Chapter 11: New Year’s

Draco’s P.O.V


Tonight was the New Year’s Ball at the Zabini manor. It would certainly be a strange New Year considering normally we had a large ball here full of purebloods and Death eaters but this year there would only be The Zabini’s, The Weasley’s, Potter, Mother and I. Oh and that muggle boy Hermione kept spending time with. Not only were we having a small New Year’s but we would be sharing it with someone who last year I would have considered an enemy. It was definitely fitting to celebrate the end of the war.




I was pulling on my smart shirt thinking about how awkward tonight would be considering almost everyone there was going to dislike me. I wanted to talk to potter tonight. True I had been avoiding him since the war but I think it’s about time I thanked him for saving my life, something I definitely wasn’t looking forward to.


It was 6pm when mother called me down. We were going a little early to the manor to help the Zabini’s welcome their guests and Tinky was going with us to help Roxy look after Scorpius. When I strolled down the stairs Tinky was stood next to mother who was wearing a midnight blue gown with small crystals all over the skirt. Her mixture of blonde and black hair was in a tight bun.


“You look beautiful mother, as always.” I smiled charmingly as I reached her. She smiled graceful and turned to leave. We were getting a carriage to next door to make things easier.


“You look very handsome too son.” She said as she climbed into the carriage, with me following quickly behind her.


The Zabini manor was lit up with thousands of tiny lights adding to the magical feel that it had on a regular basis. We walked up the stone steps and through the ornate oak doors, which were open at the moment. I smiled at Mrs Zabini was wearing a black tight dress, Blaise was wearing a smart shirt and black jeans also and Hermione was wearing the most gorgeous grey strapless dress that went down to her knees and was puffy from the waist down. It was also covered in silver glitter spots that made it look like snow had fallen all over the dress. Her hair fell in loose curls and quite frankly she looked stunning.


“You look amazing.” I whispered as I hugged her. She smiled shyly and I had to remind myself that she was currently in some form of a relationship with that muggle boy.


“Thank you Draco.” She mumbled as we watched Tinky apparate off to see Scorpius.


“How is our son doing?” I asked deciding it would be best if I kept the subject to strictly just Scorpius.


“He is well, he’s started saying mummy properly now.” She replied in a serious manner, I smiled at the image.


“Time to prepare to welcome the guest’s guys.” Blaise said turning me around to stand next to him, beside mother.


It seemed to me that we were all a little over dressed but I supposed that it did not matter too much. The muggle boy, Drayton? Was the first to arrive in his suit his sandy blonde hair gelled back and his blue eyes softly looking at Hermione.


Thankfully the Weasley clan didn’t take long to arrive afterwards all hugging and smiling and apologising for the lack of weaslebee who was apparently at his girlfriends for the evening.


Finally Potter and Ginny showed up all smiles. He whispered something to my mother who smiled and nodded before shaking his hand. I looked up confused and walked into the main ballroom which had been decorated beautifully with many colours and loud music. We all began dancing and soon the night was in full swing. I even got a dance with Hermione, certainly one of my favourite moments of the night. What was even better was that there was plenty of alcohol flowing making everything so much better.


The little fairy lights that lit up the room made me feel a little dizzy and eventually my feet were killing from constantly dancing and having fun. I looked around and saw that it wasn’t too far from midnight, giving me just enough time to have a look at what everyone else was doing.


 Mother, Violet, Molly and Arthur were all in deep conversation with the occasional laugh or hug, something I never thought I would see but it appeared that Violet was thanking the Weasley’s for always being there for her daughter.


Next my eyes moved to the weasel twins who were smirking and pointing outside before making explosion motions with their hands. Violet had asked them to be in charge of the fireworks for this evening, something which clearly they were excited about.


 Potter and Weaslette were dancing slowly on the dance for whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. I took a deep swig of my firewhiskey and watched how happy they were, if only I could have a love half as strong as that.


Then my eyes travelled to Blaise who was now swaying with Pansy, who had showed up about an hour ago, again I took a swig of my firewhiskey and felt a pang of jealousy at their happiness.


Finally my eyes rested on the belle of the ball, she was beautiful as she swayed gently against that muggle, her head resting on his shoulder. Taking yet another sip of my Firewhiskey I rolled my eyes at how he gently rubbed her back while they danced, it was almost sickening to watch. The sad part here was that right now I was the only one who was alone, everyone had a partner in crime tonight, making me feel more alone than ever before in a room of people.


“Everyone head out onto the balcony for the fireworks!” The twins called across the room, indicating that we were just another minute closer to the New Year. There was excited chatter as we all spread onto the vast balcony. I stood back slightly, in the corner of the balcony, allowing my friends and family their moment of pure joy. It was at the exact moment the grandfather clock echoed through the house that the fireworks began.


Colours and sparks were flying everywhere. The whole group were smiling and whispering happy New Year to each other, that’s when I saw it. There right in the middle of the balcony, Hermione’s was locked into a deep kiss with that muggle boy, I really couldn’t remember his name, Damon? Darren? I took a small step back as if hit by something straight in the chest. Taking another large gulp of Fire whiskey my vision began to swim slightly but I didn’t care anymore.


After a few minutes the fireworks were finished, everyone clapped and slowly started shuffling back inside. Everyone, except for Hermione, the muggle and myself (although I was admittedly in the shadows). Hermione was blushing as they fell into silence for a few moments.


“So… ‘mi I take it this means you don’t mind being my girlfriend?” The muggle asked his voice soft and caring. Hermione responded with a simple nod and a light peck on the cheek still blushing furiously.


I scoffed and stepped forward as the couple turned to face their intruder. “One little kiss and you’ve got him wrapped around her little finger.” I smirked and watched as they both scowled at me.


“Draco, are you drunk?” Hermione asked, her voice a mix of pity and anger.


“Although I must admit she’s a good kisser, she’s even better in the sack though, if you know what I mean.” I laughed as Hermione’s face turned to horror and the muggle stepped forward as if to protect her.


“Yes Malfoy, you have slept with Hermione while I haven’t but at least I’ll mean something to her when we make it to that point.” He replied bitterly. I gave a fake chuckle stepping towards him again so we were practically nose to nose. In truth his comment had stung a bit.


“You won’t mean a thing when she dumps your sorry ass and realises she deserves better. I doubt you’ll even get that far with her.” I growled.


“You’re in the past mate, I’m in the present. I’ll always be there for Hermione, whether we have sex or not. You did it with her two years ago, so just let it go and move on.” I raised my eyebrows as he spat his response.


“Oh really…” I started before Hermione stepped forward.


“Please Draco… don’t… just leave it.” She pleaded with me. Unfortunately I was past caring right now.


“It was so long ago was it? You didn’t tell him did you ‘mione?” I smirked as her eyes continued to bore in mine pleading me to stop.


“Tell me what?” The muggle said turning towards Hermione slightly.


“We had sex just 2 weeks ago! In fact we had sex just days before she met you! I mean for all I know she could be knocked up again with my second child. Maybe I was wrong earlier, maybe you two will get to the point of having sex. I mean after all, it didn’t take me long…”




I stumbled backwards as Hermione punched me straight in the face with all her might. It was definitely a lot harder than it had been in 3rd year. My vision was blurry but I could still see the party guests running to the balcony as Hermione began to yell.


“You stuck up bastard! I never ever want to see your stupid face again. I wish you weren’t Scorpius’ father because something so good will be poisoned by someone as horrid as you! You destroy every little thing you touch, and you take pleasure in doing it!” She screamed just as my mother stepped forward.


****NARCISSA’S P.O.V********


I hurried forward as I saw my son stumbling backwards and Hermione screaming at him. I didn’t catch all of what she said but I stepped forward as Draco stood up laughing through the blood pouring from his nose.


“You always did like it rough Mi” He spat at her, his voice more venomous than I had ever heard it. I stepped forward and grabbed his arm.


“That’s enough it’s time to get you home.” I muttered, before turning to Violet. “I’m so sorry for his disgraceful behaviour, I think it’s time we leave but please continue to enjoy the party. I will see you tomorrow. Molly I will write you dear.” I said steering a swaying Draco towards the door. Everyone was staring at us in silence.


“See ya soon potter!” Draco yelled cheerfully as we wondered past him. I saw Harry smirk slightly before desperately trying to keep a straight face. I pulled Draco out quickly and once past the wards I apparated us home to save time and cast a spell to stop Draco’s nose from bleeding and another to make sure it could only heal the muggle way, unless I decided otherwise. He had after all deserved the punch. I supported him up the stairs and towards him room before whipping off his jacket, shoes and tie and getting him into bed.


“Oh Draco, what on earth has gotten into you?” I whispered kissing his head as he curled into a ball and closed his eyes. I turned to leave and flicked off the light.


“She kissed him mum, she actually kissed him.” I froze for a moment at the small whisper, my heart breaking for my son, before continuing out of the door, closing it quietly.




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Just to let you all know i have written up to chapter 20 so far (and the story continues past that) so don't worry there will be plenty more for you to read! Please R and R xoxo


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