Harry and Ginny were waiting anxiously for that Thursday. The last few months had been so busy and crazy that the couple was missing just spending some quality time with one another. Summer was filled with Dora Lupin begging them and all their family members that had some kind of Quidditch history to practice with her (she was very focused on getting into the Hufflepuff Team), Maya and Alfie running around the house, the Prophet had asked Ginny to do a huge cover on the League while Harry was up to his head with problems concerning an old inmate of Azkaban and dealing with the programme changes in the Auror training curriculum. 

When it came to September, Harry said enough was enough. He wasn't young anymore. He didn't need to work himself up to the edges. He didn't need to prove anything to anyone anymore. Harry had earned his post as Head Auror, his immediate in command was his best friend and the only one he had to answer to was another one of his best friends. He was untitled to a day off. And so, he decided he would take every Thursday for himself.

But that day, Ginny would also be free as she would have finished on her report and didn't have any game to cover until the weekend. With that in mind, they planned a whole day out in London, just like they used to do when younger, in the Summer just after Ginny's graduation, all those years before. They talked about it very excitedly over at the Burrow, on one of her mother's Sunday get-together and their kids were wiser than to ask for assistance with their children. 

Everyone suggested something different to do. George didn't lose the opportunity to suggest they should go to a hotel and spent 'real quality time together', getting a huge slap from Roxanne and a roll of eyes from Angelina, Luna thought they should go to a zoo, Rosie suggested museums while Katie said 'shopping'. At the end of the day, Harry and Ginny had more ideas than it was possible to do on just a day. 

Fortunately, the warm weather and clear skies that Summer had been providing them for the last few months still persisted for a little while longer. And when Harry woke that morning, he was greeted with the sunlight warming his cheeks, coming from where the curtains hadn't been completely shut. He rolled over and placed his arm around his wife's waist and kissed her neck.

"Good morning." Mumbled Harry into Ginny's ears, making a shiver go through her spine. 33 years of marriage and she still felt the same rush going through her body whenever Harry was close to her. 

"Hmmm." She only gasped, turning herself to look at him. "Morning, love." Said Ginny, kissing him softly. But Harry didn't let her out of his lips and deepened the kiss. "Excited, are we?" 

"Uhum." He mumbled again. "Have I ever said I don't ever get tired of kissing you?" 

"Might have mentioned it once or twice." She laughed while Harry placed himself on top of her and started to make a little trail of kisses down her neck. “Harry!” Ginny laughed, soon losing any breath as Harry trailed further in her body.

The couple found themselves under the running water of the shower an hour later. Harry had insisted on stepping into the shower with her, saying they would 'save water'. Ginny rolled her eyes at her husband, but accepted him inside, nevertheless. They should definitely have more ‘couple time’ like that. 

Flory had already settled the breakfast table out, with delicious waffles and cereals for them. Ginny accepted the warm tea while Harry had some coffee and they both felt into a comfortable silence, enjoying the meal after a busy morning. 

Suddenly, the Floo fire turned green, revealing a short blonde woman and soon after a young man right behind her. Luna seemed like she hadn’t aged one bit. Maybe for the free care way that she and Rolf lived life or maybe the way she let go from worrying about the twins, Luna looked just like she did when they were young. But her expression wasn't the one Ginny was used to see, she had her face all wrinkled and she exhaled angriness and the young man looked very terrified.

“Luna! Lysander.” Greeted Ginny with a smile. “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Yes, please. Tea.” Flory nodded to the request and immediately went to grab her a mug and some fresh tea. “I’m so sorry to bother you on your special day.” Luna started off, softening her expression before she grabbed Lysander’s arm and placed him sitting next to Harry while she sat next to Ginny. 

“There’s no problem, Lu.” Assured Harry. “What did Lysander did this time? I’ve never seen you so upset.”

In fact, Luna’s boys, the twins Lysander and Lorcan couldn’t have turned out so different. Lorcan was the sweetest boy ever, best friends with Lucy and Dylan while Lysander have always been taken to Molly’s side. The two of them, when younger, were always after getting their cousins into trouble. While James’s and Fred’s pranks were normally fun, Lysander’s and Molly’s were mean. 

Luna, Rolf, Audrey and Percy always thought they would soon grow out of it, but they didn’t. Molly became a Prophet gossip reporter, the one that usually wrote poorly about her own family while Lysander was a lawyer who worked against the Auror Office, representing the bad guys. 

“Oh.” Luna’s expression turned black and she narrowed her eyes to her son. “Lysander, would you like to tell your uncle Harry what you’ve done?”

Harry sighed. “Who are you representing this time, Lys?” 

The man looked down, feeling somewhat ashamed for what he was doing. When his mother found out that he had been hired to represent Xavier Olson, she was simply out of her mind, started yelling stuff and grabbed him to take him there to the Potter Cottage. 

“I’m representing Xavier Olson.” He told them. 

“WHAT?” Ginny yelled while Harry spilled his coffee on the floor. 

“See why I brought him?” Luna furrowed her brow. “I swear, Gin, I don't know what I did wrong. Lorcan is so good and Lysander…” Lysander buffed, getting the attention from the older adults. Luna narrowed her eyes again. “Yes, you disappoint me. There, I said it!”

Harry and Ginny stared blankly at their friend. That was very harsh, although he did deserve it. Lysander looked at loss of words. 

“You, and Molly, are apart of the most loving family one can get. Everyone fought for you to have a bright future and there you are, being evil. Molly doesn't lose one opportunity to trash her own cousins while you represent criminals! How can I be proud of that?” Luna scolded her son. 

“I’m sorry I’m not perfect little Lorcan who saves ‘the right’ lives daily!” Lysander yelled back. He was opening his mouth to say something else but wasn't able to. 

“STOP.” Ginny barked. “Lys, do you have any idea who Olson is?” The boy shook his head, daring her to explain it to him. “He killed Tobias’s father. He tried to kill me, and Albus, twice. Attacked Kelly. He’s threatened us. Do you have any idea how me and your uncle are feeling to know you’re defending him?”

“I- I didn’t know, aunt Gin.” Lysander replied. And it was true. He didn't have the time to study his file. He actually didn't know what he was in Azkaban for. Until now.

“You have come too far, Lysander.” Harry scolded. 

“It’s my job, though.” He insisted. 

Luna gasped. “You’re going through with this?” 

“I can’t be fired, Mum.” 

“Leave.” Luna ordered. “I can’t look at you right now.” Lysander tried to protest but she held a hand high and pointed to the Floo. “GO!” And so he did.

“Oh, Lu.” Sighed Ginny, placing an arm around her shoulders. 

“What have I done wrong?” She cried for a split second before she recomposed herself. “I’m sorry to have come with this to you. Please, enjoy your day.” She rose after finishing her tea and went for the Floo powder. 

“Wait, Lu.” Called Harry. “Where are we going?”

“To my dad’s. Maybe he knows what to do with him.” Lu informed. “Thanks.” 

The Potter’s were left looking into the fire that took Luna away. Ginny blinked her eyes several times before sighing. She really couldn't understand Molly II and Lysander. Audrey too had come there when Molly published her first article about Lily dating Evan, Albus’s best friend. She was crying her eyes out, wondering what she had done to Molly do this to the family. 

“Good thing our kids turned out fine, don’t you think?” Harry broke the ice. 

Ginny giggled. “Yeah, thankfully.” She drowned her tea and looked up at Harry with a smile. “Speaking of them, Lizzie called me yesterday. She went to see Cho.”

“Oh!” Harry’s eyes lit up. He was the most soft grandfather of all times. “Do they know the gender already?”

“Yup. It’s a girl!” She announced, getting up and hugging him tight. “A little baby girl! James’s daughter, can you imagine?”

“Really?” Harry said, kissing Ginny’s cheek. “8th grandchild. We are old, Gin.” 

“That didn't seem very true earlier this morning.” She replied, kissing his neck as he had sat them down back on the chair and placed her on his lap. She kissed his lips softly and was about to turn it into a snog, when they heard it.

“Oh, no, I didn't just hear that.” A voice came from the kitchen door, revealing Lily holding baby Alena on her arms. She had the most incredulous expression in the world. Ginny had retrieved from the kiss and was staring at Harry, holding her laugh and roll of eyes. 

"When did we think it was a good idea to say 'don't knock, just come on in'?" Sighed Harry, pushing Ginny off his lap and going by his daughter and granddaughter to greet them.

"Hey, Dad." Said Lily, still feeling awkward. "If you weren't my parents, I'd think to be very cute that you're so passionate after so many years of marriage." 

"Oh, it was only- what?- five years we've been together, Harry?" Ginny joked, too hugging her daughter and taking one-year-old Alena from her. "How's my sweetie? Aren't we cute?" She added with her baby voice. 

"I think that's 33 years now, Mum." Lily laughed, going to join them on the kitchen table and sitting on the place she had always sat.

"Oh, my! That much already?" Ginny giggled, kissing Harry on the cheek while he fussed around with the baby. 

"I didn't see them go by." Harry continued with a grin. 

"Argh," Lily buffed and rolled her eyes. "You guys are disgustingly cute. Can't you be more like uncle Ron and auntie Hermione? They get too busy bickering on each other to be publicly romantic with each other."

Harry and Ginny exchanged a glance before they both cracked up.

"Oh, my sweet Lily." Ginny cried from so much laughing. 

"Lily, uncle Ron and aunt Hermione are the most helpless romantics on Earth." Harry carried on with an uncomfortable stare. "Merlin knows I could barely be on the same room as them once they began dating. All the times I found them on Ron's office. Or just last week, I came into the shop and found them out in the back-"

"No, no, no!" Lily begged with her fingers on her ears. "Don't finish that sentence."

"And Hermione didn't shut up about Ron." Ginny carried on. "I mean, there are certain things a sister doesn't need to know about her brother."

"I know what you mean, Mum." Agreed Lily. 

"How come?" Ginny wondered, but soon regretted. "Forget it, I don't wanna know."

Despite the two years of age difference, once they were out of Hogwarts, not only Albus's and Rose's crowd but Lily's and Hugo's friends sort of got all along and became each other's friends too. When Albus started to date Gwen, she got even closer to Lily as well (Gwen was already best friends with Rose). With that said, she probably tried to share things about Albus that Lily rather not know. And Ginny certainly didn't want to know it either. It was, after all, her sweet little boy. 

"Not that I don't love you, or love that you visit us, or love to spoil Alena," Started off Harry. "But is there any purpose for your visit today?" 

"Oh, right." Lily sat up on her chair and before she spoke she gave herself a slap on the forehead. "I forgot today was your day off, Dad. Sorry to bother you."

"You never bother us!" Harry assured her. 

"I'm here for Hugo's birthday actually. Jenny, Carter, John and I were planning to have a surprise party for him this weekend." Lily told them. "I was going to take a personal day at work today anyways, so I'm visiting everyone to let them know. It's quite a large list. I've only seen the Potter's and the Malfoy's. Still have a lot to do." 

"Wonderful!" Ginny smiled. "But his birthday was on Monday. Why not the other weekend?" 

"Oh, that would've been too predictable. He won't be expecting if his birthday is already behind." Lily grimaced with her brilliant idea.

"Genius!" Praised Harry like the proud father that he was. "And where is it going to be?"  

"At uncle Ron's and aunt Hermione's." Lily informed. "Sunday, meet at 11 o'clock. He'll think he's just going for lunch with his Mum and Dad." 

"Count us in." Harry confirmed. "But, why the personal day?"

"Oh, I had an appointment with Dra. Wong and I-" Lily cut herself and placed a hand on her mouth. Cho Wong née Chang ended up as the family's Healer and had delivered most of Lily's generation and their kids. So to have an appointment with her could only mean two things: whether Alena was sick (which was unlikely as she was quietly playing in her grandma's arms) or someone was pregnant!

"Oh, no, Evan didn't." Harry cried. 

"Merlin!! You're pregnant!" Ginny commemorated, instead. "And what are you talking about," she scolded, giving Harry a look. "You got me knocked up three times!" She added, slapping her husband's chest before going to hug her daughter.

"And is that only my fault?" Harry counter-pointed.

"Is it only Evan's faulty?" Ginny said in return, getting Harry to strangely look at his little girl, open his mouth and close it again. The realisation was too much to bare. Lily only giggled and brought his father to a hug. 

"Well, with that said, I must get to the rest of the family!" Lily informed, getting Alena back and kissing her parents goodbye. "Love you both." 

"You too, darling!" Ginny said to her back. Once they heard the front door closing, she turned to to her husband with the biggest of grins. "9th grandchild. I'm feeling like my Mum!" Harry grabbed her waist and brought her closer to him. "You're a very sex Nana, for all I care!" 

"Oh, Harry!" She laughed, slapping his chest again and leaving his grip. "Come on, I promised Remus we would be flying with him this morning." 

The Potter's got themselves in their Quidditch gear, went to the broom-shack to get their broomsticks and apparated to the Lupin's residence in Godric's Hallow. Remus was sitting at the porch's swing that Teddy and Harry had installed years before, with his broomstick in hands. 

"Mum!" He yelled, jumping off his seat once he saw Harry and Ginny closing in the street. "Nana and Grandpa are here!" 

Victoire appeared in the front door just when the couple had reached Remus and Harry was hugging Remus to his bones. She was clearly worn up, with her hair brought up into a lose bun and she had her wand in hands. 

"Uncle Harry, Aunt Gin!" Greeted Vic. "So glad you could make it. I'm going crazy here." 

"Why is that?" Asked her aunt. "You didn't explain yesterday why classes had been cancelled in Gaillard." 

"Dragon pox." Vic only said. "A boy caught it and they cancelled school just to be safe. Then I had to ask for today off to look after him. I mean, Teddy can't leave work." 

Harry furrowed his brows. "Sorry, Vic. If I had known, I wouldn't have given him and Toby such a mission." He said apologetic. 

"Don't sweat it, uncle Harry."

"Can't we go play now?" Remus begged, already tired of listening the grown-up talk. 

The Potter's and Remus were soon joined by Neal, Tobias's and Ellie's youngest son, who too was on Remus's class. They did a two-on-two for the rest of the morning with a very balanced score (for much of the boys' disappointment). 

Teddy showed up with Tobias just as they were settling down back on the ground with their lungs out of their chests from the work-out. Heather appeared soon after to pick-up Neal (who begged her to stay with Remus for the afternoon. Victoire didn't mind - she negotiated that Remus would stay with Heather the following day) in Ellie's place. 

"How's the off day going, Dad?" Asked Teddy when he went to hug his godfather.

"Wonderful so far." Harry smiled, blinking an eye to Ginny. "How's the Office?"   

"Ben had a basket competition in the Office!" Tobias told him with a laugh. "But his mood dramatically changed after a note from Robbie, saying she was going to take a sabbatical year from Healing School to go travel with her boyfriend." 

"Merlin!" Harry gasped. "Is he alright?" 

"Oh, relax, old Ben is just being overdramatic." Tobias assured him. "Roberta is 19. She knows exactly what she's doing."  

Harry furrowed his brows. "Well, if you say so. And your investigation on X.O.'s getaway? Because I don't know if you're doing your job right if he already got an attorney!" 

"What?" Teddy and Tobias enchanted at the same time. Harry continued serious, informing them he wasn't joking around. 

"Luna told us." Ginny informed them. "Lysander is representing him."

"You're kidding!" Teddy buffed. "Well, honey," he said turning to Vic. "I guess we must get back. Enjoy your day, Dad, see you tomorrow! Love you all!" He added, blowing a kiss for Vic, Ginny and Heather, waving to Harry and kissing Remus's and Neal's heads. Tobias did the same and went along with his partner and best friend.  

"See you, bud!" Harry confirmed after him.

"I guess we should go too!" Ginny announced. "We'll see you at Hugo's surprise party? Have you heard?" 

Ginny told Vic and Heather about the surprise party her daughter was planning before she and Harry left to head back to the Potter Cottage. Back at the house, they both took another shower (not together - Ginny was too hungry for that) and got dressed to head back out for lunch. 

Harry and Ginny had their wands in place to turn in their heels to disapparate to London when a 'pop' sounded loudly in front of them, revealing a young dark-haired man with green bright eyes. It was Albus. 

"For the love of Merlin, did everyone took the day to drop by?" Mumbled Ginny. As a true Weasley, her stomach was louder than her motherly love. 

"Geez, Mum, good to see you too." Albus laughed. 

"Your mother is hungry." Explained Harry and Albus's eyes widened with understanding. "What do we owe the pleasure?"

"It'll be quick." Albus promised. "I left Evan alone in the office anyways and Australia is going crazy on us, you know, X.O. and such!" He further explained. 

He worked in the Department of International Magical Cooperation together with one of his best friends, Evan. Albus noticed that growing up in a large family like theirs and never getting into bigger problems than to whose turn was it to help Nana in the kitchen made him quite good with handling people. After a summer internship with uncle Percy in the Ministry, he immediately felt like he wanted to work with dealing problems between different people. Alice was a little disappointed that he had given up wanting to be a Spell Inventor with her (which she later also gave up to be a Curse breaker instead). 

"Sure, honey, shot." Ginny nodded.

“Would you mind sending these out for me?” Asked Albus, taking from inside his robes a package of letters all together with a little red bow. “It’s invitations for Maya's fifth birthday.”

“But it’s only a month away!” Ginny pointed it out, taking the letters from him and staring blankly at her son. 

“I know.” He rolled his eyes. “But I forgot and Alice reminded me this morning over breakfast.” He told them. “Please help me out, if Gwen finds out I forgot, she’ll literally kill me.” 

“I believe you, son.” Harry laughed, patting him on the back. “Don’t worry, we'll send these out after lunch.” 

“Thank you so so much!” Albus hugged both his parents tight before turning on the spot and disapparating in front of them. The Potter’s laughed of their son’s despair before they too Apparated to Diagon Alley. 

They had lunch in the Leaky Caldron, which was quite a bore ever since Hannah decided to finish her Healing School and went to Hogwarts as the school's matron. But the food was still great, and the Potter's weren't very creative that day. 

After a good pumpkin pie as desert, the couple left the restaurant first to Diagon Alley so they could go to the post office to send the invitations and then they headed for Muggle London. They wanted to stroll around town and Ginny wanted to get some shopping done (she wanted to buy Hugo another gift and already start seeing stuff for Rosie's birthday on the following month). 

Harry's cellphone started to ring while he was standing outside the fitting room of Harrods, holding what looked like hundreds of clothes. They had gone to the Hyde Park to walk around and next thing Harry knew, he was inside the gigantic department store, being dragged by his wife. Ginny was inside, trying on the 50th skirt. Harry managed to get to his phone on the back pocket of his jeans and smiled once he saw who was calling. 

"Hello, Jim!" Greeted Harry once he answered. "Good?"

"Dad! Hi!" James replied from the other side of the line. "Everything's great. How's the day off?"

"Your mother dragged me to a department store and has been trying on clothes for what seems a hundred years." Harry explained with a sigh while his son cracked up. "Laugh away, laugh away. I heard Lizzie's carrying a girl this time and you'll see!" 

"You heard about that?" Asked James with his voice all cheered up and proud. He cried when his wife told him they were having a girl (although he would forever deny it). Certainly he would be the most protective of fathers, as he already was a protective brother with Lily (overprotective, Lily would add) and cousin (especially with Rose, who he still called Red! - it wasn't pretty when he found Rose and Scorpius snogging for the first time). 

"Yeah, I was delighted, son!" Harry admitted. "So, what's up?"

"Is that James?" Ginny yelled from the fitting room. Harry confirmed it with another scream. "Tell him not to forget to buy a gift for Hugo as well!" 

"Your mother told me to remember you to buy a gift for Hugo." Harry passed the information along. 

"What?" James barked. "We gave him one on Monday." 

"Do you really want to discuss that with your mother?" Asked Harry with his fatherly tone. James mumbled a 'no' from the other side. "I thought so." 

"Ok, what I called about was that I needed your babysitting services on Saturday." James requested. "Are you free? Because I already tried Rose and Scorpius, Albus and Gwen, Lily and Evan, Vic and Teddy, well, you get it." 

"Oh, just a second-" Harry asked. "Hey, Gin!" He called out. "Are we free on Saturday to babysit Alfie and Leo?" 

"Sure!" She screamed back. 

"We can, Jim." Harry confirmed. "What's the occasion?" 

"It's our fun night out!" James told him with enthusiasm. 

After being parents and responsibilities got in the way, neither James nor Lizzie could afford seeing their friends and hang out as much as they did back in the day. They knew they were lucky because most of their friends were still very close, but they missed the crazy days. So, every month, James would go out with Fred, Dominique and Tristian while Lizzie went out with Marie and their other dorm mates and friends. 

Dom and Tristian were romantically together for no longer than five years. They had been living together ever since they graduated from Hogwarts, but they took a very long time, a few failed romances, way too many fights (James was surely going mad with Dom showing up at his doorstep in tears) and reckless flirtation to admit their feelings towards each other. It wasn't until Rose's 25th birthday party that they both had too much to drink, got into an argument after a stupid thing neither can remember and ended up in bed together. Dom ended up getting pregnant, but had a miscarriage. After that, they had to recognise their feelings and have been happily together ever since. 

"Well, don't worry about the boys, we'll watch them!" Assured Harry. 

"You're a life-saviour!" James enchanted. "Love you, Dad, enjoy the shopping!" 

"Love you too, son!" Harry laughed while he placed the cellphone back to his pocket and saw Ginny exit the fitting room with the most adorable dress he had ever seen. "Wow, looking hot, Nana Potter!" He giggled.

Ginny rolled his eyes. "Idiot! That makes me feel so old. Like, Nana. Nana Potter!" She said slowly, repeating the last words, trying to make it feel natural. "Anyways," she interrupted herself. "Did you like it?" She asked, pointing at the green winter dress.

"Loved it!" Harry sincerely told her. "But can we pay and go?" 

Ginny took a moment more to decide over a couple of more clothes before they checked out and paid. With Harry carrying out the shopping bags, Ginny passed her arm through Harry's and they left Harrods for a walk in Piccadilly's Circus. It is a very busy part of London and they both loved to watch how many people walked around there. They were mostly fascinated about the tourists, always taking pictures and sharing them online. 

The Potters had had their fare share of trips around the world in their yearly family vacation in the Summer. To this date, the couple still left for a couple of weeks away, now on spring time, since none of their children came along anymore. When Teddy had declined going for the first time because of Victoire, Ginny had been devastated, but at each kid that became independent, the worry got bigger. However, by the time Lily said she wouldn't be going anymore, Harry and Ginny didn't even mind. 

But even so, they were never the kind of tourists to take a hundred pictures. They were usually more worried about living the experience and registering them the best way they could in their memories. And so, their photo albums weren't normally very extensive. 

"Let's go to St. James's Square." Suggested Ginny right before they even reached their destination. After they had James, they had found that little square quite lovely and baby James surely loved it they took him there. Harry nodded with a loving smile and they turned on their next right, falling right into a very dark and forgotten alley. 

At the end of the alley, they could already see the other busy street less than 200 feet away. Ginny exchanged a look with her husband, as she was never really given to alleys, but surely 200 feet wouldn't hurt two powerful wizards like them, being Harry the Head Auror, and Ginny, well, she was Ginny freaking Potter. 

The Potter's were merely 100 feet into the alley and half-way into getting to the other street when they both heard the unmistakable sound of someone Apparating right behind them. Their instinct was immediate and they both turned around quickly with their wands already in position to attack. It would probably be some very strange coincidence, but as the Head Auror and his wife, they were never too careful. 

But it wasn't just a wizard going for a walk in Muggle London. 

It was a hooded figure. And he didn't hold a wand. Oh, no, he held a gun. 

"What do you wan-" Harry started to say. 

But the hooded man knew very well what he wanted and before Ginny or Harry could predict, a shot was fired. And then another. Ginny gasped loudly and casted a shield around them, out of instinct. But she wasn't fast enough. 

With a blink of an eye, the hooded man was gone and Ginny saw herself being dragged to the floor by Harry's heavy body. The first shot hit him in the abdomen and all she could see was blood and lots and lots of blood. But the second shot, oh, the second shot got the great Harry Potter's Golden Heart. 

Ginny held him by his head, trying to support his whole body on her. The shopping bags were all around the ground and her purse was long forgotten a couple of feet away. Desperate tears were running down her cheeks, as she saw Harry gasping for air. 

"HARRY, FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN, BREATHE!" Ginny cried, kissing his forehead with all her love. She had no clue what to do. "STAY AWAKE, LOVE!" She grabbed her wand and casted a Patronus. She didn't even know exactly for who was it for, she could only hope that it had been to the right person. 

"Gi-Gin." Harry breathed out. 

"Harry, stay with me." Begged Ginny, kissing his lips desperately. The sound of sirens of muggle ambulances could already be heard on the background and a crowd was beginning to wonder. 

"Gin-Ginny." Harry tried again. She looked down at him, tears streaming down her face. "I-love-y-" And that was it. 

"No, no, Harry!" She yelled. "Harry, PLEASE, DON'T YOU DARE!" Ginny cried. "Harry, wake up!" She ordered, giving him small slaps on his face with one hand while the other tried to compress the bleeding. "HARRY! NO! HARRY, COME BACK!" 

"Ginny?" A familiar voice called out, but Ginny didn't listen.

"HARRY, PLEASE, DON'T LEAVE ME!" Ginny kept begging. "YOU CAN'T DIE."

"Ginny." The voice repeated again, this time placing a hand on her shoulder which she shook off. 

Ginny lowered herself and hugged Harry's now moveless body. His green eyes were still looking at her with the same love and passion. Her chest was on fire, with a pain she never thought it could exist. That was it. There was no reason for her to live. 

"Harry, I love you so much!" She whispered in his ears. "Please, come back to me." 

"Gin-" the voice was interrupted by someone else's scream of pain, making the person take his hand off Ginny's shoulder to handle the other person. "Teddy, wait!" 

"WHY IS HE LYING THERE?" Teddy desperately yelled. "Uncle Ben, what's going on here?" 

"I-I don't know." Ben admitted. He was very confused indeed. He tried to contain Teddy but he couldn't. 

"Mum?" Teddy cried, kneeling down next to Ginny, his eyes trying to access what was going on. "Mum, please," He begged. "What's going on?" 

Ginny Potter lifted her head from Harry's body and took a deep breath. Her godson's face was filled with terror and horror and his eyes widened when he looked down and realised what he didn't want to realise. Ginny looked to the sides: Ben had already casted protection spells and muggle repellents and was now trying to control Susan and Seamus while Tobias managed Kelly and Wallace. John and Dylan were standing not very far, their faces in pure shock. And finally, lady Potter took a breath and looked up to stare at her godson.

"Teddy," she started and felt like the world was about to collapse as soon as she said the next few words out loud. "Harry is dead." 


A/N: Hello, dear readers! Like I said before, each chapter will be alternated with a flashback and it would only be logical to flash back to when Harry died. I can't wait to hear all of your opinions and yes, tears, on this hahaha

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