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"What are you going to do to me?" Harry squeaked when they arrived at St. Mungo's.

"Don't worry, darlin'. I'm going to make you feel better." Julie smiled.

"Why can't you do that at Hogwarts?"

Julie was leading Harry along a long, bright corridor. She opened a door on the left and pushed him through it. "This is where you're going to be staying. For the safety of you, this door will be locked." Harry looked around and saw that all the walls were padded.

"Why am I in here? I don't need to be in here!" Harry shouted.

"Darlin', you need to calm down. You're not doing yourself any favours."

Harry took a deep breath, "please, can you just explain to me why I'm here?" He said calmly, hoping this new tactic would help him.

"You asked to come here, darlin'. You're safe here."

"I was safe at Hogwarts! Where's Hermione?"

"Where do you think, darlin'? She's at Hogwarts. She agreed with you about coming here. She's too tired to look after you. I've taken your wand so that you can't do anything to escape. Remember, darlin', I'm doing this for you." She said as she closed and locked the door behind her.

Harry looked all around him but couldn't see a way out. He didn't need to be in here, he just needed someone to talk to. He knew that now. He started banging on the door, "LET ME OUT!" He screamed, knowing that it wouldn't help in the slightest, "LET ME OUT, NOW!"

"Be quiet, darlin'. It'll help you settle in." Julie shouted from her desk.


"Honestly, Miss Granger, I assure you that Harry is in the best hands," McGonagall reassured.

"With all due respect, Professor, you haven't met her. Harry doesn't need to be isolated." Hermione argued back.

"He'll be fine. Now, if you don't mind, I have a lot of work to get on with," McGonagall gestured to the door.

"Please, just look into it for me," she asked before she turned around and left her headmistress to her work.

Hermione was becoming so frustrated, no one seemed to listen to her regarding Harry. Dr Eliot had said that he had requested to be taken away, but why would he do that? "Hermione, you need to stop worrying! There's nothing you can do." Ron told her at dinner that evening.

"Do you think Harry would just give up on you?" She spat back. "He needs his friends right now and what do you do? Forget about him!" She raised her voice slightly, only the people sitting close around them gave their attention to the bickering friends.

"What are you talking about? I haven't given up on him! He just needs some time away."

"How can you say that, Ron?" She was holding back the tears but in doing so, her voice became louder and more shrill. "All you seem to care about nowadays is your new girlfriend..." She said before disappearing from Ron's view.

Ron looked around, most of Gryffindor table was now staring at him. Aoife, who was sitting next to him, didn't look up from her empty plate. "She's just...hormonal," Ron said embarrassingly to his not so adoring audience. "Aoife, are you okay?"

"Yeah." She replied bluntly, thinking about all the problems she seemed to have caused between the three friends. She felt like she was getting in their way.

Hermione felt that recently she was doing nothing but trying not to cry. It had started to pour down with rain once again and she didn't feel like running outside and getting soaked again so soon. This left her with a dilemma over where she should go. She didn't want to see anyone because she didn't want to have to explain the situation to countless amounts of people. She decided on going to bed; if anyone came in, she could just pretend to be asleep plus the events of the day had left her with a thumping headache, so bed seemed like the best option all round.

Hermione climbed the stairs to the Common Room, whispered the password to the portrait and walked through the hole that situated behind in. The room was empty which is just what she wanted, no awkward stares or small talk to have to endure. She walked all the way to the top of the tower to her dormitory and fell onto her bed. She kicked her shoes off and just lay there, staring at the wooden frame of her bed. She shared with Ginny, Aoife and two other girls, Sophie Johnson and Amanda Neild. However, they never seemed to be around, Ginny told her that their boyfriends were in other houses and they sneak off to be with them whenever possible. Hermione took a deep breath and sat up. As she soon as she had undressed and put her pyjamas on, she realised she wasn't alone. Aengus was fast asleep on Ginny's bed.

Hermione felt a wave of emotion she wasn't expecting - jealousy. Why was he sleeping on Ginny's bed? She wasn't even aware of them being friends. She wanted nothing more than to wake him up but she remembered he had problems sleeping so she didn't want to disturb him. She looked at his face, the face that reminded her so much of the Harry she remembered, the Harry she longed to be back. She didn't know what to do, she could ignore him and go to sleep herself, but something inside of her meant she couldn't take her eyes off the boy. Her pain slowly ebbed away as she knew someone would always be on her side, despite agreeing to leave each other alone, Hermione knew that Aengus would always stand by her when she needed it most.

She sat down on her bed and rummaged through her trunk, praying that she remembered to pack the photo. It was right at the bottom, underneath spare bottles of ink and parchment. She turned it over and instantly smiled: it was a photo her parents had taken of Harry and Hermione in Paris. It wasn't a predetermined photo, they were sitting at a table in a cafe and Harry had reached over to put his hand in hers. She looked at the two figures of her parent's photography and dreamed she could go back to there, she would have somehow stopped Julie taking Harry away. She pressed it against her heart and laid back. She was a heartbeat away from sleep when Aengus began to stir. She didn't want to talk to him, what with him sleeping in Ginny's bed - that was a conversation Hermione could live without. "Curly? What are you doing here?" He croaked.

"This is my dormitory." She replied bluntly, not sitting up to look at him. "What are you doing here?" This felt like the more pressing question.

"Aoife wanted me to sleep in her bed, I think she wants to be alone with Ron." He rubbed his eyes, "I guess they're official then?"

"You're in Ginny's bed," Hermione said amusingly.

"Ginny's bed? Oh." He said quietly whilst quickly getting up, "which one is-" he began but stopped when Hermione pointed to the bed on the left of hers. "Thanks." He said, rather embarrassed about the mistake he had made. Hermione tried not to laugh as she turned on her side and put her back to him.


"I think it's time for our first session. I hope you're ready, darlin'." Julie said as she entered Harry's padded room. She had put on a white coat since Harry had last seen her.

"Our first session?" He questioned, praying that he would be back with Hermione and Ron soon.

"Yes, darlin'. You are burdened with the memories of the war. We need to let the spirits inside of you escape." She had a clipboard and her wand was rested on top of it.

"Let the spirits escape? What spirits?" Harry asked, scared of the answer.

"I believe that the spirit of The Dark Lord," she whispered the last part, whilst looking around the room to make sure no one else was around. "Went into your body when you stopped him. That is why you have been feeling dark."

"You think that Voldemort's spirit is inside of me?" Harry repeated, not really believing what he was hearing.

"With all due respect, darlin', I am more than qualified; some say I'm overqualified," she joked, Harry looked at her, his eyes full of doubt and confusion. "I think I have a bit more experience when it comes to the mind of the mental."

"I am not mental!" Harry shouted, his anger was boiling, which clouded his mind.

"Darlin', calm down. It'll be okay, you'll be okay. I am here to make sure you get better." She said, pulling his head into her chest. "Don't get angry, darlin'. Dr Julie is here to fix you."

Harry pushed himself away from her, "I'm not angry. I just feel like I have not been fully told what is happening."

"Your girlfriend thought it would be best that you came here and given treatment. I'm working under her orders, darlin'. Anything I do, Heather told me to do."

"Hermione." Harry correct.

"Hermione, yes."

"So Hermione wants me here?" Harry asked quietly, trying to digest this information.

"She does, darlin'. But if all goes well, we can get you back to her soon."

"Really? Right, let's get started then." Harry said, wanting to see Hermione again soon.

"Lovely. Will you like to tell me how you're feeling? Be completely honest and open. This is a safe place, darlin', don't worry about that." She held her wand several inches above her clipboard and it held itself like a pen. She kept hold of the clipboard and looked eagerly at Harry.

Harry didn't know where to start, although he wanted Julie to let him go back to Hogwarts soon, he couldn't bring himself to share all with her. He didn't trust her and so he kept things to a minimum, "I'm feeling alright. Sometimes I can't help but think about Voldemort."

"I'm going to need more than that, darlin'. Maybe we should start at the beginning."

"The beginning?" Harry repeated.

"The beginning of your life." Julie looked slightly impatient.

" parents were murdered by Voldemort when I was one and taken to my Aunt and Uncle's by Hagrid."

"That's better, darlin', but I need more. More detail."

"I'm sorry, but I don't know how this is going to help."

"I've told that I am vastly experienced in this field. I have cured almost all the nutcases that walk through these doors, darlin'."

"I AM NOT A NUTCASE!" Harry shouted, he was shaking with rage as all his blood rushed to his head.

"Do not raise your voice. It does not help matters." Julie said more sternly than Harry had heard her before.

"Do not call me a nutcase. It does not help matters." Harry imitated.

"That was not clever, darlin'." She smiled as she snatched her wand from it's poised position on the paper. "CRUCIO!" She screamed. Whilst Harry fell to the floor in pain and twitched, Julie straightened her coat and put her hair back in its place. "Do you understand now that you should cooperate? It will be much simpler if you do as I say."

He was still shaking from being caught off guard. He lifted his head and tried to catch his breath. "Why did you do that?"

"You weren't cooperating, darlin'." She smiled, "I don't think you're ready for this just yet."

"No! I am." He called desperately, "I am ready. I'm sorry."

"Okay, tell me about your Aunt and Uncle." She said sweetly, her wand acting as a pen once more.

"I hated it there, not because they seemed to resent me, but because they tried to hide who I really was. They tried to prevent my magical ability from showing and in doing so, they made me believe that I was naughty or stupid for thinking that things just happened. They locked me away but now I know why, they were trying to lock away my magic. They feared that people would find out what I was; it unnerved them, sent them crazy. I think they liked having something over me, they knew the truth whilst I was in the dark. So when the secret was out, when I was about to go to Hogwarts, they couldn't take it. They had lost the one piece of information that completed the puzzle of my childhood. They were no longer in charge of the secret world that I was about to explore. I guess they were bitter, jealous of the fact that I had a power they could never image to possess. To my Aunt, the magic I held was a constant reminder of her sister, she resented that I had something left of her whereas she had nothing. I didn't think she cared, but that was her way of dealing with things. They did care, they must have done else they would have kicked me out or sent me away. They pretended it was the magic they were protecting but deep down, they wanted to protect me." Harry said his voice started off quiet, but it gained in confidence as he went on. Hermione had been right, all he needed was to talk.

The pen scribbled away as he spoke, Julie was looking on at Harry, a sparkle in her eye that he couldn't work out. "That's brilliant, darlin'. You are making wonderful progress. I will just have to write all of this up and we will remove the memories of them in no time." She said as she made her way to the door with the clipboard gripped tightly in her hands.

"Remove the memories? No, I don't want that. I don't want to forget about them, they're the only piece of family I had growing up." Harry protested. The weight that was lifted by telling Julie about his childhood had returned with a feeling of dread filling his stomach.

"Darlin', don't be so sentimental; this is a memory that is holding you back." She refused to turn back to look at him.

"I don't want you to remove my memories," Harry said, trying to stay calm. "They make me, me."

"Don't be stupid! You won't remember them to miss them, darlin'."

"I do not want you to remove my memories!" He shouted; the anger overtook his decision to not rattle her.

"Are you disagreeing with me? Have you not learnt from the last time, darlin'? She let her wand finish writing down what they had discussed before snatching it. Harry cowered, expecting another dosage of the Cruciatus Curse, he was mistaken. She transformed her wand into a six-pronged whip by using an incantation that Harry had never heard. "The only way people learn, darlin', is negative reinforcement." She said before the whip started on Harry. It hit him everywhere. His face; his glasses were flung to the corner of the room, his chest, stomach, legs, arms and back also experienced the hot lash of the whip. It ripped through his clothes on its quest for flesh. His lip was sliced in two, blood was dripping on the floor, but he wasn't convinced he knew where it was from. The whip hit him again and again, it felt like it was lasting forever, but it did end, finally. "I think we're finished for the day, darlin'. I will bring you in some clean clothes in a while, along with some food." She smiled, Harry didn't look at her, he couldn't as blood would cloud his eyes within seconds.

She left Harry alone as he rested himself against the padding on the wall. Silent tears dripped from his eyes and mingled with his blood as he mouthed 'Hermione'.


Hermione woke the next morning and started thinking about how such much had happened and it hadn't even been a week. She turned over to see Aengus still fast asleep in his sister's bed. Hermione decided that as soon as he woke up, she would ask him to contact his cousin who works at St. Mungo's. She reached over to the table by her bed and blindly tried to find her watch. After a while of randomly patting her hand around the surface, she finally found her watch. She brought it to her face and saw that it was nearly 10 o'clock. This surprised her, she had been sleeping for over 12 hours. She slowly sat up and stretched; whilst doing so, she looked around the room. Like usual, Amanda and Sophie had not spent the night in their beds, come to think of it, Hermione couldn't remember even meeting them. Ginny's bed had been slept in, but it was now empty, Hermione concluded she was down at breakfast.

Hermione and Ginny's friendship had slowly faded away. Hermione knew that Ginny had always had a little crush on Harry; she didn't think it was anything serious, but ever since Harry and Hermione had become a couple, Ginny had distanced herself from the pair of them. She still cared about Harry, but not like she used to. She missed having a gossip to her about boys and friends and Ginny's brothers. Aoife came close to matching the friendship she had formed with Ginny, but it would never be quite the same; Ginny knew, from first-hand experience, what she had gone through.

Hermione had never really had any girlfriends. If she was honest with herself, she never really had any friends. She made one or two are her Muggle primary school, but since she went to Hogwarts, they had lost contact completely. It was not that she couldn't make friends; if she wanted to, she probably could have made more, she was sure of it. She just didn't really want to; her friends, her real friends, were the heroes and heroines of the books she found herself lost in. But that all changed when she came to Hogwarts. She still loved sticking her nose in a book, that would never change, but Harry and Ron had accepted her for who she was. They relished her character at times and hated it at others, but that was what friendship was. Harry and Ron had changed her life, all of them were fighting battles of their own; Harry was trying to cope with his Aunt and Uncle and his new found power and Ron was trying to live up to his mother's expectations and pave his own path in life.

Their friendship had been comfortable, safe and fun. They had shared everything with one another, they had guided and helped when it was necessary. Hermione wasn't sure whether she could make the jump from friendship to a relationship with Harry; she wanted to, but she was terrified that everything would be ruined if it failed. This was something that had haunted her from the moment her feelings for Harry had shifted slightly. For some time, she had tried to bury the feelings, suffocate them until they had left her system forever. She didn't succeed and now, if it was possible, she felt like they had become stronger friends. Her heart and soul ached for him at this very moment. She could just sense that he needed her now more than ever. She quickly worked out that it was Sunday morning and thought about whether she could get to London without anyone noticing her disappearance. It was at times like this when she needed Ron.

Ron, with all his flaws, was Hermione's rock. They were very accustomed to secret chats where they supported one another through the tough times being friends with the Chosen One chucked at them. Without Ron feeling exactly like she did, she would have broken down at least once a week. She had always seen Ron like a brother, they bickered like siblings. Recently, ever since Ron had walked out on them during the Horcrux hunt, she had treated him terribly. He must have felt like he could never do anything right. The night he left, Hermione saw him in a different light - despite understanding that the locket made him do what he did, she couldn't shake the fear that he would abandon them again; she felt he already had, but he would have thought about Harry the entire night and would most likely talk to her about him at breakfast.

"Curly? Are you awake?" Aengus' voice was small and calming. She turned her body to face his as he beamed at her. "I know we agreed not to interfere but, do you want to talk about Harry?" Hermione sighed, this is just what she wanted. She didn't say anything, she feared she would cry if she opened her mouth, so she nodded. "Okay, shall we get breakfast first?" He grinned. She laughed and started to get out of bed.

"So you stayed here all night?" She asked, thinking it was the most stupid question as it was very evident he had done so.

"Yeah, Aoife came up at around 1 but said I could stay. Her bed is a lot comfier than mine." He explained.

"So she stayed with Ron? They moved fast." Hermione joked, "they'll be married before we know it."

"I wouldn't be so sure, Aoife had a bit of a reputation back home, even before Calum arrived on the scene."

"As long as she doesn't hurt Ron," Hermione warned.

Aengus didn't say anything at this, this sent waves of nerves through her stomach. "Breakfast!" He called, breaking the lingering silence.

"Let me just get changed," Hermione said.

"Nah, don't bother. Give me ten minutes." Aengus ordered as he dashed out of the room.

Hermione stared at the door, not sure what Aengus was doing. So she sat, crossed legged, on her bed. Her stomach rumbled, it needed to be fed. She waited, though, just like Aengus had asked her to do.

9 minutes later, Aengus came back. He was carrying two trays filled with food and drink. "You stole this from the hall?" Hermione laughed as she jumped across the room to see what he had brought.

"I wouldn't say stole..." He argued, "the food is for us, I just decided to bring it up here."

"Right..." She said, trying to sound serious but failed when she couldn't hold back a smile. "Actually, can you tell me how you got in here? I thought that boys weren't allowed in the girl's dorms?"

"You actually believe that?" He asked, trying not to laugh. "Oh Curly, I thought you were intelligent. They only say that to try and stop it from happening."

"I thought the stairs turn into a slide?" Hermione questioned.

"No, that was probably some joke someone played. Can we eat now?" He carried the trays over to Aoife's bed. "Come on, it'll get cold."

Hermione followed his steps and picked up one of the plates, "I can't believe I never knew that. I blame Percy." She laughed. She put some toast and bacon on her plate and sat back on her bed.

"No no no, you need more than that, Curly." He said, placing more bacon, sausages and eggs on her plate.

"I'm not that hungry." She protested.

"Yes you are, Bree was just like that. She pretended she wasn't hungry and then would steal my food." He smiled at her as he sat down next to her. She was amazed at how he was able to talk about Bree with such happiness; if it were her, she would still find it too hard to talk about it. "So eat it all up until you can't eat anymore." He ordered.

Hermione stared at him, "I won't eat it all."

"You will." They sat in silence as they ate their food. Hermione was surprised at how hungry she actually was and, like Aengus had said, she finished it all. "Told you. Just like Bree."

"Do you have a lot of happy memories of her?" Hermione asked.

"All memories of her are happy." He looked into her eyes, "she was just a happy person. She wouldn't have wanted me to be miserable. I have times when it all becomes too much, but I need to cherish the life I have."

Hermione broke their eye contact, it made her nervous. They had finished all the food that Aengus had brought up and with one swipe of her wand, all the plates and cutlery were gone. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course." He said kindly.

"Do you believe me that Harry doesn't need to be in St. Mungo's?" She held her breath as she waited for his response. He looked at her frightened face and knew that he had to pick his words carefully.

"Yes, I believe you. If you think he is better off here, you're probably right."

Hermione released her breath, she had someone who would help get him back here. "Can you contact your cousin that works there? She might have some inside knowledge of what's happening with Harry."

"I will write her a letter. She'll jump at the chance to put her nose in things. She's a massive gossip." He informed. "Can I borrow your quill and some parchment? I'll write to her now." Hermione took her quill and a piece of parchment out from her bag which was located under her bed.

I hope you are doing well. Can you find out all you can about Dr Julie Eliot and what she's doing with Harry Potter? Keep it a secret and get back to me as soon as possible.
Speak later,

"I really appreciate this," Hermione said gently.

"Don't mention it. I'll just get this to the Owlery. See you later."

Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but he was gone. She changed into some jeans and a comfy jumper before running downstairs to see if Ron was about.


Harry woke up that morning aching all over from the day before. His glasses had cracked as a result of the whip flinging them across the room. He tried to move his right arm to reach for them, but he couldn't. He suspected that the fall had resulted in a broken bone. His head was whirling from the previous day when his heart stopped - Julie had appeared. "Morning, darlin'. How are we feeling today?" Harry refused to answer. He was sure that whatever he did, it'd result in another form of torture. "Not going to talk to me, darlin'? Do you think that's wise? Give me your hand." She ordered. Harry, reluctantly, raised his left arm and put it in her grasp. He cowered, knowing that something painful was about to happen. She raised her wand and the tip of it exploded into a small ball of fire. He looked away. As soon as the fire hit his hand, it was the most horrific and intense pain that he had experienced. It felt as though his skin was bubbling under the heat. He tried his hardest not to scream or give Julie what she wanted - submission. After what seemed like hours and hours of excruciating pain, she final put the fire out. "I'll leave you to it, darlin'. I hope that taught you."

"Whatever I do, whatever I say, you will punish me! What do you want with me?!" Harry shouted, his voice was weak but full of nerves and plea.

"I want to help you, darlin'. That's all I'm doing." She smiled.

"Just let me go. You've done enough. Please."

"I'll bring you in some breakfast."

She left Harry alone once more and locked the door on her way out. He fell to his knees and started to sob. He looked at his hand, the heat still penetrating through the deep layers of his skin.


It had been several days since Aengus had sent the letter to his cousin. Though Hermione didn't like it, life at Hogwarts went on, but Harry was always on her mind. On Thursday afternoon, Aengus came running up to her clutching onto a piece of yellow paper. "Hermione, Martha has replied. I haven't opened it." He added as soon as he saw her eager face. He was still holding onto the owl which delivered the letter.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Hermione asked. They were standing in a corridor with a couple of students walking around them.


"Well, why not? Just open it, Aengus."

He opened the paper up and Hermione could tell that he was pre-reading it before he read it aloud. "He's not there." He said quietly.

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked, thoughts shouting through her mind.

"'It's nice to hear from you, Aengus. I am doing well, thank you. I hope all of you are well. I've looked and Harry Potter is not at St. Mungo's. Dr. Julie Eliot was dismissed from the hospital a couple of months ago. I might be able to ask around and see where she is now, let me know if that is  something you want me to do. All my love,
Martha.'"  Aengus read to Hermione.

"She was dismissed? Why? We need to get to Harry. She's doing something terrible to him."

Aengus quickly scribbled a reply on a loose piece of parchment it had in his pocket and attached it to the owls leg. As soon as he tied the final knot, the owl flew off back to London. "We're going to have to go to St. Mungo's."

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