AN Lyrics by Jamie Lawson. I only own most of the plot.

Did I misread the sign?
Your hand slipped into mine
I wasn’t expecting that

Draco hadn’t seen Ginny in a week. He thought for sure that she regretted it. He knew that for a fact. Saint Potter was constantly with her even more this week. He walked her to and from classes into the Great Hall, out of the Great Hall. Quidditch Practice, Hogsmeade, even hanging around with her friends.

2 days after that kiss, Draco knew that if he was going to ask her, he needed to make sure she trusted him, he wanted for nothing else but for her to love and trust him, but Potter wrecked everything. So 2 days after the kiss Draco asked Albus Dumbledore if he could join the order to fight against Voldemort, to fight against his family. He’d be disowned for sure, but for her he’d do anything.

He wasn’t regretting it, even though she hadn’t spoken to him, as he sat at the Slytherin table, watching Ginny as per usual, but then he heard loud echoes from outside the Great Hall. Then the door burst open. There stood Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, and about the whole Death Eaters. Then someone screamed, and Voldemort’s loud voice rumbled around the Great Hall.

Then the Death Eaters attacked. Seventh and Sixth years would stay and fight, the rest would go to the Dungeons, with some staff to look after them. Draco looked for Ginny; she was duelling against his aunt Bellatrix and his father Lucius. Draco ran over to Ginny, his aunt and farther looked disgusted, he didn’t care he only wanted Ginny to be safe.

Ginny and Draco won, Lucius and Bellatrix were dead but not from the killing curse, but from other spells. Then there were explosions, the Great Hall split in half, the walls were collapsing, dust was filling the air, it was impossible to see clearly. Draco escaped but he couldn’t find Ginny anywhere, the dust was way too thick.

The order showed up, when Draco and Ginny were duelling against Lucius and Bellatrix. They made it out. More Death Eaters showed up by the dozens dead students were hauled into the court yard. Everybody lined up, Potter was duelling against Voldemort. The duel was over Voldemort was dead Harry Potter had won.

After hours all that Draco could think about was Ginny’s body, underneath the rubble of the Great Hall. He’d gone through all the dead students that Ravenclaw Chang had died, that annoying Gryffindor with the camera Creevey, Ginny’s brothers Percy and Charlie and dozens more. They had started the repairs already. Next they were repairing the Great Hall, as they lifted the rubble, Draco stood by the doors. They lifted the rubble and Ginny wasn’t there. A huge weight was lifted from Draco’s shoulders.

Later that day he went to go sit by Ginny’s favourite spot by the Black lake. He’d looked everywhere for her, but he didn’t see her. Then all of a sudden a hand slipped into his. It was Ginny, he smiled so wide the sides of his mouth hurt. He wasn’t expecting that.

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