It was only a smile but my heart it went wild
I wasn’t expecting that.

Draco looked around the Great Hall, searching for her cinnamon coloured eyes. He didn’t know when he started liking her it just sort of happened. Maybe it was the fact that she could deal with any situation, or possibly the fact that she was feisty and could do a mean bat-bogey hex.

He remembered the first time that they had exchanged words with each other; well second time but Draco didn’t count that time in Flourish and Blotts.


He was walking through Hogwarts in his third year. The bandage wrapped around his arm, even though he could have taken it off any time he wanted to, for the cut had healed a week ago, as he was looking for sympathy from passers-by. He heard loud footsteps behind him. He turned around wandering if it were Potter, angry cause the bird would probably die or Hagrid get fired. Draco thought amused. He saw red locks and a wand pointing at his throat, he went even paler if it were possible that is.

“How dare you Malfoy, you horrible no good evil little cockroach.” Ginny shouted face going as red as her hair.

“That Oaf was going to get fired in time anyway, I just made that time a little bit shorter.” Draco smirked.

“You are such a jerk Malfoy, how dare you, oh and by the way grow a set, you weakling.” Ginny said back with venom.

“How dare me, how dare you more like? Talking to superiors like myself, you filthy little peasant.” Draco sneered triumphantly. Then his nose hurt really badly and he was on the floor clutching it, as blood came oozing out. It was broken, but to make it even worse boogers were coming
out of his nose and attacking him.

“Don’t say a word against my family Malfoy, have fun eating St Mungo’s food.” With that said Ginny walked away.

End Flashback

So I guess that is when he started liking her really, even though she bat-bogey hexed him, and broke his nose. He liked how she stood up for what she believed was right. Like how she always stood up to people who were picking on Longbottom. Draco spent endless hours searching in the halls for her after that, with no luck of course. Then one day he saw her and followed her down to the library, were she sat huddled next to the fire.


Draco strode across the library to Ginny.

“Weasley, what are you doing this is obliviously my seat.” Draco lied.

“Sure, that’s why you followed me here was it? So your seat isn’t it.” She said sarcastically.

Then voices from behind him signalled the dream team had just arrived.

“Oi, Malfoy get away from my little sister.” Ron’s voice bellowed.

“Yeah, get away from Ginny, Malfoy.” Harry copied.

“Don’t sweat, I was just leaving.” Draco said as he turned around to face the angry Ron.

“You better had, or else.” Ron threatened.

“Or else what Weasel?” Draco said.

“Or else I’ll beat you up.” Ron answered.

“I’ve already been beaten by a Weasley; I don’t want to get beaten up again.” Draco winked evilly at Ginny; he glided behind a bookshelf and listened into their conversation.

“What did he mean by beaten up again Ginny?” Ron asked.

“Do you remember about 3 weeks ago Malfoy had a broken nose?” Ginny said. Ron nodded, and Ginny carried on. “I broke his nose after he insulted me, then I bat-bogey hexed him as well, for good measure.”

After Ginny had stopped talking Ron was beaming. He patted her back and said through his and Harry’s hysteria and Hermione’s stifled laugh.

“How come you didn’t tell us sooner?” Ron laughed.

“Because you never asked.” Ginny stated and then began to laugh along with them.

End Flashback

Draco loved Ginny’s laugh, although he’d never admit it. His only problem was recently Potter started to like her. His and Ginny’s wars had been going on since third year, and now he was in his seventh year, so really this was his last year to tell her how he felt. But he wasn’t exactly brave, so it might have to be after she graduated Hogwarts, unless she was with Potter by then.

As he looked once more at the Gryffindor table his eyes locked with hers and she smiled at him. He wasn’t expecting that.

AN: Should I do the rest of the lyrics to the song, review please and tell me if I should. I only own most of the plot. And the song is called I wasn’t Expecting that by Jamie Lawson. I’m currently working on a Ginny/Sirius Marauders based fanfiction. That should be up soon. Thanks. That’s all folks! (For now anyway).

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