Hermes- 24, Hufflepuff
Aphrodite- 22, Slytherin
Dionysus- 21, Gryffindor
Hera- 19, Ravenclaw
Demeter- 18, Gryffindor (7th year)
Zeus- 17, Hufflepuff (7th year)
Poseidon- 17, Ravenclaw (7th year)
Hades- 17, Slytherin (7th year)
Athena- 15, Ravenclaw (5th year)
Apollo- 14, Hufflepuff (4th year)
Artemis- 14, Ravenclaw (4th year)
Ares- 13, Gryffindor (3rd year)
Hephaestus- 12, Hufflepuff (2nd year)
Hestia- 11, Slytherin (1st year)

Nicole Nightingale

The NEWTs were drawing closer, and my professors were piling on the homework. I found myself in the library more often than I liked. Honestly, I was turning into a Raverclaw; not to mention, there was hardly anytime for quidditch.

"Dem, it helps if you actually pick up your quill," Lindsey said, smirking. I'd chosen to start studying with her and Sara because they actually did their homework, unlike Dom. James said I couldn't study with him anymore because I 'distracted' him. Whatever that means.

"We've been here for an hour, and you haven't written anything!" Sara scolded in a classic Ravenclaw fashion.

"That's not true!" I protested. She arched an eyebrow. "I wrote my name." Laughing, she shook her red hair, causing it to spill over her shoulders.

"You've probably just been fantasizing about James," she sighed his name in an airy tone that did not sound like me. "Merlin, between you and Dom, I can't believe the school hasn't exploded with all of the hormones."

Lindsey sniggered. "You're one to talk."

"Oh, what is this I hear?" I asked, a wide grin on my face. Sara rarely dated as she was too invested in books, so any news of her with a guy was exciting.

"Shut up, Lindsey."

"Well, little Sara here has been sneaking off during her frees and in the middle of the night. She comes back after hours, if she comes back at all." Lindsey finished her story with a smile, and Sara's face slowly turned the colour of her hair.

"Sara, you animal," I gasped. "Who have you been sneaking around with?"

"Nobody," she mumbled, a deep blush still covering her face.

Before I could press further, I glanced at the clock and realized I needed to be in Herbology. I bid them farewell and walked to the greenhouses, meeting James outside.

"Hey," I greeted him and pecked him on the lips. "Sorry I'm late, I was writing my essay."

"So basically," he said as we walked into the greenhouse, "Lindsey and Sara wrote their essays, and you got as for as writing your name."


Professor Longbottom made us gather into groups to collect pods from Snargaluffs, a brutal task that we'd already done last year. Completing our group were Poseidon and a much too bubbly Nicole.

"Why do I have to holdback its vines?" Poseidon whined as the plant fought to free itself from its grip. James was doing the same on the other side, but he wasn't complaining as much.

"Because they're prickly, and they'll mess up my hair," I replied, putting on my dragon hide gloves.

Nicole and I took turns reaching into the plant and grabbing the pods. I kept getting smacked with vines that broke free, mostly because of Poseidon. If Nicole got smacked, it sure didn't look like it. By the end of class, when we had successfully collected all of the pods (using many swear words), her blonde hair was without a single ruffle.

The bell rang, and we turned in our pods as we walked out.

"Great job today, class," Longbottom said as we handed him our things. "I need a three foot essay on the uses of Snargaluff Pods, due the next class we have."

I let out a long groan when we exited the greenhouse. I was covered in scratches and dirt, my hair was a knotted mess, and now I had another essay to write. More importantly, now I had no time to plan a quidditch practice. It's like Neville doesn't want our team to win!

Poseidon slipped an arm around a still smiling Nicole as we walked, and James tried to do the same to me. "Touch me, and you die," I growled through clenched teeth. He quickly snatched back his arm.

"That was so much fun!" Nicole chirped brightly. I glared at her. "We should so do this again!"

"Definitely," Poseidon agreed like the whipped guy he was. He shot me a dark glare when I made a retching noise.

"Why don't we all work on our essay tonight?" she suggested. "We could do it in the library after dinner, it'll be like a double date!"

"I'd rather-" James cut me off, putting his hand over my mouth.

"That sounds great, we'll meet you there," he said quickly, wincing when I bit his hand. They went off to the Ravenclaw tower, and James finally took his hand off my mouth. "Ow!" he said, rubbing his palm, "why did you bite me?"

"Why did you cover my mouth?"

"Because telling you to shut up would've been rude," he replied with a cheeky smile, which I most definitely did not return. "Oh come off it Dem. Nicole's a nice girl, and I didn't want you to say something you'd regret to her."

"Hmph." I crossed my arms and pouted, stalking off towards Gryffindor tower.

"Don't get huffy with me," he said, his long legs keeping in stride with mine.

"I'm not huffy!" I protested with a bit of huffiness.

"Demeter Alton," he scolded in a tone that reminded me faintly of mum. "You're eighteen years old, and you still pout on a daily basis."

"I do not!" I pouted.

"Whatever you say," he said airily, walking down the hall without me.

"You're annoying," I told him when I caught up with him.

"Yeah, but you find it charming."

"Whatever you say," I repeated his early words. He laughed, wrapping an arm around me, stopped walking, and leaned in to kiss me. "I need to shower," I said against his lips.

"Only if I can come," he replied huskily.

"Obviously." I leaned in to kiss him again.

"There you are!" Dom cried, walking into the hall. "Merlin, you two get it on everywhere don't you?" She laughed at herself, while James and I glared at her. "What happened to your hair? It looks like you were dragged through the Forbidden Forest."

"Thanks," I muttered. "Did you need something?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. James, Kyle's looking for you," she said.

James groaned. "Can it wait?"

"No, he said it was life or death."

"Fine," he growled and gave me a swift kiss before heading to the common room.

"What happened to you?" she asked after he was gone.

"Herbology," I grumbled, trying to flatten down my hair. My hand ran over a bunch of leaves that I hadn't noticed before.

"Thank Merlin I dropped that," she said, running her hand through her perfectly glossy blonde hair. "Anyway, are we working on the Charms essay tonight?"

"Ugh, no, I totally forgot about that. We have to go to the library with Poseidon and Nicole." i said the last part crinkling my nose. I didn't not like Nicole, she was just too chipper all of the time, and it could get a bit annoying.

Dom stuck out her lower lip. "Dem, ever since you and James got together, we haven't spent any time together!" she whined.

"Oh don't give me that, Dominique Weasley," I snapped jokingly. We started walking back to the Gryffindor tower. "You and Kyle are never apart long enough to breath, let alone have a full conversation."

She didn't even bother to deny it; she just sighed. Between our courseload, quidditch, and our respective boyfriends, we really hadn't been able to spend much time together. Something that we weren't used to. We'd never had serious boyfriends.

"I know," she huffed. "I guess I'll study with Lindsey and Sara. Gosh, I haven't seen them in forever! What is happening to us?" She threw her hands in the air.

"I don't know," I sighed.

With the year halfway over, I was only just now realizing that this was our last few months at Hogwarts. Ever. In a few months, we were going to be adults off in the real world. I'd really taken advantage of the fact that all of my best friends were here, but next year, we'd all be in seperate places.

And, as much as I refused to admit it, it would be crazy to go so long without seeing my siblings. My whole life, they've always been there, even when I wished they hadn't. Thinking about this now made me regret all of the time we could've spent together.

In the dorm, I finally showreed, scrubbing extra hard to get rid of the dirt that was caked into my skin. After dinner, Dom and I headed our separate ways, with her promising to find out who Sara was shagging. Meanwhile, I prepped myself for dealing with excessive amounts of gooey couple talk and super happy comments.

"Hey," I greeted James, Poseidon, and Nicole as I walked into the library. Poseidon and Nicole looked as though they were trying to suck each other's face off, while James had his head on the table with his arms tucked under.

"Finally," he groaned in relief, picking his head up. I sat down, and Poseidon and Nicole broke apart, making a disturbing plungerlike sound.

"Hey Demeter," Nicole said brightly, her lips swollen. Honestly, only Ravenclaws would find snogging in the library was hot.

"Hey. All right, who's ready to study plants?" I asked. James shot me a dark glare, obviously upset that I had been late.

We pulled out our books and started our essays. For the most part, we were quiet, occasionally asking each other about something in the book. Until Poseidon and Nicole decided they hadn't been disgusting enough.

"Your eyes," Nicole said, grabbing his head, "they're such a beautiful blue."

"Your hair is as soft as feathers," Poseidon said, brushing her hair back. I had to stop myself from vomiting.

I turned to James, who had the same disgusted look on his face.

"Your eyes," I mocked, also grabbing his hand,"you've got two of them."

He smirked and leaned closer. "Your nose, it's in the middle of your face."

"Stop it," I fake giggled. "You're making me blush."

Our joking was cut of by Poseidon clearing his throat. We looked back at them to see there unamused faces glaring at us.

"I'd expect this immature behaviour from Dem-"


"-but come on James, don't let her influence you," Poseidon scolded, shaking his head. I rolled my eyes. I was not a bad influence.

"Oh, sod off," I groaned, putting up my books and standing. "Come on, James, let's go snog in a broom cupboard." He eagerly stood and gave a halfhearted wave to Nicole and Poseidon.

"Are we really going to go snog in a broom cupboard?" he asked hopefully.

"We'll see," I smirked teasingly. As we were walking out, I spotted Ares sitting with a brunette girl. Under the table, they were holding hands. "Hold on," I stopped Jame and pulled him to where Ares was sitting.

"Dem," I whispered as we approached. "Stop, you're going to embarrass him."

"I will not. I just want to meet her," I stated, sitting down and pulling him with me. Ares's eyes widened, and he silently told me to go away. "Hey," I ignored him.

Ares narrowed his eyes at me. "Hey," he said through clinched teeth.

"Hey," the girl, who I recognized as a Ravenclaw, said shyly.

"I'm Demeter, Ares older, and favourite-"

"Not anymore."


"I know," she said, blushing.

"Dem, can you leave?" Ares plead.

"What? I just want to get to know her. You know, make sure she's good for you and all." I gave him a look that told him I wasn't leaving until he properly introduced us.

"Fine. Dem, this is Kenzie Flowers, my girlfriend." I raised my eyebrows, urging him to continue, while Kenzie continued to look uncomfortable, and James rolled his eyes at me. "She's a beater on the Ravenclaw team, a year below me."

I studied the girl in question. After deeming her acceptable, I nodded. "I suppose you're alright, even if you play for the enemy," I told her, and she gave me a bright smile. "But if you hurt my brother, I will end you."

Ares glared at me as James and I stood, my work here done. Come on, he didn't honestly think I wouldn't threaten her. He's my baby brother, I have to protect him.

"Haven't you scarred that poor kid enough?" James asked as we walked out.

"Of course not," I replied. "Anyways, he's just a baby, he needs his big sister."

"And what is he going to do when you leave next year?"

There it was again, the reminder that we were leaving. "I don't know, he'll probably die without me." He rolled his eyes, and I wrapped my arms around him. "But I don't want to talk about leaving anymore. Actually," I kissed his neck, "I don't want to talk at all."

He smiled and pressed me gently against the wall, all thoughts of leaving slipping away.


We were in the library again. Why were we always in the bloody library? James and I had two essays left, and I was finding it very hard to concentrate. He, on the other hand, was steadily writing.

I tapped my quill on the blank parchment before I was interrupted by a familiar voice. "Hey Demeter, looking good."

Troy Cooper was standing in front of me, his dark hair tousseled and a flirty smile on his lips. We had dated briefly last year, nothing too serious, but that boy had to be one of the fittest guys I'd ever met. I wasn't really attracted to him like that anymore, but I found myself mimicking his smirk.

"Hey Troy, you're looking pretty fit yourself." I winked at him.

"Don't I always?"

"You're so funny," I drawled.

He took a seat across from me and leaned in. "So, I've been thinking about last year a lot, and if you ever wanted, you know the Hufflepuff dorms are always open for you." He winked at me.

"Tempting, but I have a boyfriend."

He finally took note of James, who was scowling. "You two? Never would've seen that coming." He stood, bt before he left he said, "If things don't work out my offer is always on the table."

"I'll definitely keep that in mind," I told him, giving him one last smile before he left.

James and I wen't back to work, silently finishing our essays. In fact, he stayed silent, even as we made our way back to the common room. He had a scowl on his face, and he was walking with a large gap in between us.

"Is something wrong?" I asked him, breaking the silence.

"Why would anything be wrong?" he spat back bitterly.

"I don't know, that's why I asked you," I replied coldly. His nostrils flared, and we both stopped walking.

"Fine, Dem. You want to know what's wrong? How about the fact that my girlfriend has no problem flirting with other guys. Right in front of me, if I might add." His voice was rising the more he spoke, so I changed my tone to match it.

"Who Troy? Come on that was harmless flirting. I wouldn't do anything with him," I scoffed, crossing my arms, but he didn't change his expression. If anything, he seemed to get angrier.

"Oh, you were just flirting with him. Okay, that makes it so much better."

"Grow up, James." We stood glaring at each other. "Actually, don't talk to me until you get over yourself."

With that, I left him, fuming, in the hall.

A/N: Sorry for the shortness of this chapter! I'll try to make the next one longer! But Dem and James had a fight! Who do you guys think is right in this situation? James? Dem?
Also, in the next chapter, we will see the return of Hades! I've really missed writing about him, and he's going to be pretty imporatant!

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