Luke Pasqualino imagined as Matteo Castellanos Aragon, Taylor Lautner as young Matt.
Jake Abel as Alexander Greengrass, Jean-Baptiste Maunier as young Alex.

-Chapter image by me



I saw the sign of rust
And I read your name
Heard it fade into the past

- Into the past, Nero





The light. It was too bright.


Julie clenched her eyes shut again to shield them from it. Trusting her other senses, she became aware of several other people surrounding her. They let out sighs, as in relief.


Merlin, am I glad to see your eyes again.”, a voice said.


Julie smiled upon realizing it was Matteo’s, despite the throbbing headache. Headache?


Is this a hangover?”, she said with a voice as dry as cardboard.


Panic rose within her as she tried to remember. Something, anything, that could explain why she felt so dreadful. Julie did not get hangovers. Too much alcohol meant too little control.


Please tell me it’s not”, she pleaded in a small voice.


You don’t remember?” another voice asked.


Isabelle? Julie was compelled to open her eyes now.


Oh, Izzy!” she exclaimed, when laying eyes on her cousin from across the Atlantic.


When did you get highlights? I mean lowlights, I mean your hair is slightly darker, not quite blonde. Brown maybe?” she babbled.


Julie stopped dead in her tracks. She did not babble. That was not her. Never babble.


What happened to me?” she asked softly.


This time, Dan answered. “You got cursed, Jules. By-“


Liam Greengrass”, Julie finished herself, as it suddenly all came rushing back to her.


Elisa, the Fourth Broomstick, the boys, the Greengrasses and bleeding Marissa Nott . How everything escalated in record time.


Shit. Julie suddenly sat up straight, and looked at Isabelle, whose hair had indeed turned remarkably darker.






Isabelle, we need to leave. Now.” Jules said, with unusual emphasis.


Your lowlights look terrible”, she added darkly.


And suddenly it dawned on me. I hadn’t taken a swig from the small flask in my purse for a while. For an hour, to be precise. The Polyjuice Potion was wearing out.


Julie, stay for a while. I don’t think it’s-“


No time, Matt.’, Julie interrupted her boyfriend while swinging her legs over the edge of the leather couch.


Mum told me to be home by seven, and I do believe we’re terribly late already”.  An excuse she made up on the spot.


We’ll go with you”, Dan offered while standing up.


Sorry, family-only dinner” I said apologetically, pulling Jules up by her hands.


She didn’t let go after she was standing up. Partly because she was still shaky, partly so she could drag me to the fireplace. She grabbed a handful of green powder from a golden lidless box that was sitting on top of the intricate mantelpiece, and gestured for me to do the same.


I’ll go first”, I told her, as I could feel my hair growing shorter, and my legs growing longer by the second.


I stepped into the Aragon’s truly magnificent fireplace, and clearly stated my destination. Throwing up the powder, green flames engulfed me. I was more than grateful the world started spinning around me, as it meant I was Flooing the hell out of there.






Who are they?”


The question had been burning on my lips ever since first I, then Julie had stumbled out of the fireplace onto the worn out carpet in the Hastings’ living room last night. Unfortunately, the right moment to find out the answer hadn’t presented itself yet, since my cousin and I hadn’t been able to spend two minutes alone. 


Brushing off the ash of our clothes after Flooing, (which, I might add, happened in silence because Julie had been a bit dizzy still, and I had quite frankly been too stunned at what we apparently got away with to utter a sensible word), we’d heard someone stumble into the house through the back door in the kitchen.


Julie, Max! You too Elisa!”, we had heard Aunt Tori call not a second later, “come help me carry these groceries in!


What had followed was a night filled with food, presents, and other birthday celebrations. As Max had predicted, Dad had only come home from work halfway through dessert. He had carried in a wrapped gift, and after apologizing for being late, had handed it over to Julie. She’d neatly removed the emerald wrappers, revealing a book titled “F. Scott Fitzgerald: the Complete Collection”.  As I’d watched Jules kiss Dad on his cheek to thank him, my heart had swelled at the sight of my Muggle father’s literature loving face, beaming at his only niece, and guilt for weaseling out on him earlier that day had resurfaced once more.


After dinner, Julie had appeared to be so tired, I’d decided to suppress the burning desire of finding answers to the question of Tire-Boy and his shifty companions’ identities, and leave her to recover from the day’s events.


However, by the time I had gotten out of the shower after my daily exercises the following morning, Julie had been nowhere to be found. I had gone up to Max’s room, and he’d informed me she would be gone all day, since she had accompanied Aunt Tori to work to see whether a career at the Ministry of Magic was something she wanted to pursue after her seventh year at Hogwarts.


I’d hung out with Max for most of the day, but there’s only so much a 16-year-old nerd can have in common with her 13-year-old-growing-into-a-full-blown-jock cousin. So after playing one-on-one Quidditch in the now crisp August air for a while, I’d went upstairs to my room to dig up my own copy of Mr Fitz’s Complete Collection.


It was not until early in the evening  and halfway through “This Side of Paradise” that I’d finally heard light footsteps coming up the stairs, followed by a soft knock on my door.


Jules!” I’d jumped up from my bed, throwing open my door.


Elisa”, she had said with a smile on her lips while entering and sitting down graciously on my unmade bed.


Who, in the name of Merlin’s sketchiest underwear, are they?” I was finally able to ask while closing the door behind her and plopping down next to her.


She cocked her head slightly before answering, but then said: “Liam and Alexander Greengrass, and bleeding Marissa Nott”.


And?” I added impatiently.


And, Alexander used to be Matt’s best friend.”





The Greengrasses and the Aragóns more or less find themselves in the same social circle. Not only are both families wealthy beyond measure, they also are as pure-blood as can be.” Julie started her tale.


Naturally, in a world of upper-class charity balls and boring adult banquets, Matt and Alex found in each other the ultimate play mate. Boys of the same age, both with a cunning ability of not getting caught whilst causing every kind of mischief you can possibly think of, and more importantly, their parents approved. Even after the Sorting Hat placed Matt in Gryffindor and proclaimed Alex a Slytherin, their friendship endured.”


Julie paused, and turned her gaze to the window, where a Garden Gnome had just hoisted himself up the windowsill, and was now panting from the heavy effort it had demanded of him.


Up until somewhere into second year, that is”, she continued.


Right before Christmas, their fathers got into a major argument. It was all over the Daily Prophet. ‘Patres Familias Of Britain’s Most Prominent Wizarding Families At War’ and all that. After Christmas break, Alex told Matt he wasn’t allowed to hang with blood traitors like the Aragons, and that he didn’t want to consort with Matt anymore, even if his father had not explicitly forbidden it. They never spoke a friendly word to each other since.”


Merlin”  Elisa said, thinking about two little boys crawling under fancy dinner tables, tying people’s shoelaces together.


One of them was wearing a striped bow-tie in her imagination. Elisa shrugged the image off, and then asked: “what was the argument about then?”.


Blood-status of course” Julie replied.


You see, even though the Aragons’ pure bloodline dates back far into Middle Aged Spain, they couldn’t care less about blood-status. Whereas it means everything to the Greengrasses.”


“And how did they go from being best friends, to not speaking, to trying to curse each other’s girlfriends into oblivion?”  E asked,  incredulously shaking her shoulder-length hair.


Julie shrugged. “Just sort of happened, I suppose. It’s always worse when Liam and Marissa Nott are around though.


She smiled then. “A matter of a notorious thin line, really.”


Elisa raised an eyebrow. “Please, do not finish that sentence.”


She did anyway, laughing at her cousin’s hatred for stereotypes and clichés, as it was nearly as big as her hatred for lovebirds calling their significant others anything but each other’s names.


A thin line between love and hate.”




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