Harry was now eager to get away from Draco so that he had time to process what he had  said. He was also anxious to see Ron and Hermornie who would hate the idea of befriendiing Draco. I mean he had been their nemesis since the first year. So yes he was a little aprehnsive about the whole idea. It hadn't been a great start for Draco as far as being friends was concerned. Ron would be red- eared at the very thought and watch Draco like a hawk the rest of the year. So there was really no point to discuss it with any amount of time. Then there would be Hermornie's point of view which was that this confession might well be a ploy or something to spy on the Order. Which would be agreed to by all who were in the Order at the moment in time.

Draco would have more than Harry to deal with on his return to Hogwarts. Especcially when every student would see him as a reurtning Death Eater and everything. It would take a miracle to clean up Draco's act all together. Harry really didn't want to get involved with that guy. It was a complete joke. It had to be! Who would actually believe Draco at this point.

*********************** TIME PASSES NOW IN GREAT HALL ****************************

  When he had finally sat down at the Gryffindor table, he started to relax knowing he wouldn't have to sit by Draco at all. He felt hungry more than usual, and the next time looked around he saw Them. Ron and Hermornie were headed toeards his end of the table looking happy to see him. Of coarse he had been excited that he had finally spotted them himself. As they sat down on either side of him, Ron was the first to speak.... "So..., we heard that our friend Malfoy was trying to make as many new friends as possible? Did he ask you?" Ron was obviously not happy that Harry and Ginny had sat sat in the same carriage as Draco, but he decided to see if Harry was still his friend. Harry replied dryly, " He did But I didn't even answer and he decided to stalk out of the carriage ordering Crabbe to leave the sweets he bought, and just left without another word." He looked at Ron who nodded his consent that that was the right coarse of action in this case. Hermornie however had other things on her mind, which she voiced before she could get interrupted again, " Well, that thought aside. I wanted to formally congradulate you and Ginny on your wedding, and hope you forgive me for not sending anything right away. For I wanted to give it to you in person. I'll give it to you when we get to Gryffindor Tower. Right now we'll just make you and Ginny wait." Harry heard the sly tone in her voice at this bit of news. But didn't think he could get anymore out of her at the moment.

Just then their new appointed Headmistress was looking expectingly at the first years coming up the hall towards the staff table. They all looked very nervous being back since most of them were some of those that had heard of what ahd happened here. As usual the sorting ceremony was about to begin. They had to many students to go through so it was over very fast and as efficent as possible, so as soon as they were sorted everyone had been housed and ready to here the opening speech by Professor McGonagall. She stood before them all looking much calmer than she ever had appeared before this. She was actually smiling at all the students in warm welcome and affection. Some of the returning students were of those who had fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, including Harry and his best friends. To this woman they were her heroes all of them. She was just so proud she said and that she hoped them the best and pressed them to continue doing their best this year. For those who were new they were to follow the lead of these who had been named heroes of the second war. As well as remember those who had fallen in the last years. For them to not let the past stay in their minds that they should move forward and not backwards. Especially those who had proven what they could really do. It was going to be  a great year she could just see it. They had even enlarged parts of the castle and had added new things to get invovled in this year. So don't hesitate to get involved with these events. And let the feast begin with joy.

With that  an loud noise rose as she sat down as the whole student body applauded her with true loyalty. It was a great beginning. There was quiet murmurring as the food finally faded. They all chatted as they were sent to their beds for the night. It would be the first peacefully sleep Harry would get in so long. He was home in more ways than had ver been before. He was finally at peace in this beloved castle.He hoped for everyone's sake it would stay that way.

It was very good that he had been back to this place so many times because it didn't take as long to get to the Tower, which he had been sleeping for years. It was a good start.

####################### ..... The Talk with Snape..,

 Later after eating a sumptuous meal that night, Harry felt like just going up to his four poster bed and going to sleep. But apparently, he was not going to let of on that note. Because right at that moment Professors Snape and McGongall gave a look that told him to stay behind this time. They obviously wanted to speak with him at the moment but didn't want to too obvious. Which made him feel a bit nervous about what they were going to say to him.

 But then he saw them both smile encouragingly to let him know that they had good news for him. And with that he headed up to the Staff table with a quick goodbye over his shoulder to Hermonie and Ron. It was just that they were nervous about him aproaching the Staff table in fornt of the others but they understood it was to be expected.

So when he reached the Professors he gave them a quick smile that said that he was glad to be back. Harry was the first to speak,." You wanted to talk before I head to my dormitory Professors?" He waited until last of the crowd of students before he spoke for Professor Snape didn't want to spoil the waiting surprise the next day.. "I want to talk to you first thing tomorrow before everyone makes it to breakf ast and to ensure that you are able to make it, you will be placed in you new living quarters that have become recently available to you. I will explain in the morning and Professor Mcgonagall wi show you where they will be located."

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