bathroom, which Jordan keeps switching from interrogating me and banging on the door for Max to hurry up. I think it’s safe to say, Jordan is definitely not a morning person.

I’ve tried to explain. But I think at this early hour her brain cannot understand English.

I flip her the bird.

“You seriously want us to lose. This is my first game.” She slumps back against her bed. The poor thing is probably exhausted from her crazy routine of flustering back and forth around the dormitory.

“You’ll be brilliant Jord” Lucy comforts.

“I would be, if Rose hadn’t hid my glo-“

“For MERLINS SAKE - I didn’t take the bloody gloves! I swear on all that is magical. I swear on fudge!” I exclaimed with a wild maddening look in my eye. They instantly both recoiled.

“Geez Rose. You could have just said. No need to be in a tizzy.” Jordan replies. And then continues banging on the door for Max to get a bloody move on.

Merlin give me strength.

Lucy gives me an apologetic look. I groan and flop back in my bed.

“I hate quidditch mornings” I grumble into my pillow.


So once Jordan blew the door off its hinges, Max made quick work to finish up. And after a few more minor stressful chaotic moments (A fight with the shower curtain, the ultimate reveal of the missing gloves – they were with Max the whole time, apparently Jordan had given them to her for safe keeping – Oh the irony. And a few curse words and heartfelt apologies later…) There was finally peace and tranquillity in the Sixth Year Dorm once again. Max and Jordan left for breakfast, and Lucy followed not long after. We had the break-up debrief the night before. It was surprisingly uncomplicated. Alex of course was shocked and unpleasant, but once Lucy told him she actually loved fudge and her devil tendencies and the shocking truth of her real opinion of his favourite book The Easy Road by Alec Vander – the split was actually quite amicable. But they did date for two whole years, which is a lifetime when you’re sixteen, and I know Lucy is feeling the loss. Quidditch always helps, swinging and hitting a bludger at top notch speeds is surprisingly therapeutic.

With minimal stress I manage to crawl out of bed, endure a quick shower, and dress in my quidditch attire in a matter of 10 minutes. For some reason, when I’m at my most exhausted, grumpy and irritable, I’m actually quite efficient – it may have something to with my slightly terrible time management skills, breakfast will be over in 5 minutes (and when there’s food on the line – Rose Weasley stops at nothing).

I sprint down the corridors, it’s a great warm up for quidditch. Al is never really impressed with my late arrivals on quidditch mornings. I will have to suffer his wrath, but with some strawberries and waffles I may be able to bear it. The great hall is in sight, I barrage through a few first years and make a beeline for the first empty seat I see and plonk myself down and reach for the berries.

“Um Rose?”

I look up to see Al towering over me. I haven’t even eaten one strawberry yet.

I frown. “Yes…” I begin tentatively. It’s common knowledge AL is a tad stressed on quidditch mornings, and add in his new position as Quidditch Captain, Lily Potter as his opponent, minus a boyfriend, and one extremely late and uncontrollable cousin - I was expecting a full on Albus Potter explosion.


“You realise you’re sitting at the Slytherin table, on a quidditch morning…” He observes confused.

I look around at the unfamiliar and confused faces around me.


“Well of course. I just thought I should spread the merriment and keep up the cheery morale” I grin.

He sighs “Why do you make everything so difficult?” his shoulders slump in defeat.

“Um genetics” I try with a wide smile. He doesn’t buy it and soon enough he’s dragging me towards the group of Gryffindors talking animatedly about the oncoming game. I go to sit next to Lucy, who is seated next to Chase but Al slides in before I can even notice the bowl of berries sitting right in front of the spot. Actually who am I kidding? Of course I noticed.

“Sorry Rose... You can’t sit with us.” Lucy informs me.

“Why not?” I ask feeling a little rejected and extremely annoyed, my strawberry time is running out and I’ve been removed from my previous perfectly good seat to just be rejected by my supposed friends.

“Because this is The Breakup Club” Chase smiles. He just loves to torment me.

What… But the serious looks on their faces, makes me think they aren’t joking.

“What?” I say aloud this time.

“The break-up club. Man haters, Fudge eaters and hug needers” Al recites.

I’m internally cackling.

“Um. But you two broke up with each other…” I state befuddled.

They both glare at me. Whoops.

“Yes. Thank you Rosie. It wasn’t awkward enough already” Al grumpily muttered.

“Right. Well anyway I’m single and a man hater, and a fudge obsessed hugger” I grin and try and squeeze my way in.

“No” The three of them chorus.

“Seriously?” I question frustrated.

“Yep” they smiled.

And then the worst happened. The strawberries disappeared.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next….

I collapsed on the floor at their feet, and lay flat on my back staring blankly up at the ceiling.

What in Merlin’s name have I done to deserve this horrific end?


After I collected the little sanity I had left. I decided the floor of the great hall probably wasn’t the best place to be situated. It’s grubby, gross and gets me no closer to strawberries. Lucy, Al and Chase are very accustomed to my violent tendencies when I’m suffering from a food withdrawal and decided to leave me be. Nice, I’m having a breakdown in the great hall and nobody cares.

I follow the mostly empty plates along the table until I come across an exciting and very delicious sight.

I follow the traitorous arms until I meet the familiar face of one blonde Gryffindor. But I am somewhat distracted by a petite and well varnished hand on his shoulder. But then the Strawberries catch my eyes again, my stomach grumbles and I decide there is really only one thing to do.

They must be mine.

Luckily. Scorpius was seated at the end of the table, so I kindly or you could say a tad aggressively, politely asked if he could move down a tad. Which as gentlemanly as he is, he kindly did as I asked. However in his haste, forgot to grab his plate, and the ownership fell to me. Perfectly.

Before my arrival he was engaged in a discussion with the lovely Channing Wood (Owner of the pretty fingernails) And alas the beautiful girl managed to keep him distracted whilst I inhaled the strawberries and made good headway on the waffles before he even noticed.

“Rose” He glared, once sufficient enough time past, he actually noticed my presence and that I might have been eating his breakfast. Well he moved without it. What’s a girl supposed to do… Starve? I don’t think so.

 “Yes Scorpius” I smile back innocently. Well as innocent as one can look with strawberry juice covering their chin.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He gestured to the plate.

“I thought it was obvious” I replied confused. Shoving another mouthful of waffles into my mouth before his senses return. Well it seems they already have returned, I should have just grabbed it and ran. Hindsight’s a bitch.


Maybe it’s not too late. I slowly stand, gripping the plate, Freedom was in sight. Well until I was pulled back by a tight grip on my jersey.


“Not so fast” he pulls me back against his side.

“Well I didn’t want to intrude” I gestured to Channing, who was watching the scene unfold with amusement. She is also a Gryffindor and this year’s Head girl. Quidditch legend Oliver Woods daughter, a 5 foot 7 supermodel goddess, and has a not so secret crush on my current glaring opponent. Of course he’s oblivious. She leant me some fudge once, when I was going through a traumatic withdrawal in the library. Well leant isn’t really the accurate term, as I never did replace it. Well I bought some to return to her, but for some reason it never managed to last the journey back. Giving is hungry work.

“Oh really? That’s never stopped you before” He smirks.

I forked another strawberry. “What can I say? I missed you” and gave him the widest grin known to man, and stuffed it in my mouth.

He rolled his eyes and ripped the fork from my grasp and moved the plate back in front of him. It was noticeably less full now. I wonder where all the food went.

He can be so greedy sometimes.

“Hiya Rose. Do you make a habit of arriving late to breakfast and sharing food with friends?” Channing asked with a wink.

I was about to reply when I noticed the blueberries on her plate. My stomach grumbled. I smiled and got up from my spot and managed to squeeze in between her and Scorpius. The latter was complaining about his stolen breakfast, which was ignored by both of us.

“Channing, my dear friend. I think we should catch up, I mean it’s been how long? How’s Head duties with this lump” I gestured to James who was half asleep in his porridge. Jordan was seated beside him, with a grin – thankfully her stress levels seem to be at a more normal rate – but she had obviously caught onto my game. Channing goes to reply, When I hold up my hand “I think we need snacks” and I pull her plate between the two of us, and steal Scorpius’ fork back and bite into a few berries. “Go on”

Channing laughed. “You truly are one of a kind Rose” but she grabbed her fork and we chatted and ate until she left to go help Madame Pomfrey set up. Channing wants to be a healer, so she assists Madame Pomfrey during quidditch matches and the like. She actually is nice, she just has terrible taste in men, the poor girl.

I turn back to Scorpius who is smiling at me. “What?”

He laughs. “You have juice all over your face”

I grab a spoon. “You could have told me” I try to rub it off.

“Where’s the fun in that?” He stands, and stretches – his shirt rides up a little, I’m a little distracted by his well-toned body.

Mayday Mayday. Uncharted Waters up head. Proceed with caution.

He must have taken his jersey off during breakfast. Although I’m confused how that went unnoticed. So I grabbed it (before he could) and continued to try and clean my juicy face.

“Rose” he tried to swipe it.

“I need it. I can’t go out there looking like this” I gesture to my pink and purple chin and nose.

“You look fine. Give it back”


“I’m going to have to get tough” he stands over me, with his arms crossed.

“You’re such a teddy” I grin.

He stomps his foot.

“Don’t be petulant Scorpius”

“You can be such a pain. One breakfast. That’s all I asked. One without you driving be absolutely bonkers. One normal breakfast without stolen food and secret agendas. You need to grow up” he huffed out.

Ouch. That actually hurt.

At least he warned me I guess.

I quickly masked my expression, but he must have caught it a little or realised how harsh his words were.

“Wait – that came out a little–” He began.

“No you’re right” I cast a cleaning spell on his jumper and handed it back. “We better get to the pitch” I stood next to him. He reached out for my face – unfortunately I flinched away.

“Rose” He began softly and he did have regret in his eyes. I know that I push his buttons and sometimes keep going until he breaks. But quite often that’s when you’re the most honest. Is that really what he thinks of me? I can be so juvenile sometimes. I mean they’re just berries.

“Come on, let’s go and play some quidditch” and I walk off towards the door. Eventually he follows.

One step forward. About 187 steps back.


Chase POV

The breakup club. I kind of love that. Well I mean the idea isn’t all that enticing but Al was there and I wasn’t running away, so that was good. Things have not been the best between us. Al has been trying, but I’ve been pushing him away. I don’t really know why. Well I guess I do. I just don’t like thinking about it too much… I just feel… damaged. Like I need to hide in the shadows until I can sort myself out or disguise myself enough to talk to him, or even just be in his presence, or even just exist. It’s horrible.

But unfortunately you can’t pause time. And believe me, I looked into it.

Lucy found me coming in from an early morning run, she asked me to eat with her, and told me about Alex. I’m actually secretly glad, things ended between them. She already seems so much brighter. Not to say, that I think Alex was a mistake, he was what she needed then, he just isn’t now. Sometimes we outgrow people and sometimes they might outgrow us.

On that terrifying note. Quidditch.

“What a great day for quidditch, the grey clouds have come to spectate, the rain to invest in the game and the wind to even the score. It’s the first match of the season. A good one to start us off. It’s not only the coveted game between the two most competitive houses, but also might finally settle the score of the long-time Potter rivalry ‘Is red or blue the more handsome colour’ Well we’re about to find out. But I mean its Lily Potter, she has the red hair and wears the Ravenclaw Blue, the girl wins every time. Well except the time she charmed her beloved Brother James’ hair blue. But that’s another story for another time” the crowd erupts in laughter. “The teams have both newly appointed heads at the realm, James was a little sore that his baby brother and sister beat him to the punch, well until the very surprising and still very questionable appointment of his placement of Headboy. I’m receiving a glare from Headmistress McGonagall, so I’m guessing it might be a sore subject. Moving on – The Captains, Albus Potter for Gryffindor and Lily Potter for Ravenclaw. Their fellow teams haven’t change much, well except for Drew Davies as the new claws seeker – I didn’t realise he had the attention span to play – Oh this just in receiving another glare, apparently the Headmistress agrees with my observation, shame on you Lily, oh dear I don’t think she wanted that made public, she’s coming over, Moving ON – And Jordan Michael’s our very own latest Chaser, and may I say – she really is brilliant. Gryffindor for the win. My very eager listeners, don’t be discouraged, McGonagall just needs to discuss with me, my very delightful quidditch commentating skills - don’t worry nothing to – Ok Ok. AFS (Away from Speaker For those of you who- Ok Professor Please not the hair!!)”

After some forceful reminders about the commentator terms and conditions. Chapter 52, Subsection 3, Part C – You must speak encouragingly for all houses and players, without bias or removal will be imminent.

Yarda Yarda heard it all last year.

I may be acting slightly destructively.

“Ok My fellow Hogwartians. The teams are hot. The Bludger is ready to rocket. The Snitch is ready to flutter and the Quaffle is ready to chase. Pun intended. The final pre-game words are being spoken, or in Rose Weasley’s case the last piece of fudge pilfered out of Malfoy’s bag.” The crowd laughs. “Actually, don’t tell her I said that. Moving on. Ravenclaw flying out first, The Weasley dynamite duo, Dominque and Louis, their bats at the ready. The rookie, Collins wobbles out next – looking a little nervous. Did you notice the shaking hands…Better watch that mate. The mighty Nox, takes his position by the goals, he may rack up all the points off the field, but today he keeps them away. Finally our trio of Chasers including our very own Hugo Weasley, Alex Trent and Captain Lily ‘the conqueror’ Potter – and yes she did pay me to say that. Next up we have the Better I mean Beater Cousins Lucy and Fred Weasley, Seeker for Fudge or any Food really - Rosie Weasley, And Keeper of hearts Scorpius Malfoy. And our final players The Kind Jordan Michaels, The Joker James Potter and The Handsome Captain Albus Potter. Can I get a whoop whoop” The crowd responds enthusiastically. “After an adorable Brother and Sister Hug, Madame Hooch blows the whistle and the game begins” Merlin I need a breath. “First possession was taken out by The Potter brothers, and that was a practiced pass, which Lily intercepts – Got to stop sharing those family secrets – Hugo swoops in and takes it low, Alex for receiver and he shoots – and a nice save by Gryffindor – also known as Scorpius Malfoy. The man himself passes back to Al, who goes wide to James, who passes back and The First goal of the match is played. Go Gryffindor”

“The Weasley beaters are flying hard, both sides with little success. Their quick, tough and Cousins, so tensions are high, and familial obligation is low. Malfoy blocks another goal, Alex is not having any luck. Lily and Hugo are playing like a well-rehearsed Flobberworm, in beat, perfect rhythm and extremely entertaining to watch. Well that was a disgusting visual. Rose is doing what she does best, she’s on the prowl, but for the snitch, not a snog – well later tonight maybe. And Drew looks a little like a lost puppy. Wait that might be a little offensive. Puppies are downright adorable, and a lost one, is extremely distressing. I’d like us all to take a moment to appreciate Puppies and their cuteness. We should strive to seek every one that’s lost or abandoned, and keep them safe and happy. Right getting a glare from McGonagall – Back to the Game - Alex has finally managed to get a goal past Malfoy – and from the determination etched on both faces – I have a feeling the war has just began. The possession back to Gryffindor with Jordan making her first goal. The tally is presently Gryffindor: 20 and The Claws: 10. A bludger makes a near miss with Hugo’s head – And a tail end spin with Jordans Broom. But she’s a tough nut, and she’s furious. A frightening combination, but a great tool to fight the first game nerves. Our other apprentice Drew Collins is looking a little green - Not sure if he is their secret weapon or just eye candy. Either way, he’s failing at both.”

“Alright so it’s now been 2 hours, and the game is still very much intense. The snitch has been spotted numerous times, But is being as flighty as Scorpius and Rose’s spotty friendship. Ok. Best not tell her I said that either. Collins has had a few choice words from the petite and frightening captain – but he’s either incapable or just ignorant. The score is Gryffindor 170 Ravenclaw 150. There really isn’t much in it folks. The beaters are batting back with shear fire and the players are dodging them like pro’s. Well they were, but the longer the game goes on, the slower the reflexes and also the trajectory of the Bludgers gets a little spotty. Right on point, an ill aimed bludger hits Gryffindor seeker Rose Weasley out of nowhere – I think that might be a broken arm. Hooch blow’s the whistle and players fly to her.”


Rose POV

Pain. God it feels like a fire burning me from the inside. I’m an idiot I should have seen it. Come on Rose you’re smarter than this. You’re stronger than this.

Of course somehow Scorpius manages to get to me first. We fly to the ground.

Al and Luce are soon upon us. As are Fred, James, Jor and Hugo (What a lovely brother I have).

“You alright?”

“Can you still play?”

“The bloody thing came out of nowhere”

“You’re lucky it didn’t throw you off you’re broom”

Questions were flying everywhere. “Let me have a look” Scorpius reaches out. I look at Hugo in alarm. I can’t deal with this right now. “I’ve got it mate” Hugo pulls me over to the side.

“How bad is it?” he asks a little worried.

“It burns” I grimace.

“Bad enough that you can’t play?”

“Undoubtedly” I smile.

“But it’s not going to stop you?” he smirks at me knowingly.

“Of course not” I grin back.

“You’re a tough nut. What’s up with Scorpius?”

“He told me I need to grow up” I sighed.

“You do” he smirked.

“Hey” I punch him in the arm. Obviously not my completely throbbing and torn up one.

“Why does his opinion matter so much?” He quirks his eyebrow knowingly.

“I don’t know. It just hurt, and I feel like I can’t look at him. I feel embarrassed” I reply honestly.

“Well buck up. He’s coming over”

“Hugo!” My eyes go wide. Of course he wouldn’t give up so easily.

“Bye Sis. Look after the arm” the traitor winks and then scabbers back on his broom and flies off in the sky. And before I know it there’s an arm on my shoulder and a worried expression in my face.

“Rose” he looks at me so adoringly. Why does he have to be like this?

“Malfoy I’m fine” I couldn’t help the Malfoy slip in. Now I am being juvenile. Like seriously he can be honest. I’m not breakable. I can handle the truth.

He looks at me sadly.


So I hug him. Careful not to crush my arm any further than it is.

“Sorry” I mutter into his chest. His arms circle my waist and his chin falls to my head. In the back of my brain, I vaguely recognise the intimacy of the gesture, and the whole school is probably looking on, but I let the pain and the comfort of his arms block it all away. I really do appreciate that he cares.

“Don’t be. I didn’t mean what I said. I enjoy your morning craziness” He replies. And I can feel the honesty and sincerity of his words.

I feel like his strong arms can shield me from all the hurt. But I also feel that it could be the most dangerous place in the world.

“Scorpius” I murmur.


“I’m sorry if I abuse your, you know kindness” I pull away just enough to look into his eyes.

“You don’t” he replies so sure it nearly breaks my heart. But I do see a little anger reflected in them.

“Did someone say something?” I question, suddenly his short fuse this morning, makes a little more sense. I mean I can act immature. And I do need to work on that. It has probably been building with all the stolen food and my avoidance tactic with the whole Hogsmeade thing. Sometimes I don’t comprehend why he’s still even here, caring and being wonderful. And I know others have particularly unflattering opinions of me. Which I just ignore, but maybe today… he didn’t…

“Who cares what they think?” he evades, but clarifies.

“You do... I only care what you think” I inform him honestly. I shouldn’t have said that. I should not have said that.

Mayday Mayday. Step away from the beautiful man.

He was looking at me strangely like trying to figure me out. Good luck with that mate. I’ve been trying for the last sixteen years and all I’ve learnt with absolute certainty is I have a slight fondness for fudge. It’s messy in there.

“Come on we’ve got a game to win” I voiced.

And I left the comfort of his arms, found my broom and flew off before he could protest.


Chase POV

“And we’re back. After a comforting hug from a friend, and some caring words from a brother – who happens to be the opposition – and who said quidditch wasn’t a family game. Those two are tight knit. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Potter three or the Weasley beaters. After the swift action of Rose Weasley’s flying excellence, she received a broken arm and not a fall of two hundred feet. That girl is good, and she plays on. The tension is particularly angrier and the beaters are not apologising. After all it was an accident. But I have my doubts it will work out in their favour. After all Rose Weasley is a fighter. Madame Hooch blows the whistle and the game resumes. I always go through about 3 boxes of sugar quills when commentating, I don’t know whether I have an addiction or just need something to bite. It can be so stressful. Some retire with a smokers cough, or in my case a couple of extra pounds. McGonagall is giving me the glare again – perhaps she has an affection for sugar quills too… I’ll chat with her later. Ravenclaw wins the toss, (There was no penalty – due to the unassisted act of the exhausted bludger). Hugo, flies for the goals, with a last minute drop to Lily and the quaffle soars through, only to be blocked at the last second, by our now extremely determined keeper. The game is rough. And no team is ready to give in.”

“After another hour, the game has turned slightly in Ravenclaws favour (The claws 310 and Gryffindor 290) Rose is still playing with vigour, but is now not alone in her pain. Lily has 3 broken fingers. Scorpius a sprained wrist. Dominque a broken rib, and Fred claims he is suffering from CW (Cuddle withdrawals) – so for everyone – Fred doesn’t discriminate – he is in dire need of some comfort – please find him later. However I’m unsure if the match is ever going to end. The snitch has decided the quidditch world is not a nice place to reside – I mean the poor thing – all the pressure, and responsibility. I’m just the commentator and I’ve eaten through 5 boxes of sugar quills – don’t judge people. So hopefully we will see those fluttering golden wings soon. If not for the players, or the well-worn quaffle, exhausted and battered bludger’s, or the dedicated spectators – then please for me, the last box is staring devilishly at me – I’m not sure if I can resist.”

“We are now entering into our fifth hour peoples. The stands have emptied considerably and the sugar quills are long gone. The players are exhausted and the scores are tied. It all comes down to the seekers. Rosie is hungry and Drew is scared shitless. Al and Lily have got some top notch players on their teams, but I’m afraid if it doesn’t end soon, we might have a revolt on our hands…. Wait… is that. It is! Rose has seen the snitch. Drew follows not far behind. Get on your feet – those of you who are left.” The crowd starts cheering. The players stop playing to watch (Something they are never supposed to do – but after a five hour game, the rules tend to be a little bendable). “Collins has caught her, he’s on the inside, Rosie is reaching out, Collins bumps forward, I know I’m holding my breath, Rose performs a skilled Wronksi Feint and flips up smiling, her hand grasping that little golden snitch. Thank Merlin. The game is finished. The scores 480 to 630. Gryffindor Wins!!!” The stands erupt in thankful cheers and race to meet up with the players, where they are forming on the ground.

“Well what a great and extremely long first match. Channing and Madame Pomfrey battle their way through to tend to our well-worn and injured players. I’m on the pitch now among the throngs of quidditch goers. And I’m here with Jenny Pelton a fourth year hard core Gryffindor fan, what are your thoughts on the match Jenny?”

“My boyfriend just broke up with me. Why would he do that?” and then she burst into tears.

Uh…. Hysterical Female. Yeah… Moving on.

“Isaac Pattern – Hufflepuff Third year, Did you enjoy the game mate?”

“Definitely” he grins enthusiastically.

Finally some success.

“What was your favourite part?” I ask excitedly. Tilting the speaker for him to talk through.

“The end”

“Yes it was an exciting catch wasn’t it?”

“Not really. I meant now I can finally get back to reading my dragon comics.” He then proceeded to hold up this particular comic and inform me in great detail about the first 10 books/entries.

“That’s great Isaac. We’ll chat later yeah?”

He nodded and moved on. Finally. Where are all the hard core quidditch fans? Where is all the festive face paint, cheering posters and streamers? Where is-?

Aha. Max.

“Maxie. Quidditch. Isn’t it just the best?” I grin.

She rolls her eyes at me. I know Max has a particular fondness for quidditch, but is unfortunately a terrible flyer. Or so she has always told us. We’ve never actually seen her on a broom.

“Hello Chase. Some great commentating. Tell me did the last sugar quill end up taking you down?” she smirked.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t Gryffindor wins all around today. I, like many before me, fell prey to the sugary goodness. We fought the long fight, but as the hours grew on, my resistance grew weaker and my hunger grew stronger, so I’m afraid to say I admitted defeat.” My shoulders slumped in disappointment.

“You’re such a Gryffindork” She laughed.

“Thank you. Now back to the game…-”

And we chatted until she stole the mic and ran off to interview unsuspecting first years. Fred is having way to much influence on her. And she also decided it would be hilarious to push me into Al.

It was so awkward. Well it still is. Since neither of us have moved. We’re just standing here like a couple of idiots. This morning we actually didn’t really converse, well apart from my observation of Rosie seated at the Slytherin table and can you pass the Berries. Lucy, the blessed girl did most of the talking. But now… I’m on my own.

Think of something to say. Chase. Come on.

“Uh. Great game” I mumbled. Why are my palms sweating? Why is my heart beating so hard? Why is my mouth dry? And why does he have to look so god damn HOT!


“Yeah. It was. Great game. Great game.” Al replied back. For a captain who just won against his rival team in a five hour long game, he is decidedly not very chatty.

“So…” I began.

“Pardon?” he replied. The loud and excited quidditch fans were making it extremely difficult for us to have this conversation. Of course it had nothing to do with our recent breakup. Nothing at all.

“Sorry?” of course I heard what he said, but I just had nothing to say.

He just shrugged, smiled and gestured to the rowdy crowd.

I should have just run away when I saw him. Why am I making everything worse? I need to leave like right now…

Albus had other ideas however.

He grabbed my arm and started tugging me towards the change rooms. Oh Dear Merlin. I can’t go in there. I remember all the other times I’ve been in there. And what we’ve done in there. Oh shit.

Thankfully Al stopped just outside. It was definitely a lot less loud here. The silence was deafening. Quick make up some excuse. Anything.

“Um… you look… really hot” What! I can’t believe I just said that! Now he’s going to think I like him!! Well of course I do. I love him. And of course he knows that. Well he should! But oh hell! Maybe I can still recover. Where was I heading with this?

Al was looking at me confusedly and a little amused. “Um I mean. You probably want a shower.” His eyebrows rose further. “Not with me!” I hastily added. “I mean not that I wouldn’t want-” STOP TALKING “Um… I’ve got to, I’ve got, um” I started backing away. Al was full on grinning now. I was beet red. “Uh. Good… Good to see you. Um great game. Captain” I saluted him. I saluted him? And then bolted. What is wrong with me? I’m definitely suffering from heat stroke I think. It’s currently starting to snow. Maybe hypothermia then. Yes I’m delirious.

Oh Merlin.


Rose POV.


Channing healed my arm quick smart, I’d received congratulatory hugs from various people. Including Lily. She is gracious in defeat. But the sight that made me smile the most, was Chase and Al talking. Chase was red and Al was smiling. And it wasn’t because he just won the quidditch match. I think.

“Al?” I waved my hand in front of his face. He was still staring after the retreating fast moving figure “You alright?” I asked.

He eyes finally focused on me. “Just fine Rosie” and he ruffled my hair and walked into the change rooms.

He wasn’t smiling because he just won the game. He wasn’t smiling because the game was finally over. He wasn’t smiling because he had berries for breakfast – Although what a great reason to smile.

He was smiling because he had hope, and I couldn’t help but smile too.

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