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Before anyone knew it, Christmas had come and gone. Harry, Hermione, Aoife and the Weasley's had the best day sharing gifts, playing games and eating too much delicious food made by Mrs Weasley. Having spent last Christmas in a tent, Harry had forgotten what a real Christmas was like. The events that had taken place at the graveyard had long since left Harry's mind as he tried to push all aspects of that part of his life out. Although they hadn't directly spoken about it, Hermione understood that he needed to do it and had kept their unsaid promise of not bringing it up.

Since Christmas Day, Ron and Aoife had become inseparable with Hermione suggesting that some mistletoe had something to do with it, with this information, they all just left them to it. "Do you suppose Ronald and Aoife will be coming down this evening at all? After all, you are all going back to school tomorrow." Mrs Weasley asked sternly as the rest of them sat down for lunch.

"Oh leave them to it, Molly. Remember what we were like when we were their age." He smiled, resulting in Mrs Weasley blushing slightly.

"Did you meet at Hogwarts?" Hermione asked them.

"Yes, we were in the same year." She smiled, "it was just like the two of you," she said pointing at Harry and Hermione.

"But it didn't take so long," Mr Weasley joked.

"Yes, we were both put into Gryffindor and we became fast friends. A few hiccups like every couple, but I wouldn't change it for the world." She smiled, beaming at Arthur.

"Nor would I," He said, putting his arm around her and bringing her close to him. Harry did the same to Hermione and all four of them laughed.

"Have you been to see Teddy recently?" Mrs Weasley asked when they got back to the usual way of eating lunch.

"We went over on Boxing Day to wish him a Merry Christmas and give him our presents, but I want to go and see him before we leave for Hogwarts," Harry informed, munching down on his sandwich.

"That would be nice, he's a lovely boy." Mr Weasley beamed.

"He is, it seems like he's grown every time we visit him," Hermione said.

"That's what it's like, dear. They never stay cute." Mrs Weasley laughed. "Right, it looks like we're all done here so I won't get you to spend any more time with us, I expect you to have some packing to do." She directed this at Harry, knowing full well Hermione would have packed and got organised at the first chance.

"Thanks for lunch, Mrs Weasley. It was delicious." Hermione chirped as she and Harry stood up.

"My pleasure, dears," She said as she began to tidy up the dishes.

"Are you sure you don't want any help with cleaning up?" Harry asked politely, even though she insisted they were part of the Weasley clan and didn't have to do anything her actual children wouldn't, he always felt the need to ask.

"You know the answer to that, Harry." Mr Weasley said jokingly, "if you keep on asking, she might actually take you up on the offer and have you tidying the whole house top to bottom."

Harry laughed before finally accepting the fact that she really didn't want him to help, "see you later then." He said before walking off with Hermione.

"One day she'll let us help." Hermione joked as she walked into their room.

"One day I'll just help without asking," He replied, walking over to the small wardrobe in the room to start packing.

"I wonder when we'll be back here." She wondered aloud. She slowly walked over to the bed and laid on her back.

"I think this is one of those places we're always welcome." He smiled, heaving open his trunk to reveal old pieces of parchment and varying measures of ink in pots.

Hermione nodded, leaning over to the bedside table to finish off her book. Aoife had given it to her for Christmas, it was all about ancient magic which supposedly took place in Europe hundreds of years ago. "I can't wait to visit Italy, I'd never have thought all of this happened there." She said, Harry knowing she wasn't really looking for a conversation, she was too emerged in the stories in front of her eyes. So the room turned quiet, the occasional sound of a turning page or a piece of cloth hitting another as they settled in their new home.

Just as Harry had put the last item back in his trunk, Ron burst into the room. "Harry, can I talk to you?" He asked rather abrasively, "in my room." He said, marching back out again.

"This sounds fun." Harry joked as he followed his best friend. "Hi, Aoife." He smiled as he walked into Ron's room.

"Hi. Is Hermione in your room?" She asked, her voice abnormally small.

"Yeah. Is everything okay with you two? You're both acting...different." He asked suspiciously.

"I need to talk to Hermione." Aoife breathed, standing up and walking out in one swift movement.

"Ron, are you sure everything is alright with you? She couldn't get out of here fast enough." Harry exclaimed, "why did you want to talk to me away from Hermione?"

"Because I didn't want Hermione to hear it, though I suppose Aoife has gone straight to blab."

"Slow down, what's happened?"

"I suppose I should start from the beginning. Has Hermione told you about Calum?" Ron asked, voice full of nerves.

"A bit, he's her ex, right?" Harry knew full well who he was and Hermione had told him everything she knew about what happened between the two of them, but he didn't want to scare Ron.

"Yeah, he was horrible to her, he forced her to do things...things she didn't want to do," Ron said, pacing around the room as Harry settled on his bed. "He messed her around for a year before Aengus stepped in and saved her. Anyway, she told me this gradually, starting with the day of the Quidditch Trials, we went for a walk and she confided in me slightly. It gave me the impression that she wanted to take things slow with me, with us. I wanted to make her happy so I did just that." His mouth was getting dry, he hadn't swallowed in some time.

"Calm down, you don't have to rush anything, I've got time," he said calmly.

"So we took it slow, very slow. I wanted her to feel safe and secure around me, I didn't want her to associate me with him." He spat, "she was getting frustrated, I suppose she must have thought I wasn't interested in her. It wasn't until Christmas Day that we had our first kiss." He hung his head.

"What's wrong with that?"

"It's pathetic, she's gorgeous, but I was thinking of her and what Calum put her through."

"Don't be stupid, Ron, it's not pathetic at all. I actually think it's really grown up of you. You shouldn't be ashamed of that." Harry said, he was sure there was more to come though as Ron would hardly bring him here to just say that.

"I don't know how to ask this," Ron whispered, "I don't want to have to ask this, but I am inexperienced with everything. Have you and Hermione...have you and Hermione..." He stuttered, not being able to finish the sentence.

"Ron...why do you want to know?" He asked, knowing where he was aiming at going.

"I don't know what to do, I don't know how to go about it."

"And you want me to talk it through with you?" Harry questioned, making sure he didn't sound sarcastic or rude. "Just take things slow and easy, she'll let you know if it's right or wrong. Read her face, her body language, and you'll know everything you need."

"Is that it? It's that simple?" Ron asked, slightly in denial.

"That's it." He smiled.

"Hermione? Can I talk to you for a minute?" Aoife asked quietly but not bothering knocking before entering.

"Sure, what's wrong?" She answered happily, placing the book back on the table.

"Ron and I are official," she exclaimed happily.

"Really? That's great. How did it happen?"

"Christmas." She blushed, whilst walking over to sit on the bed, "but that's not what I want to talk to you about. I think Ron's ready."

Hermione looked at her for a few seconds, it took a while for it to register what they were talking about. "Oh, well, are you?" She asked when the answer had finally found her.

"I think so, I've never done it with someone I felt safe with, I've never done it because I wanted to."

"Aoife...have you told someone that?" She asked, horrified at the image that was forming in her mind.

"It's okay, Hermione. I don't want to talk about it."

"Then why did you bring it up? Was this Calum?" Aoife nod was small, but Hermione saw it. "That is disgusting. You told someone, though, you went to the police?"

Aoife dropped her head, at the time she knew she should have, but she couldn't escape, "no. It was too hard, trying to get away from him. No one knows that so please, please don't tell anyone. Even Harry."

Hermione blinked and looked at her friend through sadden eyes, she couldn't force Aoife to report him and anyway, there wouldn't be any proof now so she tried to push it out of her mind. "You have to tell Ron."

"But it might make him look at me differently," tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't be ridiculous, I can tell you he would never do that, he really likes you, Aoife. Just tell him the truth. He'll understand."

"Would you tell Harry? If it was you."

"Quicker than a heartbeat," She confirmed, Aoife looked at her and nodded, knowing that it was only fair to tell Ron her full past. "If you're not ready, he deserves to know why and he will respect your decision. He won't make you do anything you don't want to as long as he knows why."

"He definitely won't mind?" She asked shyly.

"Mind? This isn't like a hideous scar that you don't want him to see. He'll probably want to kill Calum, but he will protect you even more." Hermione smiled, looking at her so intensively she was surprised she couldn't see into her soul.

Aoife released a huge rattled sigh. She hadn't expected this conversation to go where it had done, but she was glad Hermione was there for her. She'd always been too scared to tell anyone about it out of fear of not being believed. "Thanks, Hermione. You really are a great friend."

"Don't mention it, I'll always be here for you if you need me." She smiled, squeezing the hand which was supporting her. Hermione wanted nothing more than to scream and shout about what Calum had done to Aoife, she had been suspicious ever since Aoife first spoke about him, but she didn't want to think the worst of him, she was proven wrong. She couldn't even begin to imagine what Aoife had gone through last year, she didn't want to imagine it anymore, but she was so glad that she had managed to escape Calum's evil clutches.

Aoife stood up and walked out of the room without saying another word, confident that Hermione would be running through events in her head. She hadn't wanted to tell her, she hadn't wanted to tell anyone, but now she had, now she was on a roll so she needed to tell Ron before she couldn't speak about it again. She past Harry on the way but didn't stop to even acknowledge his presence as she made her way to Ron.

Harry looked at her; something spreading through his stomach, some sort of emotion breeding inside of him but what it was, he couldn't tell. He walked back to Hermione, her face giving him another surge of emotion. He knew instantly that something terrible had happened to Aoife, something that Hermione couldn't help but think about despite wanting to do nothing less. He didn't ask, he understood these things all too well now. If he needed to know, if Aoife wanted him to know, he'd find out sooner or later. All he could do was gave Hermione a reassuring smile, hoping she wasn't lost for the rest of the day.

They were planning on going to see Teddy today, but he wasn't sure whether she would be up to it anymore. "I'll still come with you to see Teddy." Hermione's voice appeared, as if by magic at this specific time.

"Are you sure? I don't want to-"

"Don't want to what, Harry? I'm fine, I promise." She smiled, trying her hardest to figure out what she needed to do. Every bone in her body was screeching at her to tell Harry, but she remembered her promise to Aoife and besides, he had other things to think about. "When do you want to go?"

"Whenever you're ready," he replied, putting his hands in his pockets and standing awkwardly by the door.


The Christmas Holidays had gone far too quickly for everyone at the Weasley's. It seemed like yesterday that they were on the train heading towards it, heading towards all the festivities, now they were moving further and further away from them. Hermione watched as the towns and cities became villages which transformed into forests and masses of empty fields. The holidays hadn't gone smoothly in all aspects, the secret kiss was now something no one talked about but not because it was an unknown fact to all but because it was something everyone was too afraid to bring up. The dynamics of all relationships had changed slightly due to it, everyone looked deeper into any looks between Hermione and Ron, laughs and jokes were scrutinised for any sort of hidden meaning that lead to unforbidden, secret love.

The sun was high in the sky but was doing a poor job at heating today, Hermione wrapped up warm in the scarf that Mrs Weasley had knitted for her for Christmas. She loved it so much, it did a phenomenal job at keeping her just the right temperature, this made her suspect that it had gone through some sort of magical transformation. "Well, that was an eventful Christmas." Ginny chirped as the train continued on its route.

"You can say that again." Aoife laughed, quickly looking from Hermione to the window. She hadn't spoken to Hermione since the previous day, she hadn't told her that she couldn't get the words out when trying to tell Ron what Calum did.

Hermione looked at her through the corner of her eye and noticed that her jet black hair didn't look as shiny and her eyes weren't as vivid, she wasn't sure whether this actually reflected her or whether it was a result in finding out more about her, all the travesties she had to endure had made her tire and weather in Hermione's eyes. Despite everything she had been through, Hermione was amazed at how happy and upbeat she continued to be, she knew she hadn't managed to tell Ron, it was in the way she looked at him, her eyes weren't revealing everything they had seen to him. "Everything okay? You're very quiet." Harry whispered from beside her. She looked at him and instantly felt better, despite Harry facing his own demons, the presence of him made her feel better like everything was melting away.

"Just thinking about everything that happened at Christmas," she answered, putting her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

"Isn't it weird to think that this is the last Christmas at Hogwarts," Ginny exclaimed, this hit Harry extremely hard. He had found a home in Hogwarts, he had found his friends and his future there. To think that it had nearly done its job, it had nearly taught him all it could possibly teach him left him feeling empty. He didn't want to return for his final year, he thought he couldn't face it but now that it was nearly over, what he couldn't seem to face was leaving it in his past forever.

"I'm glad I got to come here finally. I thought my dad would never let us go." Aoife smiled, she was sitting very close to Ron, it was almost as if she was sitting on his lap.

"Why didn't your dad want you to come?" Ginny asked naively, not know what happened to their mum.

"When we were ten, Aisling was nearly five, our mum found out she had cancer. It was a long and tiresome battle which lasted six years, but we didn't want to go to Hogwarts and not spend time with her while we could." Aoife explained strongly. "Last year her body finally gave up and dad got a job here so we decided to come too."

"Oh, Aoife I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked." Ginny was full of sympathy, knowing all too well what grief did to a family.

"It's okay, it feels good to actually talk about her, sometimes all the silence feels like she never actually existed." She sighed, Harry knew what it felt like except to him, he didn't have any memories to prove that his parents did exist. He felt Hermione squeeze hold of his hand, despite looking like she was fast asleep, she was listening to every word.

"Yeah, I can relate to that," Ginny whispered, glancing at her brother before looking out the window. It seemed like everyone's answers were outside as everyone was so fixated on the trees blowing in the wind.

The train finally came to a slow halt and through the window, everyone spied Hagrid with Ardal, Aengus and Aisling. Aisling was craning her neck, trying to catch a glimpse of her sister. When Aoife stepped off of the train, Aisling face burst into a huge smile and she ran over to greet her. "Isn't that sweet, a younger sister that actually loves their older sibling." Ron joked as he walked over to Aoife. Ginny glared at him before walking awkwardly over to Aengus and Ardal.

"Have a good Christmas, Ginny?" Ardal asked, smiling as she reached them.

"Yeah, it was great. You?"

"It was alright. Dad kept a close eye on us. After that party got a bit out of control, he blamed us for that." He grinned, "but I blame this one." He said punching his brother's arm.

"You were the DJ. What is it they say? Always blame the DJ." Aengus argued back.

"I don't think anyone has ever said that, ever." Ginny laughed, "she looked at Aengus and felt the butterflies come alive in her stomach again.

"Well mark this day. 2nd January 1999, Aengus Patrick Curran said always blame the DJ." He joked, pretending to write on an invisible piece of paper.

"Now it's officially a thing." Ardal said sarcastically whilst rolling his eyes, Ginny, on the other hand, was trying not to laugh. "How are Harry and Hermione? I heard that there was a bit of a problem between the pair of them."

"Who told you that?" She asked. Aengus shifted awkwardly on his feet signalling that the snitch was him. "Why did you tell him that?" She adapted her question, asking it to him instead of Ardal.

"He told me because he went to your place to try and help. I asked where he went and he told me, we're brothers, he tells me everything." Ardal said, standing up for his brother.

"Right," she said, not convinced as she had heard that Aengus was a very secretive person. "We'll they've sorted it all out now so there is no problem between them." Again, Ginny noticed Aengus shift on his feet something she chose not to delve too deep into.

"Jolly good." Ardal smiled, "if you'll excuse me. It was nice talking to you."

"Why would you tell him, Aengus? They don't need everyone talking about it at school. They want to forget it not be reminded with all the whispers and sniggers." She growled when Ardal was out of earshot.

"He won't tell anyone. Plus, it's not a big deal so why does it matter if he does?" Aengus argued back, "I didn't think it was a big thing anyway."

"Not a big deal? Imagine if people find out that the girl Harry Potter fell in love with after killing Voldemort kissed his best friend just hours before. Harry has enough to deal with, he doesn't need everyone knowing on top of that." Her voice was angry but hushed so no one would be able to hear them.

"I'm sorry, but he honestly won't tell anyone. He doesn't even know what the problem was, he doesn't really care. Anyway, why do you care so much?" He smiled, pushing her chin up to look at him properly, "please don't be angry with me. I didn't know it was a secret to keep."

"There's something about you, Aengus Curran, I just can't stay angry with you." His vivid green eyes and crazy hair making it impossible to hold a grudge.

Hermione, who was standing with Harry and Hagrid, looked at Ginny and Aengus and prodded Harry when they fell into a hug with one another. "I knew it. People should call me cupid." Harry joked.

"Wouldn't it be funny if Ron and Ginny marry siblings?"

"Gus doesn't want to marry Ginny. He wants to mar-" Aisling started to say, but Aoife pulled her away.

"It's rude to interrupt other people conversations, Bee."

"Well, you've just interrupted mine," She argued back.

"Touché, she has you there, Aoife." Ron laughed, Aisling grinned at Ron and giggled.

"How's dad?" Aoife asked her sister, avoiding the urge of hitting Ron for not siding with her.

"He had a massive argument with Aengus on St. Stephan's Day. It was pretty scary, Ardal just told me to ignore it." Aisling explained. Hermione listening intensively whilst Aoife's face turned pale.

"Did Ardal ignore it too?"

"Yeah, why?" She asked innocently.

"No reason. I'm sure it was just a big misunderstanding." Aoife looked past Hagrid and glared at her brothers. "Shall we just forget it?"

"If you say so. Can we go now? I'm freezing." Aisling complained.

"Can you three take her back up? I need to talk to those two." She said quietly, out of Aisling's earshot, signalling to Ardal and Aengus.

"Of course, you can tell us all about your first Hogwarts Christmas." Hermione smiled as she put her arm around Aisling's shoulders.

"Well, Oliver gave me a present. I wasn't expecting anything from him." Aoife heard Aisling explain as they walked off up the track to school.

"Ginny, do you mind if I speak to my brothers?"

Ginny looked taken aback, she was having a nice conversation with Aengus before it was interrupted but seeing the look on Aoife's face, she decided not to refuse. She waved Aengus and Ardal goodbye before running off to catch up with Harry, Hermione and Ron. "Firstly, Aengus you better be careful what you say to Ardal when Aisling is around. She nearly told Harry and Hermione about everything." She said through gritted teeth.

"What? But they don't know?" He asked frantically.

"Not yet, but you have to watch what you tell Aisling, you know what she's like. Always saying what's on her mind."

"I have to go and stop her, why did you send them off together?" He shouted trying to run off, but Aoife gripped his arm.

"I'm not finished yet," She growled, "Ardal, how dare you ignore dad and Aengus. You know what he's like with him. After everything, can't you for once stand by your brother?"

"Don't drag me into this, Fe. You know what happens when they argue. There's no getting in the way of it." Ardal argued but in a hushed voice.

"Oh, so you're standing up for yourself? You need to grow a backbone and stop dad. Imagine what it's like for Aengus! It's not fair and we need to tell dad that every time an argument breaks out. What was this one about?"

"Aoife you weren't there. It's fine, honestly. It's over now." Aengus interrupted.

"It's not like dad hurts him, he just gets a bit carried away vocally." Ardal said.

"Doesn't hurt him? Are you honestly that blind?" Aoife shouted, they were lucky that the station was empty as everyone had escaped the cold by walking up to Hogwarts. Aoife grabbed Aengus left arm and forced the sleeve down so his forearm was on show, a fresh bruise and older bruises were what his arm was made of. "How have you not realised yet?" She had tears in her eyes. Aengus yanked his arm away and covered it up again, but it was too late, Ardal had seen it, he had seen everything he needed to. "Now do you get it? That's why you can't ignore it anymore, Ardal, you can't ignore it!"

"Wh-how-" He stuttered, his eyes glued to Aengus' arm.

"How long have you known?" Aengus asked, his eyes full of fire.

"Not long, I have suspected for some time."

"So you can't shout at Ardal, you're even worse than he is. You knew but chose to ignore it." He spat.

"It's wasn't like that, I didn't want to make assumptions. I'm sorry for not wanting to think that our father is an abuser!"

"Then why did you bring it up? Why did you do that to Ardal? Because of you, all three of us have lost a dad. I was dealing with it my own way."

"Wasn't working very well by the looks of it. You should have told us sooner. We can help you, we can talk to him." Aoife cried.

"When should I have told you, Aoife? When you were getting beaten up and god knows what else by Calum? Or before that? When mum was dying? There was no good time to tell you. I never wanted you two to find out, you love him and he loves you. He hasn't done anything to hurt you so I thought I would leave you to it."

"Not done anything to hurt us? He's hurt our brother. That hurts us more than anything he could have done directly to us." Ardal had finally found his voice. He couldn't believe what they both had gone through, he had heard about Calum but never been told in detail. "We have to stick together through this, not turn on one another. We can't talk to him, he'll just deny it and hurt Aengus even more after. When did it start?"

"When mum first found out she had cancer." Aengus shared.

"When we were 10?! He has been hurting you for nearly seven years?" Aoife screamed. "I'm sorry, but I don't care if you don't want to confront him, I do." She marched off up the track.

"I'm sorry I didn't realise." Ardal shouted to Aengus as they ran after her.

"You did realise, Ardal. You just didn't want to believe it."

They finally caught up with Aoife just outside their dad's office, "please, Fe, you don't want to do this. He'll get fired and Aisling needs him here. He's never laid a finger on her and he never will. You'll just aggravate him." Aengus whispered frantically so that only the three of them could hear it.

"I don't care if he's never laid a finger on anyone else, he's hurt you which means he's capable of hurting everyone in this castle!" She shouted, this was enough for Professor Curran to hear and be intrigued enough to investigate.

"Who is making so much noise?" He bellowed as he walked to his door. "Aoife, Ardal, Aengus, what on earth are you doing here? Is something the matter? Where you the ones being so loud?"

"Dad," Aengus exclaimed loudly. "Aoife just wanted to see you to tell you she was back."

"Well I can see that she is back, I can hear it too. I've got a lot of work to do. Aengus, you knew that you should have stopped her disturbing me."

"Yeah, sorry, dad."

"Why is it Aengus' fault? Why is it always his fault?" Aoife was shaking but whether it was out of fear or anger no one could quite tell.

"Aoife, calm down, you're causing a scene," He said sternly.

"If I'm causing a scene it's only because you've created a horror movie." She spat venom in her voice and eyes. She used to look up to this man, he was her everything, after her mum passed away but now, it was as though she was looking at a stranger. "How could you do such a thing?" She cried, her voice full of longing for an explanation, "he's your son. How can you look at yourself after?"

"Aoife, it's time to go," Aengus whispered, putting his arm around her shoulders and walking away with her.

"Ardal, please can you explain what on earth that was?"

"You're a good actor, I'll give you that." He taunted as he turned around and walking in the opposite direction to his siblings.

"Ron, where's Harry and Hermione?" Aengus asked as he pushed Aoife through the hole to the Common Room. She was still crying to Ron instantly stood up to hug her.

"They're in the library with Aisling," he said over Aoife's shoulder.

So Aengus ran off once more, he ran all the way to the library without stopping, "Harry, where's Aisling?" He asked frantically as he saw Harry sitting alone at a table near the entrance.

"She's over there," he pointed to a bookcase near them, "why do-" He began to say before Aengus was gone.

"Aisling, there you are!" He panted, "not causing you any trouble I hope?" He asked Hermione in between breaths.

"Of course not. I was just about to talk about you." She exclaimed happily, "Harry and Hermione think that you are going to marry Ginny, but I was trying to tell them who you really want to marry."

"I don't think anyone wants to know that, I don't want to marry anyone anyway," He said, looking from Aisling to Hermione who was watching the two of them in a state of confusion.

"Then why did you tell Ardal that-" She began innocently.

"It was a joke," he said, "it was a joke," he repeated for Hermione's ears. She was standing awkwardly not knowing what on earth they were talking about.

"Sounds like a funny one," she said sarcastically before turning her attention back to the books that were sat before her. "Actually, I need to talk to you about your dad," she said quietly and carefully.

Aengus instantly, out of habit, put his arms behind his back, "what do you want to know? There's not really much to tell."

"Your words and face seem to have different opinions. Aisling, go and sit with Harry, he can help you with Potions for a bit." Hermione said sweetly. Aisling nodded and ran off to Harry, explaining to him the reasoning behind her sudden arrival. He looked at Hermione and Aengus and saw by the way she returned the gaze that this was an important chat.

"Curly, please don't. I don't want to talk about it. Both Aoife and Ardal know now and I'm sure I'll end up having to discuss it with them so I could really do with a friend who doesn't bring it up." He pleaded.

"That's fine, but if you feel like you can't talk about it with family, know that I'm here for you and really care about you." She smiled, gently patting his arm making sure she didn't aggravate any bruise that was occupying his arm.

"I really appreciate that. No one has really been there for me since Bree." He whispered with a catch in his voice which made it sound like he was about to cry. "Just do one thing for me, don't listen to a word Aisling says about me, it will always be a joke."

"If you say so, I didn't think you wanted to marry me anyway." She laughed as she walked off. Aengus watched in horror as Hermione rejoined Harry and Aisling.


Across the country on a stormy night, the inhabitants of Azkaban gathered around to hear what their new leader had to say, the Dementors hadn't been strict guards for some time, ever since they faced defeat at the hands of Harry. "Everyone shut up! We're getting out of here and finishing what Lord Voldemort died trying to do, we're going to get to Harry. But, I'm in charge now, we are going to do it how I saw."

"How's that?" Someone in the crowd growled.

"We're going to use our brains and plan how we can get close to him. We're not breaking out of here, that will put a negative light on us. We will get out of here, but only at the right time." Rodolphus answered back. He turned to face his right-hand woman, "you and me are going to stick together. Once we've killed him, I want to focus on the Weasley that killed my wife." He muttered.

"I know just how we're going to get to them, we need to take a trip to Ireland. Speak to someone called Calum Ashcraft. We can do this, darlin'." Julie smiled maliciously before taking Rodolphus hand and leading him to a more secretive spot.

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