Chapter 19




Hermione’s P.O.V




I woke up with a muscular arm around my body. I smiled truly happy for the first time. As I rolled around I was met by some silver eyes. I smirked as he whispered “No retreat, baby”


“No surrender” I responded kissing him on the nose. I lifted myself slightly and looked at the clock on my bedside table. “Oh crap, it’s 10am we have to get Scorpius up!” I said shooting out of bed and waving my wand so that I was now wearing a large hoodie and some leggings. Draco rolled over groaning as I left him cold in the bed. I ran into Scorpius’ room to wake him up.


“Draco, come quick!” I yelled, within seconds Draco was next to me. His trembling hand reached forward and picked up the piece of parchment left in the middle of the cot.




Too busy with the mudblood to notice your halfblooded son disappear. The shame you bring to the Malfoy name. Good luck finding him.




Slowly the paper fell to the floor as it dropped out of Draco’s hands. He pulled me into a tight hug as I began to cry. My son was gone, my beautiful baby was in danger.




“We’ll find him. He’ll be okay” Draco kept whispering again and again. He too was clearly distraught at this. “It’s my father’s writing. He must have escaped from Azkaban.” He muttered still holding me close.




“Go and talk to Blaise, tell him what’s going on and I’ll get dressed.” I nodded slightly before walking toward the hall telepathically telling Blaise to meet me there. This had to be told face to face. Once I had explained everything to him I was in floods of tears and he hugged me telling me it would be okay before suddenly jerking backwards.


“Did you say Draco asked you to come and explain to me?” I nodded slowly as his eyes widened and I felt his emotions change to fear.


“What?” I asked shaking him slightly.




“Draco’s gone after Scorpius. He wanted you to leave so you didn’t get hurt.” He replied. I jumped up and began sprinting towards our common room. “Victory” I yelled at the portrait hole and I ran as fast as I could up to Draco’s room. Everything was untouched. I passed through Scorpius’ room and into mine. He wasn’t here.




That’s when I noticed the piece of parchment sat on my pillow.  I picked it up and sat on the edge of my bed.


My Dearest Hermione,


I’m guessing Blaise figured it out, but yes I have gone to find Scorpius. Now I want you to follow my instructions carefully.


I never told you this but I put a spell on My ring, Scorpius’ ring and your necklace, so that if any of us couldn’t be found we would be able to apparate to one another simply by holding it.


This is how I’m going to get Scorpius. Please don’t come after me. If I’m not back in two hours then you may come but only then.


If you do have to come, get Scorpius and get out. Do not come back for me.


You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.


No retreat baby girl






I dropped the letter as the tears began to flow freely from my eyes. How could he do this without consulting me? I shook with worry for my son and for the love of my life. We had only had six happy weeks together so far, that couldn’t be it, we were meant to have forever.


The hope in my heart sank further and further as the two hours slowly ticked by. I was sure Draco wasn’t coming back. I got up off my bed and gripped onto my necklace thinking of Scorpius and instantly felt the familiar tug. Somehow Draco had managed to cast the spell so that we could even apparate on Hogwarts grounds.


The room I arrived in was dark and I could hear two guards muttering outside. In the dark I could make out a little crib in the middle of the room. I had no idea where I was but I walked over to the crib and scooped up my little boy just as I heard footsteps heading towards the room. Quickly I disapparated holding Scorpius tight to my chest. We landed in Hogsmead and I looked around at all of the 7th years that had come down to enjoy some of their freedom.


My eyes found Lavender in a matter of minutes. I ran over to her.


“Lavender do me and favour and look after Scorpius please. Take him to Blaise, he’ll explain everything.” I panted feeling out of breath. Lavender nodded looking shocked.


“I suppose I best get use to this.” Lavender muttered, as she took Scorpius. I leaned forward.


“Are you giving the Weasley’s another Grandchild?” I whispered, she nodded slowly her bottom lip trembling. “I haven’t told Ron yet.” I nodded and told her to tell him as soon as possible before apologising and excusing myself.


I held on tightly to my necklace again thinking of Draco. I know he told me not to come for me but I couldn’t just leave him there. I was in a different room this time. In fact I think it was an entirely different building. It was old and wooden and the wind whistled through it loudly. The room was rather small but the lighting wasn’t as bad as it had been where Scorpius was. There on the floor was a bloody and bruised Draco. I rushed towards him and crouched down.


“Hermione, I told you not to come!” He whispered thickly and his black eyes found my face.


“I know but I couldn’t leave you. Come on I can get you out of here.” I said lifting him slightly as he sagged.


“Hermione please go. They’ll be expecting you” He whispered, growing weaker by the second.


 I was growing desperate as I tried to hold his body again but I was already too late. The door swung open and I was blasted backwards hitting the wall hard with my head. My vision blurry, I watched as Lucius Malfoy came towards me followed by Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback.


“Well well well if it isn’t the mudblood. I should’ve known you would find the child. No matter I refuse to hurt a baby anyway, even if it is tainting my family’s blood. No it is the mudblood and the blood traitor I wanted.


“Draco’s not a Blood traitor.” I whispered at last. “I’m a pureblood.” Lucius chuckled as Bellatrix stepped forward.


“LIAR!” she screamed before sending a crucio my way. I writhed on the floor and focused whole heartedly on not screaming. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Once she took it off I was panting in pain.


“Ashamed of your own blood status now mudblood? Well I’m afraid you’re stuck with it.” Lucius sneered. I rolled my eyes slightly and received a diffindo to the leg. I screamed as I felt my knee shatter. Slowly the pain began to blind me and my world became dark.


********Days later*******


I woke up for yet another day in this hell hole. The torture had been getting worse each day. I was forced to drink random potions as they slowly tore away at my body destroying me bit by bit. The only good thing about this place was that Draco was here. He was so much stronger than I was, he grimaced through the pain but he was always strong enough to take it. Every time the words “No retreat” left his mouth I was given a small glimmer of hope while I responded with “No surrender”, today was different however.


When I woke up Draco was gone. I wondered where he was, normally they had no issue in torturing us while the other had to watch. I didn’t have to wait long to see Draco though. He came walking through the door a wand in his hand. My heart sank when I saw his eyes caught In a sliver of light. They looked hollow, instantly I knew he was under the imperious curse.


The moment he saw me he raised his wand and muttered “Crucio” as I writhed on the floor once again, I noticed Bellatrix and Lucius enter cackling.  The torture continued like this for a long while, I couldn’t take it much longer, I could barely lift my head but I did, and looked at Draco.




“Come on Draco, it’s me. Fight this. You can fight it Draco.” I begged helplessly. Draco’s eyes remained hollow as he muttered another spell and cuts instantly began to appear across my body. Lucius quickly stopped the blood from pouring out but left the cuts open so they stung against the wind.


“Draco please.” I whispered as he continued to crucio me. I saw a slight flicker of recognition in his eyes but the spells continued. I knew what I needed to do.


“No retreat Draco.” At this Draco paused, clearly struggling with himself.


“No surrender” He muttered softly before falling to the ground and howling in pain. I knew it would hurt him to throw the curse off but they would have hurt him anyway. As my world faded once more I could hear nothing but the sound of Draco yelling in pain and Bellatrix cackling.


*******Sometime later *********




I woke and groaned loudly in pain. “Hermione?” I heard Draco whisper sounding afraid.




“It’s okay Draco” I whispered back knowing the guilt he felt. I was breathing heavily and knew I wasn’t going to last too much long we must have been here for weeks now. Truth be told I wasn’t okay but I couldn’t let Draco feel like it was his fault.


“I’m so sorry.” He whispered reaching forward and gently holding my fingers.


“It’s okay it wasn’t you… Draco I don’t think I can do this for much long.” I sighed closing my eyes and leaning my head back.


“Come on baby, No retreat remember. They’ll find us soon.” Draco said trying, and failing, to sound upbeat.


“No surrender Draco.” I said lifting my head and trying to smile at him. My whole body hurt. Some of the potions I was forced to take were preventing me from healing at all. Again I felt my head dropping.


“Hold on baby girl, I didn’t want to tell you this in this way but there’s a ring in my bedside table. I got it for you. I was going to propose at Graduation. See that’s why you’ve got to hold on, we can get married and Scorpius will have a full family at last. Please Hermione we are so close to having the future we’ve dreamed of for so long. I can’t have that future without you.” I smiled at him. I had never loved anyone more than I loved him in this moment.


“I’m s…sorry Draco. No s…surrender.” I whispered feeling my eyes close. Before Draco could respond darkness surrounded me. And finally I felt peace.



Author’s note- Thanks for reading! Next chapter coming  soon. Any ideas what you think will happen?  let me know! xoxo i own nothing but the plot

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