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The red hair was showing under the thick bandage, and Hermione was inconsolable, her tears were falling thick and fast. Her daughter’s body had been found a few yards away from her father and Hermione had collapsed upon finding her. Little Lois's back had been broken, Hermione had tried the same spell on her as she had on Phoenix, but it had been too late, little Lois Weasley was dead

Now two hours later, Hermione was sat by Ron's bedside, praying she didn't lose him as well, Poppy had been honest with her, had given Ron a 70-30 chance of not making it, the outlook was dim. Her classes had all been substituted by another professor so she spent all her time with Ron. Harry had given his classes to another professor too, so he could be with her, Claire had gone home the previous day after Phoenix had been given the all clear.

Hermione was lying on one of the hospital beds after Poppy had insisted she get some rest and Harry was sat by his best friend’s side, praying he would make it. He looked towards Hermione and sighed, even asleep she wasn't resting, her body was sweating and she was tossing and turning. She was also talking in her sleep.

"Ronald, no, please, no, Lois don't die, mummy needs you, no, no noooooooo."

Harry rushed to her side and wrapped his arms around her, which woke her from her sleep.

"Harry, Ron, is he.....how is he...?"

"Shhhhh 'Mione, there’s no change, you were having a nightmare, he's hanging on,"

Hermione jumped off the bed and ran to her husband’s side, she placed her right hand on his forehead, and her other hand grasped his hand, as Harry watched he felt a lump in his throat, how could he have kissed her the other day, when she was married to his best friend, what sort of person did that make him. Tears fell from his eyes, and he looked away, but not before Hermione saw.

"Harry please don't cry, I need you to be strong for me, I couldn't bear it if you broke down too."

"I'm ok 'Mione really, it’s just...."

"I know Harry, I feel guilty too."

Hermione sighed and looked back at her husband, she placed her hand on his chest and gasped.

"Harry he has no rhythm, I....I don't think he's breathing...."

Harry rushed over to Ron and tilted his head back, then he bent down and put his ear to his mouth, he felt nothing.


Madam Pomfrey came rushing out of her office and up to Ron's bedside.

"What happened Harry?"

"I don't know, it looks like he stopped breathing, I put my ear to his mouth and I felt nothing."

Madam Pomfrey pulled out her wand and moved it up and down Ron's body, her face went from concerned to worried to grim.
Finally she turned to Hermione and dropped her eyes, Hermione knew what this meant and a scream escaped her throat, then her world went black.


Hermione was walking down a long corridor she saw Ron and Lois up ahead but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't get close to them, she tried shouting them.


But they just kept on floating away, away from her open arms, away from her pleading voice, pleading for them to stay, and just before they disappeared for good, Ron picked Lois up and they waved before vanishing from sight, Hermione heard a sudden scream then another voice sliced into her thoughts, a male voice a familiar voice, Harry's voice.

"Hermione, Hermione wake up, please mate wake up,, Poppy, is there something you can give her, to calm her down before she hurts herself?"

"Yes good idea Harry, now, now there Hermione, everything will be just fine, sleep now sweetie-pie, sleep."

And as Hermione fell into a dreamless sleep harry watched her chest, which went from rising rapidly to slowing down then finally to a normal pace. Finally he slumped down in the hard plastic chair next to Ron's bed, and he looked at his dearest friend. He looked so peaceful, no one would have guessed the truth just looking at him, the tears came and he couldn't hold them in much longer, he put his head in his hands as sobs wracked his body and he soon felt an arm around his shoulders, as Poppy comforted him.

"Harry, maybe you should go get some rest, I will keep my eye on Mrs Weasley here."

"Thank you Poppy, but I’d rather stay here, I don't suppose you have a spare bed for little old me do you?"

Smiling she nodded and pointed to the bed next to Hermione’s sleeping form.

"Will that one do?"

"Yes thanks poppy, well, I’ll try and get an hour or two, be sure to wake me if Hermione wakes please."

"Sure Hun, now get some rest, you're no good to her if you are exhausted yourself."

"I know Poppy, and thank you." he replied and gave her a warm hug, which she returned gladly.

He stepped over to the bed and after taking off his boots climbed into bed, closing his eyes he fell into a fitful sleep.

Poppy Pomfrey sighed as she watched the young man fall asleep, he had been through so much since she had first met him, first he had fought Voldemort in his first year and since then, evil doers had been after him, then he had lost his leg in the final battle with Voldemort, now this, losing his best friend, it must be tough being Harry Potter, she thought, very tough indeed.


"We need to see our dad, let us in, you can't stop us from seeing him!"

"Young Mister’s Weasley, please calm down, Mr Potter, I can't let you in until you calm down, this is a hospital ward , please calm down."

Harry walked over to Poppy who was stood at the door trying to stop Hermione's sons, and his son gaining entrance, he placed his arm on her shoulder and spoke kindly.

"Let them through Poppy, they need to say goodbye, come on boys, and girl." he said noticing Danni for the first time.

"Thank you professor" Clark said looking from Harry to Poppy, then behind them to his father

He walked slowly up to his bedside and looked at his mother who was sitting by his side her head down, so clearly sobbing.


Hermione turned at the sound of his voice and wrapped him in her arms, Jimmy walked up to her and she motioned for him to come to her, doing so she pulled him in too. They sat like that for a long while until Harry pulled some chairs up for the boys, and Harry watched as the young boys who looked so much like his friend untangled from their mothers arms and sat down on the chairs. They looked over at their dad and started to cry, at this point Hermione took one each of their hands and held them tight.

"Mum....what....happened? “Clark asked in between sobs.

"The train went over the ravine, we don't know why, but it crashed and your dad was injured, "

Clark looked around the hospital ward, then back at his mother.

"Mum, where’s Lois?"

"I'm sorry Clark, she didn't make it" Hermione stated fresh tears falling down her face.

"NO.....NO....NOT LO-LO SHE CAN'T BE.....SHE CAN'T BE...." he broke down crying, and Danni wrapped her arms around him, Hermione looked at her and smiled, she remembered when her and Ron used to be like that, as new friends, then she broke into tears again, and this time Harry was there wrapping his arms around her again.

They sat like that for a good hour until Harry excused himself, he had something to do. Something he was not looking forward too.


Harry opened his eyes after apparating, he was stood in a large field and he could see the roof of his destination up ahead of him. He walked the short distance until he reached the main doors of the property and knocked.

"Who's there?" came a familiar voice from inside.

"Harry, Mrs Weasley"

Harry heard a scream, and the door swung open, Harry was immediately covered with the red hair of his favourite motherly figure, Ron's mother, Molly Weasley.

"Come in, come in Harry m'boy, it’s been a long while, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

"Molly, have you looked at your clock lately?"

"My clock, no Harry dear, it’s in the shop, some of the numbers needed fixing, why....do you ask?"

Molly looked at Harry and saw as he seemed to crumble in front of her. She got a feeling of nausea in the pit of her stomach. Something bad had happened, but why had Harry come? How did this connect to him?

"Oh Molly...." Harry started tears bursting from his eyes.

Molly rushed to his side and pulled him into a bone crushing hug.

"What is it Harry, has something happened to Hermione, I know she's started working at Hogwarts, is she....?"

"It’s not Hermione, Molly, its Ron and Lois, I’m sorry but they.... they are ...."

The nausea began to swirl even more, she knew what he was trying to say. They couldn't be dead, how? Why? She had to know.

"Not dead, no Harry, tell me it isn't true, how.... why?"

Harry just hung his head and continued to let the tears fall.
She held him tight and was still stood there ten minutes later when Mr Weasley walked in through the door and took in the sight before him. He had started to greet Harry until he saw his and his wife’s faces, rushing over he enveloped them both in his arms and could feel them both shaking. Five minutes later he could be found shaking himself as they told him what had happened.

An hour later Harry, Arthur and Molly were at Ron's bedside again. The twins were clung to their Nan’s side as Ron's parents were looking down on their son's lifeless body, tears flowing down each of their cheeks. Harry was once again holding Hermione, as she continued to sob, he was stroking her hair, and sobbing himself. Molly was the first to speak.

"We need to arrange a funeral, he will be buried at the burrow, along with his daughter, Hermione, do you want her buried with her father?"

Hermione hadn't thought of that, trust Molly to take charge, Hermione looked at her mother-in-law and nodded, she was too choked to speak.

"I'll get right on it, Harry, will you be the main pallbearer. I'm sure Ron would have wanted his best friend to be his...." she broke off and gulped back more tears that were threatening to fall.

The door to the hospital wing burst open and two tall redheads burst in.

"Where is he, we have to see our brother!!!!"

Fred and George, both rushed to Ron's bedside and George immediately burst into tears as what he had been told in a letter his mother had owled to the store had just now been confirmed. His father pulled him into his arms, and stroked his hair, Fred and George looked from Ron to Harry to Hermione, then finally to their parents.

"What happened, to him, how did he ...."

"He was involved in a train crash guys." Harry spoke up,

Fred looked at him, his face incredulous.

"A train crash, how, why?"

"We don't know the full details. Minerva is waiting for confirmation from the minister of magic as to what caused it, they haven't ruled out foul play yet,"

"Foul play, but who would want to kill Ron and Lois." Molly asked shocked.

George spun round on his mother.

"Lois... Lois isn’t.... dead too is she?" George asked.

"I'm sorry sweetie, but yes" Molly soothed him as George buried his face in his dad’s chest again and sobbed for his lost niece.

"This seems so unreal, mum, first we lose Ginny now Ron, I’m going to see Minerva, see if she’s found anything out." Fred announced

"I'll come too." Harry spoke up he had to get out of there couldn't bear seeing Hermione so down.

"I'll be right back ok 'Mione." he soothed as he and Fred walked away from Ron's body and towards the large gargoyle that hid the headmistress’s office.

Hermione looked after them, her body numb. Why had this happened? Could someone be targeting her family? She would find out, oh yes she would find out, find out why her husband and daughter had died so untimely.


It was the day before the double funeral, Hermione had apparated to her's and Ron's house to retrieve some clothes for them, Harry had accompanied her, afraid she would not be able to cope on her own.
He helped her pick a cute little dress for her daughter, it was lilac, with pink bows at either side of it, and she finished it with Lois's lilac shoes and a cute pair of lilac tights. Then they walked into the couple's bedroom, and this was where Hermione fell, her legs buckled under her, and Harry was powerless to stop her, she went so fast.
Kneeling down beside her, she let the tears fall, and Harry wrapped his arms around her.

"Why, Harry, why?"

"Shhhhh, Mione, we'll get through this, do err...... do you want me to pick Ron's clothes?"

Hermione looked up at him and tried her best to straighten herself, she shook her head and spoke softly to him.

"No, Harry I need to do this, can you.... please, help me up."

Holding her shoulders steadily he pulled her up off the ground and she walked over to her husband’s wardrobe, opening it she pulled out a navy suit and light blue shirt.
And she complimented it with a white tie, and navy shoes. After Harry waved his wand, the items of clothing disappeared, he had arranged with Molly to send them via magic as soon as they had them so she could arrange the clothing on her son and granddaughter. Hermione looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you Harry, for everything, this must be hard for you as well, he was your best friend?"

"I won't deny it 'Mione, I cried myself to sleep last night, this has hit me hard , but you need me to be strong and that’s what I’m going to be, strong for you, ..... Hermione, what’s wrong?"

For as Harry was talking Hermione had stopped dead and was looking at a shelf above her bed, Harry followed her gaze and his eyes fell upon a familiar item of jewellery, the time turner. He felt his stomach turn, he knew what she was thinking, but she had told him once that awful things happened to wizards who meddled with time.

"We can't Hermione, you off all people should know that, we can't mess with time, what if we are seen, who knows what will happen."

"Harry, I know that, but we could use it to find out what happened to make the train crash, and stop it if possible, isn't it worth it if we can save Ron and Lois?"

"I don't know 'Mione, I think we should talk to Minerva first, get her views on it, if she says go for it, well......"

"But what if she says no? I need to know what happened Harry, I need to know how my husband and daughter died."

Harry looked into her eyes, seeing that same determination he had loved about her when they were teenagers, he knew her mind was made up, she would not let this go until she had at least tried it.

"Ok 'Mione you will get your way, you want to forget telling Minerva and just do it?"

"Yes, get Ron's broom and my one out of the closet will you?"

Harry did as he was asked and opened the wardrobe, pulling aside a large white dress, he realised was Hermione's wedding dress he found four brooms and pulled two out, and after turning around to face Hermione, he held his breath as she placed the time turner around both of their necks and she looked at him.

"How many turns do you think?" Hermione asked

"Oh, err.... try five."

"Ok five it is, you ready?"


Hermione turned the time turner and the two of them where immediately surrounded by blurred images of things that happened in this house before Ron left for the station, hiding, the pair saw Ron walking through the room gathering clothes up off the bed and putting them into a bag, he picked up a picture of Hermione and spoke gently to it.

"I'll be with you soon babe, love you" and he kissed the frame

Hermione felt tears fill her eyes, and Harry looked away, this was personal, he felt like an intruder in their family, they stayed hidden until they saw little Lois enter the room, she held her arms up to Ron and said to him.

"Go see mama now dada"

"Yes my little cherub, we will go see mama now lo-lo"

Hermione and Harry watched as father and daughter left the room then listened as the front door slammed shut, then they both stood and Hermione had fresh tears in her eyes.

"It's my fault Harry, they died because of me."

Harry turned to her and shook her by the shoulders.

"Don't you ever let me hear you say that again Hermione, you will not blame yourself for their deaths, you hear me, now come on, we need to apparate to the crash scene."

They both held each other and vanished, appearing in the ravine below where the train crashed., Harry got on his broom and flew up towards the bridge and looked all over it to see if he could find anything, coming up to a point in the scaffolding he saw what appeared to be a cut in the framework, Harry was confused surely this wasn't the cause, it was only a small cut, nonetheless he pulled out his wand and mended it, then continued to fly around the whole structure examining every inch of the bridge. In all he found several defects in the scaffolding and mended each and every one as he found them. Then he flew down to Hermione.

"Ok that should hold the bridge steadily, so that won't be the cause now, I guess we'll just have to sit tight and wait till the train arrives"

"Thank you Harry, for everything"

"No worries Hermione, any time. "

And as they sat waiting for the train to arrive, they held on to each other and talked about old times.

All too soon they heard the familiar rumble as the train rode along the tracks, they mounted their brooms ready to fly off should the train crash, it came closer and showed no sign of slowing, and as it passed, the couple on brooms braced themselves for the sound of brakes on tracks and the inevitable sound of metal collapsing but it never came, the train carried on past the ravine towards Hogwarts, and towards a tearful reunion for Hermione, Ron and their daughter Lois..

Hermione placed the time turner around hers and Harrys neck and turned it again, so that they were back to the day Ron arrived, and they both apparated to the station to meet him and Lois, Hermione was so nervous she couldn't sit still. Harry was laughing at her nervousness, he was happy she was happy, and that Ron and little Lois were not dead anymore, the last few days had told him a lot, he was not supposed to be with his first love anymore, she belonged to someone else now, he had to accept that and move on. He sighed at this revelation and as he watched the train with his best friend and his daughter on it pull into the station, he put on a happy face and waited to greet his old friend and enjoy the time together they had now.

Hermione was waiting anxiously on the platform of the train station. Harry was watching her, nervously wondering what was going to happen when Ron stepped of the train. Could he bear to see Hermione throwing herself at him, he wasn't sure, taking her shoulders in his hands he turned her to him.

"Do you want me to leave 'Mione, so you two can be alone?"

Hermione looked into his eye's, her heart was torn, she loved Harry so much but she was married and to his best friend, their best friend. She could understand his question and it pained her heart to think of what was going through his head at this moment.
She wanted him to stay with her but felt he would be too uncomfortable if he did. Placing her body against his in a hug, her head on his chest, she could feel his heart beating madly inside.
She thought about grabbing his hand and jumping on a broomstick each and leaving Hogwarts and their troubles behind once and for all, but she couldn't do that to Ron or her children and she couldn't let Harry do that to his son when he needed him the most. Looking up at his concerned face she spoke softly.

"Yes Harry, I would like that, I will bring Ron to our quarters later, so we can catch up."


"And Harry, thank you for everything."

Hermione watched as Harry turned and walked away. Her heart was breaking, she wanted him so badly, but she had Ron back now and she was determined to put the past few hours behind her and be the best wife she could be to Ron. Forcing her eyes towards the slowly approaching train, she breathed deeply, and plastered a smile on her face ready to greet the two people who had previously been dead.


"Dad, you ok?"

"Wha... oh ...hi son... yea I’m ok... how are you doing?"

"I'm ok dad...urm....are you sure you're ok, you seem worried about something?"

"Oh it's nothing son, you and your girlfriend run along now, and play nicely, there’s a good lad."

"Pops! Danni's not my girlfriend, ha-ha ha-ha" Phoenix laughed nervously looking toward Danni, who looked away blushing.

"What...oh...right...sorry 'Phe, Danni, oh Phe, lesson tomorrow morning 10 am ok?"

"Dad, you are acting weird, has something happened?"

Harry looked at his son's concerned face and stood up, this was too much for him to comprehend, saying his good byes, Harry walked away towards the large gates leading out of the school, stepping out of them he apparated. He would go to the village and check the public houses there, see if he could find them, opening his eyes he looked around, there was an air of mist across the village and it was void of punters going in and out of the inns as usual, he made his way towards the Three Broomsticks and pushed open the door, walking up to the bar, he asked Madam Rosmerta if he had seen them, when she said 'no' Harry left and tried the shops around the village, there was no sign of Hermione, Ron or little Lois Weasley. Sighing he decided to search the station and apparated there quickly,

He walked up and down the platform and found nothing until something caught his eye, bending down, he picked up a chain of gold with a book trinket on it, he recognised it immediately as Hermione's, his stomach flipped, he now had ultimate proof something bad had happened, but what, and where were his friends.


Hermione came to in a dusty little room, she was alone but could hear voices,

"Well done Mr Weasley, your wife will be very useful to our plan"

"You got what you wanted now give me back my daughter."

Hermione heard a loud noise and a scream as the wall to the side of her shook with the force of something slamming against it, her husband’s body most likely.

"You will get your filthy child back when you have completed one more task for me, I want you to go to Hogwarts School and lure Harry Potter into a trap."

"And if I refuse?" Ron's voice came back strong and controlled

"Then your mud blood wife and child will die"

Hermione listened to the silence, she knew Ron would be considering his options, lure his best friend into a trap, and save his family or don't do it and risk them all.

"Ron, psst"

He didn't hear her

"Ok you get your way this time but I tell you now Harry will defeat you............."

The wall shuddered again, as Ron's body was thrown against it again.

"Ok here is what you will do....................."


Phoenix watched his dad vanish and looked at Danni, he couldn't understand why his dad was so worried, standing, he offered his hand and taking it she walked with him around the great lake, taking in
the beautiful scenery. She had come to realise her feelings for Phoenix very recently. She was in love with him, but was unsure how he felt about her. She sometimes wished he could read minds too, so she didn't have to tell him out loud how she felt inside.


Harry walked up and down the long winding lanes around Hogsmede, he had to find her, had to make sure she was ok.
Looking up he saw a figure coming towards him, he saw the red hair, and the toothy grin, and his spirits began to rise.

"Ron, is that you?"

"Hey mate, how are you? Come on Hermione's waiting for us a little up here."

"Ok, I was worried when she didn't come back up to the castle, what have you guys been doing............no wait... don't answer that?"

Ron laughed nervously and Harry turned to look at him.

"What’s wrong mate, you seem down?"

"I'm sorry Harry."


But Harry didn't have time to finish his question as Ron pulled his wand from beneath his jacket.

"Immobulus Incarcerous"

As if in slow motion, harry felt his body seize up and he found himself bonded by ropes, he dropped the necklace and fought against the pain of being rigid but this wasn't what hurt him the most, it was the fact that it was Ron who had done it, his best friend of 20 years.

"Harry I’m so sorry I had to, or they would have killed Lois and Hermione, please forgi............"

"Step aside Mr Weasley."

Even though Harry could not see the person talking he knew who she was, yes she... he had had his suspicions but had wanted to disbelieve them, she was too young for a start, oh how foolish he had been. She belonged to that family, a family he hated.


"Where is my dad, he should be here?"

"I don't know Phoenix, maybe he's on his way."

Phoenix and Danni were stood outside Harry's quarters at ten o’clock the next morning, and after he tried the password, he entered and looked around his dad's quarters only to find he was nowhere to be found, he was worried, come to think of it, he hadn't seen his dad return from Hogsmede, and he could see the gates from his dorm. He had been watching out for him all night until he finally fell asleep sat up at the window, retiring to bed in the early hours and assuming he had missed his dad return.

"Let’s go see if he's in the staff room."

The two youngsters made their way along the long corridors to the second floor and found the staff room, after knocking on the door and waiting, it slid open to reveal the tired face of their headmistress, professor Mcgonagil.

"This better be good Mr Potter, I have grading to do."

"Sorry to disturb you professor but I was wondering if my dad was in there?"

"No, Harry isn't here, have you tried his quarters, young Potter?"

"Just come from there, miss, he told me to meet him there at ten but his bed hasn't been slept in and after yesterday........"


"Yea, he was worried about Professor Weasley, and went to look for her in Hogsmede..... I think, and I don't think he came back."

"Well........ Thank you Mr Potter, you may return to your Saturday activities, I will find your father and send him to find you."

The two first years thanked her and left and Minerva closed the door slowly, she had a bad feeling building in her gut, it was unlike Harry to be late for a meeting, no matter who it was with. Something wasn't right, hitching up her long flowing skirt she made her way up to her office behind the gargoyle, and entered, she walked up to her desk and turned to face a portrait of an old man with a white flowing beard and half-moon spectacles.

"Albus.... ALBUS!!!!"

The old man stirred and looked down on the head.

"Minerva, Minerva, my dear friend, what can I do for you?"

"It's Harry, Albus, he's missing."

The old man sat bolt upright at this news and looked Minerva straight in the eye.


"His son just told me, he had a meeting with his father and he didn't show, I’m worried, Albus, this is so unlike Harry....."

"Harry has a son?"

"Yes, yes, I’m sorry, you didn't know, it’s been a long time since your death Albus, Harry works here now, he also has a daughter Teresa,"

"What is his son called?"

Minerva smiled as she revealed his name.

"He's called Phoenix, after Fawkes I expect."

"You really need to keep me more informed of present news Minerva, ok, Phineas, PHINEUS"

Another portrait sprang to life as Albus called his name.


"Gather your wits and visit the ministry, inform the head Auror that we will need their best men to begin a rescue mission, we need to search around the castle, Minerva did young Potter say where he last saw his dad?"

"He said he was heading to Hogsmede, Albus."

"You have your destination, Phineas, now hurry."

"Right you are Albus" and the so named Phineas vanished from his frame.

"Minerva, I want you to inform the professors about this, then you are welcome to join the search, I will visit the minister of magic and tell him what has happened, you may leave and Minerva, when you find Harry, bring him to see me."

"Yes sir" Minerva replied and after bowing to the great man she left the room.

She had no idea what she was going to tell the other professors, so as she re-entered the staff room, she got on the loud speaker and cleared her throat.


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