Phoenix, Jimmy and Clark were all sat in their own compartment, talking away about Hogwarts and what they thought it would be like.

"I heard that there was a huge library, and the professor there hates kids."

"Oh come on Jimmy, who told you that, that's nonsense."

"Is not, Clark mum said, well not about the professor hating kids, but from the way mum talked about her she sounds horrid."

"Anyway who cares about a dusty old library, I heard there is a huge lake, with a giant squid in it that eats up students who go in too deep."

"No way, giant squids don't exist, they are make believe."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not"

"Boys, boys, please, the giant squid is real my dad told me, he saw it when he was at school when he did the Tri-Wizard there, and there are Mermaids and Gryndilows too." Phoenix, answered.

"Really Phoenix, did he see them, wicked"

"So do any of you know any spells?" Phoenix asked

"No my mum never let us practise on account that we are scatterbrains, her words,"

Phoenix laughed and at just that moment a head popped round the door of the compartment.

"I'm sorry, do you mind everywhere else is full?"

Phoenix looked up at the girl who had poked her head round the door, she had long bottom length straight brown hair and the most dazzling blue eyes he had ever seen, realising he was sat there staring at this girl, he shook his head and nodded to her,

"Yea take a seat, I'm Phoenix Potter, and these are Clark and Jimmy Weasley." Phoenix introduced waving his hand to the twins.

"I'm Danielle, Danielle Lupin, nice to meet you boys."

"Lupin, did you say Lupin, you wouldn't happen to be related to Remus Lupin, the famous werewolf would you?"

"Shhhhh, I don't want everyone to know, and yes he is my father, why?"

"Oh my dad has talked about him a lot, he's quite fond of your dad, but he never said Remus had a kid."

"No he wouldn't, I was a secret, he didn't want anyone knowing, for fear it would make people exclude me, you know being the daughter of a werewolf, I'm part werewolf myself, but I don't transform fully usually, I only get the hairy face, and teeth and claws, but I have a nasty mood when I am her so I’d stay away from me at those times, he he. It's only on special nights, like a super moon, I transform fully...Wait, did you say your last name was Potter, as in Harry Potter, you related to him?"

"Yes he's my dad, and our new defence against the dark arts teacher."

"So, what is he like, I heard he lost a leg, fighting you-know-who, is it true?"

"Yea, it’s true, but I don't really like talking about it." Phoenix said, shifting uncomfortably.

"OK no problems," Danni, didn't miss the shift in his attitude, and it made her curious."We'll probably get to learn about it in class any way."

Phoenix looked away and out of the window while Danielle talked to the twins, why did everything he do have to revolve around his dads name, he was sick of being Harry Potter's son, he wanted to be himself, Phoenix, he swore to himself that this first year he would make a name for himself, he would shake the image of him being Harry Potters son, he would create a new image for himself, how he would do it, he had no idea, but he would do it.


The train ride went fast and soon they were stood at the edge of the black lake looking upon a sea of boats, in which they were expected to cross to get to Hogwarts, a huge man ushered them three at a time into the boats, and they set off magically across the lake, Phoenix knew who the huge man was, he had seen him many a time at his house, well, what part of the house he could fit in, he was very tall at least 12 ft. in height, and his name was Rubeus Hagrid, Hagrid for short, Phoenix greeted the large man with a hug, his arms barely reaching round the huge man’s sides, and earning gasps from many of the first years at the sight of this embrace.

 The journey across the lake seemed to take no time at all and soon the first years where clambering up the mountain side steps to get to the castle, once at the top the students all gasped in awe at the sight in front of them. It was magnificent, they made their way into the castle and Hagrid made them all stand together then he walked up the long staircase, and disappeared, the students looked around in wonderment at their surroundings, that they didn't notice the wizard who had stood in front of them, when they did though muffled gasps and whispering went all round the students, for they were face to face with the one, the only, the truly amazing Harry Potter.


The first years all looked at Professor Potter, in awe as he was instructing them, Phoenix heard a few girls giggling and whispering, as they looked at Harry and Phoenix felt physically sick, he was his dad for Merlin’s sake. Harry looked his son's way and gave a slight grin which a few girls, stood behind Phoenix, misinterpreted as being for them and started giggling again. The bile in Phoenix's throat was growing and growing, he let his eyes roam around the huge Hogwarts main entrance instead, his dad had been right about this though, it was immense, the ceilings and walls were covered with paintings and moving portraits and he could only just make out the very top of the hall as the ceiling seemed to disappear behind reams and reams of floating candles. Phoenix looked at the huge doors to the great hall that were stood closed behind his dad, and he imagined walking down the aisles between tables as his dad had told him he did all those years ago, when he was a first year himself, Phoenix couldn't imagine his papa as a first year and wondered what he would have been like, but his thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of another familiar face, stood beside his dad, the woman was just as straight faced as always and Harry looked upon her as though this person was a god. Finally she spoke;

"Thank you Professor Potter, now all first years will follow Professor Potter into the great hall in a few moments, were the sorting will take place, I wish you all a good term and good luck," and with that she vanished into thin air, a lot of the students gasped and started whispering again, but Harry turned to face the door and walked towards it, Phoenix thought his dad was going to walk right into the door but at the last minute the huge doors opened and he walked the first years down the aisle he had heard so much about.


The hall was huge, it lived up to its name, it was indeed a great hall, and as Phoenix walked down the aisles in between the long dining tables of the different houses, his thoughts drifted to the sorting, his dad had told him it was a hat who sorted them, but Phoenix couldn't imagine how a hat would be able to put them into houses, after all a hat was a hat, or was it, the first years stopped walking and were arranged in front of a large stage. On the stage was a small weak looking stool with a ripped, dusty looking rag on it, Phoenix wondered what was happening but his dad was simply smiling at him and the other first years, until he spoke.

"Welcome, first years, I am going to call your names and you will come up here and sit on this stool, I will then place the sorting hat on your head and you will be sorted into your house, OK first we have Jon Goldman, come on Jon the hat won't bite."

A nervous looking boy with dark skin and even darker hair, walked slowly up to the stage and sat down on the stool, Professor Potter placed the rag on his head, but Phoenix could now see it was an old looking torn hat and to his amazement the hat started to speak.

"Ah, a courageous young man but very unsure of yourself, I think! HUFFLEPUFF!!"

There was a huge round of applause from a table behind the first years as Jon Goldman jumped down of the stool looking very relieved and joined his new house.

"Ebony Malfoy"

Phoenix noticed his dad seemed to have a bit of trouble saying this name, and watched as a striking young blond stepped up to the stage, she was beautiful, her hair long and very blond and she had the most striking blue eyes Phoenix had ever seen.

"Ah." the hat said

"Another Malfoy, I know just what to do with you, SLYTHERIN"

The girl jumped down of the stool and made her way to her new house, Phoenix watched her, she was very graceful,

"Phoenix Potter"

she had him mesmerised, it was as if she had put a spell on him.


He couldn't help himself, he just had to watch her, the way she flung her hair over her shoulder as she introduced herself to her new house mates, oh how he wanted to be in Slytherin,


Phoenix's dads voice brought him back to reality, and he noticed all the first years were looking at him and giggling, his dad was about to explode, sheepishly he walked up to the stage and sat down under the hat.

"Ah, another Potter, yes very intelligent, just like your father,"

Phoenix looked towards his dad, and saw him blushing, if it were possible for him.

"But more of a trouble causer I see, you have a talent for well let’s see, attracting trouble, yes that about sums you up young man, but were to put you, hmm I think...."

"Slytherin please Slytherin" Phoenix whispered under his breath

"No I don't think slytherin would be a good house for you young man, better be, GRYFFINDOR"

Disappointed Phoenix slid of the stool and went to join his new house, Clark and Jimmy were up next they got Gryffindor too, then Danielle she got Gryffindor as well, when the last first year was sorted, the woman from earlier stood up and announced they could eat, Phoenix looked at the table in front of him and gasped as mounds and mounds of food appeared out of thin air, hastily he tucked in filling his plate with chicken legs, mashed potato, sweetcorn and numerous other foods which delighted his stomach immensely.

Feeling very full, and very fat half an hour later, Headmistress McGonagil stood up and dismissed them, they left the great hall and followed the Gryffindor prefect back to the dorm. He was a tall boy with blond hair and blue eyes, Phoenix noticed a few of the girls pointing him out and giggling about him, man, he thought, girls are weird. They reached a portrait in a long corridor and for a moment phoenix thought the prefect had got lost until he mumbled two word’s 'lion’s den' and a portrait opened to reveal a hidden room, they walked through and stood around in awe.

"OK boys dorms are up the stairs and down to your left, girls same on your right, welcome all of you to Gryffindor house, you may go about your business as you wish." the prefect advised them, as he left up the stairs. Phoenix sat down by the huge fire and pondered the day’s events, Clark and Jimmy came and sat down at his side, and they talked into the night, it felt good for Phoenix to be at Hogwarts after hearing so much about it from his dad, but he would have to apply himself especially as his dad would be teaching him.

The next day, dawned bright, Phoenix, Clark, and the two other Gryffindor’s who went by the names of Toby Longbottom and Jules Finnegan woke sleepily and sat up, Phoenix had to blink a few times as his bed was right in front of the window, across the room and he was nearly blinded by the sun’s rays.
Phoenix looked around at his dorm mates, and smiled, Jimmy was lying on his back, his mouth open, and his head halfway under his pillow, snoring away.

"He's just like our dad, he sleeps like that."

"He should wake up now, we have to go down to breakfast..."

"...Did someone say breakfast...?"

Phoenix and Clark looked towards Jimmy's bed he was starting to sit up and looked confusingly at the pillow he pulled of his face, before throwing it down and jumping up out of bed, before he disappeared into the boys bathroom he stretched and yawned then vanished from there sight, Clark looked at Phoenix, Toby and Jules and burst into laughter.

"He always does that, you only have to mention food and him and dad are sat at the dining table, chomping at the bit, waiting for the food to be put in front of them, mum gets really mad at them both for it."

"I can imagine... dad, what are you doing here..?"

Harry stood in the doorway, of the boy’s dorm, smiling down at his only son.

"That’s Professor Potter to you, phe', and I just came to see if you were awake yet, I know how you can be in a morning, I.... I don't believe it, you are in my old bed, I used to sleep here....."

Harry went and sat on his sons bed and looked around, Phoenix was looking at him in horror, here was his dad, a professor no doubt, sat in his dorm room, while the other boys were sat muffling giggles at the sight, oh man he wasn't going to live this down now,.

"Err...... Professor, shouldn't you be getting your lessons planned or something."

He was looking at Harry, pleading with his eyes for him to go, and leave him alone, but Harry didn't notice.

"Na, it’s all done son,"

Phoenix cringed

"And besides I wanted to see you, I miss waking up and you’re not banging around in your boxers in the kitchen." Harry sighed and looked into space, while Phoenix wished the bed would just swallow him right there and then.

"Well, I better let you all get dressed, I’ll see you in the great hall Phe', bye boys, don't dilly dally now."

Harry stood and walked back to the door, but not before looking back at Phoenix and smiling, then he left and Phoenix held his breath, waiting for it, for what he knew would come, but he was pleasantly surprised.

"He seems nice, not at all like what I've heard about him." Toby piped up.

"Yea, what’s he going to be teaching again, phoenix." Jules asked

"E....err... defence against the dark arts, guys don't think he's weird then, you know a bit strange, what with his limp an all?"

"Heck no, he's the bomb, some of the things he's done in this very building, I mean the stone thingy, the big snake, and the tri-wizard tourney, he's done it all, I still can't believe we are sharing with the great man’s son."

Phoenix felt his cheeks redden, and he looked away, slowly he climbed out of bed and retrieved his clothes, then making his way to the boys bathroom he took a shower and brushed his teeth, then dressing, he made his way back to his dorm to put his showering kit away then made his way to the common room, where he found Danielle sat in a chair, reading a lesson book.

"Morning Danielle, you sleep OK?"

"wh...oh Hi Phoenix, yea, I did, those beds are amazingly soft, oh and please call me Danni, everyone does, looking forward to lessons?"

"Good, yea they are, OK and not really."

Danni looked at him confused for a moment, then realising that he had answered all her questions in one started laughing, Phoenix joined in, when they had recovered, Phoenix sat down at her side, and looked over at her , her head once again in her book, but she had a smile on her face and kept chuckling to herself, she was pretty, he thought, not as much so as Ebony, but she was easy on the eye., with her long brown hair, which was now plaited , it could easily be long enough for her to sit on, and her eyes were the deepest blue he had ever seen. She was beautiful, her eyes met his and he looked away.

"So Phe, you don't mind if I call you Phe do you?"

Phoenix shook his head, still not looking at her.

"Why did you want to be in Slytherin?"

His head snapped round to face her, she was blunt, he would give her that, he opened his mouth to talk but no words came out.

"Yes she was pretty wasn't she, but a little self-centred, you want to know how I knew what you were thinking eh phe?"

"I am psychic, Phe, my parents don't know where it comes from, must have been my grandparents, because my mother is a metamorphosis, and my father a ....a werewolf."

Phoenix nodded his understanding, and they both sat looking at the fire.


An hour later, Phoenix, Clark , Jimmy, and Danni, were all sat in the great hall, enjoying a delicious breakfast, Jimmy was stuffing his face and Danni was looking at him in disgust, Phoenix laughed at her face and she turned her eyes on him, but he was no longer looking at her, his eyes were on the other side of the room, Danni followed his gaze to the source of his glare, Ebony Malfoy was walking towards her table, and Phoenix couldn't take his eyes of her, he seemed to be barely breathing, as she glided to her seat, she sat down and looked around, Phoenix's eyes narrowed as she started talking to a blond haired boy and laughing at his joke's. Danni nudged him and his head snapped round, she nodded towards the staff table, and he noticed that Headmistress McGonagil was rising from her chair.

"Welcome, welcome first years to your first day at Hogwarts, you're timetables will be along in just a moment, but first a few notices, first years please note that the forest is out of bounds, as is the corridor on the seventh floor, due to its requirement of repair, please do not attempt to walk along it as it is having a few problems, mainly it likes to eat anything that walks across it.

"Wicked" Clark and Jimmy whispered at once, Phoenix laughed.

"Now you will please open your timetables, and proceed to your first lesson, if you have any trouble finding your classes." she broke off and looked at Phoenix's father at this point before carrying on Harry just smiled, and whistled slightly looking anywhere but at his friend.

"Please ask a teacher or a prefect to direct you, thank you, that will be all, you may go."

All across the hall, rolled up parchments were falling out of thin air onto the laps of the first years, Phoenix's fell just short of his porridge and he unwrapped it, and started scanning it.

8:30 -9:30 Transfiguration- room 1 first floor
9:45 - 11:00 Herbology - greenhouse 1
11:15- 12:30 Potions - dungeons room 2
12:30 - 1:30 lunch
1:30 - 3:30 Defence against the dark arts room 1, floor 2
3:30- 4:30 history of magic- room 1 third floor

" Oh cool, double defence, that should be brilliant, Phoenix isn't that what your dad is teaching?"

"Yea, he is, well we don't have him till this afternoon, come on guys we better get to transfiguration"

The four 11 year olds left the great hall, without looking back, and headed to the first floor.
Meanwhile, Harry watched his son leave, he would have him this afternoon, for his first defence class and he couldn't wait, to teach him and Hermione’s kids all he knew. His thoughts slipped to Hermione, she had looked really well when he had seen her yesterday, apart from a bandage round her hand, he wondered what had happened, he was pleased she and Ron had gotten together, he had wanted to return to her when he had gotten his memory back, but he had heard she had married Ron by this time, and he himself had fell in love with Claire, but he never forgot what they had together, what they went through, but all that was in the past now, and he had his son to think about . He looked to the great hall doors were his son had exited two minutes before and sighing, he stood up bid farewell to his favourite teacher Professor Mcgonagil and headed for his first lesson with the third years.


The morning went fast for Phoenix, he thought his favourite lesson so far would have to be Herbology, with Professor Sprout, his dad had told him how good a teacher she was, and he could see that she was, they had talked mainly for their first lesson, about Mandrakes and their properties, Phe couldn't wait till the next lesson when they would be re-potting them.
He and his three friends were sat in the great hall tucking into a well-deserved lunch, Jimmy stuffing his face again and Danielle wearing the same disgusted face as she had that morning, Phoenix was just refilling his plate with meat pie and mash when his dad walked up to him.

"Had a good morning so far Phe'?"

"Wha....oh hi dad...err Professor, yes sir."

"Yes Professor, I don't think I will get used to that in a hurry, well.... anyway, don't be late for D.A.D.A, Phoenix, and don't worry." Harry bent down so his face was close to his sons," I won't embarrass you in class."  Harry walked off after giving phoenix a wink.

"Do you think these benches can really eat students up, because I could really go for that right now?" Danni just grinned at his embarrassment.

Phoenix, bent as low as he could and looked towards the staff table, where to his complete horror, he saw Harry waving at him, Phoenix wondered if he could sneak out under the tables and vanish.

"Oh relax, Phe', you're dad's great, I heard Jenny Mathews talking about him in the girls toilets, earlier, she said he showed them the Patronus charm, his is a stag right, Phe'?"

"Yea, it’s brilliant, mines a bear,"

!!!!!!!" WHAT!!!!!!! You can do a Patronus?"

"Well, you don't live with the great Harry Potter and not learn anything, he shows me and Terri loads of stuff."


"My sister, she's ten, should be starting next year, I really miss her." He looked saddened.

"Yea I know what you mean I miss Lois like mad." interrupted Clark, Danni looked at him.


"Our sister, she's only two, but she’s so sweet" Clark answered.

"Oh you guys are so lucky, I'm an only child, I would love a brother or sister." Danni said looking into space

"I'll be your brother if you like Danni, I’ll look after you"

Danni felt her throat tighten and her cheeks redden, that was the nicest thing anyone had said to her, apart from her parents, in a long time. She looked into Phoenix's serious face and choked out a strangled sob, before jumping up and running from the great hall.


She ran for her life, he couldn't get to close to her, she was too dangerous to be around, she ran up the long staircase and along corridors, until she got to the Gryffindor common room, what was the password? She couldn't remember it,

"Damn it, what is that password, oh"

"Lion’s den"

said a voice behind her, she spun round and came face to face with the one person she was so desperate to avoid.

"Phoenix, thank you."

They climbed in through the portrait hole and found themselves in an empty common room, Danni walked over to the fire and sat down with her legs crossed, Phoenix copied her.

"Now do you want to tell me what that was all about Danni, why are you upset, if you don't want me as a brother it's OK, I’ll just be a friend." he said with a slight grin on his handsome face, she couldn't help grinning

"It's.... it's not that Phe', you are so kind to me, I just can't.. Can’t get close to anyone because of my.... err.... problem, what if I hurt you on the full moon, I would never forgive myself... I just......."

Danni was shocked out of her speech, which by the way she had carefully scripted by Phoenix pulling her to him, and enfolding her in his arms.

"No matter what Danni, I am here for you, I will ride it out with you, and if you do manage to hurt me, I will forgive you, that is what brothers... and friends do, isn't it, you don't have to worry."

He was stroking her long hair now, and she had to admit that she did feel safe in his arms, he had been kind to her from the start and she felt very close to him at this moment, she knew he meant the words he had said, and she looked up into his face and whispered to him.

“Thank you Phoenix, for everything."
She planted a kiss on his cheek and put her head back down.

"OK, turn to page, 6 in your books and read the first chapter please, then we will have a practical demonstration, you have half an hour."

Phoenix, opened his defence book and started reading, only half concentrating on the words in front of him, his mind kept wandering back to the kiss, Danni had given him, and the tingle it left on his cheek, he looked over to her, she was sat a row opposite, two desks down and was twirling her long hair as she chewed on a quill and read the pages, turning them over almost as soon as she had the last page. He looked down at the page and read the first line.

Blocking spells: - Protego

Protego, is a useful spell to learn if you are lacking in the basic arts of protection............................................

He looked up at Danni again, she was still reading, then he looked towards Professor Potter, and noticing he was watching him, put his head down, he didn't really need to read this as his dad had gone through it all with him already, so he let his thoughts wander back to Danni, she must have to go through a lot of pain every month, he tried thinking in his head when the next full moon was and resigned himself to looking it up in the observation tower after classes, he had promised Danni that he would help her, and he thought the first step would be to at least know when she was likely to transform.

"OK, books away please, divide into pairs please, we are going to practise the spell we have just been reading about."
Professor Potter, waved his wand and all the desks vanished, after most of the students had finished gasping and muttering under their breaths at the magic they had just witnessed , they were asked to stand facing their partners, and waited for Professor Potter to begin, Phoenix looked at Danni , who was his partner and finally Professor Potter spoke

"OK students we are going to practise Protego, I want you to hex your partner with Lang-lock, don't worry it will only make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth, I want the receiving partner to shout Protego at the same time and see how you do then swap round OK, go"

The room was full of shouts of Lang-lock and Protego, Phoenix got Danni on his first attempt, and she made him laugh when she tried to speak, then she got him back soon after, they spent the rest of the lesson, practising until Harry told them to stop, and after waving his wand at the students who still had their tongues stuck to the roofs of their mouths he dismissed them.



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