Chapter 7: The manor for Christmas

Hermione’s P.O.V




Finally it was time to board the train to get back to London for Christmas and so far I had managed to avoid Draco. I knew I would have to speak to him soon but I couldn’t bring myself to do so.




The train had just set off and Ginny, Harry, Ron and I were all in a compartment together the other three discussing quidditch tactics while I read quietly. However after a moment the compartment door slid open and Pansy, Blaise and Draco (who was holding Scorpious) walked in. Blaise and Pansy sat down while Draco looked at me.




“Can I have a word?” he asked gently I sighed nodding and stood up. Draco passed Scorp to Pansy who started cooing at him and we left the Gryffindors and Slytherins alone in the compartment, which had gone deathly quiet.




“Are you embarrassed that we slept together?” Draco asked the moment I slid the door to the compartment we had just entered shut. I tried to wait as long as possible before answering by sitting down and carefully adjusting my clothes.




“No, I just wish it could have happened at a different time.” I replied honestly. Draco sat down next to me, never once taking his eyes off of me.




“I don’t regret it either.” He replied shortly.






“I just meant that, we’ve only just become friends and now we have to spend the whole of Christmas with this thing looming over us.” I explained trying not to make the situation worse.




“Maybe it would be better if I didn’t stay with you.”




“No, my mother’s arranged the whole visit now and besides it’s only awkward if we make it awkward. We could just forget it ever happened if that’s what you want, but please don’t change your plans. Please” he begged, something which I never thought Malfoy’s were capable of.






“Okay I’ll come but if it’s alright I’d like to pretend that nothing did happen I don’t want to ruin our friendship after we just started being open with each other.” He nodded looking slightly put down but got up as though he was fine.




“Come on let’s get back before they kill each other.” He chuckled leaving the compartment. When we got back to the other compartment Ginny and Pansy were giggling and Blaise, Harry and Ron were in a heated debate about the best quidditch teams.






“Well this is unexpected” Draco muttered to me as he walked in and scooped up Scorpious before joining the boys, bouncing his son on his lap.




The rest of the journey went much the same, as long as no one thought about the people they were or the people they had been the boys were able to argue happily about quidditch while me, Ginny and Pansy all watched and giggled, it was a start but it definitely didn’t mean we would all be hanging around every day.  I could tell that both sets of boys were only being polite for my sake.






When the train stopped I bid my goodbyes to Ginny, Harry and Ron, telling them that I would visit them soon. Both Harry and Ron told me to tell them in an instant if “the ferret” did anything wrong.




Then Pansy and Blaise said goodbye and disapparated to their Manors where their parents were waiting, and Draco and I went through the barrier, holding a now sleeping Scorpious I was nervous to say the least. As far as I could tell Draco had only told her that he had a son and was helping the mother out. What if she didn’t like me?




It was my fault her husband was in jail! Sensing my nerves Draco gently put an arm around my shoulders and led me towards the edge of the platform where his mother was waiting. She smiled when she saw us and stepped forward.






“Miss Granger, it’s a pleasure to meet you properly. Although I must admit to it being a surprise that I’ve had a grandson for a year and a half.” I nodded and smiled, gently passing Scorpious being sure not to wake him. Narcissa couldn’t take her eyes off of him smiling brightly.






“He is the most gorgeous thing in the world!” she cooed happily.






“Hey!” Draco put in indignantly, both Narcissa and I laughed at Draco who was now pouting.




Narcissa rolled her eyes turning towards Draco “After you of course dear” she smiled which seemed to make Draco happier and luckily he didn’t see her turn around and mouth “not really” to me, smirking the infamous Malfoy smirk.






We all apparated to the manor which looked a lot less daunting than it did previously. The gardens were covered in an array of bright colours, that emphasised the black stone of the manor with it’s large windows and tall structure.




“We can give you a full tour later but for now let’s get you settled in.” I nodded still looking around in awe at the gorgeous gardens.






The moment we entered a tiny house elf came running up to me. “I is Tinky miss, may I take your coat miss?” I cautiously gave her my coat thinking about S.P.E.W, Narcissa watched me before smiling.




“You don’t need to worry Miss Granger, I freed all of the house elves when the war ended. All of the elves you will meet are working willingly for a wage and holidays.” I smiled widely it seems that someone understood how elves should be treated.






“That makes me feel better, thank you Mrs Malfoy.” I said looking around at the ornate entrance hall we were stood in with marble floors and creamy golden coloured walls. There was a large marble staircase which split of into two smaller staircases about halfway up and on the wall where the staircase split of was a large family portrait of Lucius and Narcissa with Draco sat in a chair between them all looking thoroughly proud.




“Your home is beautiful, it has certainly changed a lot since I was last here, in fact it’s hardly recognisable.” Narcissa beamed at me.








“Please dear call me Narcissa, or Cissa and thank you, I’ve been working hard in order to rid this house of the horrid memories it once held. Now you two tell me all about my little grandson as last time I checked he’s a little old to have been after the war.” I nodded looking at Draco, who looked away nervously.






“Well, it was sort of a spur of the moment thing in sixth year and then Scorp was born on the 17th July before I left with Harry and Ron to um… well for the rest of the year.” Draco and Narcissa both smiled at my lame attempt to avoid talking about the events leading up to the war.




“And did Scorpious stay with your parents during the war? Another couple I look forward to meeting by the way.” My heart clenched slightly at the mention of my parents, but I shook it off and opened my mouth to respond before Draco cut across me.






“Actually, mother, you won’t believe this, but Aunt Andromeda looked after him, throughout the war.” Narcissa nodded feeling awkward at the mention of the sister she had rejected for so many years.






“That’s awfully nice of her dear, but why didn’t he stay with your parents? If you don’t mind me asking” Again my heart clenched.






“No it’s fine, well when I knew what I was going to do for the next year I decided to put my family into hiding so I made them forget who I was, for their safety, and left him with Andromeda who I knew would at least be able to protect him better against wizards. Unfortunately shortly after the war my parents died.” Narcissa gasped and shot Draco a slight glare. He shifted awkwardly and stared intently at Scorpious who was still asleep in Narcissa’s arms.






“Oh dear, I’m so sorry I had no idea. Now when did Draco find out about Scorpious?” I smiled, thankful that she had changed the subject so quickly.






“I found out on the train to Hogwarts, mother, A bit of a funny story actually. When I saw him he had a glamour charm on but then Hermione told me what month he was born and it all made sense because ruby stones had begun to show up on my pearl ring and that’s when I realised he had to be mine.” He said looking a little too proud of himself for having figured it out. Narcissa’s face had scrunched up. “Let me see your ring for a moment Draco” she replied, despite her calm manner I could tell that something was bothering her. Draco held out his hand and showed his mother the pearl and ruby ring on his finger.






“And you say that it did this on it’s own?” Draco nodded finally catching on that something was wrong. “That’s not possible…” she muttered, thinking.






“What not possible mother?” Draco asked, his face was also scrunched up like his mother’s now. Narcissa looked up startled as if she had forgotten we were both here.


“When you were born your father charmed this ring to change once you had children.” Again we both looked at her as though she was insane.






“…and that’s what it did do mother.” Draco said slowly as if explaining he was explaining something to Scorpious.






“When you had pureblood children.” I froze at Narcissa’s words and looked at the floor, this could not be happening, not right now.




“But that’s not possible, Hermione’s a muggle-born.” He said looking from his mother to me. That was when he noticed me looking at the floor and his eyes narrowed as he gently pulled my head up so he could see my eyes. “You’re not a muggle-born at all are you?” he whispered quietly, his voice calm but his eyes full of anger.






I pulled my eyes away from Draco’s silver grey ones and looked at Narcissa who was pacing and gently rocking Scorpious, who was still asleep. Then I looked back into Draco’s eyes full of pain, anger and confusion before finally whispering “No” …




********To Be Continued*********






 Author’s note: Sorry for ending it here! Now you finally know hermione’s secret next you will learn a little more about it, let me know what you think! xoxo

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