Marauder Girls

Author’s Note: I first wrote this story nearly 13 years ago, when I was a young, love-struck 13 year old girl, trying to find her writer’s voice. Since then a lot has changed, and my debut novel will be released soon, although I thought it would be nice to come back to my early beginnings. This is both a rewrite and a remake of my story Marauder Girls – with some characters from before, some from my life now. The characters from JK Rowling are still her property, those you don’t recognise are my own (and my friends in real life :p) That being said I would also like to clarify that the name Remeus is ‘my’ character in the sense that he is a life for Remus Lupin in my story that later become the Lupin of the Potterverse canon. If you want to read the original story you can find it on my page. For now…let’s re-begin.


It was not often that Hogwarts girls had a penchant for mischief. They were usually gentle and kindly young ladies, who kept to their books and their studies and on occasion shopping at Hogsmede for sweet treats and love letters. But there were of course exceptions and trouble begets trouble.  Such was the case of a group of girls who were in their sixth year, a group of inventive and forward thinking girls, who had won the heart of a famous set of trouble makers. They were not to say antagonistic nor the most popular amongst the student-body, they worked hard and they partied hard; never far from the group of boys; who had chosen them for their closest peers. These were the Marauder Girls and this is their story.

It was 1976, a hot summer in England, and even the staff had taken it upon themselves to teach outside wherever possible, to alleviate the indivertibly deviating focus amongst their students, who had loosened their ties and collars as much as possible; and kept heading to the castle’s lake whenever they weren’t studying, with a mixture of brightly coloured swimming outfits, under their thick school robes.

All except the potions master, a certain Professor Slughorn, whose desire to drive his students towards their exams had maintained a desire for his pupils to remain in the dungeons under the school, reprimanding his questioning students with a short and blunt: “Proper brewing, requires a dark, and moderate temperature room, not your floating fans and suspended feathers.”

So it was to some relief that the Yule Ball was due to occur that year. It had not been a secret, not least in the Gryffindor common room where two of the girls were prefects, and had instantly revealed it to their friends and classmates; keen to make a head start on which gowns and dress robes would be chosen from the vast array of stores in the village, and back in London. It was no secret either that some dates had already been chosen, by long standing friendships and school romances, such as that of Lily Evans and James Potter; and Emmalena Ellis and Remeus Lupin.

Emmalena stood in front of the long mirror, which stood facing her bed; twirling slightly from left to right as she examined her reflection. She had a collection of dresses on the mahogany ottoman trunk behind her; unfolded lightly on her quilt in a mishmash of softly scented tissue paper. With her wand perched slightly behind one ear; she had levitated one dress over to her; pressing it against her uniform questioningly. This one was a beautiful cornflower blue dress, which perfectly matched her eyes; and was made in a richly spun velvet with a silk petticoat that gave it an elegant A-line shape; similar to the styles found in the 1950s, though with simple cap-sleeves and a heart shaped neckline. She had chosen to compliment it with silver shoes and a matching pashmina scarf; and a simple silver moon pendant that hung on a long chain from her neck even now; a gift from her beloved Remeus.

“Hmm,” she whispered to herself slightly, turning again to study the velvet bow neatly fastened at her back.

“I don’t know why you bother Emm you always look good.” Said a voice beside her, making her jump slightly; her wand clattering to the ground.

Beside her was one of her friends Ashli who had entered the room only a short while ago and had already begun playing with her hair, twisting it up into various styles and colours in a mixture of amusement and frustration.

“You startled her!” Cut in Lily as she too entered the dormitory, crossing past the former to get to her own bed. Emmalena smiled slightly, shaking her head as she picked up her wand; quickly recanting her charm to prevent her dress from creasing as she lay it back in its pastel pink box.

“It’s no trouble really,” she replied calmly, drifting the lid of the box over the gown, and fastening it with a silk white ribbon. “I was only day-dreaming - ”

“About Remeus…” chimed in Ashli, in a slightly singy songy voice, battering her eye-lids slightly in an affectionate and playful manner as she flopped onto Lilly’s bed; earning a slight jab in the ribs by Lilly who smiled supportively.

Emmalena’s cheeks reddened. “Yeah well you were just the same when you saw Sirius Black!” Continued Lilly, whose eyes were now focused on the book she had opened up to jot down a few notations from their class, ignoring the stuck out tongue of Ashli, who pouted for a moment then grinned. A slight glaze creeping into her eyes.

“Oh Ash…” Lilly replied, exasperatedly into her book, nudging their friend as she swayed over the textbook, in an almost dangerous manner.

“Best give up.” Emmalena said softly, though she was smiling too. “When she gets like this even if the Whomping Willow could flatten her off her broom she still wouldn’t notice.”

“But I want to study!” Lilly protested, quickly snatching her inkwell from the bed so that Ashli would not fall and drop it to the hardwood floor, or revive from her love-struck state with slightly inky fingers.

“Best go to the library.” Emmalena replied, looking through the gothic black window above her bed, which offered views of both the common room and the school’s eastern towers. “Looks like the Quidditch team will be back soon with their muddy boots and uniforms.” She stood up, bolting shut her trunk and gathering her neatly fastened satchel as she headed to the door.

“Sure,” Lilly replied, scrambling to the doorway after her. “And Ashli you can clean the guys jumpers.”

“Wait what?!” Said Ashli, sharply as she came round, just in time to catch the final words of Ms. Evans, as she left the room in a rush of flaming red hair; and a cackle of harmonious laughter.

So began another day.


Down in the common room, the two girls were met by Kayleigh Phillips, Emmalena’s best friend, and partner in crime. Whilst all the girls in the group were close, Emmalena and Kayleigh had known each other since their younger years, and were constantly found together sharing in their discoveries, charm pronunciations and mulling over unusual books in the school library.

Like Emmalena, Kayleigh had long brown hair, though she kept it shorter after they joined fourth year, and a warm, friendly disposition. “Where you guys off to?” She asked, rushing closer to them, leaping off one of their smart, wine red, wingback chairs by the fireplace to greet them.

“Just the library.” Emmalena said warmly, tilting her head as she heard the familiar voices of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, approaching singing in their usual, hyped up and testosterone filled chants about ‘Lion Spirit’. “Be nice to get some peace and quiet.”

“Not going to wait for Remeus?” asked Kay, admittedly a little surprised, “You usually go to the lakes together.”

“I know –“Emmalena began again, when Lilly answered.

“She just wants to help me out, James and I had a bit of a spat.” She said quietly, looking down and biting her bottom lip.

“Oh what about?” Kay, seemed curious, though she was not one to pry. “No, don’t worry, come on, let’s get going.”

Lilly nodded gratefully, and the three girls made their way to the Fat Lady’s familiar portrait, pressing slightly against the wall, to avoid the cluster of young men who had now arrived, cheering excitedly, and waving little flags here and there in their school colours of burgundy and gold; completely oblivious to the girls beside them.

“Men,” murmured Lilly despairingly, shaking her head. She was sometimes considered the eldest of the group, and was certainly going to make head-girl if their headmaster had his way. “I swear, they’re no better than muggles and football….”

“Football?” Emmalena asked with interest, as Kay stifled a giggle.

“Don’t worry…” Lilly said gently, “Sport is sport.”

“Oh,” Said Emmalena, for sport had always bored her, both in the wizarding world and muggle world alike. “Come on let’s go.”

The other two nodded, and so they made their way to the library, with a trunk of books and studying supplies, following in their wake.


“I’m bored!” moaned James Potter, clasping his hands behind his head as he rocked his chair back, looking towards the beautiful stained glass ceiling. “Come on let’s go swimming!”

Remeus Lupin did not answer for a moment, instead pressing his quill against the large wad of parchment in front of him, busy writing. “You know, this whole map was your idea Prongs.”

“Yeah, well…” James replied, scratching his head and looking to Sirius Black for encouragement. “Didn’t you say Padfoot it would be better if we got the girls to do the script in their fancy cursive handwriting?”

“Yeah-“ Sirius replied, as he looked over Remeus’ latest addition.

“And I thought it best, not to involve too many people.” Remeus replied sensibly, “Not ‘till we’ve finished it. We all took a vote on it.”

“Yes we did,” Peter Pettigrew piped up in turn, nodding feverantly in agreement. “And Remeus was the winner.”

“Only because I didn’t want Snape sticking his greasy nose in – “James replied, seemingly exasperated, then looking curiously over the parchment again. “What you adding now.”

Remeus smiled, and finished his drawing of the latest corridor, rather pleased with his own cartography. “Now we’ll know where Peeves is.”

“I suppose that is useful.” Said James, nodding in resigned approval as the school’s poltergeist’s name began to roam back and forth in a diagonal pattern across the page. “Should save us getting into some more trouble.”

“I wouldn’t bank on it.” Came a voice behind them, startling each of the boys with its slight ring of authority.

“Lilly!” James said, jumping up and hastily covering the map with his back to the table, facing his on-and-off girlfriend, so that the others could quickly obscure the map’s contents once more. “What you doing here?”
“Never mind that-“ Lilly replied sharply, leaning over his shoulders trying to see as James frantically waved his hands behind his back to give his friends the signal. “What are you up to now?”

“Nothing Lilly, nothing,” Said Peter, in his usual meek, fidgety tone, “We’re just catching up on a few bits from Potions.”
“Sure,” said Lilly, moving closer again, trying to catch another glance as she noticed the Marauders’ sheepish looks.  “And I suppose you expect Professor Slughorn to give you extra credit too?” Her bright bottle green eyes making Pettigrew squirm.  

“No-umm-well you see-umm…”

Lilly frowned, turning to James she stepped close and replied in a rather dramatic whisper. “If we weren’t in the library I swear I’d-“

Sirius grinned playfully choosing to stick up for his friend. “Ah, come on Lilly- it’s just…” Only for her to shut him down in turn.

Leaving them to their own devices Remeus muttered “Mischief managed,” under his breath and folded up the parchment neatly, pressing it into his inner breast pocket just in time; when he heard her voice.

“Hi Reme,” Looking up Remeus couldn’t help but smile.



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