Hermione Granger was in the library at St. Mungo’s, surrounded by books on magical maladies concerning the brain. Not really knowing what she was looking for it was slow going. She paid no attention to the man who walked past her several times searching the shelves.

He could not find the book he was looking for as Hermione was already reading it. He stopped beside her, “Sorry to disturb you Miss but do you think you will be long with that book. It’s the one I need.”

Hermione closed the tome with a sigh, “You can take it, it’s not doing me any good.” The man picked up the book,

“Why are you reading about brain injuries? You’re not a healer, I know all the medical staff here and I don’t recognise you. I’m the neurological consultant at this hospital. My name is Peter.” He offered his hand. Hermione shook it.

“How do you do Peter, I’m Hermione Granger and I have a friend who has suffered a serious head injury and I was hoping to find a way to help him.”

“What is his name, Hermione? He’s probably under my care.”

“No he won’t be, he’s a muggle and is in a hospital in Wiltshire.”

“Oh, I see. What sort of injury does he have?”

“He sustained a bullet wound to the head; it was a glancing blow that drove bone splinters into his brain. The pieces have been removed but he is paralysed from the neck down although he has recently regained some movement in his right hand and arm. I wanted to find some way of helping him to recover.”

“Sounds like an interesting case. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at him.” He looked at Hermione, “I can see from just looking at you that this is about more than friendship isn’t it?”

“Yes, I love him, I love him very much.” Why am I telling a complete stranger things like this, she wondered. “Do you think you could help him?”

“A muggle patient in a muggle hospital? Difficult but not impossible. Can you get me in to see him with nobody else around?”

“Yes I think so; I spend hours alone with him. I could take you in as a friend or even a relative, my brother for instance.”

“A friend I think, relatives are too easy to check up on if anyone should become suspicious.”

“When could you come?” she asked hoping that it would be soon.

“How about tomorrow afternoon? I have surgery scheduled for the morning.” Hermione gave him the name of the hospital and arranged to meet him at the main entrance at 2pm the next day.

That night she had an intensely vivid dream of Robbie walking and talking before the bed sequence she had described to him enveloped her. She awoke damp with sweat and almost rampant with desire but eager to shower and get on with her day.

Shortly after 2pm she led Peter into the hospital and up to the second floor to Robbie’s room. Robbie was still with what Éowyn called his physioterrorists so they had a few minutes for introductions. Éowyn shook Peter’s hand and accepted that he was an old friend of Hermione’s who was here purely to support her. Éowyn prepared Robbie’s room for his return and after checking that Hermione could cope when he got back, left to care for her other charges.

Hermione and Peter chatted amiably for a while when they heard someone whistling out in the corridor. “That’ll be Charlie the porter bringing Robbie back” She was proved right moments later when a tall black man appeared pushing Robbie’s bed. “Hi Chas,” she greeted the man brightly.

“Hey Hermione, I might have known you would be here. Here’s your man, he’s had a good session with the physios. You know enough to let him rest a bit.” He looked at Peter “Hi, I’m Charlie, we haven’t met.” They shook hands.

“I’m Peter, a friend of Hermione’s, just here for moral support.” Charlie wheeled the bed into position and applied the wheel brakes.

“Right, that’s it, I’m off, got a lecture to get to. See you later Hermione. Nice to meet you Peter. Bye.”

“See you Charlie.” As the whistle faded down the corridor she looked at Peter, “He’s a second year med student, just does portering to make some extra cash.”

Peter got straight down to business. “Secure the door please Hermione.”

She pointed her wand and murmured “Colloportus” hearing the familiar squelching sound as the door sealed itself. Peter pointed his wand at Robbie,

He said “Sonombulous,” effectively putting Robbie to sleep. “Now then let’s have a looksee.” He pointed his wand at the area of Robbie’s injury and murmured something that Hermione didn’t quite catch. The tip of his wand glowed with a soft yellow light and the area of Robbie’s skull seemed to disappear. Hermione held her breath as she looked directly at Robbie’s injured brain.

“Right Hermione, I’m seeing five areas of scar tissue, two fairly large, two medium and one small. They are the areas you see here as white against the grey of the good brain tissue. How many splinters did they remove?”

“Five so that tallies. Can you do anything?”

“I think so but it will take time. I’ll start now with the smallest area of scar tissue.” He placed the tip of his wand against the smallest area of scar. “Dissolvere cicatrix texti” Hermione watched in fascination, but for a moment nothing happened and then the scar began to bubble and smoke and the scar tissue disappeared. Nothing was left, no evidence of any injury whatsoever. Peter withdrew his wand and the glow at the tip faded, Robbie’s skull reappeared. Peter muttered “Finite incantatum” and Robbie started to wake up. “Give him a few minutes to wake properly.” Hermione unsealed the door and returned to Robbie’s bedside. His eyes opened slowly and he saw her standing beside him as she always was when he awoke. “Hi Robbie, what’s my name?” Peter looked puzzled by her question.

Robbie as he always did concentrated fiercely. “Herm…i…one.” Her smile lit up the room,

“That’s wonderful Robbie, wow what an improvement. Well done you!” she could not wait until Éowyn returned. She turned to Peter saying quietly, “That’s a really, really big improvement. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome Hermione, I’ll come back weekly until all the scar tissue is gone. I can’t give any guarantees as to further progress but I believe we will see some. Now introduce me to my patient.”

“OK. Robbie this is a friend of mine, Peter, he came with me for support.”

“Hello Robbie I’m pleased to meet you.” He took Robbie’s hand and surreptitiously checked his pulse. I don’t think the two of you need me right now so I’ll wait in the waiting area for a while.” He left the room. Hermione followed him to the door and looked for Éowyn. Seeing her at the nurses station she beckoned to her to come to Robbie’s room, walked back to the bed and waited, giving Robbie a quick kiss.

Éowyn entered the room and Hermione looked at Robbie “Who is this nurse Robbie, what’s her name?” Robbie concentrated again.

“É…owyn” The nurse’s mouth dropped open.

“Bloody hell MacDonald. How has that happened? You haven’t had a secret session of the Granger Treatment while I’ve been away, have you?” Hermione blushed and Robbie grinned.

“I… w… wish.” He said making Hermione blush even more.

“Shut up Robbie.” She exclaimed.

“Y... you spe…nd all th…is time t…rying to g...et me t...o talk, then …t…ell me to shu… t up? M…m…ake your damn m…ind up, wo…man.” Éowyn laughed,

“That’s it Robbie, you tell her, she can tell me later what she did for you. Although with the limited options available to you it doesn’t take a lot of imagining. Hermione knew when she was beaten and picked up her handbag.

“I’m going home now Robbie, I’ll see you tomorrow evening as usual.” she leant down and kissed him softly, “Bye darling, I love you.”

“Love… you…t…oo, Hermy.” She left the room as Éowyn chuckled, Hermione blushed all the way down the corridor. When she got home she sat drinking tea and wondered why she got so embarrassed by Éowyn’s sexual innuendos. She wasn’t a virgin, for heavens sake, she had lived through five years of marriage to Ron. Yes the sex wasn’t great, in fact her knowledge of good sex came mainly from Ginny’s giggly descriptions of her ‘adventures’ with Harry, but she knew what went where. She resolved not to get embarrassed again, and much good may it do her.

She worked the next day and went to the hospital at about 7pm. Éowyn was not due to start her shift until 10pm so Hermione sat talking with Robbie and helping him exercise his newly mobile right arm. She heard the door open and a voice said,

“So this is where you come every evening.” Hermione turned quickly,

“Ron, what the hell are you doing here?”

"I’ve been following you for a couple of days, hoping to catch you with your lover, and here I find you nursing a sick person. What the hell are you doing?”

“It’s none of your damned business Ron so get out now before I call security.”

“Not a chance Hermione, tell me what’s going on.” Robbie spoke and took their attention off each other,

“Her…my, who… is th…is mo…ron?”

“Robbie this is my soon-to-be ex-husband. He’s a pig but he answers to the name of Ron. Ron this is my one-day husband-to-be Robbie.”

“So he’s the one you’re having an affair with, why is he in hospital. Nothing trivial I hope?”

“He’s paralysed, Ron, from the neck down.” Ron’s voice rose at least an octave.

“Paralysed? You left me for a cripple, you can’t even shag him, so what is the attraction?” Robbie called Ron to his bedside and whispered to him, Ron did not hear what he said and leant closer. His eyes popped when Robbie’s right hand grasped him firmly by the throat.

“Lis..ten to me you bas…tard, if y…ou speak to h…er like tha…t a…gain it will end v…ery ba…dly for you. I’m st…udy…ing your f…ace right now so tha…t I’ll know how to re-arr…ange it w…hen I get out of here. In the me…ant…ime I cou…ld always a…rran…ge a visit from a c…ouple of friends of mine. They are ca…lled R…oyal Mar…ines C…omma…ndos and they are the best in the world at what they do, and what they do is h…urt bad guys.” He released Ron, who turned to Hermione holding his throat and spluttered,

“You told me he was paralysed.” Hermione smiled sweetly and innocently.

“I lied. Now get the hell out of here.”

“I’ll see you again Hermione, I still love you and I’m going to get you back.”

“I wish you all the luck in the world with that but don’t hold your breath cos it ain’t gonna happen because I don’t love you Ron, I’m not sure now that I ever did, not really. In fact now you are my least favourite person in the whole world.” Ron slammed the door on his way out.

Hermione went back to Robbie and as had become her habit she began to smooth and tidy his sheets.


“Yes darling?”

“Two thi..ngs. Firs…tly stop ti…tidyi…ng my bed. I like it a bit m…ussed up. Se…cond…ly, you to…ld Ron I was go…ing to be your h…usba…nd. Isn’t th…at a bit pre…sump…tive seeing as how I ha…ven’t as…ked you to mar…ry me? For a second Hermione was a bit nonplussed, but she recovered quickly.

“Yes Robbie, it was presumptive of me, sorry about that. Please hurry up and ask me though”

“Now you’re ass…uming th…at I’m going to a…ask you. I do…n’t know whi…ch is worse, pre…sum…ption or ass…umpt…ion. Re…mem…ber though, pa…tie…nce is a v…virtue.” Hermione feigned annoyance.

“Fine Robbie suit yourself. By the way don’t forget your parents are coming tomorrow, I might just tell on you, so there.” She poked her tongue out at him. “I’m going to get a coffee and a sandwich. Later, dude."

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