Chapter 23 –


I felt warm when I woke up. The first thing I see is the flames licking wood in the fireplace as its warmth hits me. I blink a few times and move slightly. Harry faces appears in front of me looking concerned. I realise I’m on Harry’s sofa. I pull myself up to a sitting position pulling the blanket with me as Harry hands me a glass of water.


“What happened mi?” Harry asked sighing as he sat down.


“I’m sorry Harry, I know I ruined the date and I’m sorry it’s just I looked at him and all I could see was Draco.” I admitted sadly, starring into the flames as I took a sip of my water.


“Mione…” I ignored Harry and continued,


“Don’t say anything, I know I’ve got to move on, it’s just so hard. I think about him all the time.” I replied grumpily. Harry and the others had told me so many times that I should move on but none of them knew what it was like to lose the love of your life.


“Hermione listen to me!” Harry shouted as I continued to ramble.


“What Harry?” I snapped my eyes snapping to his face.


“You weren’t imagining Draco. It was Draco. He wanted to surprise you tonight” I gaped at him and shot up off the sofa, causing my head to spin. Was this all real? Or was I still dreaming?


“Where is he?” I asked frantically. It couldn’t be true could it? Maybe Harry was just trying to make me feel better. Maybe I’m still dreaming. Maybe I’m full on hallucinating.


“He’s out on the patio, he didn’t want to scare you.” He said, his voice fading as I ran to the back door. Every single step took a lifetime, the world was moving in slow motion, I could hear my breath in my ears, and everything else was silent.  Finally I reached the door and slowly pulled it open taking a deep breath. There on the edge of the patio, leaning heavily on crutches was Draco. He was staring out in to the distance and I took a moment to take in his appearance.


His blonde hair was longer and swept casually about his head, he had a few scars on his forearms and his face looked slightly drained. He turned as he heard me step out onto the patio.


His grey eyes were bright as he smirked at me. “Hey baby” he whispered softly. I cried and jumped to hug him.




“Please tell me this is all real. Tell me I’m not dreaming this time. Tell me you’re really here.” I whispered hurriedly as I stared into his perfect face. “No retreat, baby girl” was his response and I knew at last that he had returned. I knew that all of my dreams had finally come true, I had everything I needed right now and words aren’t enough to describe how happy I feel.


He motioned for me to sit and slowly followed placing all his weight on the crutches.


“No surrender Draco. You have no idea how much I’ve longed to say that to you.”  I breathed freely for the first time in a year. I was still in shock. How could this be happening? He had died. I’d seen his grave, I’d cried, I’d mourned, I dreamt that he returned, and now he has.


“I hear you’re a published author and the head of magical law enforcement these days?” He smiled at me. I was silent for a few moment taking everything in. Slowly I nodded afraid that I’d burst into tears if I opened my mouth.


“I’ve missed you so much baby, the thought of getting to you is the only got me through these last few months, and I’m so proud of you. You didn’t let my death stop you from achieving your dreams, you’re so strong and beautiful and brave.” He replied slowly moving over to the bench I had sat on. He put all of his weight on the crutches as he moved, clearly he struggled to move.


“H…how?” I whispered looking at him confused. He gave a brief smile but I could see the pain in his eyes. I had so many questions.




“My Father staged my death. He made me watch everyone at my funeral, he made me watch when he saw that you went to the grave. I could see the pain in you and I was powerless against it. They kept giving me a potion which completely paralysed me, all I could do was watch.” I took his hand in mine and held it tightly. I could scarcely imagine the horrors that he had been through.


“How did you survive? How are you here?” I asked breathlessly. I was smiling but then again, I don’t think I will be able to stop smiling after tonight.


 “The wards were down. I used every ounce of energy I had left to apparate to Harry, I knew he’d be living in Godric’s Hollow as he always told me that’s where he’d move after graduation. I nearly died but he got me all the medical attention I needed.” He smiled briefly, I made a mental note to thank Harry a million times. “Oh how I’ve missed those eyes, and those lips.” He smiled again and leaned in for a kiss.




I kissed him with a year’s worth of passion. He was back and he was mine, finally mine. Every ounce of tears, pain and heartache was worth it for this moment.


“I promise I’m never going to miss another birthday of Scorpius’” He whispered against my lips and I chuckled. We had a year’s worth of catching up to do but right now I just wanted to get him home.


“I know. Come home with me Draco Malfoy” I whispered softly stroking his cheek.


“Any day baby girl, any day.” He replied before hoisting himself onto the crutches again. We slowly made our way back into the house. Harry was in the kitchen as we walked through and Ginny was by the kettle, both smiling.


“Thank you so much you two. I owe you everything, We’ll speak soon, I just want to take him home for now.” I smiled brightly as the two nodded. Ginny came and hugged me whispering sometimes dreams do come true as Harry stood by Draco and shook his hand.


“I’ll send your medicine over in the morning. I’m glad you two finally have each other.” Draco gave a swift nod and shook Harry’s hand before leaning back onto his crutches as we made our way to the door.


“Ready Dray?” I said looping my arm in his. He nodded and I focused on home before feeling the familiar tugging sensation. We landed just outside my gate and walked up the little path to the door. Draco stared around in amazement.


“This house never use to be here, we’re so close to the manors.” He commented staring at the house.


“We built it last year and now the two manors and this house are all walled in.” I explained turning the key. My huge red door swung open and in we went. I loved being the girl behind the red door.


We walked into the entrance hall and I took our coats putting them in the cupboard. There was a large stairway in the middle of the entrance hall and 4 doors. The first door led to the kitchen, the second to the dining room, third to the pets’ room and 4th to a small bathroom downstairs. “I was actually about to get a dog so that Aries isn’t too lonely.” I explained as Aries joined us in the entrance hall and instantly rubbed up against Draco’s legs.


“It’s beautiful in here Hermione, you’ve done a great job.” Draco smiled happily looking around.


“There’s lots more, come on I’ll show you.” I said starting up the stairs and then remembering that Draco would take longer. Eventually we made it to the second floor.


“We’ve got the games room, the living room, the library and my study on this floor. I didn’t want the kids to be able to eat in the living room so I put it on a different floor.” Draco poked a head in each of the rooms. He laughed when he saw the library took up half the floor.


“One more floor to see.” I said as we progressed up the last flight of stairs. “Up here is the bedrooms and my dressing room. Each room also has an en suite.” I explained as we reached the landing.


“That’s Scorpius’ room.” I said pointing to the blue room that was just visible with the door cracked open. Draco smiled as he looked around the room at the little snitches and qudditch players on the walls.


“This is lyra’s room.” I said as we went to the next room. Draco gave me a confused look as we went into the pink room. “Lyra?” He said confused.


“Harry didn’t tell you?” I asked, why would Harry not tell him he had a daughter?


“No I asked him not to tell me anything other than what your job was and if you were dating.” He said casually.


“Lyra’s our daughter, I had her in February.” I explained. His smiled broadened as he went in as picked up her favourite little lion. “She looks just like you” I added.


“I’ve missed so much of my children’s lives.” He exclaimed at last. I chuckled slightly, he was such a good father I knew that in the future him missing their births would never be brought up.


“It’s okay Draco, we’ll make up for that in the future. As for now she’s 6 1/2 months old, she has your eyes and by the look of it probably your hair as well.” I explained smiling.


“What’s her full name?”


“Lyra Andromeda Malfoy” I replied smiling. “You can meet her tomorrow, I think she’ll end up being a daddy’s girl. She’s so fussy around me.” I could see the brim of tears in his eyes.


“What else?” He asked desperate for every ounce of information.


“Well Scorpius is already showing signs of magic, this morning he turned Lyra’s hair pink. All the others have kids too. You know about James I presume?” He nodded. “Well Ron and Lavender had a little girl and Blaise and Pansy had a little boy. Their son’s middle name is Draco.” He nodded slowly taking everything in.


“Does anyone else know you’re back?” He shook his head.


“I wanted to see you first. I told Harry that no one else could know until I had healed enough to see you.” He replied and I kissed him. I had missed him so much I could barely believe that he was here, in my arms.


“One more room to see” I whispered against his lips and he nodded. I led him to my room. The biggest in the house. There was a large plush carpet, hardwood floors, a huge window seat (like the one I’d had in my head girl’s room) and a Queen Size bed, which currently had black sheets on. There were several photos in beautiful frames on the walls and on my bedside table there was a picture of Draco, the last picture I had of him, smiling and laughing.




“It’s beautiful.” He replied softly, taking it all in.


“I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go to bed. Hugging you all night seems like perfection right now.” I whispered. Draco nodded and we made our way to the bed, not caring that we were fully clothed. We led there for hours just hugging and enjoying the feel of each other once more. It was perfect. It was something I had dreamt about a thousand times but each time I would wake up disappointed or crying. This time I knew I would wake up smiling.






Thank you for reading and yes he’s back! I always knew that this would happen as it leads to the next part of our tale I hope you enjoyed this chapter and there will be more coming soon!


i own nothing but the plot! sorry this one's short xoxo

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