Chapter 10: Going Home


Draco’s P.O.V


Today was Christmas eve meaning Hermione was moving into the Zabini Manor. I don’t think she quite realised that the Zabini’s were our closest neighbours but she was about to find out. Although that wasn’t the only thing she was doing today. Hermione had got herself a date tonight and it all started a few days ago during our shopping trip…












Hermione, Blaise and I were leaving the leaky cauldron as Hermione wanted to take us to a coffee shop that she loved. Our hands laden with bags and of course Hermione had Scorpius on her hip. He was wrapped up in a big coat, gloves and a bobble hat. The snow was thick and we were left trudging through the cold white blanket. Snow was something that was highly unusual in London. We usually got a light layer of snow but not this year. This year we had a thick blanket of magical snow.






Just as we reached the café we heard a thick voice calling Hermione’s name as we turned around Hermione squealed and ran to the guy calling her. “Drayton! Oh my god it’s been ages!” she said hugging him gently so as not to squash Scorpius. Blaise and I gave each other curious looks before stepping towards the pair who were grinning at each other. I looked him up and down and saw that he had bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair, he was around my height and well built, I didn’t like him.






“And who’s this little guy?” The Drayton guy said tickling under Scorpius’ chin.






“Oh this is my son, Scorpius, and this is Draco, Scorpius’ father and before you ask no we aren’t dating, and finally this is Blaise, My twin brother.”  Drayton smiled at all of us as she introduced us.






“And guys this is Drayton a dear friend of mine from my childhood.” I nodded curtly at him and eyed him.






“I believe we’ve got a lot of catching up to do ‘Mione I’ve missed you since we… parted.”






“I’ve missed you too.” Hermione blushed. She actually blushed! It was ridiculous watching this, she was acting like a school girl with a crush. This guy wasn’t even good looking. Oh who am I kidding he wasn’t bad looking but I look better.






“I’m going to take you to dinner, catch up with you, and wear something nice, a beautiful girl like you deserves a fancy restaurant.” Hermione blushed again and nodded.






“I can pick you up if you want.” He added.






“No it’s fine I don’t live at the old house anymore, I’m renting it out since Mr and Mrs Granger died so I can meet you here if you want.” Hermione said quietly.






“Oh I am sorry to hear about your parents.” I felt Blaise stiffen next to me. “Okay I’ll meet you here on Christmas eve at 7pm” Again Hermione just nodded and GIGGLED, as ‘Drayton’ walked away.












It didn’t take Hermione long to pack up and move to Zabini manor so now all three of us, and Scorpius, were all sat in Hermione’s room.






There was a huge Queen sized bed and a walk in wardrobe. There was a large circular window seat with many cushions on it. We were sat in a circle on the large fluffy rug in the middle of the room. Scorpius was sat between Hermione and I running his hands over the rug, clearly mesmerised.






“This house is amazing! A little smaller than Malfoy Manor but it already feels like home.” Hermione said at last. Blaise and I smirked at each other. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were neighbours!” I laughed.






“You know we still live a five minute walk away from each other besides you never asked us.” I replied looking cocky to which she gently smacked me in the forehead and Scorpius giggled.






“Thanks for helping me move in now, if you don’t mind I’d like you to get out. I need to get ready for this evening and leave Scorpius with me I love spending time with my little dragon.” She smirked shooing us out. I sighed and followed Blaise to his room.


“I can’t believe you’re letting her go on this date with a guy you barely know.” I grumbled as I sat on Blaise’s bed while he shut the door.






“You know mate, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous.” Blaise said sitting next to me as I sighed and leaned back.






“I am not, I just don’t think we should trust some random bloke.” I growled, closing my eyes.






“Okay then mate, but he’s not just some random bloke, they grew up together. Plus she’s my sister not my procession.”  He replied clearly smirking at me.




“Don’t smirk at me like that Blaise, I can feel it even with my eyes closed. I don’t like Hermione as any more than a friend.” I replied grumpily.




“Whatever you say mate.” Blaise replied before we fell into a comfortable silence.








Hermione’s P.O.V




I have a date tonight and I’m so nervous! To tell the truth I was only going to try and get over Draco. It was clear that I was nothing but a one night stand to him (okay a two night stand) and I’d rather have our friendship than lose it by confessing my feelings for him. Although Draco had been a bit off recently, since meeting Drayton, knowing him he wanted to be the only one to ever sleep with me but I had no intention of sleeping with Drayton and Draco certainly had no opinion in the matter. If I was just a good lay to him then I should be free to befriend other people as well.






I sighed thinking about Draco. Why couldn’t I be any more for him? I shook my head, determined to rid myself of these feelings.








I was reading in Blaise’s room when Hermione walked in, she was wearing a red dress that hugged her body perfectly and her Hair fell in loose curls down her back. She had decided to keep her eyes brown until graduation so that she wouldn’t have to deal with all the gossip at school. She looked stunning as she walked Scorpius over and plopped him on the bed next to me.






“Thanks for waiting here for Scorpius I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon for gift swapping and dinner.” I nodded and smiled while she turned to leave.






“Hermione?” she spun around and her brown eyes met my silver ones.






“Yes?” she asked her face full of confusion.






“You look beautiful.” She smiled shyly and mumbled a “Thanks” before hurrying out.


Oh god I’m so stupid, why didn’t I just tell her how I felt months ago, now I’ve lost her anyway.




I sighed looking down at Scorpius “At least I’ve got you Scorp” he smiled brightly and looked at me with his big purple eyes that always made me smile.






“Me and woo Dada” he said giggling.






“It’s Christmas tomorrow, Scorp. Our first Christmas together. I’m so glad you’ve been in my life this year.  Since the war I’ve really needed some people to make me see that was hope in this life and you are one of those people.” I said to him getting my stuff together to go back to the manor.






He just looked at me and giggled.






********Christmas Day*****






The Zabini’s arrived at around Midday for Christmas and we went straight into the lounge to share presents. Hermione looked pretty tired and Blaise was smirking when he noticed me looking at her.






Scorpius was dressed in a little Christmas jumper and black jeans today and currently had tiny fluffy slippers on. His blonde hair was messy on his head as always and his purple eyes mixed beautifully with his jumper.






Blaise and Hermione were wearing matching Christmas jumpers, hers was red and his was green and both had a snowman on it. I chuckled as my mother passed me the same jumper in blue. I pulled it over my head and sat down with everyone else.






“Why must our mother’s make us match?” Blaise grumbled as I sat down next to him.






“Because they like to embarrass us.” I whispered turning to Hermione. “So how was your date?”






She looked up and smiled, “It was really good thank you, Drayton is taking me out


again in a few days.” I nodded quickly boring with the conversation and started handing out the presents by giving my mother hers, I had got her a musical jewellery box with a picture of all of us laughing and joking on it. She smiled with tears in her eyes and hugged me.






Scorpius was next and I handed him his first present which was a small snitch. He wouldn’t be aware but if we tapped it with a wand it turned into a lion and if you tapped again it would turn into a little snake and then back to a snitch. Scorpius giggled and tried to catch the snitch as it flew close to him.






Hermione passed him his next present which was a blanket with his name stitched into it. Scorpius giggled and cuddled it tightly. Next he got a toy broom for young kids which Hermione said he would only be allowed to go on under strict supervision, and a toy wand which made bubbles or snowflakes when it was waved.






Scorpius was beaming and fiddling with everything he had been given while we








Blaise got a boxes of Joke tricks from Weasley’s shop, a pair of dragon hide gloves and a new broom.






I got a box of my favourite sweets from Blaise. A photo frame with Scorpius, Hermione and I in from Hermione as well as several books. My family’s gifts had already been given to me at the manor (much like Hermione and Blaise had before they had arrived.)






Hermione received a beautiful charm bracelet from my mother, a teddy bear with Scorpius’ name and initials sewn in from Scorpius (Blaise had helped me sort it out). Lastly came my gifts. First I had given her a heart shaped locked that when opened showed a pictured that Hermione most wanted to see.






She looked carefully at the next present and opened it. Inside was a tiny mouse toy. Hermione gave me a confused look and picked it up when it dropped out of her hands and turned into a smokey blue kitten that was 8 weeks old.  It had purple eyes just like Hermione and Scorpius, it had actually been the reason I brought it when I went to buy one.






“Oh Draco, she’s beautiful thank you so much!” she gushed tickling the cat.


“It’s okay, I knew how much you loved Crookshanks and you were sad when he died so I got you a new cat. Her name is Aries” I said smiling as Aries curled up in


Hermione’s lap while Scorpius gently stroked her head.






After presents we all had a relaxing day talking over our favourite memories before going off to eat dinner. It really was the best Christmas I had ever had and made me grateful that these were the people in my life.






*******Boxing Day********






Hermione’s P.O.V






I smiled at Aries who was curled up on the end of my bed, sleeping, as I prepared for Harry’s visit. What if he thought I was spoiled? I mean I got everything I ever wanted in this house. I loved Aries already she was so incredibly gentle and kind. She hadn’t used her claws at all and definitely wasn’t vicious. I can’t believe Draco had been so thoughtful it was probably one of my favourite gifts.






At around 11am I walked down to the foyer and waited for Harry. Blaise came strolling through in a big jumper and jeans. He smiled as he walked up to me.






“You don’t need to be nervous sis, even if the boy-who-lived is about to enter our house.” He chuckled coming to a halt next to me.






“Oh ha ha now stop using our little connection to your advantage dear brother.” I replied in a sickly sweet voice. He laughed loudly. “Haven’t you got somewhere to be anyway?” I muttered, Blaise rolled his eyes.






“Actually no, mother told me that before I go to Draco’s I have to help you welcome our guests. I’m bringing Scorpius back with me aren’t I?”






“Yes you are and make sure you watch him if he goes on that broom. Also you don’t have to help me welcome them if you don’t want to.” I replied, Blaise snorted at the broom comment and I glared at him.






“In all honesty I want to be here, I’ve been a bit of a dick towards your friends and now you are my sister, I feel that I should give them a chance.” I knew now that he hadn’t really been asked to welcome our guests but wanted to make up for his past mistakes, something which I was grateful for. I gave him a small hug as the fireplace lit up with green flames. Out stepped Harry and Ginny both smiling at the image of me and my brother hugging.






“I can see the resemblance between you two now.” She smirked as Harry and her came towards us looking around.






“It’s so good to see you both! This is Blaise as I’m sure you know.” I said gesturing towards Blaise who stepped forward and shook Harry’s hand.






 “I’m sorry for never giving you a chance Potter, a friend of Hermione’s is a friend of mine.” He said as he moved along and shook Ginny’s hand. Both nodded and smirked at me.






“Okay now that we’ve sorted introductions let’s get started.” I said turning and allowing the other three to follow me into the kitchen.






“This is Blaise’s favourite room of the house and you can often find him in here.” I laughed, looking around at the huge oven and marble tops. Both Harry and Ginny laughed as Blaise scowled.






“Yes and normally my dear sister isn’t too far behind.” Blaise grumbled as we walked through to the large drawing room, which was very similar to the one at Malfoy manor.


Soon enough we had been around the whole house and went to my room to hang out for a bit.






“Okay now that they’ve had the tour, I’m off to Draco’s. Scorpius and I will be back around 6pm so have a good day and I’ll see you at dinner.” Blaise nodded and left as we walked into my room.






“See you later bro.” I called over my shoulder.






“Your room is awesome ‘Mione!” Harry said as we walked in.






“Oh my god this little one is sooo cute!” Ginny said running over and tickling Aries who rolled over and purred.






“Oh thanks it was a gift from Draco for Christmas.” I said casually before jumping down onto my bed. Harry and Ginny both raised their eyebrows, before joining me on the bed.






“It’s so weird to think that Malfoy is such a big part of your life now.” Harry whispered as if he was revealing a massive secret.






“I know, but we’ve been getting on well and have decided to be friends for Scorpius’ sake.” I replied as we all stared at my high ceiling.






“It seems like you two are getting on a little better than just friends.” Ginny put in and I felt Harry nod in agreement next to me.






“Oh no, nothing more than friends, besides I’ve actually been going on a few dates with an old friend of mine.” Ginny squealed and sat up quickly.






“Details now please!” She practically screamed.






“We’ve only been on a few dates but you’ll get to meet him at New Year’s. He’s coming


to the party.” Again Ginny’s main response was to squeal happily.






We had a great day laughing and joking around the manor and Roxy (my very well payed house elf) even brought us some snacks to munch on. In many ways it felt like old times again, with a few changes of course but I suppose certain changes were for the best. Tonight my baby boy was coming back, I missed him so much when he was at Draco’s despite the fact that it was only for short amounts of time since we had spent almost every day at each other’s houses.









Author’s Note- Thank you! Coming up—The new year’s party! And returning to Hogwarts. 

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