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Hermione looked at her watch, it was 12 which meant most of the students were walking to lunch. "We need to speak to Professor McGonagall first. We can show her the letter from Martha, hopefully, that'll be enough to convince her. I knew we couldn't trust Julie!" She said before marching off to Professor McGonagall's office. Aengus ran off behind her.

"Miss Granger, you cannot just storm into my office," Professor McGonagall said sternly.

"I'm sorry, Professor, but this is important. You know I told you about that Dr. Eliot who took Harry away? Well, she was dismissed from her post months ago. She has taken Harry somewhere else. I need to go and find him." Hermione explained, knowing that if it was her who was taken, Harry wouldn't bother with asking for permission.

"How do you know this?" McGonagall asked, the stern tone of her voice slipping away to be replaced by worry.

"I sent a letter to my cousin who works there. Hermione told me she had her reservations about Dr. Eliot so, for peace of mind, I wrote to her." Aengus said as he opened the door to her office.

"Show me," McGonagall ordered. Aengus passed her the piece of paper and they all stood in silence until she had digested the information. "Right..." She said finally, "Hermione you can go to St. Mungo's, but not on your own."

"I'll come," Aengus said, "I can ask my dad if he can come too."

"Yes, I think that would be the best idea. I'll talk to your father for you and then contact St. Mungo's to let them know you're coming."

"We're coming too." Hermione spun around and saw Ron's red hair. She ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug.

"I knew you hadn't given up. Thank you, Ron." She cried into his shoulder, "I'm sorry for everything I said."

Ron held her, stroking her back, "don't apologise, I was to blame too. I'm sorry for not caring more. We'll get him back, don't worry. Going to a teacher first, huh? We are maturing." Ron joked. Hermione smirked and squeezed him tighter.

"I'm sorry for what I said too," Aoife added from behind Ron.

Hermione broke apart from Ron and gave Aoife a quick hug of gratitude. "Thanks, both of you. Professor McGonagall, when can we go?" She said, turning back to face her.

"As soon as possible, I'll make the arrangements with St. Mungo's and Miss Curran, can you talk to your father for me? Let him know he is accompanying you. Take Miss Granger with you, she can explain things fully." The two girls nodded and walked out of the room together. "Mr Curran, have you replied to your cousin?"

"Yes, I have. I said that we would be visiting her. I sent it before I told Ron and Aoife."

"Right, so the letter should get to her shortly. I will go there myself right away and let them know." She stepped into her fireplace and the green fire engulfed her and took her away.

"Why did you come and tell Aoife and me?" Ron asked when they were alone.

"I knew Hermione needed you and I knew that you would want to be there for both of them," Aengus explained, "I thought you would at least want to know."

"Thank you," Ron said, walking over to the portrait of his old headmaster. "He would know what to do." He whispered. The old man was fast asleep and snoring, not a care in the world.

Aengus came over and patted Ron's back, "Professor McGonagall will know what to do. He'll be fine."

Ron smiled slightly with a tear in his eyes, how could he have been so stupid? Why did he turn his back on Harry? If he hadn't done, they would have had a lot more time. "Do you think he's okay?" He said, turning to face Aengus.

"He will be."

"I am sorry for how I acted to you," Hermione said as they walked around the castle looking for Professor Curran.

"We both acted without thinking, I'm sorry." Hermione knew there was more to her apology than their argument a few nights ago, Aoife must have sensed her hesitation as she continued, "I didn't mean to get in the way of the three of you. I know it must be hard, you spent the whole of last year trying to survive together. I don't want to come in between you."

"I shouldn't have said that. I am so happy that Ron is happy and I am happy that it's you who is making him happy. You're one of us now." She joked.

"What about my brother?"

"What about him?"

"I see the way you look at him, you can't say that it's completely just friendship."

"What are you talking about? I don't look at him in any way. I am not interested in him."

"If you say so," she whispered, "my dad will probably be eating lunch."

Hermione tried to ignore what Aoife had said about Aengus, but it lingered in the back of her mind. They ran, in silence, to the Great Hall and were relieved when they saw Professor Curran sitting at the teachers table talking happily to Professor Flitwick. "Aoife, what are you doing here?" He asked when he saw his daughter approaching him.

"Sorry to disturb you." She said to Professor Flitwick, he nodded his head in acknowledgment of her apology. "Dad, you need to come to Professor McGonagall's office."

"Why? What's happened? Has your brother done something stupid again? I told him to stay out of trouble. You wait til I get a hold of him." He snapped.

"It's got nothing to do with Aengus, sir. It's Harry. We need to go, quickly. Please." Hermione explained. Professor Curran was obviously unaware of Hermione's presence as he looked very ashamed when he saw her. He stood up and followed them to the office without any more talking.


Harry hadn't seen Julie for a while, he couldn't quite remember, but he was sure it was longer than a day. He hadn't been given food and the water supply he was given when he first entered the room was running low. His scars from the whip had healed slightly, they were no longer sparkling. The cut on his lip had sealed itself but, by the feel of it, it was still noticeable. His right arm was still immobile, but the pain was becoming familiar to Harry. His hand was another matter, that was something he still couldn't stomach looking at. He could barely do anything to try and aid its recovery as both his hands were useless.

His stomach roared, begging for food. His mouth dry and his lips chapped. Julie had at least given him a toilet which was becoming more and more redundant. He didn't have enough liquid in his body to cry. He was begging for something he knew would have dreamed to be begging for: Julie to come back. He needed food and he needed someone to help him drink. He hobbled over to the tank of water and tried to drink it. It was so low so he could lap it up like he had been doing. He scooped his burnt hand and sipped the water from there, it tasted like blood and had bits of scab and skin in it. He didn't care, though, he need to drink something.


"Are you Hermione Granger?" The wizard behind the desk at St. Mungo's asked as all five of them walked towards him.

"I am," Hermione confirmed.

"Minerva McGonagall explained the situation to me, she was sorry that she couldn't have stayed; she said she had a lot of work to get on with, including talking to Poppy Pomfrey."

Hermione gulped, of course, Madam Pomfrey would be told off, she was the one that suggested Julie. "I understand."

"I am very sorry for what is going on with you and your friend. I can confirm that Doctor Julie Eliot does no longer work here, but I cannot tell you where she went when she was dismissed." Hermione sighed and made a face that must have been full of disappointment as the wizard behind the desk added more, "but we do have our ways of finding her and Harry. If you go through the doors on your right, you will be greeted by two Aurors. They will help you further."

Hermione was flooded with a huge sense of relief. She smiled and thanked the man for his help. "Do you want all of us to come with you, Hermione?" Aoife asked as they walked over to the door.

"Of course."


The water that Harry drank had become slightly warm, it wasn't very refreshing at all. He took another handful of water before he collapsed next to the tank. "Hello, darlin'. Sorry, I haven't been in to see or talk to you recently. I've been very busy." She said cheerfully.

"Busy keeping other people hostage," Harry mumbled under his breath. "Can I please have some fresh water?" He said loudly so she heard.

"Have you already finished what I gave you, darlin'?"

"Almost but it has warmed up a bit and I have no way of drinking it." He explained.

"You'll get some more when you've finished the supply I gave you. We don't want to waste things, darlin'."

"Can you put some in a goblet for me then? I am so thirsty and I can't move my arm."

"What about your other arm?"

"The burn on my hand mingles with the water."

"So? Why is that a problem? At least it's a drink, darlin'."


Julie got out her wand and dragged Harry by his right arm, which made Harry scream with pain, and transfigured her wand into a sharp looking knife. She cut his neck four times and then sliced his legs. "Drink that then, darlin'." She smiled. "I don't think you're in the right mind to talk to me today. Harry tried to reach up for her wand, but it was futile. She made one last cut over his cheek, making an affectionate movement with the knife.


"Miss Granger, nice to meet you. I am Alfie Tinge and this is my associate Lelia Avery." A tall, muscular brown hair wizard introduced.

"Nice to meet both of you. You can call Hermione and this is," she said turning to face her friends, "Ron, Aoife and Aengus."

"And I'm Patrick," Professor Curran said.

"Hello," Lelia said smiling at all of them.

"Sorry to hear about Harry. But I can promise you we will find him today."

"Pardon me for asking, but I'm interesting in becoming an Auror, but I didn't know you did things like this," Ron asked them.

"Well, ever since the three of you stopped Voldemort and most of the Death Eaters have 'refound' themselves, we haven't had a lot of work to do. We were very busy the weeks following the conclusion of the war, but we have it under control now so a lot of us have become a bit like Muggle police officers. We have been split into two, we have some still in the Dark Arts sector, but we are just normal folk now. Not that Julie Eliot is normal." Lelia said, standing up tall and proud.

"What do you mean? Is this not the first time?" Aengus asked her.

"No, she was dismissed for malpractice several months ago. Her method of curing people was horrific and inhuman and she was struck off immediately."Lelia said.

Hermione instantly went pale, she felt sick. Ron reached out and took her hand, squeezing it for support. "Luckily for everyone, we put a tracking charm on her. It is extremely powerful and completely discrete, she'll have no idea we cast it." Alfie said.

"So we can track her down and save Harry?" Aoife asked, knowing Hermione couldn't find her voice.

"That's exactly it. As soon as Minerva informed us, we had another colleague to start tracking." As soon as Alfie had said this, an owl swooped into the room. It landed on Alfie's outstretched arm. He took the letter and smiled a crooked smile. "We've got her. You wouldn't believe where she is. The basement."

"Here?" Aengus gasped.

"Here." Alfie nearly sang. "We'll head done together, but I want you all to stay behind us. She can be a very dangerous woman."

Hermione clutched onto Ron even more, knowing that what they were about to face would be horrible. "It'll be okay, I'm here." He whispered to her. He put his arm around her body and pulled her close to her as she put one arm across his chest and the other around his back whilst linking her fingers to secure herself.

Admittedly it was difficult to walk so close together but Hermione needed it and she was sure he needed it too. "Do you want us to stay behind?" Aoife asked from behind them.

"No, we're going to need you," Lelia said, "the more people, the better. We need to corner her, she will try and fight back. Do you all have your wands?" She asked the crowd as the marched through endless amounts of corridors when they finally stopped at a door.

"Right, I will go in first, Lelia close behind."

"I'll go next," Professor Curran said, "then you four, one by one."

"Just what I was going to suggest." Alfie smiled, "we'll be catching her off guard, Lelia, Patrick and I will deal with Julie, Hermione and Ron get to Harry. Aengus and Aoife, look for anything that may help Harry, if I know Julie, he'll need towels, water and food. There's a snack room just down the hall, Aengus, grab anything and everything you can. Aoife, next to that is a supply cupboard, we need towels and bandages. Luckily, we're in a hospital so it shouldn't be hard to get him sorted."

"Ready?" Lelia asked as they made their way to their allotted stations.

"Ready" Everyone said at once. Ron held onto Hermione's hand as they took a deep breath.

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