Chapter 22 – September 1st – 1 year later

Today I started my new job! I am officially the head of the Department of Magical law enforcement. A lot’s happened in a year. Scorpius is now three and already showing signs of magic, just this morning he turned his sister’s hair pink! That’s another thing, I now have a daughter. Lyra Andromeda Malfoy was born on February 7th. She’s beautiful with a tiny amount of blonde hair and silvery eyes. The whole world now know I’m a pureblood and my name is officially Hermione Zabini. It took a week to build my house, with magic of course. It’s a four bedroom house with a library, large kitchen and pantry, dining room, living room, play room, study and an animal room. Currently Aries is the only resident in that room but I’ve been considering getting a puppy too. I hear they are great for children and I’ve always wanted one.


I do all the chores around the house the muggle way, it helps me think. Lyra’s got plenty of friends to play with, Ginny and Harry had a boy, named James in September, Lavender and Ron had a little girl, named Rosalee in December and Blaise and Pansy had a little boy named, Hunter Draco Zabini in July. Blaise often talks to me telepathically asking questions about the baby to check he’s doing everything right. He finally proposed to Pansy and they plan to get married in December. Ron and Lavender have been married since last spring and Ginny and Harry just tied the knot on July 29th. As for me I haven’t even looked at another guy since Draco. I wear my ring every day and the picture in my locket still hasn’t changed, I guess you could say I’m still mourning but every  time I watch one of my friends marry I can’t help but think that it should be Draco and I.




Narcissa and Violet take the kids every other weekend to give me time off. It gives me chance to be with my friends again. We usually spend Friday’s at Ginny’s and Harry’s, Saturday at Ron and Lavender’s and Sunday’s at either the manor or my house. This weekend is my weekend off, I haven’t been going to Harry’s since their wedding letting the two of them settle into life as a married couple but they’ve already invited me to dinner in a fortnight for James’ birthday.




I had just dropped Scorpius and Lyra at the manor and began hanging out the laundry when I saw Harry coming towards me through the garden (He had a key). “Oh hey Harry what are you doing here?” I smiled still hanging out the washing.


“Just thought I’d drop in. You know it amazes me how you have time to do all of this.” I raised my eyebrow at him suspecting that he was lying. He sighed and chuckled.


“Okay you caught me. I came to tell you that I’ve set you up on a blind date tonight.” He smirked. I glared at him.


“No way.” I replied simply as I finished hanging out the laundry.


“Oh come on Mi, it’s been over a year and you haven’t even looked at another guy. I think you’ll like this one, he’s quite the handsome chap.” He smiled again. I rolled my eyes and sat on the bench where Harry joined me.


“Has it occurred to you that I don’t want to move on?” It was Harry’s turn to roll his eyes.


“Of course but I think it’s time we get you back onto the dating scene. Draco would have wanted you to be happy.”


“Well I am happy, as happy as I can be. I’m not going.” I snapped slightly.


“Please! I’ve already told him you’ll meet him tonight.  You’ve never failed at anything before so why fail at love?” I scoffed at his obvious attempt at provoking me to go.


“I didn’t fail at love. I had love and I still have love so no I’m not going.” Harry sighed.


“Please Hermione, just give it a shot. If at the end of tonight you still feel the same then you can go back to normal life and no harm done but you’re never going to get anywhere in life if you just give up.” I looked out across my perfectly trimmed garden. Could I really do this to Draco? Going on a date wouldn’t mean I’ve forgotten him though.


“Fine, just tonight, but I’m wearing my ring.” Harry chuckled.


“Thank you so much, this guys just moved here and I thought I’d help him out with his terrible love life. I’m so glad I don’t have to let him down” I rolled my eyes and went inside.


“He better not be annoying. What time tonight and where?” I said at last.


“Uh 8pm, at Café Noir by the leaky cauldron.” I nodded I had three hours to get ready.


Urgh why am I nervous? I thought to myself angrily. “I’ve gotta dash Hermione, see ya soon, let me know how it goes!” Harry yeller leaving.


Hey sis what’s up?  I heard in my head and smirked.


Blaise, Harry just set me up on a blind date. I replied doing the dishes.


That’s great Hermione. It’ll be good for you. I smiled weakly at his response. Maybe everyone was right. Maybe this would help me begin to move on from Draco.


Don’t worry sis, a date doesn’t mean you’re forgetting him. Blaise said and I smiled at his ability to always know my worst fear.  Thanks, I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. Can you send Pansy round to help me with some clothes?


I didn’t get an answer but five minutes later I got a knock on the door. It was Pansy, Ginny was right behind her smiling.


“Come on girl! We’ve only got two and a half hours to get you ready!” They said together before giggling and walking past me and up the stairs to my dressing room. I rolled my eyes and dried my hands before following them, after all I was still in my work clothes.


“So are you excited !?” Ginny squealed as we waited for Pansy to stop rooting around in my walk in wardrobe. I sighed heavily.


“Uh I guess” I replied trying, and failing to sound enthusiastic.


“Come on Mi, this is your first date in over a year! Cheer up, I bet you’ll have a great time.” Pansy yelled through.


“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I muttered as pansy came back through her arms laden with clothes.


She through them down and came to sit next to Ginny and I. She wrapped her arm around me and I gave a weak smile. Pansy and I had become great friends over the past year, we both struggled through Draco’s death and were both able to be there for each other on our darkest days.


“Having fun doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten him.” She whispered softly.


“I know, it’s just hard. We were meant to be together forever. Not for 6 weeks.” I replied looking down at the ring that had yet to leave my finger. “I miss him so much.” I choked as I felt a hot tear roll down my cheek.


“I know hun. That’s why you need this tonight.” Ginny whispered rubbing my back. “You better not cry when I’ve done you’re make up!” I laughed slightly at her joke. “Come on girl let’s get you ready”


*****3 hours later*****


When I walked in I was led to a table for two in one corner of the café. My hair was in long loose waves, Ginny had done a fantastic job with my makeup and Pansy had picked out a beautiful black one-shouldered dress.


I looked down at my watch and saw that I was a few minutes early. I fiddled with my ring pulling it on and off. I ordered a coke as I waited, this was my favourite muggle café in the entire world. The time ticked by slowly and 8pm came along at snail’s pace. Then 8 pm passed and I grew agitated. He was late. That is if he was coming at all. Maybe he found out I was a single mother of two children and bailed. Maybe it was all just a joke, but would Harry really get himself involved with that?


I waited ten minutes before I decided I’d had enough. This really was some kind of sick joke. How could Harry do this to me? I stood to leave and collected my purse as I turned around I saw my date. Slowly I shrank back down to my seat and dropped my bag on the floor, not really caring where it fell.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Draco…” and my world went black.




Sorry it’s a short chapter for now, having a smidge of writer’s block. Next time we will get to find out all about the year that we’ve missed. Please review xoxo

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