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Bang Bang, he shot me down
Bang Bang, I hit the ground
Bang Bang, that awful sound
Bang Bang, my baby shot me down

- Bang Bang, Nancy Sinatra







What were the odds? What were the fucking odds?


Matt was still standing by the bar, but all of his easy-going nonchalance had left his body. One of his hands by his side, balled into a fist, the other clenching his wand. He was facing two boys and a girl, his face in a weird grimace. By the looks of it, two parts anger, one part disgust. The girl was pretty and dark-headed, but with a mean tweak around her full lips. One of the boys, blonde and muscular in a good-looking way, said something to Matt, and the girl let out a hateful sounding giggle. The second boy looked like a younger version of the first, and happened to be the one and only repairer of my fucking flat last night. Bleeding striped shirt and all.


               “Daniel, Julie,” I said loudly, keeping my eyes on the weird looking little group at the bar.


They both looked up at the urgent tone in my voice, and almost immediately jumped up once they had followed my gaze. By now, all four of them had their wands out, and the blonde bartender was looking from one to another, her eyes wide open in fear.


               “Oi!” Daniel shouted, sprinting to his friend’s side and drawing his own wand.


Julie and I quickly followed, taking Matt’s left side.


               “Oh, hello Hastings,” the girl said in a voice with a profoundly nasal tone to it.


               “We were just asking your significant other here, what the count is.”


               “The count?” I asked, eyeing the girl.


               “Why yes, little midget,” she said, turning to me, “how many filthy Muggles has Princess Hastings opened her nasty blood-traitor legs for this summer?”


On that note, Matt and I lost it.


Perhaps now is a good time to mention that, besides my extensive training in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms and Potions, I also happen to have a black belt in Muggle-karate. Even with a small body like Isabelle’s, I’m considerably lethal.


Before the nasty dark-headed girl could even think about conjuring a protective shield, I threw myself at her and had her twisted around defenselessly in no time, her arms behind her back, her cheek smashed against the greasy surface of the bar.


               “Say that again and I’ll break your fucking arm”, I hissed in her ear.


Matt had moved less fast, and had been blocked by the biggest of the blonde guys, who shoved him, hard enough for Matt to land backwards on one of the little tables, which squeaked dangerously under his weight. The witch behind the bar was screaming now, but nobody paid her the slightest bit of attention, for Dan, Jules and Tire-Boy had all of a sudden remembered they were wizards and had started putting their wands to use.


Merlin, how had everything gotten out of hand so quickly? I couldn’t even last one day in magical society without getting in a full-blown bar fight!


I had no idea who fired the first curse, but all of a sudden, sparks literally started flying,  lighting up the entire Fourth Broomstick. I turned my attention back to the girl I had pinned to the bar, for she was trying to wriggle her way out from under me. I couldn’t use magic to Stupefy the stupid girl, but I couldn’t very well knock her out with my fists either, could I?


Luckily, Jules saw me struggling, and pointed her wand at the girl. With a swift “petrificus totalus”, she turned to stone in my hands. Julie winked at me before turning back to try to save Matt from losing one of his perfectly white teeth, as his face was currently being used as a living boxing ball. The guy that was pounding down on him however, saw her coming. He grinned while he pointed a short and bulky looking wand at my cousin, and then he hit her with a silent incantation.


Julie, gasping for air, stumbled back a few steps while clawing desperately at her midriff, where the spell had hit her. Then, without further warning, her knees buckled under her, and she fell to the floor, where she remained motionless.






Alex knew better than to go places with both his girlfriend and his brother. Somehow, it seemed, Marissa and Liam always succeeded in bringing out the worst in each other.


And yet, he had accompanied them to London anyway. It had gone reasonably well, Marissa had thrown one of her notorious fits because Alex wouldn’t buy her a Pygmy Puff, Liam had disappeared into Knockturn Alley for a couple of hours, coming back with a rather suspicious looking bulge in his left jacket pocket, and Alex had ordered all the required textbooks for his seventh and last year at Hogwarts. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until Liam had decided he needed a drink, and they had all gone to The Fourth Broomstick for Firewhiskeys.


Pure chaos was what had followed. Sure, Alex had gotten into fights before. Especially for trying to wipe off smug grins of even smugger looking Gryffindor’s faces. But this afternoon had been different.


By blasting Arachne’s Curse, Alex’ brother had crossed an invisible line. The line between harmless wand work with easy counter-curses, and illegally invented incantations. The line between excusable teenage escapades, and unforgivable Dark Magic.


And all Liam had done when Hastings had fallen to the floor, was laughed like a mad man. Alex would not have believed that horrible cackling noise was coming from his brother’s lips, if he hadn’t watched the petite blonde that had been with the Gryffindors silence Liam with her fist.


She'd punched him right in the nose, moving with incredible speed,  before turning back to and kneeling by the motionless figure that was Julie Hastings.


Alex had thought of the girl as immensely strong. Her little fist had sent his brother flying when connecting with his face, and he wouldn’t be surprised the slightest bit, if she had managed to break Liam’s nose. He had also thought this a good moment to leave the scene.


Alex had backed up in the direction of the door, unfreezing Marissa and grabbing Liam by his elbow in the process.


               “Let’s go!”, he’d yelled.


Marissa, for once, had obeyed immediately, but Liam had tried to resist, clasping his nose between his hands, eyeing the girl by Hastings’s side with a down-right evil look on his face.


               “Liam, let’s fucking leave!”, Alex had hissed at his brother, tightening his grip on Liam’s arm, and dragging him out the door.


Marissa had followed quickly. She had grabbed his shirt, and with a loud bang, the three of them had Disapparated into the night.




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