Chapter 17


Hermione’s P.O.V


“What the HELL happened to my brother?” I yelled spinning around to stare at the room of shocked faces. I knew that some of the people hadn’t known that Blaise was my brother but at the same time I trusted them not to say anything. I couldn’t believe that I had been gone with Draco for one single day and all hell had broken loose. “And where is my son?” I yelled again into the silence.  Madame Pomfrey stepped forward.


“Your son is fine, he’s sleeping in my office at the moment, Blaise had dropped him off just before dinner and quite lucky he had too.” She said breaking the silence. I nodded feeling slightly relief flooding through me slightly and I stared expectantly waiting for my other question to be answered.


Professor McGonagall stepped fuming her fury matching mine. “Potter and Weasley were having a brawl for some unknown reason in the entrance hall. I’ve never seen such an abomination before! They were destroying the school with a mixture of muggle and magical fighting.  Longbottom, Parkinson, Zabini and Miss Weasley all tried to step in and break up the fight but all were injured in the process. Blaise particular was caught with both spells and was sent flying into the hourglasses. It took all four of us teachers to magically break up the fight and we were forced to knock those two out.”


I stood in silence for a few moments processing the information as Draco came behind me and rubbed my shoulders gently. I relaxed back into him and looked back at the beds in the corner of the room. “What happens now?” I asked.


“Well, I’ve written to Molly and she and Arthur are arriving in the morning. When those two wake up we will receive their versions of events and then see what further action must be taken.” McGonagall said looking disappointed.


“They won’t be expelled will they?” I asked slightly worried at her tone. Ginny’s head shot up, staring at McGonagall.


“Well we need to find out why Mr Weasley attacked Mr Potter in the first place. I will not tolerate that kind of behaviour in my school but that will be discussed in the morning.” She replied sharply. My heart sank slightly, I could guess why they had been fighting but they couldn’t be expelled now after all we’ve been through they are so close to graduating officially.


“You c…can’t exp…ell th…them it’s a…all m…my f…fault.” Ginny wailed across the silent room. Everyone’s heads snapped across to her.


“Miss Weasley what are you on about?” Professor McGonagall asked walking toward her slightly. Madame pomfrey continued to run around administering potions and healing cuts. Ginny sniffed loudly before talking a deep breath and calming herself down enough to talk.


“I’m pregnant. Ron found my c…crying as I looked at some baby names. I tried to hide the book but it was too late. He pr…presumed that H…harry had left me alone when he found out about the b…baby and w…went after him, but I h…haven’t told h…harry about the baby!” she explained quickly. McGonagall sighed as her face softened slightly. Madame Pomfrey came running across, “On the bed now, you were knocked over I need to check that baby is okay” She snapped quickly gesturing towards a bed. Ginny slowly moved across and Madame Pomfrey waved her wand healing Ginny’s arm.


Again she waved her wand and gently placed it against Ginny’s stomach. “Around 3 months gone” She confirmed as the sound of a heart beat began to echo around the room. Everyone smiled slightly and tears fell silently down Ginny’s cheeks. “Would you like to know the sex Miss Weasley?” Ginny looked at her with wide eyes.


“It’s too early isn’t it?” She asked sniffing again as the rest of us just watched in silence and Neville began to snore.


“No dear, in the magical world we can confirm the sex at 3 months.” Ginny nodded slowly and Madame Pomfrey waved her wand again and Ginny’s stomach slowly began to glow a bright blue. “It’s a boy” She said as Ginny smiled and cried at the same time.


“We will have to inform your parents of this tomorrow Miss Weasley but for now I would like everyone to get to bed. We can meet here again in the morning.” Professor McGonagall stated as she turned to leave, Slughorn and Flitwick following behind her.


I walked up to Ginny’s bed. “It’ll be okay Gin.” I muttered hugging her. She laid back and smiled weakly nodding at me. I turned to leave and Draco followed behind me, now holding a sleeping Scorpius, as Pansy was whispering to Blaise’s sleeping form. “Oh and Draco?” Ginny said, making us turn around.


“Yes?” Draco replied looking at her in confusion.


“It’s about time.” She said smiling again and nodding towards me. Draco smirked before taking my hand nodding at Ginny and Pansy and leading me out of the hospital wing.


“C’mon let’s go get some rest. Tomorrow’s gonna be a long day.”


******The Next Day**********


Draco and I woke up at 7 am to the sound of Scorpius crying. Draco was up in an instant and before long had soothed him with some milk. I smiled gratefully and yawned before getting up.


It was 8am when we went down to the hospital wing having eaten breakfast in our room. Blaise was still out of it but Ron, Harry and Neville were all awake. Neville looked perfectly fine and was just waiting to be discharged. Ron and Harry both looked pretty sore and Harry wrist was bandaged while Ron’s arm was in a sling. Both had a few stubborn cuts that had refused to heal and sat as a miniature reminder of the fight that had occurred. I walk up to the two beds and smacked both of them across the heads to which they both growled grumpily.


 “What is wrong with you two?” I asked sitting on a chair between them as Draco was standing back a little looking awkward. Ginny had already left and I presumed she was with McGonagall and her parents.


“He started it. Attacking me for no reason and saying that Ginny was pregnant!” Harry snapped anger clear in his voice as Ron snorted.


“He deserved it, she was heartbroken when I saw her.” Ron snapped as well. I laughed looking between them and received to identical glares.


“You two are so stupid. Yes Ginny is pregnant and she was sad because she didn’t know how to tell Harry not because he had left her. You are both facing expulsion over something this stupid.” I said, both of their faces paled considerably at the mention of expulsion.


“Expulsion?” they said together, looking at one another.


“Yes well let’s hope McGongall doesn’t kick you out. I take it neither one of you are going to make up?” They shook their heads stubbornly.


“He got my baby sister pregnant.”


“He assumed the worst of me once again AND attacked me!” I just shook my head.


“Ron it takes two to tango, it’s just as much Ginny’s fault as it is Harry’s and Harry, Ron made a mistake, something you of all people should understand. You’re best friends for crying out loud now get over your pride and make up.” I snapped sounding motherly as Draco gave a soft chuckle behind me and Harry and Ron muttered a grumpy “sorry” to one another.


As Draco stepped forward he gently squeezed my shoulder as Ron scowled again and Harry smirked. At least one of them accepted our relationship. We sat in silence for a few moments before it was broken by the group of people entering the hospital wing. Professor Mcgonagall led Mr and Mrs Weasley who were followed in by a teary Ginny.


“RONALD WEASLEY” Mrs Weasley yelled as she saw her son. I smirked slightly as he paled and I was reminded of the howler incident in 2nd year. Clearly Draco was thinking along the same lines as he too was smirking. “YOU HAVE REALLY DONE IT THIS TIME! EVEN YOUR BROTHERS DIDN’T GET US CALLED IN TO TALK ABOUT THEIR FUTURE AT HOGWARTS” she thundered as she marched towards him. Ron seemed to shrink back into his bed and cowered slightly. Even Harry backed off slightly.


“And don’t think you’re off the hook Harry, you’re in just as much trouble as he is.” She said in a furious tone, Harry looked away guiltily and shied away from her. Draco and I stepped back slightly to let everyone else in.


“Now that you both are conscious I would like an explanation for your atrocious actions last night.” Professor McGonagall said as Mr Weasley soothed Mrs Weasley.


“Well I was just about to go to dinner and find Lav but then I came across Ginny crying. She was reading a baby names book and I knew instantly that Harry had gotten her pregnant. I thought that she was crying because Harry had left her behind because she’s pregnant and so I went to defend my sister.” Ron began to explain carefully so as not to anger his mother further.


“And Ron found me just about to go in the great hall for dinner he said I was a bloody arse for what I did to Ginny. I thought he was talking about us being together like at Christmas so I told him to mind his own and I could do whatever I wanted with Ginny.” Harry put in, looking at Ron as the two pieced together the fight.


“And I was so angry when he said that. I thought he loved my sister and then he was treating her like this. So I lost it and hit him, then he hexed me and we started fighting.” Ron said looking down slightly.


“Then I don’t really know what happened but everytime someone came to break us up we hurt them but we never sent any spells at any of them. They just got hurt by coming close to us.” Harry continued as Ron nodded and both looked slightly confused.


“We’re both really sorry and we’ll do any punishment, just please don’t expel us.” Ron pleaded as everyone else stared at the two in shock.


“Well Mr Weasley and Mr Potter, I’m afraid that might not be possible. You destroyed school property, you injured several people and one person has yet to wake up from the incident. I’ve never been so disgraced by two students at this school…”


“Blaise is fine” I interjected smirking. I received many confused looks. “We had a conversation last night when he woke up. We can speak telepathically and he took Madame Pomfrey’s sleeping potion an hour ago. Says his scars hurt a little but other than that he’ll be fine.” I explained quickly. Everyone nodded and looked back at McGonagall.


“Well due to your services to the school over the last few years. I have decided that you will be allowed to continue your education but you will both be doing community service everyday until the end of the year.” She gave the tiniest smile as both Harry and Ron sighed with relief.


Ginny walked over to Harry’s bed and took his hand. “Why didn’t you tell me baby?” He asked so softly. She bowed her head towards him and he kissed her forehead before leaning his forehead against hers. Mr and Mrs Weasley stepped forward.


“Now you two will serve a punishment with us once you graduate. We are very disappointed with both of you. Harry, it would be wrong to say we aren’t disappointed in the situation you and Ginny are in but at the same time we understand it. After all we had Charlie six months after we graduated.” Mr weasley said as clearly Mrs Weasley was far too angry to talk. Slowly the adults shuffled from the hospital wing.


“If you ever need any advice on the whole baby thing I’m always here.” I said to Ginny who got up and hugged me as Draco and I turned to leave.


“Same goes for you Potter” Draco smiled as we began walking out giving a simple nod to Ron. “And don’t worry we’ll be back later when this goon wakes up.” Draco said over his shoulder as I walked with Scorpius.


“Thank you” I said to Draco once we were out of the Hospital Wing.


“What for?” He asked curiously scooping Scorpius up onto his hip.


“For making an effort with them” I replied simply as we continued to walk, holding hands. A family at last.




Author’s Note : Thanks for reading this chapter. Not the last chapter don’t worry! We have a lot more story to come yet, all the characters will have graduated before this story ends! Please review and I will update soon xoxo




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