It was two days before Hermione returned home. She had stayed as the MacDonald’s guest and had visited Robbie again the next day. Ron and Ginny were there and they were not happy. “Where the hell have you been, Hermione? We’ve been worried sick.” Ron berated her. She was not going to take it anymore.

“What’s the matter, Ron? Had to get your own meals have you? Did you miss the little woman getting dinner ready? Keeping the bed warm waiting for you to come home from the pub or whoever it is you’re screwing this week. Well get used to it, because by Friday I’ll be out of here for good. I’m leaving you and I want a divorce as soon as possible. Ginny, could you and I have a word in private please.”

The siblings had been silent during Hermione’s outburst. Now Ron started to laugh. “You’re leaving me? Where are you going to go? Your parents don’t have room for you since they moved. So I don’t think you’re going anywhere. You’re bluffing. You want some privacy with Ginny? Okay, I’m off to the pub. I’d prefer that you sleep in the spare room tonight, in case I bring a friend home. Bye.” He slammed the door behind him.

“I don’t know how you’ve put up with his crap this long. So where have you been, Hermione?” Ginny asked, settling herself on the couch beside her best friend. She handed her a glass of firewhiskey and sipped her own. Hermione swallowed her drink in one go and handed the empty glass back,

“Another please.” Ginny went to get it. “God, I wish I hadn’t given up smoking.” On an impulse she raided Ginny’s handbag and triumphantly came up with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She blew out a long stream of blue smoke as Ginny returned.

“Idiot.” Was Ginny’s only comment.

“Judge me again after you hear where I’ve been. Save all your questions till the end okay. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. I went to see Robbie’s parents as you know. They told me the most incredible story you’ll ever hear and then they took me to see…”

“His grave.” Ginny ventured.

“No, Ginny, You couldn’t be more wrong. They took me to see… Robbie. He’s alive, Gin. He’s alive.” She told a totally gobsmacked Ginny of her visit. The redhead’s only comment was,

“Pass me my cigs will ya?” Hermione told Ginny the whole story in detail. When she had finished Ginny asked quietly,

“So what now?”

“I’m going to stay with his parents while I look for a little place near the hospital and help as much as I can with Robbie’s recovery. It’s a big decision I know but if everything works out as I want it to, then it will be well worth it.”

“How do you want it to work out?

“First I want to do what I can to get him out of the hospital, after that who knows?”

“I think you do, Hermione, I think you know exactly what you want. Are you serious about leaving Ron on Friday?”

“Yes, I am. I don’t love him anymore Gin, I think it’s right… for both of us.”

“I think so too. While he’s shagging anything with a pulse, he’s not worth the pain he’s causing you. So go for it Hermione. Keep in touch with me though, OK?”

“Of course I will Ginny, don’t worry about that. Don’t say anything to Ron please; I don’t want him to know about Robbie yet.”

“I won’t say anything, Hermione. Trust me on that.”


Hermione stayed with Robbie’s folks for the two weeks it took her to find a small apartment near the hospital. She could not visit as much as she wished to due to the fact that she still had bills to pay and so she had to work. She had visited the law offices of Finnegan & Boot and filed for a divorce. Ron chose not to defend her action and, as Ginny had informed her, had already moved some bimbo with a large rack out in front of her chest into their house.

That had infuriated Hermione and she had gone back to her lawyers and added a request to her petition that Ron immediately buy out her half of the property. She knew the value of the house and was convinced that Ron would have to sell the house in order to pay her. We’ll see what his bimbo thinks then, thought Hermione.

Two months later and Hermione’s life had sorted itself into a routine. She worked her normal hours and every evening and weekend was spent at the hospital with Robbie. One afternoon a week she would spend at St. Mungo’s in the reference library searching, without success so far, for magical ways to help the man she was utterly and hopelessly in love with. Robbie was making slow progress, much to Éowyn’s displeasure, although he could now flex the fingers of his right hand at will. Éowyn asked Hermione to take a tougher stance with Robbie as she felt that Hermione was being too gentle with him, was not being demanding enough. The best that Hermione could promise was that she would try.

At her next visit she sat next to his bed desperately trying to think of something to say that would comply with Éowyn’s request. She held her hand about three inches above his arm. “OK now come on Robbie, hold my hand. I know you can reach it if you really want to, so come on move your arm.” He muttered something that to her sounded like,

“What’s the point?” Hermione was astounded, and not a little angry.

“What’s the point, Robbie? Is that what you said? “What’s the point? Well let me tell you! Until you start making better progress you are never going to be able to take me to bed and make love to me, are you? And I want that more than anything, Robbie. I’m longing to make love to you my darling. Imagine it Robbie; you and I in bed, naked and aroused, touching each other skin to skin. It can happen, darling but you have to work for it. So come on… “ she gasped as she felt his hand grip her wrist. He had done it he had lifted his forearm a full three inches off the bed and grabbed her arm.

“Yeah! That’s more like it MacDonald, well done.” Hermione swung round in her chair, blushing furiously,

“Éowyn! Oh erm… how… how long have you been there?” she managed to stutter.

“Long enough Hermione” the nurse replied with a huge lascivious grin and a glint in her eye. “Seems like you finally found the right way to incentivise him. You hit the right button at last.”

Twenty minutes later Hermione and Éowyn were having coffee in the staff canteen. Hermione looked at her newest friend in the world. “I don’t suppose I could persuade you to forget what you heard?” I don’t want to obliviate you she thought to herself.

Éowyn smiled, enjoying her friends embarrassment. “Not a chance Hermione, in fact I’ll have to write it up in my notes. The doctors will want an explanation of Robbie’s sudden improvement.” Robbie had repeated the success of grasping Hermione’s arm several times to prove that it was not a fluke.

“Write it up? Word for word? But that means everyone will know…”

“Not word for word, don’t worry. Sex as an incentive, could be a whole new concept in treatment of traumatic paralysis. We’ll call it the Weasley treatment.” Éowyn was clearly enjoying her friend’s discomfort.

“The Granger Treatment, please Éowyn, I’ve gone back to my maiden name.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know that. The Granger Treatment it is then.”

“You’re really going to do it aren’t you, you’re really going to put in Robbie’s notes that I used sex as an incentive.”

“Why not, it’s the truth isn’t it?” Éowyn was loving this conversation while Hermione squirmed.

Hermione went home that evening still feeling embarrassed but very pleased with herself. She entered her flat and stopped and stared in open mouthed amazement at the figure relaxing in her armchair. “Ron!” the amazement vanished to be instantly replaced by anger. “What the hell are you doing here? How did you get in? Who told you where I live?”

“Whoa, one question at a time Hermione. Firstly no one told me where you live, I’m an Auror; we have ways of finding people. I got in because I’m a wizard so a locked door is no problem. Perhaps you should have put some wards up.” He looked around the small room. “You call this living? A bit on the rough side for you isn’t it?”

“What do you want, Ron? Tell me and then get the hell out,”

“I’m not going to sell the house, I need somewhere to live.”

“I don’t care if you sell the house or not, I just want my share of the value. About a hundred thousand pounds or eighty thousand galleons.”

“And where do you suggest I get that sort of money…”

“I don’t care, Ron. You can rob Gringotts for all I care, but I want the money and quickly too.”

“Or you could just forget all this nonsense and come back to me.”

“You are joking, right? There is no way on earth that I’m coming back to you. I don’t love you Ron and I’m not prepared to give up what I have now.”

“And what do you have now, a poky little flat…”

“And a man that I love who loves me too.”

“So you’re having an affair too, well I’m sure Finnegan & Boot will relish that little titbit of information, I bet you haven’t told them, have you?” Hermione decided to keep her counsel and say no more.

“This is pointless Ron; get out now, before I report you to the Auror office for unauthorised entry to my flat. Get out and don’t come back. I never want to see you again.”

“Oh you’ll see me again, Mrs Weasley, count on it.” Ron grinned a superior grin and apparated away.

Ron’s unexpected visit had totally killed Hermione’s good mood. She was resigned to spending the rest of her evening miserable and alone when her doorbell rang. She opened the door and her mood lifted, “Ginny, what a wonderful surprise, come in please. A bottle of wine too, just what I need.”

“Ron told me he’d been to see you and I thought you might need cheering up, so here I am. How did he behave?”

“He was his usual obnoxious self. But I don’t let it bother me anymore. How are you and Harry?”

“We are good Hermione, so good that in fact I’m pregnant again.”

“Oh Ginny, that’s wonderful news, I’m so happy for you. A sibling for James he’ll be delighted.” Hermione mentally told herself that it would be several more years before she would be having children. It depended totally on Robbie’s recovery of course. She and Ginny spent a pleasant couple of hours discussing pregnancy and babies before Ginny kissed her goodbye and went home taking the empty wine bottle with her. She had told Ginny of Robbie’s improvement, but not the reason for it. She was not ready to share that little detail just yet.

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