Chapter 13: Pain




“Mistress come quick! Master Malfoy is dead!” Tinky the house elf wailed grabbing Narcissa’s hand and pulling her towards the terrible scene. Everything went in slow motion for Narcissa as she sprinted towards the bathroom where her son lay. As she stepped through the door her knees went weak. There against the bath was Draco, blood still pouring from the deepest gash in his arm, he was paler than normal, which was never a good sign. There was a thick pool of blood surrounding him.


Narcissa pulled her wand and through her tears did her best to get the blood back into his body before healing his wound to the extent that it had been healed before and placing the tight bandage back on so that, as long as it stayed on, it would keep him from bleeding further. Then she took off her earlier charm and healed his bruises ignoring the fact that he clearly wasn’t breathing. Next she sent a patronus to Zabini manor asking for emergency help from Blaise and Violet asking them to strictly not bring Hermione.


She turned and looked back at her son begging him to breathe as she slowly began compressions on his chest already feeling as though it would be fruitless. “Come on Draco, please my son, I can’t lose you” She whispered over and over as she continued compressions through her tears. It didn’t take long for the two Zabini’s to appear brought up by Tinky and Rosie. Both stood still for a second before rushing over from the door and to Narcissa.


The silence in the room was deafening as Blaise took over from Narcissa on the compressions and quickly found himself covered in what was left of his best friend’s blood from the floor. Violet hugged Narcissa tightly covering her face from Draco’s lifeless body, her eyes watching her son try his best to help his best friend. Blaise was just staring intently at Draco’s face begging something to happen. Everyone was losing hope as they watched Blaise’s desperate attempts to save Draco.


Ten minutes later and still nothing had happened. Narcissa pulled away from Violet and reached across to Blaise slowly removing his hands from Draco’s unmoving chest. “It’s too late Blaise, he’s g…gone” she choked resting her hand on Draco’s chest and kissing his cold forehead as tears poured down her cheeks.


“NO, he’s not gone! He doesn’t get to die thinking I hate him! He doesn’t get to die!” Blaise yelled tears streaming down his face as he restarted compressions, knowing it wouldn’t help. He had to do something to stop the thoughts running through his head, thoughts of him telling Draco how much he hated him, him kicking Draco out of the manor, Scorpius growing up without a father, Hermione’s face when she found out, her heart breaking as she collapsed to the floor.


Blaise furiously continued compressions and still nothing happened, both his mother and Draco’s were hugging in tears. As he continued Blaise felt arms wrap around his body and pull him off of Draco’s body. He tried to resist, he thrashed and he kicked but he felt weak as he stared at the limp body of his friend, and the arms around him remained strong. When he noticed that both mothers were still crying together he turned to face the person who had yanked him off. Harry Potter stood behind him his eyes beginning to tear as he saw the scene around him.


“He’s gone Blaise.” He whispered gently embracing Blaise. Blaise pushed him off and turned to Draco’s body before yelling out in anguish and feeling a surge of energy he turned and punched Draco’s chest. The moment his fist hit its target, a purple spell exploded out across the room blinding them all for a second. Blaise had no idea where the power came from but looked down at his fist which was badly cut, burned and bruised. He looked across the room and saw the others blinking around the room.


“Oh my god…” Harry whispered, Blaise turned to see him staring at Draco’s body and he turned to look back at the body and was shocked to see that slowly the chest was rising and falling. He went over and felt for a pulse. There was one, slightly weaker than average but it was there. That’s when he noticed that on the hand of Draco’s sliced up arm there was the Celtic symbol of the moon and star entwined as one.


“That’s n…not p…possible.” Narcissa whispered, crawling towards Draco whose breathing was already becoming stronger.  In shock everyone stayed still for a moment before Harry went forward and lifting Draco magically, he levitated him to the bed where all of the house elves began fusing over him.


“The magic of twins…” Violet whispered to herself. Everyone turned to stare at her. “It’s said that a set of twins, if emotional enough can transfer every ounce of their power into another being…” As she said this Blaise fell to the ground. Soon enough he was in a bed next to Draco’s and Hermione was at the door to the room holding Scorpius, she too looked very pale. “What happened?” She asked coming forward and passing Scorpius to Harry before showing her hand to have the same symbol as Draco’s but smaller and close to her thumb.


“You and Blaise just transferred all of the power you harnessed together through to Draco, and saved his life. Your power will come back to its full potential eventually, somehow you managed to push every inch of power through Blaise which is why he passed out. It’s incredibly rare there’s only been one incident when it’s happened before and that was centuries ago.” Violet explained amazed at what she had just witnessed. Slowly they all sat in chairs that Harry had conjured and stared in shock, not quite believing what had happened.


“Did you say Draco was dead?” Hermione asked the silence a few minutes later as she cradled a now sleeping Scorpius.


“Draco tried to kill himself shortly after leaving your house, he had succeeded until Blaise punched his chest.” Narcissa explained weakly.


“This is all my fault, I shouldn’t have been so harsh on him, I could see in his eyes how truly sorry he was. I couldn’t have lived with myself if he had died, I would feel so hollow knowing that I had to raise Scorpius alone, my son needs his father.” Hermione muttered as she cried. Harry hugged her tightly.


“Did you feel the surge of power?” Harry asked curiously, clearly trying to change the subject. Hermione shook her head.


“I just remember feeling a wallowing pit of despair, guilt and grief from Blaise and then I blacked out. Then about two minutes later I woke up, grabbed Scorpius and walked here, I tried to apparate but it wouldn’t work.” She explained.


“You and Blaise won’t have any powers at all for at least a week. It’s so rare that it is said that it can only ever happen once in a set of twins’ lifetime. For all we know your powers could take months to come back, but I remember reading somewhere that it helps if you both stay close to the person you saved.” Hermione nodded and, handing Scorpius to Harry, walked over to Blaise, whose eyes flickered open when she took his hand. Slowly she crawled in next to Blaise and both fell asleep within seconds.


“You mustn’t tell anyone of these events Mr Potter, Hermione has already said she doesn’t want people finding out she’s a pureblood until after she graduates.” Harry nodded and pulled his chair across to Draco’s bed. “You two should get some sleep, I’ll stay here and let you know the moment anything changes.” He whispered to the ladies who both attempted to protest before rising and turning to leave. “We’ll be in the two rooms either side of this one if you need us.” Narcissa replied tiredly as she walked over and kissed Draco atop the head. “Don’t ever scare me like that again baby.” She whispered quietly, before turning and leaving. Harry leaned back and looked quickly at the 3 sleeping forms.


“You really know how to scare the crap out of a lot of people Malfoy. Hopefully now you’ll be able to see how many people care about you.” Harry whispered as he felt himself drifting off to an uncomfortable sleep.


*******5 days later******


Hermione had gone out to meet with Drayton for the first time as everyone was still waiting for Draco to awaken. As it turned out Blaise too had the little symbol marked onto his hand but his was identical to Hermione’s. His hand was now in a cast since no one had been able to heal it, Hermione had taken him to a muggle hospital where they had X-rayed it and slapped a dark green cast on it. He felt completely useless since it was his wand and writing hand, meaning he couldn’t write at all which was made worse by the fact that neither his nor Hermione’s powers had returned.




Harry had stayed at the manor with both families and most of their time was spent sitting next to Draco’s bed and chatting occasionally. The house elves were great, always cleaning and cooking to keep the house running smoothly a few had even cancelled their holiday to stay and help.


Around 3pm Blaise and Harry were sat discussing quidditch while Violet and Narcissa had gone for a walk when at last, after 5 long days there was a groan from the bed. Slowly Draco’s eyes fluttered open. Harry sent a patronus to Narcissa and Violet.


“Potter?” he whispered weakly.


“You really are an arse Draco” Blaise said hugging his friend, who winced slightly.


“What ha…happened?” He asked as Harry handed him some water. His question wasn’t answered however as Narcissa came rushing in.


“Draco Lucius Malfoy, don’t you ever do that again! I thought I’d lost you” she cried kissing his forehead and hugging him, earning another whimper from him. “Where does it hurt?” Draco slowly pointed towards his chest taking deep breaths. Everyone slowly looked at Blaise grinning slightly.


“What happened?” Draco muttered again looking expectantly from face to face.


“You tried to kill yourself and to be honest you succeeded until Blaise and Hermione did something weird and there was an explosion of purple light and then you were breathing again. You were dead for like 30 minutes.” Harry explained quickly. Draco looked around shocked.


“B…but you hate me for what I did” He said looking at Blaise with confusion. This was the first mention of any argument between the boys for 5 days and everyone stared at Blaise silently.


“I was just mad Draco, I could never really hate you, you’re my best friend. Although if you ever make me see your dead body again and make me cry in front of Potter, I will hate you!” He laughed slightly but everyone could tell he had a serious tone behind the laughter.


“We’re all going to stay here in this house until you stop thinking that this world would be better off without you. This is not the first time you’ve tried to kill yourself the only difference is that if it wasn’t for the power of twins you would have actually died.” Violet stated and everyone nodded in agreement.


“I’m sorry, sometimes I just feel like no one would miss me because of all the pain I cause.” Draco whispered shyly. He looked around and realised that Hermione wasn’t there, his heart sunk slightly, thinking that she still hated him.


“Well we would all miss you, and think of your son. He needs a father and not just any father he needs you. Who else is going to teach him how to hold the Malfoy name?” Harry chuckled, Scorpius was currently out with Hermione on her date.  Narcissa left and came back with a guitar in hand.


“Draco I got you this. While you were, um… sleeping. I remembered how happy it use to make you before the war, whenever you were angry or sad you would play and it would help you feel better, until your father ripped it away from you. So I want you to play it again.” Draco nodded as Narcissa handed it to him and he plucked a few chords. Instantly he smiled slightly. Everyone stood around and watched as he began to play a beautiful tune as though he had played yesterday and the whole room visibly saw him relax.


“I’m sorry for what I put you all through.” He spoke calmly when he finished playing.


“You better be.” Hermione said from the door, Scorpius at her feet. He tottled forward and Harry hoisted him onto the bed next to Draco.


“Never ever pull a stunt like that again.” Hermione said quietly as she stepped into the room. “Never ever think that killing yourself is the way to go, you’re not hurting yourself, you’re hurting everyone you leave behind. No matter how hard it gets keep going and keep telling yourself that it will get better and I promise you that eventually it will. Then one day you’ll think back and realise that you are so much happier that you were brave and that you kept fighting. Okay? Suicide is never the answer.” Draco nodded slowly, relieved that Hermione didn’t actually hate him. He knew that one day he would have to discuss the New Year’s crisis but for now he was happy that everyone he loved was around him.


“Never again, I’ll talk to one of you I promise.” They all nodded and smiled. The worst part was over, Draco was alive, and from this moment he would begin to heal properly for the first time in his life, for right now he knew that he had a loving mother and loving friends and a beautiful son. For the first time Draco Malfoy realised how truly blessed he was to have the people who were now surrounding him.  It will get better, he thought to himself smiling.




Thank you so much for reading again with a very sensitive topic. Please let me know what you think xoxo

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