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September 1st. A day where mixed emotions, flying clothes, shouts of 'hurry up!' and 'we're going to be late!' echo through the house. As these things happen, I stand in my room. My trunk is packed and waiting to be loaded into the car. My hair was brushed, and my clothes on. My teeth were clean, along with my outfit. I took one long glance around my room. Two twin beds, a nightstand in-between them. Two windows on the right and the left. One overlooking the river and the other the road. My closet door was shut and I walked over to the other side of the room to shut my sisters. Ella. We never weren't with each other. Despite the fact that I was a year younger. Ever since a young age we were together. I often felt bad for my brother, who was quite out of the loop. But he had chosen to go off with his best friend every day in the semester. 


"What?" I responded to my sister's shouts lazily.


"Coming." My trunk was being lugged behind me, and almost wiped me out when I lost my grip on it descending the stairs. Thankfully the cat ran away before it got hit. 

"I'm ready. If you're so anxious to go, lets go."

"You didn't eat breakfast."

"Oh stop worrying, I don't need breakfast."

'It's the most important meal of the day."

"Great. I don't care. Mum and Dad are waiting in the car...we probably should go"

"At least eat this apple."

"I don't want an apple."

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

"I haven't been to the doctor in years, and I haven't been to Hogwarts in months. Since you were the one yelling at me to hurry up, I thought you would actually want to leave. Please stop caring about me eating breakfast and get your butt into our car," I smirked at her and walked into our garage. My mum and dad greeted me, and pestered me with the usual sentimental shit I didn't usually bother with, but I let it slide since I would be gone for a few months. Ella was next to me after I had answered 'Are you nervous for 6th-year sweetie?'. My answer was short and sweet. Ella hadn't bothered and pestered my parents to leave. We left. 


                                                      . . . 


"Anything from the trolley, Dears?" the very elderly witch stuck her head into out compartment. Her gray hair was falling out to match her teeth (there weren't many left). Her skin sagged down and if you filled her wrinkles in with ink, it would look like a Muggle tube map. 

"Just a licorice wand, thank you," I replied. Ella shot me a skeptical look.

"...I'll have three droobles, a pack of chocolate frogs and a pumpkin pastie, please." We paid the witch and she moved on to the compartment next to us. It was filled with weak-kneed second years that had crooked teeth and delighted smiles at the thought of sweets. I could see Ella eyeing me, but I could tell she was skeptical to say anything. 

"Nervous for your N.E.W.T.S?


Ella paled.


You see, she was a, how do you put it. Golden child. Aced all her classes, and plenty of friends, and probably could snag any bloke she wanted. During the school year, she plastered a fake smile on her face and acted as though she didn't have a care in the world. Of course as her best friend and sister, I knew all the stress from doing everything right took its toll on her. Nightly breakdowns in our dorm proved my point.

"Relax, I'm just teasing. I know you'll do amazing. Besides, you have such a  long time to study for them and you shouldn't start freaking now."

"But if I fail these I'll have nothing. No job opportunities. No nothing. You can't understand yet."

"You won't even have me?"

"Who knows. You may find Mr. Dreamy and run off with him before the year is over to start a family."

I scoffed.


                                                          . . . 

As soon as I sat down at the Hufflepuff table, I knew I had made a mistake. I had chosen a seat next to Ms. Prudence Wumpleworth, who wouldn't be herself without unnaturally crisp robes, a tight bun with exactly one curl out of place and a snarky and/or degrading comment as soon as she opened her mouth. I hated her. Her father was a rich man, who often made donations to both the ministry and the school, which made her loved by all of the adults. This also caused her to prance around the school like she owned the place. She sneered in disdain at any one person who was unworthy of her 'approval'. (Un)fortunately, that was me.

"Rebecca," she acknowledged.

"Prudence." Did I mention that her name was awful? No? It is. 

"Will you be quiet? The Headmistress is standing up, you're so disrespectful," Prudence glared at me.

"I know. Gosh, can't you just leave this table?" one of her cronies Esperanza said. Although she was bad, when Prudence wasn't around she could be very helpful. Her ebony hair was tied up in a bun with a red ribbon, and her lips were painted blood red. I thought it made her look a bit like Snow White.

I ignored them both and turned to watch Headmistress Fliten speak. Her enchanted voice echoed throughout the hall as she introduced the first years. As soon as she said that, the doors swung open and the new class of first-years entered the hall for the first time. A combination of awed expressions, eager grins, and terrified shaking made for an amusing sight. The Hufflepuff second years chuckled a bit, remembering when they looked like that.

I made contact with Ella, who was sitting at the Gryffindor table. She immediately smirked at me and glanced up to the house banners. We exchanged mischievous glances and whipped out our wands. I muttered a spell and watched as the animals pranced off turned into lovely wall decorations. I looked back over at Ella, ready to exchange thumbs up, but instead I got a confused and frantic face. I looked back up at the banners and saw that she had switched Gryffindor to yellow and pink, Hufflepuff to silver and purple, Ravenclaw to red and white, and Slytherin to red, white, and blue.

The professors didn't notice and started the sorting.


"Arnow, Emily."




"Aynor, Theo."




"Bobardus, Arthion."




This went on for a while and I got annoyed, as I always did. I wanted food. I wanted to talk to my sister but at meals like this we weren't allowed to sit with different houses. I glanced at her and she was whispering to June Brown, a seventh-year like my sister. Sighing, I swiveled my head to watch the sorting.


A little girl with blonde pigtails skipped up to the hat, and eagerly jammed it onto her head.


"GR-RAVENCLAW!" the sorting hat called out after a while.


"Zander, Atkin." A boy a bit taller than Ravenclaw girl walked up and tentatively put the hat on, glancing at Professor Sanders quite a bit before he squeezed his eyes shut. I assumed he was hoping for a house.


"SLYTHERIN!" the hat roared. I glanced at the Astronomy teacher, who was rolling up the scroll. 


"Finally," I muttered under my breath.

"See, Esperanza. I told you. Rebecca, if you cleanse like we do you won't have to wait to eat. You won't want to, and you'll be skinny and healthy. You might want to try it sometime."



                                                     . . .

"Alright, first years follow me. We're close to the kitchens so if you get lost, try and find the smell of food," I led the first years to our dormitory. "Another helpful hint if you get lost, is that we're not in a tower. So, unless you're in the dungeons going up isn't an option." I stopped at a painting of a dumpy witch sporting a yellow dress.


"HEllooooo, first years," she smiled.

"This year, Hufflepuff is trying something new; not having a password. This is Elaine, she's very helpful and will be the one to let you into the common room." As I said that, she swung open to let us walk in. 


"We get to live here?" and excited little boy, Arthur I think, said.

"Yup. Hufflepuff will be like your family. If you need help on assignments or advice on anything, the older students will be happy to help. Now, the girls will go up on the left, boys to the right. When you get into your rooms, introduce yourself because these are the people you'll be living with for the next seven years. In the morning, come and find me and I'll help you get to the great hall. Goodnight!" I said cheerily, leading the girls to their rooms.


The other Hufflepuff prefect Samuel was quieter and preferred me to do all the talking. I didn't' mind at all. 


When I reached my dorm, I collapsed on my bed and pulled the hangings around me. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep. 




This is a new story of mine. The first that I've actually published somewhere. The rest aren't going to be read by anyone but me, because I'm very self-conscious about my writing.  This is going to be a weird songfic, as most of the ones I've read are one chapter. PLEASE give me feedback. This is the only story I've written directly on a website without writing it beforehand, so please help me get started. This was a boring chapter, and didn't really follow what it's called so I apologize. This chapter is 3rd-grade level reading (I used Hemingway editor...check it out) so I apologize if it's really simple and you fly through it. I'm hoping that as I develop this more it'll be rated as an older grade level. Though, I think that 3rd grade is acceptable for an introductory chapter, do you? REVIEW. I ACCEPT CRITICISM AND DON'T HOLD BCK ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY. Thank you. 

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