A/N: Another flashback for you guys! Enjoy! (And prepare the tissues...)


“Harry is dead.” 

Once those words exited Ginny Potter’s mouth, it all was made real. Harry Potter had left this world, leaving behind a wife, three kids, two godchildren, seven grandchildren and more broken hearts than it was possible to count. The world wasn't as bright anymore and certainly nothing would ever be ok again. At least, not for Ginny. Nor for Teddy. And for anyone who ever loved Harry. 

Teddy was staring blankly into his godmother’s eyes, blinking quickly as if trying to understand what she was trying to say to him. It was like he didn't even know English anymore. He felt like the time he and Victoire went to Russia and no one talked their language. But he should be able to recognise Ginny’s words. 

“Teddy-” Called Tobias, placing a hand on his shoulder. “We must move.”

Bernard was now talking to Oblivators so they could handle the muggles who had witness some part of what had just happened. Just before he had yelled sense into Susan and Seamus, sending them, Kelly and Wallace back into the Office and ordering they didn't talk with anyone else. Dylan was responsible to get Ginny out of there as well while John should wait that both his brother and Tobias got Ginny and Teddy out of the scene so he could analyse the crime scene and recollect Harry’s body. The Finnigan’s boys seemed like the ones more in place. 

After some hard work, Dylan and Tobias were gone with Ginny and Teddy trembling figures and John and Bernard were left by themselves. Soon enough, Matthew Hewes and Kristen Hywards (née Colby) arrived. All they understood from Wallace’s orders was the coordinates and nothing more. They got excited when they saw it was a murderer case.

“Finally, some action!” Kristen commemorated with a smile. 

“Aunt Kris-” John called out and only shook his head to her before turning her gaze to Ben. He was staring to the black body bag on the floor. “Don’t.”

“John,” Matt started. “Who’s in the bag?”


“John, tells us.” Kristen ordered him. 

“It’s Harry.” Bernard shouted for the whole neighbourhood to hear. Kristen and Matt took a step back and looked between their fellow Aurors. “Harry was killed. I received a Patronus from Ginny and found her there,” he pointed to where a huge puddle of blood was. “with him bleeding out, dying right in front of her.”

Kristen got closer to him again. “Boss, go back to the Office. Matt, John and I can handle this.”

Bernard didn’t need to be told twice and he apparated back to the Ministry within one second. The Apparition zone sounded peacefully: it was still not that late and the workers weren’t still due for going home for another whole hour. He wondered through the crowd and dismissed all of those who tried to talk with him about some nonsense. He felt lost, he felt like he was part of some really bad movie. His best friend couldn't have been killed, Harry was the best Auror anyone had seen in years, Harry was the fucking Chosen One, he survived Voldemort. How, Ben asked to himself, how could that be happening?

The Auror Office was normally working despite what had happened. Apparently, Dylan and Tobias had done a good job on concealing what had happened - at least, for now. He nodded to his fellow co-workers before going straight into Conference Room Five, where he had ordered his godson to join everyone. 

“BERNARD!” He heard just as he was about to enter the room. He looked around and saw Hermione Weasley running towards him with a note in hands. “I was in the middle of a meeting with the French Minister. What in the world happened that it was so important to get me out of there?” 


“I was this close to convince him to-” Hermione interrupted him. But Ben didn't let her finish the sentence and just grabbed her arm and pulled her inside the Conference Room, where they found two very quiet people sat at a corner, one silently crying and the other just frowning, a couple freaking out desperately, two Aurors talking nonstop on revenge and finally, Dylan and Tobias staring at the scene, clearly in panic. “What in the world is going on?”

“Hermione.” Ben called, turning to her, but she had already gone to Ginny’s side and brought her to a bear hug. 

“Gin, what’s going on? Where’s Harry?” She asked of her. 

“Mione.” Cried Ginny, starting to sob once again into her shoulder. 

“Shh-” Hermione tried. “Everything is going to be ok, isn't it, Teddy?” The man only looked at her with the coldest eyes she had ever seen, making her instinctively swallow. “For the love of God, what’s going on, Teddy?”

“DAD IS DEAD, AUNT HERMIONE! THAT’S WHAT’S GOING ON.” Teddy snapped at her, getting up and storming out of the room. Ben only looked at Tobias and he was on his way to follow his fellow partner. 

Ginny sighed. “I’m sorry Teddy screamed at you.” 

Hermione, who was staring at where Teddy was sitting seconds before, snapped her head to her best friend. “Is that true?” Ginny painfully signed again and nodded. Hermione felt like she was suddenly out of breath and made herself sit where Teddy had once been. She took a few deep breaths and started to shake her head. “Ok, guys, this is really a bad time for a joke like that.”

“Mione.” Susan finally said. “It’s not a joke.”


Ron Weasley was happy. He had gotten out of the store earlier that day to surprise his wife with some homemade cooked dinner. He was inspired by his best friend and sister’s off day and decided he too needed some quality time with his wife. It hadn't been the same ever since she was elected Minister. And Ron knew that she had some important meeting that day. She needed a treat. 

Over the years, Ron had mastered the kitchen and had become the best cook, out of all his brothers and sister. The Potter’s kids found themselves always begging to have some of their uncle Ron’s cooking (Ginny tried not to take it personally) and even his own mother had to admit that it was nice not to have to worry about Christmas anymore. 

But he could never believe how much his evening was about to change when he heard the unmistakable sound of someone coming in through the Floo. He checked the fire on all of his pots before placing an towel over his shoulder and going to the living room to check who it was. 

“Honey!” He enchanted once he saw Hermione cleaning off the dashes from her robes. “You’re home early.” 

“Ron-” She called, almost running through the room and jumping on him, looking for the emotional support she so much needed. She let herself cry on his shoulders, something she had, somehow, the strength to hold until that moment.

After Susan had assured her that the whole thing wasn't a joke, she knew that Ginny would need her more than anything. She couldn't just break in front of her. So she helped to take her to the Burrow (and persisted until after Arthur and Molly were ok enough to take care of their own daughter), assisted Bernard with telling the Auror Office what had happened, assured that the Finnigan’s got home safe and only left once Kristen and Matt, together with John, had arrived back with all the evidences and Harry’s body. Teddy and Tobias were still nowhere to be seen while Dylan was responsible to break the news to everyone, except the Potter’s. Bernard insisted he should be the one. Once all of those things were settled, Hermione stumbled all the way back to her Office and somehow managed to Floo back to her home. 

“Mione,” called Ron, getting his wife to sit on the couch. “What happened?”

The bushy haired woman took a moment to take a breath and recompose herself a little. She looked up to her husband’s blue eyes and a tear left her own as she realised she was about to break his heart. 

“Harry was killed.” She finally told him, after what seemed like an eternity. 

Ron analysed her face very throughly. “Merlin, you’re serious.”

“I am.” Hermione cried again, falling to her husband’s chest. Ron hugged her tight, out of instinct, not because he had yet realised what she was saying. “Someone killed him, he died right on Ginny’s arms, Ron. Harry is gone.” 

“Are you sure?” Ron just couldn't believe it.

“Ron!” Hermione enchanted. “I have just recognised the body. It was the most painful thing I've ever done. And that includes the Cruciatus curse.”  

“I-I-” Ron tried, but suddenly his vision was blurry and nothing made sense anymore. “How? Why? Where’s Ginny? The kids? Teddy?”

“Gin’s at the Burrow. Bernard is going to tell the Potter’s and Teddy is lost. Tobias too. We just don’t know if Tobias ever caught up with Teddy or not.” Hermione explained between sobs. “Poor Dylan and John were left with the task of letting the family know before they find it on tomorrow’s Prophet.” 

Ron had no words. A hole was made on his chest. His best friend, one of the people he loved and trusted and depended on most in the whole world was gone, at the age of 55. What about their plans on sailing around the world once they retired, just them and the girls: no kids, no family, no problems, just them?

“Hey, Mum? Dad? Is anyone home?” A voice was heard from the front hall. Hermione and Ron looked in panic at each other. They both had puffy eyes and tear-stained shirts. Hermione had already told too many people what had happened, she was in no condition to break her daughter’s heart as well. Rose’s steps were getting closer and closer, and she wasn't alone. 

“Grandpa!” Little two-year-old Lisa ran into the room and jumped on Ron’s lap. 

“Lisa! I told you not to run.” Rose scolded after her before she focused on her parents. She stopped in her tracks and stared at them, worriedly. “Guys, what’s up?”

“Hm, darling.” Ron started, waving her to sit down at the armchair closer to him. 

“Dad, what’s going on? Why are you two crying?”

“Where’s Scorp and Moses?” Hermione wanted to know. Her daughter would need her husband. She was about to learn about her godfather’s death. 

“He’s at Al’s.” Rose told her. “Gwen and Lily are staying with the kids while the boys go out for drinks. I’m supposed to join them later. Now, what in Merlin’s name is happening? You’re scaring me.”

“Sweetie,” Ron tried yet again, holding his granddaughter like there was no tomorrow. “Something did happen. Something very awful.”

“What, Dad?”

“Your uncle Harry was murdered. He’s dead, my love.” Ron finally said it out loud for the first time and a feeling of indescribable pain inside his chest appeared. Hermione took his hand on hers and squeezed it for support. 

“Wha-what?” Rose stuttered after a few seconds. “What do you mean uncle Harry is dead? He can’t be dead. Mum, this isn't funny, how could you let him do this?” She started to nervously laugh while she exchanged a glare with her mother. “Mum?”

“I’m so sorry, Rosie, it’s true.” 

“Mummy, don’t cry!” Lisa begged, jumping out of Ron’s lap and going to hug Rose.




“TEDDY, wait!” Tobias yelled after him. 

After Teddy had stormed out of the Conference Room, he had stepped into Harry’s office. His first move was to grab some Floo Powder but he winced when he looked at the picture board Harry had just above his fireplace. A tear threatened to fall once he saw one of him and Harry, when he was about eight, and they were both flying. Teddy let himself smile for a split second before all his grief and sorrow came right back. He entered the fireplace and yelled out his destination right in time for Tobias to hear him. He didn't need to think twice before he followed to where Teddy had gone. 

Tobias was now running after his best friend, in the middle of Godric’s Hallow square. Teddy stopped at the monument for Harry’s parents before he continued towards the church and into the cemetery. Tobias couldn't help but to roll his eyes at Teddy’s predictability. Always the grave yard. 

“Tobias?” Someone yelled after him. He urged himself to stop running and to turn around to see who was calling him and his heart stopped once he saw Victoire and Ellie leaving the café. 

“What are you two doing here?” Tobias first asked. 

“Well, I live here, Toby.” Vic laughed.

“And my boss let me go earlier, so I came to pick up Neal. We left the boys playing videogames and came to have some tea instead.” Ellie explained while the two women got closer to him. “Now, we ask you, what are you doing here?” 

“And where’s Teddy?” Vic completed for her.   

“Girls,” Tobias started with a deep breath. “Harry died.” He told them quickly. Like taking off a bandaid, he had figured. Vic stared blankly at her husband’s best friend and suddenly all of her little colour drained from her face. 

“I’m sorry, what?” Ellie squeaked. 

“Teddy is in the graveyard. He stormed out of the Office.” Tobias carried on. “He is very broken, girls.” Toby admitted, letting himself break. “We-we saw him there, all covered in blood and Teddy-then, Ginny-” Ellie immediately went to hug her husband while Vic rushed into the cemetery. 

And like so many times before, Victoire found a blue-headed figure sitting in front of gravestones. It had been years ever since they both had found themselves there. The last time, it was when Remus was born and he brought him there to ‘meet’ his grandparents. But Vic got so used to come there with a smile on her and Teddy’s lips that she forgot how to handle coming there to support Teddy’s sadness. 

She had just learned that her favourite uncle (although she swears to George that it’s him instead) was killed. But Victoire couldn't just focus on her own pain. Teddy had lost a father. Another father. The second one. 

“Why, why-?” Vic heard Teddy yell to what looked like his parent’s gravestone. “Tell me, why can’t I have the people I love with me, Dad? Mum? Who’s next? Ginny? Victoire? My children? My brothers and sister? Tobias? Ellie? Will there be anyone left for me to love?”

Vic was taken back by Teddy’s cry and her heart broke for the second time within five minutes. And she was already sure what Teddy was going with his train of thought. And before he could say it, she ran to her husband and kneeled beside him. 

“Teddy,” she quietly said on his ear, making him look at him. “I’m so sorry.” 

He looked into her eyes and blinked a few tears. “I love you so much, Victoire.” He cried, bringing her to a tight hug. “Please, I can’t lose you.”

“You’ll never lose me.” Vic guaranteed him. 

“That’s what Harry always said to Ginny.” Teddy counter-pointed.

“I know.” Said Vic. “I know. And you didn't really lose Harry, just like you didn't really lose your parents or your Nana.” She carried on, cleaning Teddy’s tears with her thumb. “And although I know these are just empty words to you right now, you’ll see it’s true.” 

“He was murdered.” Teddy announced after a moment or two. “I swear, I will find who did it, Vicky. I swear it to you.”

“I believe you, my love. I do. But you can’t focus on that right now. You must be strong. Ginny needs you, your brothers and Lily need you. I need you.” Vic begged of him. 

“You’re right.” He agreed, taking a deep breath. “You’re right.” 

Vic leaned in and kissed him lightly. “I love you, ok?” 


“Now, let’s come home. Do you have any idea where Ginny is?” Vic asked, while she got Teddy to his feet and walked him back to the main street and towards the Lupin Cottage. Teddy only shook his head. “Ok, we must go to James’s first, he must need his big brother, don’t you think?” 

“I guess.” Teddy sort of agreed. 

“But you don’t want to go see him?” Vic guessed and he nodded. “Ok, love, what do you want?” 

“I want my family.” Teddy admitted. “I want you, and Dora and Remus.” 

“Hm, ok.” Vic considered what he was asking. 

They arrived back at their house and found Tobias and Ellie waiting for them at the porch swing. The boys still had no idea what was going on and Toby had received a text from his mother, saying that Bernard never got around telling the Potter’s kids and was now missing. 

“Toby, go to Ben.” Teddy told him. “I’m good, I swear it.”

The Maxwell’s left their best friends alone to go to the Bennett’s household to help Heather find Bernard. Vic and Teddy went inside and had a serious conversation with Remus. But there was still a Lupin family member missing, and if having his daughter at home would make her husband’s grief a little better, then Vic would get her. 

Victoire said goodbye to her two men and apparated to Hogsmeade. Luckily, Professor Higgs (Evan’s father) was in the Three Broomsticks and immediately brought Vic back to Hogwarts where he led her to Headmistress McGonagall’s office. 

“Well, Mrs. Lupin!” She enchanted, surprised to say the least. “What do I owe the pleasure?”

“Professor, I need to get Dora home for a few days.” Vic asked of her. 

“Well, is there some special occasion?” Minerva wondered, waving Vic to sit down. 

“Yes, there is. And if I’m going to tell it, do you mind if the Longbottoms and my daughter are present too? I don’t think I’m able to repeat that many times.” Vic admitted. 

Minerva looked at her former student very closely before she asked Professor Higgs to fetch Miss Lupin, Professor Longbottom and Madam Longbottom. They both sat quiet in her office while the paintings woke up one by one, curious about Victoire’s visit. 

“Victoire!” Neville called out once he got to the door and hugged her tight. “What are you doing here?” 

“Uncle Nev, aunt Hannah.” The girl cried. “Something terrible happened.” 

“Mrs. Lupin?” Dumbledore’s painting called out. “Could you please end my misery by telling us what happened?” 

“Hm, Dora isn’t here, yet.” Vic noticed. “But, hm. It’s that- Harry-”

“What does Harry has to do with anything?” Neville wondered. 

“He’s dead, uncle Neville.” Vic cried while she was suddenly hugged by the Longbottoms. “Someone killed him.”

“Grandpa Harry is dead?” A little girl shouted from the office the door, her eyes already watery. 

“Oh, darling.” Vic enchanted, leaving Hannah’s embrace and going by her daughter. “I’m so sorry. Minerva,” continued Vic, turning to the Headmistress who was looking incredibly to the room. “Can Dora come home for the weekend?” 

“Yes, of course.” Minerva agreed. 

“Come, Dora, Daddy needs us at home.” Vic cried into her daughter’s ear, before accepting the Floo Powder and flooing back home. Once the Lupin girls were gone, an uncomfortable silence was installed in the Headmistress Office. 

“Potter is dead?” Snape repeated, breaking the silence. 

“I-I can’t.” Hannah tried to say. 

“Neville, Hannah,” Minerva called them. “Go back to London, take the weekend off. Your family needs you right now.” The Longbottoms didn't need to be told twice and stormed out of the office to get their stuff and floo back to their apartment above the Leaky Cauldron.

“Minerva?” Dumbledore’s painting said. “How can this be? Harry can’t be, can he?” She only nodded. “Teddy must be a wreck. Poor kid.”

“I’m more worried about Ginny, sir.” Minerva admitted.



“When is Rosie getting here?” Lily screamed to Gwen who was just coming into the dining room with a plate full of food. “I need to tell you both something.” 

“Well, tell me first and then tell Rose when she gets back.” Gwen proposed, putting the wine bottle onto the table and going back inside to get three glasses. “Let’s get this party started.” She completed, going back to the room. “Although, do you think is wise to get drunk while we babysit two toddlers and two babies?”

“You can drink, no problem.” Lilt assured her. “I’ll take one for the team and be the designated parent.” 

“You’re so great, Lil.” Gwen said, pouring the wine and drinking some of it.

“Now, seriously, where’s that cousin of mine? She’s ruining girls’ night!” Lily yelled once again. And with it, a cry soared in the house. “Damn it, I forgot Alena wakes up for nothing. I’ll be right back!”  

Lily got Alena back to sleep and the front door bell rang just as she was coming down the stairs from Eleanor’s room (Gwen had conjured an extra crib for Alena). Lily yelled out she would get it and went to answer the door, only to find Rose on the doorstep. 

“Heey, cuz!” Lily greeted, waving her inside the house. “Where’s Lisa?”

“She’s with my parents.” Rose only informed. “Have the boys left already? Where’s Gwen?” 

“Hey, girl.” Gwen appeared into the Hall with another wine glass to offer her best friend. 

“Guys, something happened.” Rosie only said. 

“Hey, dude, you’re ruining the vibe!” Lily scolded. “If the boys can have fun, we can too, come on!”

“LILY!” Rose yelled, losing her temper for a split second. “YOUR FATHER JUST DIED.” 

“I- what?” Lily gasped. “What do you mean, Rose?” 

“I mean, uncle Harry was murdered.” Rose explained it further. 

“Oh, fuck.” Gwen only said as Lily opened and closed her mouth. 

“Rosie, my love,” Lily started after a deep breath. “For the love of Merlin, tell me this is the most absurdly gross joke you ever did.” 

“I’m sorry, Lil, I wish it was.” 

“I-I-I must get to- where’s my Mum?” Lily stuttered, barely managing to get the words out. 

“At the Burrow.” Rosie informed. Lily looked between Gwen and Rose.

“Go, Lil, don’t worry about Alena.” Gwen assured her and the redheaded Potter rushed to the kitchen to floo to her grandparents’ place. “Rose, are you ok?” Gwen carried on once the girl was gone.

“No, but I- Albus will need me.” Rose only said. 

“They’re at that new pub in Diagon Alley.” Gwen informed her. “Has-has anyone told James?” 

“Bernard was supposed to be telling the Potter’s, but I guess he’s not.” Rose explained. 

“You should go tell him, then. James adores you, he will appreciate to have you there.” Gwen advised her, with her best smile. “Moses won’t even know you’re gone. He and Maya are playing in the living room.”

“I- thank you, Gwen. What would I do without you?” Rose hugged her friend tight before she stormed off out the house and apparated to Chudley, where James and Lizzie lived with their two boys. She ran to the door and knocked. The night was falling faster and the chilly wind made Rose shiver. 

“Red!” James enchanted with a smile whilst bringing her to a tight hug. “What are you doing here? What’s with the face? Was it Malfoy? I swear to Merlin I’ll kick his arse!”

“Jim.” Rose only said, with such hurt in her voice that made him stop talking. James noticed that something must have come up so he brought his cousin inside, closing the door behind them. Lizzie appeared in the hall with an apron. 

“Rosie, darling.” She greeted with a smile. “Are you staying for dinner?” 

“Hm, I don’t know.” Rosie wondered, looking at James with uncertainty. “Can I have a word with you both?”

“Rosie, you’re scaring me. The last time you acted like this was when you were pregnant of Moses.” James said, sitting down next to her on the couch while Lizzie sat on the other. 

“Hm, James. I- I hate to be the one telling you this.” Rosie started, taking a deep breath and looking to her feet. “Your Dad. He and your Mum were walking and-and someone Apparated and-he fired a gun and-”

“And what, Red?” Jim begged of her.

“He got shot.” Rose cried. “He’s dead. My Mum said she saw the body.”

A silent was made in the room. Rose and James kept staring into each other’s eyes while Lizzie hurried out of the room to nurse Leonard who had started crying. Rose sought James’s arms who didn't hesitate to hug her tight. 

James could have always had Fred as his best friend, and Lizzie as the love of his life, and Lily for his little baby sister, or even Albus annoying self he couldn’t help but love however what he had with Rose, that was different. She was that one person that could take him out of his ease and at the same time, ease his pain whenever he needed her! 


“Yes, James?” 

“Thanks for being here for me.” James managed to say. “I- I can’t really understand what this all means, but thank you.” 

“I love you, Jim, and I’m always here for you.” Rose softly smiled. 

“Where’s my Mum?” James wondered. 

Rose sighed. “She’s at the Burrow. Lily went there once I told her and then I came here.” 

“Wait,” James said. “Doesn’t Albus know yet?” 

“I-I don’t know.” Rose admitted. “Gwen was watching the kids.” She looked around before looking back to her cousin’s hazel nut eyes. “Jimmy, I won’t bare if I have to say it out loud again. He’s my best friend, but I can’t-” 

James looked at her and cleaned a tear from her cheek. “You’ve done enough, Red. And I’m his big brother. Do you know where he is?”

“Hm, he’s at that new pub in Diagon Alley.” Rose told him. “He’s with Scorp and Evan. Would you-would you send Scorp to my parents and tell Evan that Alena is with Gwen?” 

“Of course. Come on, I’m taking you to your parents.” James said, taking her hand and leading her to the kitchen, where the Floo fireplace was. Lizzie was sat at the kitchen table, nervously biting her nails and rose in one movement when they both entered the room. 

“James.” She only said. 

“Love, I-I’m going to fetch my brother.” James informed her. “I must tell him.”

“Of course.” Agreed Lizzie, going to him and kissing him lightly.

“I- I love you, ok?” He said in her ear before letting her go and going to his godparents’ house with Rose. 

Ron and Hermione were still in the living room, sitting on the couch and holding each other’s hands in silence. Lisa was at the drawing room, watching TV quietly, as if she knew her grandparents were in no position to give her any attention whatsoever. 

“James!” Hermione greeted, with a surprised tone, as her daughter and godson got out of the fireplace and shook off the ashes. “I’m so sorry, my love.” She added, going by to hug him tight. 

“I-thank you, aunt Hermione.” James smiled sadly, kissing her cheek. “I brought Rose, but I have to find Al.” 

“He doesn’t know yet?” Ron questioned, in alarm. 

“Apparently not.” Rose answered. 

“Well, you should go, then.” Ron advised. “We have received more than ten calls already. Most of them asking for Ginny. We decided not to tell where she is for the time being.” 

“Ok, thanks, uncle Ron.” James nodded. “I should go then. Bye.” He brought Rosie in for one more reassuring hug before he turned back to the fireplace and flooed to the Leaky Caldron, the quickest way to get to Diagon Alley. 

James had never wanted to see his brother so much in his entire life. Somehow he knew it would be both hurtful and relaxing to see his little brother, but above all, he simply needed to see him. Hurtful because of his identical resemblance to their father, but relaxing exactly for the same reason. Once he saw the pub in front of him, the first thing he noticed was how everyone was happy and cheerful inside the bar. 

And that annoyed James. 

He was going through what was possibly the worst day of his whole existence and people were smiling and laughing like their world wasn't coming to the grounds. James felt angry and mad and sad and then angry again. Someone had taken his father away and the last conversation James had with him was over the phone, asking him to babysit Alfie and Leo. 

Albus and his friends were easily spotted as soon as James entered the pub which Rose had talked about. They were sat at a table in the middle of the room, all of them with a firewhiskey in hands and some few empty glasses, probably toasting life and youth, their friendship, or happiness. 

“James?” Evan yelled once he saw him entering the premises. “Hey, Al, your big bother is here. Are you in trouble?”

“He’s almost 30-years-old, I don’t think he gets into trouble anymore!” Scorpius put in, drowning his drink at once. “Although, he does have a wife. Merlin knows how they can get us into trouble! Right, boys?” 

James got to their table and had to hold the urge to roll his eyes at his brother’s drunken friends, but he didn't hesitate to slap Malfoy’s neck before getting a chair and sitting down with the three men. 

“That’s my cousin you’re talking about.” James scolded. 

“Jimmyyyy!” Albus shouted, trying to high-five his brother but incredibly failing. “What an honour to have you here!”

“Albus, something has happened.” James started. He thought that being direct would be better. 

“Did you just noticed Lizzie is pregnant?” Albus laughed. “Because that has been going on for a while, bro.” 

James rolled his eyes and turned to Scorpius. “Malfoy, your wife needs you. You’re too drunk to get Moses so just go directly to the Weasley’s cottage.” He ordered.

“Which Weasley’s?” Scorpius asked, while holding a laugh. “They are so many!”

James slapped his neck again. “Ron and Hermione’s, you drunken fool. Go, now!”

Scorpius looked strangely at James before deciding he should probably obey. He still didn't forget the punch in the face he had received when he and Rose broke up one time, for a whole of three months. 

“Evan, you too are way too drunk to get Alena. Go to Alice’s and crash there where she can take care of you. Go!” James ordered and watched him leave as well. 

“Dudeee, you totally ruined the night.” Albus complained. “What’s going on?”

“Albus, pay attention to me.” James begged of him. “Dad is gone. He died, do you understand?” 

“Nooo, he didn’t.” Albus denied it, dismissing him with a discrete wave of hand. Or so he thought it was discrete. “I talked to him earlier today. He sent the invitations to Maya’s fifth birthday party for me. He’s fiiiiine.” 

“Albus Severus Potter.” James enchanted, surprising even himself. He had never pronounced Al’s full name to call his attention, ever. “Listen to me. Dad was murdered. Come on, we have to get to Mum.” 

Albus took a moment to analyse his brother’s expression. Despite being drunk, at the time he realised James wasn’t joking and instead he was telling the most absolute of truths, Albus sobered up immediately and rose in a sudden movement without even getting dizzy. 

“We must get to Mum.” 



“Daddy!” Dora screamed as soon as she left the fireplace and ran to the living room where Remus and Teddy were quietly sitting together. “Tell me it’s not true. Grandpa Harry can’t have died.”

Teddy exchanged a glance with his wife who came right behind Dora, before bringing his child to a hug and kissing her head, trying ever so hardly not to cry in front of her. She needed him now. 

“I’m so sorry, my love. It’s true. I-I saw hi-him.” Teddy told her. 

“What about Nana Potter?” Remus asked from his seat. Vic had gone to his side and sat next to him. “Is she alright?” 

“I don’t-don’t know where she is, actually.” Teddy sadly admitted. 

“Why don’t we all move into the kitchen so I can get started with dinner?” Vic suggested as Teddy’s cellphone started to ring. He shivered once he saw who was calling and Vic immediately waved the kids out of the room so he could answer the call.

“Hi.” Teddy answered once he was alone. 

“Teddy,” A crying voice talked on the other side of the line. “Where in Merlin’s name are you? I need you here, Teddy.” 


“Don’t Lily me.” She yelled at him between sobs. “James and Albus are here at the Burrow with Mum and she’s asking for you. Tobias and Ellie dropped by earlier and told us you had gone to the cemetery and then uncle Neville comes by saying Vic went to Hogwarts and in all this time, I’m here wondering where the hell are you!”

“Lily, please-”

“Teddy, we just lost Dad. Our Dad. Your Dad.” She interrupted him yet again. “We need you. We are your family. Please, come. Bring Vic and the kids, but please be here for us.” 

“I’m on my way, love.” Teddy assured. 

“I thought so.” Lily allowed herself to softly laugh. “I love you, Blue.”

“I love you, mini Potter.” 

Teddy put his phone back into his pocket and turned his head to the picture frame next to him. It had been taken at his Hogwarts graduation party. Lily was laughing while he held her on his shoulders, James was rolling his eyes at Ginny who was insisting they all smiled for the photo while Albus looked up at Teddy in awe. But Harry, he was at his side, a little tear trapped in his left eye, looking at him ever so proudly. That, right there, was the proof of Harry’s love for Teddy. 

“After all these years, I’m still impressed on how Lily is so like aunt Gin.” Said Vic softly, from the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. “I guess I don’t need to cook, do I? Nana Weasley will have enough food for all of us, won’t she?”

“I guess she will.” Teddy agreed, getting up and going by his wife. “You were right. I need to be strong for them. They are my family.”

Vic nodded and leaned against him with her head resting right over his heart. “Yes, they are.” 

A/N: So, another heart-breaking chpater, right? I promise the next flash-back is a little more lighter and way in the past (like pre-BP past)! Don't forget to leave a review!! 

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